Friday, 11 May 2012

My Wife's Friend Sapna

Hi Friends This is again Aditya from Delhi with my new experience. First of all i would like to thank all of my readers who responded with such a great enthusiasm on my previous stories. For all new readers myself Aditya 32 male from Delhi with a well built body and  my mail id is Not taking much of your time this is my experience with Sapna. This incident happened about six months back.  One day when i came back from shopping i found that my bag is changed from any other bag. I was really puzzled to open the bag and had a glance to see that all the stuff in that bag was some female clothes. So, i kept that bag and started cursing the store staff but nothing could be done now. On the next weekend i went to that store and told the store manager that my bag has been changed with any lady’s bag. He found out from his juniors and came to know the lady came to the store to change the bag and my stuff was with the store people and she had given her cell number and instructed the staff to keep her belongings with the store when ever her bag comes back. I was very happy to see my bag as I had purchased some smart stuff for myself.
The store manager handed over my bag to me and I gave the lady’s bag to the store people. Just to say thanks to the lady I called her up. I heard a very sweet voice from other side. I thanked her and said that I have left your bag with the store manager. She very sweetly told me that she is out of town and it will take time for her to come back to Delhi so she requested me to keep her bag with me as the store people may misplace her bag  and she also told that me when she will come back to Delhi she will contact me and collect the bag. I readily agreed and  took her bag with me and I forgot about that bag.
After fifteen days I got a call from that lady that she has came back to Delhi and she wanted to collect her bag from me. I gave her my home address and she told me that she is living in near by area and will collect the bag in a day or two. After two days when I came back from office I found that my wife is having sip of coffee with a very sexy lady who was stranger to me.
As I entered my wife introduced me to her as Sapna and said,
“Aditya she is Sapna jiska bag aap store se le aye the”
She smiled and we shake hands and I said hello to her.
Oh my God what a bomb shell she was. She was perfectly shaped gal I just stared her for her beauty. But, immediately I came to my senses as my wife was there. I returned her bag  and she left my house saying Good bye to both of us.
I was not in mood at all to say Good bye to her as she was so hot and sexy but there was no option. There after I simply went to take shower to freshen up and had dinner and came to the bed. But, I dunno what happened to me she was not going out of my mind.
After I laid on my bed I just started thinking about her, she was so perfectly shaped that her flash was like “na kahin se ek inch kam na ek inch zyada”. She was wearing a low waist jeans with perfect fit and a white tank top. She was having long hairs and she had put gloss on her lips which made my dick hard. I was expecting my wife would say something about Sapna as she came before me and had coffee with her. But my wife did not spoke even a word about her rather she hold my tool in her hand and it was hard like rock just thinking about Sapne and my wife said “Kya baat hai aaj ise kya ho gaya hai, maine to abhi ise hath bhi nahin lagaya itna bechain kyun hai yeh”
I said smilingly “ise kuchh chahiye”
She said “kya chahiye is bachche ko”
I said “is se hi puchh lo”
She said “Bol bachcha kya chahiye tujhe, aaj to tujhe jo chahiye wohi milega”
I said “ise jo chahiye woh pakka dogi ise” She understood my indication.
She understood my mood and said “yeh bahut bigad gaya hai isko bolo ise sirf mere hi sath rehna hai bahar ka khana nahin milega”
I thought before she get angry I said “nahin darling ise bahar ka khana nahin chahiye jab tumhari  itni sexy gudiya (pussy) hai iske pas to yeh bahar jane ki soch bhi nahin sakta”
She said “phir theek hai main ise abhi settle kar deti hoon”
After saying this she took my dick in her mouth and gave me a real erotic blow job and I really had a stunning sex session that nite just thinking and fantasizing about that babe I mean Sapna.
One day when I came back from office in the evening I found that again Sapna was sitting in my drawing room and my wife and Sapna were talking like friends. I really got happy and amazed to see Sapna as she was such a sexy babe. I said hello to her and we passed smile and I went to my room. After ten minutes my wife came to the room and I asked about Spana that how come she was here in our home.
