Friday, 11 May 2012

True Story Of Unexplained Emotion

I have celebrated 31st several times but this one was different from all others. I was about to complete my MBA and so the celebration was kept a more classy one then an expensive fervour. We had planned an in-house frenzied time. There were two girls and four boys. The other girl (name withheld) had a boyfriend but not in Hyderabad. She was the one of whom I want to bare everything and she is a very quiet and shy friend.

Talking about sex to her was not even a thought in my wildest dream and on that day we all had got drunk so much that we went to a nearby lounge cum bar and kept on dancing and boozing. We were at the lounge till 1 am and after that all other friends bumped into a nearby lodge for a night. I and my close friend were still not tired and we went to the place where we had our in-house party when we went to the house and started chatting. I got to know that she had a crush on me.
She said she could never dare disclose me as she might lose my friendship. I was listening and she was drinking more and more. Suddenly she took rest on my lap and I could see her nipples getting erect. The erection was visible even with a top and bra inside. I told her I appreciated that you have crush on me but then you already have a boyfriend. Ignoring what I said she said I what to masturbate and she impressed me with a kiss and I kissed her upper lips and she went on kissing me like a burnt-kitten.
I caught her by her thighs and laid her on to the bed. She said fuck me Rahul! Look, I am not shy to you! I was in no mood to listen to her except that I want to see her virgin pussy. I wanted to see how her breast looked like, I wanted to feel her flesh and I removed her jeans and removed her red stripped panty of Kelvin when she was removing her top. I unhooked her black bra. She insisted too rub my penis with wearing my black stripped white jockey on.
She massaged my bulged penis until she took it out from the sideways in desperation. She was so electrified with the size and thickness that she dint want to waste time to rip my jockey out. She grabbed the penis under her fist and rolled the top-beans out from the penis-skin cover she said that see likes swollen penis like mine. She said she wanted to see it red and warm and wanted to see the bean shaped penis protruding out from the flesh.
She said she wanted to see a curved penis which can appease her within no time she swallowed it. I was in wonderland and I could not see anything in front of me and would moan like as if I was coming back to life and she after a time started stretching my penis more and she said she wants it more enlarged so that it can touch her pussy bed deep inside even thought the dick had grown 8 inches!
I was filled with pleasure and laid her on the bed where she mounted her pussy on to the dick. Christ sake, she had the world’s best pussy. I haven’t seen something like that even in adult movies. It was swollen-pussy with hairs neatly spread with a small brownish tinge above the clit the pussy lips were not over protruding out like a flesh of an old women in fact it was perfectly grown as if enough to devour the penis and interlock it for the entire day.
The pussy was soft and the pussy bones were not an interference in spite of the well trimmed pubic there was not a single blemish the pink clit was erect the pussy was throbbing and breathing it was so beautiful that I still remember it fresh. Now I should disclose her real name. I can feel her right now her name is Kritika her boobs were not oversized! Damn I won’t tell you how it looked but was sucks till I die!
I would say her USP is her boobs so much that I did not mind wriggling and suckling it whole day more importantly, when she got her orgasm. The nipples were protruding out and swollen with alveoli resurfacing on the nipples due to goose bumps. I swear after seeing it I felt like rubbing my dick more on her boobs then her pussy! I pushed her on the bed took off my under pant and t-shirt out and spread her legs apart and rubbed my dick against her pussy.
She was moaning countless her pussy was tight but she wanted me to break the hymen today. I pumped my penis slowly initially. I must confess she actually cried out of pain but then she was not feeling satisfied she pleaded me to break her hymen apart. I tried several times but my dick won’t go more than an inch and she would end saying stop it’s paining badly but after sometime she would ask me to try it again being frustrated of this I ramped my penis in her vagina taking my chances.
She did not realize the outbreak of her hymen and she moaned at the top of her voice, she curled up for 5 minutes and said me to ride it more, my penis needed more friction and I had to move it to and fro, she kept moaning and moaning pleading and requesting to deep fuck. I did it like a slave I was about to spill the cum but I postponed it by taking out my penis and inhaling fresh air in the meantime I rubbed my penis against her boobs and sometimes would insert it inside her mouth..
She said she has a last request to me and I knew what it was, she said she was on her chums today and she wants the sperm inside her vagina. She was in a hyper-orgasm. She was pleading like hungry-stricken-girl. It was like I don’t have the option of telling No and I made her sleep on the bed she had spread her legs in the air with her vagina fully split and I pumped my flesh inside.
The pain stricken pussy when the penis went inside she just pushed my butts with her had, curled her body and caught me tightly because of pain and of pleasure! She moved her pussy in a random motion. God spare me, the sperm spilled within 5 minutes the slushy cum was overflowing and she was gasping for air and she was gasping for one more time for feedback mail me at

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