Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A Well Maintained Teacher

I joined a Boys only college for my UG and the first year went with all the fun, galore and enjoyment. There was not a single female in our college. But when I went to 2nd year the college was made a coed and my junior batch had girls also. None to be praised and the 2nd year went rather dull. Final year started and all of us in our department were keen on education with dreams of doing MBA from a
reputed B-School. We had a paper on Computer Science. That’s the first time a Female lecturer was allotted to us. Her name was Saranya (Name changed). She was average looking with specs on her eyes. But she maintained her hair well which was long and used to hit her buttocks when she used to walk. She used to come in formals, which projected her buttocks and panty lining used to tempt me. When I first noticed it I got hornier. She was really a great lecturer and her classes were very interesting. She used to crack jokes from films and entertain us, at the same time impart the knowledge of the subject.

Since I had already done a course on Hardware and Networking, I was selected as an assistant for the computer lab with a stipend. This created an opportunity to work close with her. Though I was attracted to her, I was damn scared to even speak to her since she was my lecturer. Days went by and one fine day we were rearranging the lab and laying fresh network cables at some new places. I don’t know how but she cut her little finger somehow and blood started to ooze out. Though the cut was not that deep, but she must have been in pain. She took her hanky and tried to stop the blood, but it kept on coming. Without hesitation I took her finger and sucked it in my mouth to let my saliva stop the blood flow and it did. Her finger was tasting sweet and I dint want to take it out. There was some change in her once I started to suck her finger. We stood very close to each other and her boobs were nearly hitting me. Her lips started to shiver a bit and she asked “Has it stopped, should you let it go?” I slowly opened my mouth to let her finger go, she very slowly took her finger out.

We just kept standing there looking into each other eye. The bell rang and brought us to our senses. I took some cotton from the first aid kit along with a band aid. I cleaned her wound and put the band aid. All the time she was keenly probing me with her eyes. She thanked me for the help and we continued over our work. By the time we were finished our work and when we saw the clock it was around 6pm.

The college ends by 5pm and when we came out of the lab there was not a single soul in the college except for the watchman. Since she had to carry 2 laptops and her handbag along with her, she asked whether I could accompany her to her home. I called up my home and informed that I would be coming late and we reached the bus stop. It was peak time and nearly all the bus were full to even get inside. We skipped couple of buses and got on-board a bus which had relatively low crowd when compared to others. I got the ticket and we both were standing in the middle of the bus. We gave our bags to a lady passenger who was sitting who kept them near her leg. As per the college norms she was her usual formal attire, white shirt with black strips and black pant. She had a great looking body and the formal dress was adding sexiness to that. Since I was taller than her, whenever I bend down to see her, her cleavage was open for my eyes to feast. I tried to avoid it and we both were involved in general conversation.

During the course of journey more people came on-board and now the bus was jam packed. She had no way but she was being crushed on me. Though am not the one sporting six pack, am quite well built due to regular playing of Shuttle Badminton. I could feel her Boobs being crushed on me. Initially she was struggling to maintain her balance, but with crowd and the constant brakes by the driver due to the traffic, she slowly started to hold me for balance. “Can I hold you? Am unable to even stand properly”, “Sure mam that is, if you don’t mind”. She held my shirt with one hand and my jeans pocket with the other. We were making jokes of the other students and lecturers in our college and she was laughing freely. We both were exhausted by the journey and were sweating profoundly. All this closeness, sweat from her neck, her boobs being crushed on me, made my dick to raise up. When her stopping came we both got down with our belongings and reached her home.

It was around 9pm and her motherrr greeted us on their door step. Upon seeing her mother, I immediately said “Mam now I know how Saranya mam is so beautiful. It is because of her Mom who is more beautiful than her daughter” Her mom took it sportingly and patted me on my back, “Poda naughty boy. Come inside and have dinner”, “Sorry mam, some other day as it is already late, Mam good night”. Saranya also bid good bye to me and when I was about to leave, Saranya once again called me and asked for my mobile number. She gave me hers and asked me update her as soon as I reach home, just to be sure.

When I reached home, I messaged her which she acknowledged back. Days went by and we were getting closer and closer. I used to visit her house more freely since her dad was working at Mumbai and used to visit them once in a month due to his hectic schedule. Her mother is free going type and used to treat me well. Saranya shared about her personal life and I was shattered to find that her marriage was cancelled due to dowry issue. I consoled her and told her that her beauty is something which cannot be matched by mere money. She used to smile at me and thank me for the kind words. We started chatting during night and some time all through the night also. One day when we were alone in the lab, she tried to move an old box which lying in the lab for a long time. Once she moved it a small rat jumped out and ran. She screamed and jumped, I caught her out of fear of her falling down and getting hurt.

