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The Encouter With Friend of My Cousin Sister

This is about my real life experience am Vicky 24 yrs old  from Tamilnadu, a quite oversized guy  with small belly, my waist size is 34  but as I had a good height of 6ft  I did not look awkward  even my dick also is
oversized, I also one of the guy who has been masturbating daily for an average of 3 times, and still no experience of real sex but had a great size  of two handful length and one handful girth which has been  a genetic gift, my foreskin was not removed. It read 10 inches when it was hard and was round and fat for around 3 inches circumference girth.
This story is going to be slow if you have enough patience go ahead, I have a mutual friend with my cousin sister who is my father’s brother’s daughter's friend named Dhivyadarshini, she was away from us abroad  with her parents for 4 years from her age of 18 which actually created a great bond between us after she came back, to be frank I have been a criminal from young age peeping bathroom while my family members bath, I have peeped at my mom, aunts, and my sister dhivya too.. I had a great lust for matured women like my mom and aunts but never had balls to try anything.
Once Dhivya was back from abroad we met after 2 years, I just then realized she has grown up well plump qwith chubby round face and cute smile, she came and hugged me which I did not expect, it was not a tight hug it was slight hug with full of brotherly love. I just was mad on seeing her in  that state my lust grew on her . I peeped in to her bath to find me amazed with her assets.. Man no one will say she is just twenty, she had a curve to die for and Boobs and ass were just full of raw meat,,  I just checked her braziers to find it was mentioned 34  but when I measured her bust with a tape later I came to know its was 33inches  she had a waist size of 34inches and a great ass fleshy and meaty protruding backwards any one would like to check her ass when she wears a jean.
We had a big get-together in out family were we had more than 15 members gathered and had fun every where when we had game or arguments I found herr not ready to give away me or my win to anyone she really loved me a lot as brother, at that point even I was really happy that I have a great hr for me. she used hang around me always holding my hands and leaning her one boobs on my shoulder  not even leaving me to masturbate.
We had a tour planned to my native village were we had plenty of Banana plantations and coconut plantation given to lease for maintenance. We had well and small tanks with plenty of water supply 24hrs available. I used to go there every 2 months for a visit to maintain the house there.
So I know every corner of plantations and village too, we al had a great bath there in the motor sets , in the tank there was no space left for me when I came, my her who was inside the water tank with her salwar tops alone  fought with all our cousins and younger brothers but went in vain, I just had a good look at her assets which were drenched in water and I just signaled her to carry on, went in to the plantations were all others were busy in house and the tank besides it with some or the other stuff.
She too came just behind me shouting “ Bro wait am coming” , I Just look back she was fully wet all over she was running with her salwar tops which was revealing her bottom thighs and knees when she took each step. Her boobs were jumping I could find the impression of her bracers and panty.  She walked with her anklets on her legs .I screamed where are you coming just go and continue she said she will be with me, then she came and took hold of my hands and we walked together she asked for tender coconut I just got few and sliced it for her she enjoyed the drink  and then walked with me to the other end  the banana plantation was around a Km long which was our ancestor land and was not yet divided. she asked me were are we going I said am going to a tank in the other we have so that I can bath, she screamed like a kid and said  she won’t let any one inside that, I said you can’t coz its just a small to accommodate just not more than 3 in it. As it was just 4*4 feet. But was up only up to  hip deep.
She just yelled and said no only me and you no one else, I said no one will come don’t worry. We just got there was motor room along with it were the tank can be visible only from one direction , from where came. We got in there and were chatting about our life’s her college and my work life as we both were engineers, she had not yet completed but. Then she just splashed some water on me on return I did the same, we started to have a playfull fight on which we were fighting with our legs also inside the water, the water was flowing from motor in to tank through a pipe which was under the water level so only the sounds we create were heard, I was able to hear her anklets sound when we fought with legs., as said earlier she was wearing only salwar tops over her bra and panties, But I was wearing only my lungi’s my Dick was already semi erect.during the fight I caught hold of her feet and started to roam my finger nails in her feet on which she was not able to control she started to giggle my little belly and touching me with her soft hands. She came around and turned showing her ass to me all the time I was teasing her feet and she was struggling to release her feet. In all the struggle she planted her ass on my lap exactly on my semi erect dick.