I said to my wife acting as if I don’t remember Sapna  “yeh to wohi ladki hai na jiska packet store main mujhse exchange ho gaya tha”
My wife smilingly said “hanji wohi hai”
I said “hamare ghar main kaise”
She said “now we are friends”
I said “Oh really”
She said “Sapna is having her own showroom of ladies wear”
I said shockingly “Wow …… tumhare to maze a gaye, ab to yeh Sapna meri pocket ko bahut bhari padne wali hai…hahahaha”
She said “don’t worry now she is my friend and she will give us the clothes at discounted rates”
Then I went to take bath just thinking about Sapna and her curvaceous body and masturbated thinking about her.
Now, slowly my wife and Sapna became quite good friends which was a very good sign for me. My wife told me that Sapna’s husband has gone abroad for some work for two years assigned by his Company and she is running boutique here and she lives nearby with her parents.
Now I make up my mind that am going to fuck her one day. My wife’s friend is my friend and I very better know how to impress females and the positive thing was that her husband was away from her and she must be hungry for sex.
Any ways now Sapna and my wife became best friends in a very small span of time and the best part was that she was having all the qualities which used to arouse me. Number one she used to apply kajal in her eyes second she used to wear sleeveless dress and number three she used to wear body hug dresses which used to reveal her figure very perfectly.
One  day when I was checking messages of my wife’s cell and I found out that a lot of non veg sms’s has been sent by my wife to Sapna as I am fond of reading non-veg sms and I sent some of them to my wife.
That night I spoke to my wife and said “Tumne yeh sare dirty sms Sapna ko bheje hain”
She smilingly said “yes”
I said “okay….. Sapna bhi tumhen bhejti hai kya aise SMS”
She said “nahin yar uske pas nahin hai tabhi to main bhejti hoon use”
Now I came to know that Sapna is fond of these dirty collection and I am having full collection of this porn stuff and dirty things.
Now, I planned to seduce Sapna.I saw an ad in paper for a dandia nite. I immediately bought four tickets and told my wife that I have won two couple pass for dandia nite for Saturday. She was excited to go to dandia nite but I asked her that the other pass will go waste. As I don’t want to give offer to take Sapna I want my wife to ask me to take Sapna. She immediately said “Main Sapna se puchhti hoon chalne ke liye”
I said “ok u can ask”
She immediately called Sapna and she agreed to go with us.
Now I was excitingly waiting for that Saturday nite and finally the time came. I came home early and me and my wife got ready and we have to pick Sapna from her home which was near by. My wife wore ghaghra choli which is a traditional dress which mostly females wear for dandia. I could see her bared tummy looking hot and she was looking sexy.
We reached Sapna’s home and when she came I was stunned to see her Oh my God she was looking awesome. She was also wearing Ghaghara and a backless choli. As I saw her in the head light of car, I immediately got hard on. She came and sat on the back seat and my car was fully loaded with her perfume smell.
I said “Hello Sapna……. Tumne to poori car main khushboo hi khushboo kar di..”
She laughingly said “Hello Aditya…. Kya maine zyada perfume lagaya hai..”
I said “Nahin….. it smells really very nice…its odour is awesome”
She said “Thanks Aditya…” and we headed for the dandia place.
As it was around half an hour run, I started chatting with both the ladies so that I may get to know Sapna in a better way because I knew that the time is not far when I will take off her panty and my dick is going to rest in her pussy.
I said “Sapna……. U know how to play dandia”
She said “No Aditya…..i have been to dandia for two or three times before but I really not know very well how to handle those sticks..”
I said “Don’t worry Sapna I will teach you how to handle the sticks…….”
