Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Summer Encounter of 18 years old girl (me)

A few years ago, I had the best summer of my life. I was 18 at the time, and living in a fairly large town. My parents were both successful in business and after my graduation, had to head off to Europe for two months. Neither was crazy about leaving home alone to get into all kinds of mischief, so, it was decided that I would head off to my aunts house who happened to live on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Not exactly what I had in mind. Here I was hoping to have a fantastic summer before college, chasing every available woman in the state, and now this. Truth be told, I was still a virgin, and not overly happy about that. I had to sit and listen to all my buddies making fun of me for not
having taken the plunge and then hear all their stories about their sexual adventures. It always seemed to me that their stories were either bullshit, or they happened to find every nympomaniac in the world. Either way, I was seemingly the only guy who had never gotten laid. I got to my aunts house, and was told I could pretty much do anything I wanted to do. They had a small stream in the back of their farm, and that is where my luck changed finally. I made my way down the lane about a mile to the stream, and it was beautiful there. The water was cool and clear and a great place to swim. The first trip down there, I decided to hop in and see how the water was. I took my shoes and shirt off and headed into the water. It was only about four feet deep, but it felt good on the warm summer afternoon. Seeing how I was all alone, and feeling a bit adventurous, I slipped my shorts off and tossed them on the bank and swam around naked for awhile. It has always turned me on to be naked outside, kind of hoping to get caught. I finished my swim and got dressed and headed back to the house. Nothing going on there at all. This was going to be so boring all summer long. Nothing to do and nobody to do it with. My aunt did her best to keep me entertained, but the only time I was happy was when I was down at the stream, stark naked. Being a horny teen, I couldnt help but stroke my cock when I got there and at least got off several times a day. Not something I was going to tell my buddies when I got back, but it did relieve the pressure and keep the boredom away. I had been there a few weeks, when I decided it was time for my daily trip to the stream. I headed down there and couldnt believe my eyes, when I saw someone in my spot. She had blonde hair and was wearing a bikini, and my heart jumped. I walked down to her and said hello. She was startled and tried to cover herself up a bit as her bikini barely covered any of her. I was wondering if she was down there doing what I had been doing. Naw I thought, girls dont do that. I introduced myself and we began talking. She sat in the water, apparently not wanting me to see her nearly naked body. I could feel myself starting to stir just seeing her in the water, where I had been swimming every day naked. She told me she lived down the road, and was home from college. We talked for a while and she was getting cold, so she got out of the water and walked towards me. I couldnt help but stare at her nipples, which were sticking out from the chill of the water. I didnt complain, and did my best not to stare. She told me that I really shocked her as she had been coming down to that spot for a few years to skinny dip and if I had been a few minutes later, I would have seen her in all her glory. Just my luck. I laughed and told her that I had been doing the same thing the past few days. Well, she giggled arent we the two naughty ones. And our parents thought we were so pure. I was doing my best not to stare at her body, which was very hot. I told her that I was sorry to have missed her skinny dipping as she looked like she had an incredible body. She thanked me and smiled at know, there is no reason we cant skinny dip together. I thought my cock was going to jump out of my shorts. No reason I can think of I told her. Cmon she said, and took me by the hand. She turned to me and undid her top and tossed it on the ground. Her breasts were firm and the size of peaches, and her nipples were hard as rocks and sticking out again. Wow was all I could manage to say. She giggled and asked if I had ever skinny dipped with a girl before. I told her I had never done much of anything with a girl before. A virgin she asked. Well, yes, I am. She stepped forward and kissed me and said that we may have to do something about fixing that. She stepped back and slid her bikini bottom down and stepped out of them. She tossed them on the grass and stepped into the water and faced me giving me a perfect view of her incredible body. Well, what do you think she asked me? You are so beautiful I stammered out. Alrighty then, I believe one of us still has his clothes on. I was frozen and could only stare at her body. Her pussy had a small patch of blonde hair on it and I know my cock had never been as hard as it was right then. She stepped forward and asked if I needed some help. She undid my shorts and pulled them down. My cock sprung straight up and I stepped out of them. That is very nice she told me as she stared at my cock. This was the the first time a woman had seen my cock. I have to admit, I was happy as hell, as it looked pretty big and long, and she kept staring at it. She leaned forward and kissed me, this time with her tongue in my mouth. My cock prevented us from touching bodies, so she reached down and pushed my cock down until it went between her legs. Our bodies touched and her firm nipples pressed against me. I could feel the heat of her pussy on the top of my cock and thought I was gonna cum. She whispered in my ear, do you want to lose that virginity of yours today? Uh huh I managed to respond. I leaned down and began kissing her nipples. Her hand was on my cock and she uttered have a very nice cock. I slid my hand between her legs and slid two fingers inside her. And your pussy is so hot I told her. She knelt down and put her tongue on my cock. I thought I must be dreaming as she slid it into her mouth. I have never felt anything that good in my life as her sucking my cock. She knew what she was doing as she slowly gave me my first blow job. She kissed my balls and asked if I was ready to cum in her mouth. Another uh huh and she slid it back into her mouth. I didnt realize I was doing it, but I starting humping her face. I didnt last another minute, and my cum was blasting down her throat. I just kept spurting and spurting, and she was gulping it down as fast as she could. When I stopped cumming, she smiled at me and asked me ....isnt that better than coming down her and jacking off alone? She had been watching me! I didnt care. She stood up and asked me if I would like to make her cum now. Yes I do. She guided me to my knees and spread her legs for me and told me to start licking her clit. I was clumsy at best as my tongue began working up and down her slit. She held her pussy open for me and told me when I was at the right spot. It didnt take me long and I was eating her like a pro. She told me not to stop and was moaning so loud. I did as I was told, and she exploded. She pulled my head closer to her pussy and her pussy kept pulsating as her orgasm shook her whole body. She finally quit quivering and stood me up. We kissed again, this time with a lusty passion of two people who had just shared the ultimate experience together. Now she said, are you ready to put that cock of yours in me and become a real man. OH Yeah I told her. She took me by the hand and lead me to the grass beside the stream. She layed down and spread her long legs for me. I got between her legs and she raised her pussy up to meet my cock. Now gently slide it in me she ordered me. I put my cockhead to her slit and eased it into her. Everyone remembers the feeling of the first time they had sex, and this will be forever in my memory. I watched intently as every inch of my cock slipped into her. The feeling of her wet hot pussy on my cock was indescribable. She put her hand on her clit and began rubbing it in small circles. Do you like that lover she asked me. I could barely respond as my cock slipped in and out her pussy. Your cock is so hard and big she kept saying as I fucked her. I know I didnt last too long and could feel the cum rising in my balls. She smiled and told me not to cum inside her. I kept pounding her pussy as long as I could, and at the last second, I pulled it out, and my cum shot all the way up her body. I must have spurted eight times and she was loving it. I watched her scooping it up and putting it in her mouth. I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. I collapsed on top of her. We layed like that in the warm sun, enjoying the feeling of being naked and we swam in the cool water as well. I lost count that day the times that she made me cum. I know we fucked four times, and she sucked me off at least twice, and I dont know how many hand jobs she gave me. Needless to say, it was quite the way to lose your virginity. We spent the rest of the summer, together naked and mostly in the water. My buddies didnt believe me when I got home and told them about my adventure. I really didnt care if they believe me or not. I know what really happened. As far as my new friend, we are still together, as we now go to the same college, and are planning our future together.

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