She was sitting fully on me her, I immediately  left the hold of her legs but she did not move, she turned her face and looked in my face , I took some courage and moved the hair falling from her face and said to her looking I her eyes sorry Dhivya but I really love you, I want to make love with you,   to my surprise she said I too love you Bro,  you are the only guy I have eyed on from my teen age I don’t know why but I would prefer calling you as bro only. I asked shall we make love now. She asked surprised here now?? Noo noo what if someone comes , I said no one will come and if some one comes with this silence we can come to know when they are miles ago itself and there is only one direction visible from here and that is the only direction anyone can come.
After cajoling with her a lot she  nodded her eyes, I just made her comfortably sit over my dick and took her hairs away from  her face and tied them back , bent her little and  kissed on her forehead,  and asked her on what extent does she have knowledge on sex? She replied me AtoZ as she has watched all sort of porns in hostel , I said jokingly then you are going to  teach me what you have learned . she said  “ as if you don’t know anything ? haah  then had a look in to her eyes deep and kissed on her both eyes, she gave a thankful smile,  then kissed on her nose and gave a gentle bite, then kissed on her cheeks and jaws bite her earlobes and  looked in to her eyes and asked her shall I kiss on lips with my eyes itself she gave a gentle nod and closed her eyes, I caressed over her hair  and took all her hair behind her head and rotated her completely that her boobs faced my chest and her each legs were on each side of my thighs, made her sit exactly  on my thighs and  folded her legs behind my body , I was sitting spreading my legs inside the tank and leaning on the one side wall of the tank. I holded her curvy waist and gripped it only then she opened her eyes and asked what  just with her eyes. I looked in to her eyes and caressed her thighs with one hand and her ass with other under the water
During all this her anklet jingles beneath water was making me kinky she made a cute sad expression twisting her lips I smiled and signaled her to her by raising my face and lips, she gave a gentle slap on my lips and nodded her heads rejecting my offer. I took her closer to my chest and crushed her boobs in my chest and squeezed her ass asking her to kiss, she had hands on my each bare  shoulder and caressed my chest hair and hugged me between my armpits, I caressed her  head and back and hugged her , I separated the hug after few seconds  but she was still completely giving pressure over my chest I just took her face in my hands and was about to kiss on her sweet lips  she nodded on which she hit my nose with her, accidentally brushed her lips on mine, suddenly  I just took hold of her lower lip in between my lips   she did not try to move aways she hugged me more and gave more of her lips to me , I just bent forward along with her and took her face inside water and I too went in and had a deep kiss exchanging our salvias inside the water  for 30 sec we came out for breath and again went in, all the while I was able to hear the jingles of the anklets and was caressing her  white thighs  and after 15 mins we separated and I asked her how was it ? I said it was my 1st time, she questioned me do you think I have experience in this idiot bro even 1st time for me.
I then caressed her thighs and took her hands and placed it over my fully erect dick which was now near her  stomach , she removed the lungi and took it out and holded it in her hands to find  that the mushroom head inside the foreskin was popping out after she holded it with both her hands and he fingers were just touching the round , she said will this go inside me? I said don’t worry dear I’ll make  you take it with ease in all holes. She squeezed it and said aahhhn with naughty smile.. she stroked it I   removed her hands and hugged her  the dick was now between mine and  her stomach.