My wife laughed as she knew that even I dunno how to play dandia. She said “Sapna Aditya ki baton par mat jana, agar Aditya ne tumhen sikhaya to stick galat jagah par lagegi”
I started laughing “Sapna u don’t worry I will teach you how to handle these sticks carefully”
Sapna smiled and said  “chalo dekhte hain kaun kitna ache se khelta hai”
Then we reached the place was shocked to see the rush. It took me half an hour to find the place and park the car and my God when we reached the entry gate it was more than over crowded.
I found out the reason for the crowd they told us that due to security reasons it is taking a time for checking all the people who are going in for dandia.We all three entered in the rush and became the part of the crowd. But, I really thank God as Sapna came very close to me due to rush. She was wearing backless choli and her tummy was so well shaped that I wanted to feel her tummy hole then and there. But any how I controlled myself but I got bulge in my pants. Now the scene was that both the ladies were in front of me and I was just behind Sapna. I was trying to make a little distance with her as she might notice my bulge but the crowd was pushing me so hard from back that my crotch rested on one hip of Sapna. Now I was so close to Sapna that the erotic smell of her perfume was taking away my senses. Her hips were so soft that I was in the seventh sky of pleasure.
Now, I gather some courage and stood behind Sapna and poked my crotch in her ass crack, but I was happy to notice that even Sapna did not tried to remove her ass away from my crotch and my bulge was getting bigger and bigger as I was going out of control.
I said “Sapna rush bahut zyada hai”
She said “koi bat nahin abhi thodi der main hamara number a jayega”
I said “are you feeling comfortable”
She said “am excited…………… go inside”
I understood her indication and said “Even am excited to go inside……… but ander jane ka mauka hi nahin mil raha……”
She looked back at me smilingly and said “Have patience Aditya…….kabhi na kabhi to mauka mil hi jayega…”
I said “Sapna tumhen pata nahin sabra (patience) rakhna kitna mushkil kam hai…..”
Saying this I poked my dick into her ass with some more force as my dick was getting more and more hard after talking to her in double meaning.
She said “Mujhe pata hai tumse sabra nahin ho raha…..but sabra to rakhna hi padega”
But, after enjoying for some time we any how got inside and I bought some thick sticks for all three of all and the music was very nice and crowd was really happening.
We all three started playing dandia and all three of us did not really know how to handle the dandia sticks. But we tried to see other people and trying to play dandia. My eyes were enjoying the view of her perfect shaped ass and her bakless choli was again and again making me excited.
We all three had great fun at Dandia nite and we came back to home late nite after having dinner.
That nite I could not sleep for the whole nite just thinking about Sapna and her conversation with me that I have to keep patience to fuck her. Any ways I fucked my wife hard that nite also just thinking about Sapna.
The week passed and again the next Sunday came and as the time was passing my wife and Sapna were getting closer and closer. My wife told me that she needs to visit Sapna’s show room to buy some clothes and I had to accompany my wife so that she could buy clothes of my choice. I was ever ready to grab chance to meet Sapna.
Me and my wife reached Sapna’s showroom in after noon and she greeted us with a polite smile. We chose some western clothes but I liked one set of short skirt and top for going to club for my wife. But, unluckily it was not getting fit to my wife but I really liked it so I asked Sapna “Tum iska bada size manga sakti ho”
She said “Han manga sakti hoon lekin tumhen pakka pasand hai na”
I said “Sapna if u don’t mind it will fit you, tum mujhe pehan kar dikha do” As sapna is slimmer than my wife.
She readily agreed and went to trial room to change. I was standing outside trial room and my wife was looking for some other clothes in the showroom. As she came out from changing room I lost my senses seeing her beauty. It was a short skirt and body hugging top, which was showing her thighs so silky and smooth and her curvaceous body.I could not take off my eyes from her body thighs and her
I said “Wow Sapna kya lag rahi ho it is a perfect dress for a perfect figure lady”
She blushed and said “Yar kahan perfect figure hai”
I said “Sapna tumhara figure to ekdum perfect hai tum kaise maintain karti ho”
She said “Main daily ek ghanta yoga karti hoon”
I said “Meri biwi ko bhi yoga karna sikha do who bhi tumhari tarah well shaped ho jayegi”
She said “Sikha doongi usko kal se mere ghar bhej dena”
I got a hard on in my pants seeing her beauty and she noticed it.