She hugged me tightly and started to shiver. I was in third world. I dint know what to do. She raised her face slowly and asked me whether the rat is gone for which I was able to only nod my head. Our eyes met once again, she was still hugging me. We stood there for about a min or 2. I cant resist any more and kissed her juicy lips. She dint respond nor reject. I kept kissing her and slowly she started responding to me. We both kissed passionately for 2 mins and suddenly she pushed me and gave a tight slap on my cheeks. “How dare you?” She ran out of the lab with tears on her eyes. I was shattered and dint turn up to the lab for the next 2 days. I heard that she had also not come to college which made me worried.

I went to her home next day and found her to be alone. She asked me to come and closed the door. She was in her nighty and it seems her mom had gone outside for a relative marriage. We just stood in the hall facing each other but not able to speak. She broke the Ice and said sorry for slapping you. “No mam, I should not have done like that”. There was an awkward silence and said I will leave now and turned to the exit door. She caught my hand and stopped me and asked me stay for a while. I said ok and she went inside the kitchen to make juice for me. I followed her and was standing at the entrance and looking at her. We both were not speaking a word. Suddenly she turned towards me and gave one more slap and scolded “Do you need an invitation? Cant you see am dying here?” I understood it and caught her face and wiped her tears which were running down her cheeks. I kissed both her eyes and cheeks. I took her lips full and started to suck her. She wrapped her arms around me and was slightly moaning. My hands were exploring her sensitive parts.

Her buttocks were very soft and when I squeeze them with her cloths on she moaned in ecstasy. I removed her nighty and found her not wearing any inner wear. Her boobs were rigid and nipples were erect. She had her vagina well shaved which was shinning with her juice. I lifted her and made her lie on the sofa. She too made me nude and took my penis to suck them. When she was about to insert my penis inside her mouth I told her am a virgin and this is my first time with any girl. A bright glow came in her face and she replied back that she will make it the most memorable one of my life.

She took my penis and started to suck them. Her tongue was playing on me and she tried to deep throat. I was flying in the air. I moaned wildly and told her to stop since I was about to cum but she dint and started to suck my tool more vigorously. Her hands started to play with my balls and I reached my tipping point. I shot load after load of cum inside her mouth. She tightly closed her mouth and drank without spilling even a single drop. Now its my turn, without warning I dug my face in her vagina and started to suck her clitoris. My tongue was ravaging her vulva and she was thrashing her body out of pleasure. I inserted one finger and 2 more fingers and started to finger fuck her.

Within couple of mins she shot her load. “I cant wait any longer, come on fuck me” Without further delay, I inserted my dick into her vagina. I wanted to last as much as possible hence took it very slowly and sensually. After trying for 3 to 4 mins my entire dick was inside her and held it inside without moving for couple of more mins. She cummed that time itself. I could feel her vaginal walls pulsating because of her cumming. It was great feeling for me.

I slowly started to pump her; she arched her back and wrapped her legs around me. I made love to her. Kissing her sensual lips, both her nipples were at the mercy of my fingers, her naval brimming with sweat running down from her breast, I kept stroking her thighs which were soft. With each stroke I made sure I hit her G-Spot and with each stroke her moaning increased. “Fuck me faster, don’t kill me, faster, faster, ah, ah, aiyo, ah, ah”, my pumping increased and within mins I was ramming her pussy. I shot like piston into her. I dug my lips into her sexy neck and grabbed her hair and pulled them, she hug me as much tightly as possible.

I never knew I could be this fast, but the sofa started making noise. Nothing stopped us and she had her 3rd orgasm and I felt my balls tighten. I came inside her. My entire body went into an electric shock feeling. We both were breathing heavily. In-spite of the AC running we were fully drenched in sweat. I kissed her fore head and her lips and thanked her for making my first time the best.

“Is this your first time? Hey don’t tell lye. You are fucking as if you had fucked for ages”. “No mam its true, this is my first time with any girl. I have read lot of sex stories that’s all”

We both hugged each other and slept for some time. That day we had 6 more secession. She taught me various techniques of Sex. Especially sensual ones, how to satisfy a girl and a women. She also explained me that the key to a successful physical relationship not lies on the size of the dick but on various other factors. We continued our sexploration even after my graduation. She had taught well and I have been successful to this day. She is married now and had settled in the middle east. Before her marriage we both went on a trip to Ooty 4 days and fucked like anything.

Am always grateful to her for teaching me sex and its importance.

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