I asked her will you give me a blow job?  I just raised my hip to water level and sat on the tank fence with my lungi and raised it to show her at the same time took care that only my back is visible to anyone who comes. I signaled her to suck her nodded her head refusingly , I made a pleading expression she giggled and took it in her hands , she looked at it and me and raised it fully and    asked me  what type of porns you watch? I replied that I love Toribalck, Sasha grey, and phoniex marie porns ,, Hmm even I have watched them so like whom do you want me to suck you now? I replied  That I want my sister to do everything as she wishes not as imitating anyone else. Coz I love you not them..  She was touched by my reply . She hugged me around my hips resting her face over my crouch and  had tears on her eyes and kissed on my balls  I just took her and asks hey what is this like a kid  you are crying ?  she said nothing and kneeled in the tank and took my  dick and stroked it and took my red mushroom out and kissed on it  and licked over it and took the tip of my cock in her mouth and chewed it with her flesh and seriously took care that none of her teeth hurts my dick  I just holded her shoulder and moaned  she had her hand on my balls and playing with it which was under water , I caressed her head and back and lifted her salwar tops  to  her neck  she was between my legs in water I was able to see her white boobs under water in her bra ,  I did not touch them , I just came in three minutes of her sucking she was able to  take only  my  half dick in her mouth.
  I was surprised that she took all my cum in her mouth and drank it and kept sucking me continuously , I was semi  soft now so she took around 3/4th in her soft mouth and kept stroking her hands and mouth on my dick ,  She took her mouth out and went under water  with her mouth and was teasing my balls with her tongue and taking my balls in her mouth and chewing it  she just asked me to turn around, I was confused she spread my ass cheeks and licked on my asshole  I had a current shock  on my nerves which took immediate effect on my dick which she was holding with her hands like she was holding a machine gun  the other hand was on my balls  from my back between my two legs burying her face in my ass, I was not able to control and gave a loud moan, she slowly released me and  turned me and asked how was your sister’s style? With a wink I just bent down and  took her in my hands and kissed and said you were wonderful sister.
I wanted to insert my dick in to her badly but at the same time I wanted to show my love to her too it was my turn now,  I made her sit on my lap  in a way that  she was in a semi sleeper on my arms and lap and slowly massaged over her left  boobs with 0 pressure just roaming my hands on it looking in to her eyes , kissed on her neck below her chin and side necks and gave gentle bites also and  moved my tongue all over her neck and chest and bit on her fleshy boobs over her salwar  and removed her salwar swiftly and asked her to remove her bra and panties and wear it again and hide  them inside the room behind she went out and came in as I said , when she came in I was able to see her entire bare body behind her sticking salwar , her nipples were erect  she was standing in the tank and I was sitting , I made her turn and her ass was in front of me ,
She bent little forward showing more of her ass I bit on them gently, roaming my finger from her ankles to inner thighs, she was turning and looking in to my eyes, slowly as I raised my exploring to her inner thighs lifting her legs and keeping on my thighs  she was closing her eyes slowly and enjoying it, I slowly pulled her and made her sat on my thighs again and was exploring her neck, earlobes shoulders with my tongue, she was twisting her head rhythmically to my movement of exploring, all the time my hands were rubbing her thighs just above her knees and with a jerk I holded her waist and pulled her towards me, she was now just laying down on my chest , water level was now up to her half boob, we were in the tank like sitting in a semi sleeper Volvo bus my dick was erect again  I lowered my lungi in the water to below my knees, now my dick was tenting her salwar she looked it and giggled, I bent her face and took her lips in myne and started smooching and slowly rubbing her thighs I started to raise the salwar, slowly on the process I have moved it up till her waist now my dick was rubbing on her clitoris, I moved my hand on her bare waist drilling her navel with my fingers. Then I moved her and made her sit on the tank wall like that if some one sees from back of her they can find her just sitting simply, ensured that her salwar covered her ass and inside the tank I widened her thighs she gave a sexy  nod objecting it and closed it, I made an expression of  please, and found  her thighs went loose to my move slowly I started licking, kissing  chewing her thighs from just above her knees  and literally moved forward towards the world known destination , she covered my head with her salwar and took hold of shoulder and head in her hands. I then found my destination it  the skin tone on the triangle was fairer than her face, found strips of hair grown just after 4 days of shave, I took the salwar out of my head and asked do you shave, she shook her head yes, I widened her thighs and started to kiss on her triangle and moved to her clitoris, found it as new as baby’s  was pink inside and little brownish outside.