I said smilingly “Mujhe bhi sikha do”
She said “Admiyon ka koi bharosa nahin hai kab yoga karenge kab yahan wahan dekhenge”
I said “Don’t worry main sirf yoga karoonga aur agar idhar udhar dekha to meri biwi mujhe mar dalegi”
She said “Lagta to nahin tumhen dekh kar tum yahan wahan nahin dekhoge”
I said “Pakka yahan wahan nahin dekhoonga lekin yar kabhi control nahin hota to dekh leta hoon par tum bhi to yahan wahan bahut dekhti ho”
She understood that I am indicating that she take a peep at my bulge.
She said “Shut up now am going to change this dress”
I said “Ruko turn back and let me see the dress from the back”
She turned back and wow wat a perfect ass she has.
I slowly murmured “Bahut mast lag rahi hai”
She went and changed the dress and in the mean time my wife came and aksed me about the dress. I told her that it is really perfect.
Sapna came back and said to my wife “Aditya chahta hai ki main tumhen yoga sikhaon”
My wife “Yar main bahut moti ho gayi hoon, tum to yoga ki wajah se ekdum slim ho”
Sapna said “Han kuchh logon ko aisa lagta hai”
I said “Mujhe bhi Spana ki figure perfect lagti hai…”
My wife said “Hello….tum sirf apni biwi ka figure dekho…..” and we all three laughed and we both came back.
We came back home and now yoga was on my mind becuase new yoga was very hot sexy and fukable. My dick has already felt the softness of Sapna’a ass on the night of dandia but now i badly want to ram her pussy. After coming home my wife asked that do I seriously want her to do yoga with Sapna.
I said “Darling tum Sapna ke sath yoga karogi to tum aur bhi sexy ho jaogi, tumhara weight reduce ho jayega”
She said “But Aditya main subah itni jaldi nahin uth sakti, mujhe bahut tez But
I insisted and said “Koi bat nahin main tumhen subah utha doonga, I want you to look more hot and sexy”
She said “theek hai fir tum bhi mere sath yoga karoge aur hum sath jayenge aur sath vapis ayenge”
I said “Sapna se puchh lo, mere sath yoga karne main use koi problem to nahin hogi”
My wife said “Use kya problem ho sakti hai....main abhi phone karke puchh leti hoon”
My plan was was going as per my wishes. She called up Sapna and asked “Sapna main aur Aditya kal se tumhare sath yoga karenge”
She readily agreed and said “Lekin tum logon ko subah time par ana padega”. My heart started jumping with joy and my dick with excitement.
I could not sleep for whole night just thinking about Sapna. I got up early in the morning and looked towards my dick which was half erect and said “Oye zyada mat uchhal.....abhi manzil baki hai...”
We both reached Sapna’s house exactly at 7 O’ clock and rang the door bell and to my astonishment Sapna opened the door with a smile on her face. She was already in tight red colored tracks and her sexy figure was looking awesome.
We went to her roof where it was our first day to do yoga with such a sexy teacher for whom I was lusting for months. We started doing yoga but the problem was that I was not able to do anything which will doubt my wife but I was getting closer to sapna day by day. While doing yoga she used to teach me streching and all other things which I was not able to do. But all the time I used to stare her only but could not do anything as my wife was there. Many times it was so hard to hide my bulge seeing Sapna in sexy positions from my wife but I was helpless.
Now I was looking for a chance to fuck Sapna and soon God gave me the chance to fulfil my wishes.
There was marriage of one of our colony girl who was close friend of my wife and even Sapna knew her well. The marriage venue was a farm house which was too far from our house and distance wise it was about one and a half hour run by car.
As the marriage girl was close friend of my wife, she wanted to stay for whole night in marriage party but i had to come back as i had to go to my office and even Sapna was confused whether she will stay there or will come back. Finally it was decided that Sapna will go to the marriage with us and if she wish to come back she will come back with me otherwise she will stay there with my wife and both my wife and Sapna will come back in the morning after all the marriage ceremonies will finish in the morning.
But, I knew that Sapna will come back with me as she has to go to the showroom next day and even she will not be comfortable there for the whole night. Now I just started imagination of how to bed Sapna in the absence of my wife as it is going to be a great opportunity for me to be alone with Sapna for a long time in car in nite. 
So finally the nite came and me and my wife got dressed up to go to the marriage party. Today, I really made my body ready for night fun for which I was not sure that I will be able to fuck Sapna but my sixth sense was saying that today is the fun night. I dressed up in my suit and my wife wore very heavy transparent saree with a lot of exposure of her tummy and back. But, she was looking sexy. We picked up Sapna from her house, she also wore a very heavy saree with a lot of jewellery and she was looking gorgeous and my tool started giving me indication that he wants to taste the pussy of Sapna tonite.
Sapna was wearing sleeveless blouse with net saree and backless choli fully loaded with jewellery and perfume.She was looking like heoine of kamasutra getting ready for first night fuck. I was really going to faint after seeing her but i controlled myself.
As it was a long way to reach the marriage venue.
I asked “Sapna tum bhi rat ko wahin rukogi aur masti karogi”
Sapna said “Yar main wahan zyada logon ko nahin janti, fir masti kasie karoongi”
My wife “Lekin Sapna tum ruk jana wahan masti karenge”
Isaid “Sapna tum itni heavy saree main kaise comfortable rahogi”
Sapna “Main change karne ke liye kapde layi hoon”
My wife “Sapna tumhen pata hai dulhe (bridegroom) ke hath main fracture ho gaya hai”
I said “yeh to bahut bura hua”
My wife gigingly said “Suhag rat kaise manayega”
I got a little naughty and said “hath ka kam munh se karega...hahahha”
Sapna also laughed and naughtily said “hath ka kam munh se kaise ho sakta hai Aditya...”
I said “meri biwi se puchh lo...”
My wife also got a little naughty and said “Aditya is perfect using his mouth....... hamari suhag raat par to Aditya ne hands se zyada munh ka use kiya tha.....”
Sapna said “Kya baat hai ....... u r so lucky to have a husband like Aditya.....”
Again my wife said “yar hamari to first night was a rememberable fun night....i was so excited that i cant express it in words....Aditya was so gentle that first he made me comfortable and you know it took us many days to reach the final destination........”
I said to my wife “Kya yar tum to Sapna ke samne hi shuru ho gayi...”
My wife said “Sapna and me are good friends and we can share every thing......acha Sapna tum batao tumhari first night kaisy thi....”
Sapna got little serious and said “Yar excited to main bhi bahut thi....... but my hubby was hungry like anything.......he jumped on me without caring my feelings and he did it on the very first night but it hurt me so much that i cant tell you...”
When my wife saw that she is not much happy for her first night she said “chal chhodo yar purani baten......... lekin abhi hum jis sahdi main ja rahe hain, us par mujhe taras a raha hai ki woh apni first night kaise bitayega...”
Now, I understood that she is even not happy with her sex life also.
After that she changed the topic and we started talking on general things and finally we reached to the venue.
It was a grand marriage and as my wife was social she knew a lot of people there but as Sapna used to go to her boutique, she was not familiar with much of the people like me.
Finally barat came and my wife joined bride with all her freinds and Sapna and me were giving company to each other. Sapna was looking great in her outfit.Now it was a good opportunity for me to flatter Sapna.