Splitted them slowly  with my tongue and inserted my tongue inside went deep with my tongue  holding her thighs, found now sound from her , was surprised, just took my head out to see her  eyes closed and mouth closed with her hand, I took her  hands and said her I want to hear  you, but not load. And went back to my lovely sisters pussy was licking her pussy and drilling with my tongue slowly I took my middle finger and inserted inside and stroked it slowly she was moaning like the girls in mallu soft porn.
She was wet now, I found her juices dripping, like everyone here I don’t want to say it was tasty but it was salty tolerated to continue to lick, suck and finger her pussy then took my ring finger also and found it little tight this time she let out a aaww sound then was ok after few strokes, I asked her to turn and show me her as by keeping my fingers inside itself, she obliged,  now she was holding on the railings of the tank and bending her knees and standing on her legs, I raised her salwar  with other hand and separated her  bum cheeks to see her asshole and kept my tongue on it then I heard a quite loud moan I slowly started fingering also, in different speeds altering them time to time.
Then I felt her pussy tightening my finger I increased the speed  of fingering and licking she came then with a lengthy moan and tightened her thighs and fell and sat on my with my face beneath her ass, I  did not try to take my hands out or stop  drilling her asshole with my tongue, she was sitting on my face under water I was sleeping down with my back rested on the tank floor and my legs folded as we sit normally, my dick was standing , in between her legs calves area as she had her thighs closed and folded it towards her boobs, she had let her head fall backwards on the tank wall and was breathing heavily I could feel that with my hands on her stomach, but i was loosing my breath down there, I was pushing her she did not mind, then with a strong push i put her down and came up for breath. I asked her what happened,  she just moved fast and hugged me and was weeping and  kissing me on my lips and said I have never felt this happier it was wonderful. I said shall we make it more wonderful by entering this inside there? she said yes I would love to do that with you bro. But promise me that we will have this hidden sex through our lives even after in case we get married. I understood that circumstances will not allow but still to make her happy and for the moment  to enter my dick in her lovely tight pussy I said , I promise! She happily hugged me,
I moved her salwar up to her neck had  the first and close look at her boobs it was complete flesh and  was hanging to its weight and was round and handy. I  kissed on her left boob around the nipple circle and was licking and teasing her meanwhile rubbing her pussy with my right hand and holding other boobs with my left hand around her her back , I then took her nipples in my mouth and started to suck them hard taking care that none of my teeth touches it to harm her then I altered the boobs and took both and crushed them real hard that she gave a painful moan and looked at her and asked her are you ready to take the real monster?
She said yes.
Then took her in my arms she was feather light inside the water, placed her heads over the railing wall of tank and her body was floating in water in my arms her legs were wide open  and knees folded  she had her  hands under my arms holding my waist I had my  hands under her ass, supporting her to float. Her pussy was visible in the transparent water, lifter her and bent her to take a look at the pink carpet entrance,  I lifter her to adjust to my height of the dick I was kneeling in the tank,  it was lovely to see only her nipples and head outside the water and the entire water being transparent, I took her nipple in my mouth and asked shall I go in?
She said yes. My hard rock dick was teasing her clit, I rubbed it on the entrance, and pressed my dick  inside her pussy, it slipped  and came out, she was laughing looking at it,  I told her to fold her legs around my waist  and went closer now took my hand and guided it my mushroom head was slowly disappearing inside, I could sense the warmness and the tightness, I surely knew iam going to taste blood today , I could read the pain in her face though she tried to hide it. While doing all this our eyes were locked in to each other’s eyes. I pushed it little more she  bit her teeth and gave a sound sshhhhhha  only my mushroom was in. I asked her baby do you really want to take coz I did not want her to feel the pain.
She simply said, No Pain No Gain! I know its going to pain and I also know you will take the 100% care not to hurt your sweet sister to the least. Her words took me away.