I said “Sapna tum bhi meri tarah yahan zyada logon ko nahin janti”
She said “yes Aditya I am busy with my boutique, so I dont get much time to know the people”
I said “you are smelling really nice”
She naughtily said “Oh really....but you have not smelled me do you know ?”
I got a little bolder on her comments and said “who says I have not smelled you, your odour is in the whole atmosphere”
She said “Oh...really is that so.....”
I said in a flirting style “you don’t know Aditya, Aditya senses are so strong that I can smell beautiful ladies from long distance...”
She smilingly said “Oh really......I would like to know what other qualities do Aditya have”
Isaid “the best quality of Aditya is that when Aditya smells a woman from close distance, then you can not even think how the women go crazy for Aditya”
She commented “Kya baat hai ji......aap to bahut pahunche hue lagte hain”
I said “I can prove it...... wanna test me....”
She said “Kahin test kiya aur fail ho gaye to kya harog e”
I said “Aditya aur fail.......ho hi nahin sakta.....I bet if I fail.....I will go to home by foot...” 
She said “fir to tumhara test lena hi padega.......”
Isaid “yahin logi ya kahin aur chalen...”
She started laughing “Abhi tumhari biwi ko bulati hoon...woh tumhara test tumhen pata chalega”
I said “Beautiful women dhamki de sakti hain....... but meri biwi ko bula nahin sakti...”
She said “So, you find me beautiful....and are you sure I cant call your wife..”
I said “yes you are really very nice sweet and beautiful and you have perfect figure and I know you will not call my test my is you who will test my abilities...”
Sapna “oh my find my figure also perfect”
Now I was sure that she was getting in my trap.
I said “Shall I explain you, how beautiful and maintained are you...”
Sapna “I will definitely like to hear that...”
I knew all woman love to hear if you praise their beauty and all. Now, I was getting closer to my target.
I said “tumhari kamar perfectly shaped hai.......”
She smilingly said “this is very bad Aditya......u are a dirty boy...... u looking at other woman’s waist.....”
I said “Kya karoon Sapna......tum cheese hi aisy ho.......main dekhe bina reh hi nahin sakta......perfect kamar hai tumhari with such a lovely belly button”
Sapna “My God.......u even saw my belly buttons also......aur kya dekha tumne mere ander”
I siad “Belly button ke oopar ka bataon ya neeche ka...”
She said “just shup up Aditya, You are so dirty..... mujhe tumse bach kar rehna padega..........”
I said “Ab tum mujhse bach kar nahin ja sakti...hehe”
She said “Kyun......abhi tum mujhe nahin jante......main tumhari sari baaten tumhari biwi ko bata doongi...woh tumhari sahi class legi....”
I became a little dirty and said “woh meri legi ya main uski loonga....hahaha”
She laughed and she suddenly said “to jaker lo uski......meri kyun le rahe ho.....”
I said “tumhari abhi li kahan hai......ek bar mujhe dogi to bar bar dene ka man karega tumhara.....”
She said “Acha ji...”
I said “hanji.....tumhari jitni tareef karoon utni kam hai....”
We were so much busy with this conversation that suddenly I noticed that my wife has come and asked us to have dinner. Me my wife and Sapna went to have dinner.
Sapna looked at me and said to my wife “pata hai Aditya mujhse abhi kya baaten kar raha tha”
My wife “batao Sapna....”
Sapna naughtily looked in my eyes. I was just remembering God that I dunno what bullshit this Sapna is going to speak.
Sapna said “woh meri tareef kar raha tha.....”
Again i prayed God – Oh God please control this girl.
My wife “Are yaar tum ho hi itni achchhi.......” and both the woman laughed and i took a sigh of releif. Now, I became sure that ab to Sapna ki aaj main loonga. After dinner i asked my wife about her plans.
She said “Sapna main to rukoongi......tum bhi mere sath ruk jao ....yahan masti karenge”
Sapna “Aditya tum batao......main ruk jaon kya?”
My wife “Aditya Sapna ko bolo mere sath rukegi...yahan bahut maza ayega”
Sapna looked towards to tease me. I said “Sapna kal tumhen apne boutique nahin jana kya.....aur tumne itni heavy saree pehni hai.......”
Sapna “Lekin Aditya main change karne ke liye kapde layi hoon....”
I really got disappointed that if Sapna will stay here then all my plans will spoil. I again insisted Sapna to come with me and finally Sapna agreed to come with me and my heart started pounding with joy. It was finally decided that my wife was staying here and Sapna was going back with me. Finally we both said good bye to my wife and i hurried to the car before Sapna made any change in her mind to stay with my wife.
We both sat in the car and i switched on the AC so that car may get cool in that hot summer.Again I started conversation with Sapna.
Me “mujhe lagta hai kal ki office ki chhutti karni padegi”
Me “aaj mera sone ka irada nahin hai.....kuchh aur karne ka irada hai”
Me “masti......masti aur sirf masti.......”
Sapna “tumhare irade to bahut khatarnak lagte hain......tumhari biwi to hai nahin.......kiske sath masti karoge”
I said “Are biwi nahin hai ....tabhi to masti karoonga......haha”
She got a little bit nervous and said “fir kiske sath karne wale ho masti hamen bhi to batao....”
Now, as she was insisting more........I understood that she wanted me to say that my masti girl is Sapna. But, Aditya can not surrender in such a hurry. Aditya want to make Sapna crave for Aditya.
I said “chalo tum guess karo....”
She laughingly said “mujhe nahin pata....”
I said “Hai ek bahut sundar aur soft bahut hot hai”
Sapna “ wow......sunder ke sath soft bhi hai....tumhen kasie pata chala..... kabhi chhua hai use”
I said “han ek bar dandia lekar gaya tha use......wahan meri stick ne uski softness feel ki...aur meri ankhon ne uski beauty dekhi... ”
Sapna “acha ji.....bechari ladki......kahan chhua tumhari stick ne use...aur kya dekha tumhari ankhon ne usmain”
I know she was getting hornier as she knew i was talking about her and her breath was becoming heavy, so now I started praising her “uski body bahut hot thi......uski ankhen kali thin .......uski lips juicy the......uski neck perfect thi.......aur.......”
I simply stopped but she was now losing her senses.
Sapna “aur kya Aditya.......plz...batao mujhe...”
I said “uske boobs.......” and thenagian i stopped.
She closed her eyes now and said “han batao na plzzzz.....chup kyun ho gaye...”
I said “Uske boobs to jannat hua unhen wahin sehlaon.....pyar karoon.....suck karoon.....”
She said “fir kyun nahin kiya......tumne...”
I said “mujhe pata nahin us ladki main bhi mere se zyada ag lagi hui hai.....”
Sapna “kaise ladke ho tum.....tumhen pata karna chahiye tha.....”
I said “yar kaise karta usne kapde pahne hue the......hahaha”
She laughed and said “yar...kapde utar nahin sakte kya.....idiot”
I said “pagal ho tum......wahan itne logon ke samne kapde kaise utar deta..”
She “Aditya......i will kill you....”
She quickly hold my head in her hand and kissed me on the lips.
It was the moment of my life time for which i was waiting for such a long time. I deeply kissed her and said “kya kar rahi ho....accident ho jayega...”
I parked the car on the side of the road. It was around two in the night. But , I was mad like anything and we smooched badly for fifteen minutes like hungry birds. She ate my lips and out tongues met and the saliva was flowing till my chest and her boobs. After this long sexy smooch....I realised that what we were doing on middle of the road is not advisable.
Now, we both hungry birds were eager to reach home and I rushed the car and we reached my home in another ten minutes.
I said “Sapna tumhen tumhare ghar chhod doon....”
Now she became so daring that she said “tumhari stick ka kya hoga..”
I said laughingly “stick to ab tumhari lekar hi manegi....”
I never expected she was also getting dirty “kya legi meri...”
I said “tumhari fuddi (pussy) chahiye....”
She said “to mana kisne kiya hai......stick ko bolo .....fuddi taiyyar hai.....var karo (attack it)”
I hurriedly opened the lock and rushed to the bed room
Now, Sapna was totally lost in lust. She closed her eyes and was waiting for me to kiss her smooch her fuck her or do anything I want to do with her.
I took Sapna to my bed room and we again locked our lips in passionate kissing. She was so much excited that I was worried that she will eat my lips. But, as our kissing was going on, my hands atrted exploring her body and as I touched her boobs she moaned very loudly and her body shivered with excitement. Oh my God wat a nice boobs so soft but hard with excitement.
I said “Sapna you have perfect assets....”
Sapna “I know you must have measured them with your eyes the first time you saw me”
I said “I never miss a chance to peek a view of such a sexy yours.... kya mast boobs hain tumahare.....”
She said “ab sirf tareef hi karte rahoge ya kuchh karoge bhi inke sath...”
I said laughingly “Kya karoon inke sath”
She said “yeh bhi mujhe batana padega .....yaar.....dabao inhen ....khelo inke sath....suck karo....they r getting erect...”
Now, I totally lost control and ripped of her blouse and two well shaped boobs were now in my hands. I started squeezing them with both of my hands. Slowly, I started sucking her neck,her body odour was driving me crazy. Then I started licking her nipples. She started moaning heavily.Her breath was becoming heavy.
Now, I removed my shirt and she started playing with my hairy chest.Now my tongue was exploring her whole body, slowly I came down to her navel area and started sucking her hole but her lehanga was hurting. I slowly removed her lehanga and now she was in only panty. A well figured sexy goddess was in front of me only with a piece of cloth on her.I started caressing her back neck her whole body.
Now her hands were searching my tool.She started fondling my dick over my pants. I removed my pants and pull my undies down and my dick sprang like a heated steel rod with red shining tip. Now, she moved down and took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it badly.
I was playing her thighs and now I could not control and removed her panty and threw in the corner of the room and she was clean shaved with shining cunt juices oozing out of it. It was so clean that one could judge she must have shaved on that day only.
I teased her “mere liye clean kiya hai....”
She said “han Aditya.....I want you to fuck me.....but could not gather courage as I am thirsty for a long time....tum mujhe fuck karo Aditya....plzzzzz..... mere ander bade aag lagi hai.....plz ise shant karo....”
Now, we got in 69 position, she was sucking my rod harder and all her pussy juices were flowing all over my face and her thighs legs. Now, it was time for to fuck her hard. I laid her on the bed and placed the tip of my dick on her pussy. Oh my was so tight, as if am fucking a virgin babe.
I said “Sapna are very tight...”
Sapna “Please don’t show mercy on my whole......plz.....tear it....push your dick in....plzzzz....AAAAAdityaaaaa....”
Now, i also lost control and pushed hard and it was half way in, slowly i put more pressure and finally it was totally in. Her pussy was burning with heat and I started stroking......She was moaning louder and louder........Aaaaaaahhhhhhh.... Aditya.......plz do it.......and after strolling of fifteen minutes, my cum spilled in her glory and she came many times in this session of luv making and now we both were so much exhausted, that we lay there nude in each other arms for half an hour without speaking a word. But, after that time I saw that watch is showing six in the morning. Sapna was sleeping deep in my arms.
Suddenly I remember that I have forgotten to lock the door. I hurriedly woke up Sapna and we both hurriedly got dressed up as time was very near that any time my wife could have been there and the bed sheet was all wet with the cum of me and Sapna.
Sapna left immediately and just after five minutes the door bell ranged and it was my wife and in this time I even could not changed the bed sheet.
My wife came in bed room and asked “Aditya bed sheet itna geela kaise hua..?”
I stayed mute and what I told my wife, I will tell you in my other story...hehe.

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