I just tolerate me baby and pushed it more it went for few more length, I was caressing her ass and rubbing her asshole and took my hand from my dick and caressed on her boobs and nipples all the time looking in to her eyes.This time now I gave quite long penetration she couldn’t control screaming and closing her mouth with one hand pushing me back with other, but I was hard, I did not move back nor further. But all the time I was looking in to her eyes even she in mine.  Then I slowly took my eyes down to see half my dick was inside and blood stream was mixing with water from there same time I also noticed tears from her eyes.
I bent down and took her lips and kissed her and caressed her hair and boobs with other hand, took doing this I retreated back from her pussy  for  half of what I have entered, I found blood rushing out then I looked in to her eyes for proceeding , her eyes said she was ok now, looking in to her eyes I started to enter inside again I was stroking in and out  with my half dick so that she gets some relief.
I was chewing her lips and tasting her tongue and was she, my one hand was exploring her asshole for my next encounter there, which I guess she could have guessed. During all this I stroked my half entered dick in and out, during the strokes I could hear her moans and aaaahhns with every ten strokes I penetrated little more during when she tried pushing me out but couldn’t, slowly doing this for around some 15 minutes I was about to come so I stopped stroking she understood my stage and she took her hand down and caught my base tightly and squeezed it hard along with my balls, I felt little pain, I asked her are you taking revenge?
She said I can’t say it a revenge coz I felt happy with what u did but I want it to last long and with full length inside me. I said to her baby am going to enter the remaining all length in one stroke ,, pls tolerate she said OK, I was happy and I went close her and started chewing her lips and tongue, she wrapped her legs and thighs around my waist,  and holded my back of shoulders under my armpits,I holded her back head  with one hand and her waist and ass with other hand tightly and was stroking in and out for my half dick, I took speed and was stroking for around 15 strokes and with the same speed I pushed in the remaining length I had locked my body very close to her body crushing her boobs with my chest and left no gap for her to push me, she lost her breath for a second with a loud moaning scream aaaaaaaaaaannghh , she started tapping my shoulders and back fast signaling me to retreat.i was in no mood to retreat,
I was just pushing my body still close to her hugging her soft body more tightly,  I took my hands under her armpits and took hold of her back head  under her long hair and was kissing her and playing with her tongue, she was breathing heavily and was sweating in her face, even though she was in water. I read pain and fear in her eyes, I broke the kiss and took her salwar up till her necks,. She took breath for some time and looked angrily at me and slapped me  and said idiot  u  are hurting me, I smiled and said No Pain No Gain.. and laughed, she started to beat me on my shoulder and chest and had a small smile in between her tears, I Squeezed her boob and rubbed her nipples and circled it with my fingers and lifted her arms and went to her armpits and started licking the wet armpit , It had the aroma of her sweat. When my tongue started to play there she started to struggle and I hold her tightly not leaving her to move, she then started to moan loud, all this time my complete dick was in her and I did not move, I though she may call someone with her moan  and stopped licking her,
I spread her thighs and took her boobs in my each hand and took my half dick out and entered it back again slowly. When I entered her I could hear her slight moans, I was rubbing her nipples and was looking at her pussy where my dick was drilling her. I could she the combination of black big dick and cute white pussy.
I took her calves and put it over my shoulder and started to move faster, faster and faster and after 5 minutes she moaned and tightened her she came when I also came, I dropped my semen deep inside her pussy. I asked her how do u feel? She said that she it was her happiest day in her life, and she hugged me and kiss me, I asked her for one more round,she said ok and removed my semi hard dick from her pussy and started stroking it , I stood up and kept  it in between her boobs and asked her to tighten them with her hands  , it was feeling great between her boobs,she then took it in her mouth an sucked it until I was hard again.
I was hard rock, I took her out of the tank, we went inside the motor room which had no roof , we had rope cot there, I made her lay upside down there, sun was shining on her  wet ass, I removed her salwar and made her nude,  and placed the salwar and my lungi under her ass to rise her hips and spread her ass to get in to her pussy finger there for a while and she told me put that in , I inserted my whole 10 inch in single stroke, she gasped, I sat on her thighs and started to ride squeezing her ass, after 5 minutes I asked her to stand  and bent and hold the cot and spread her legs I took her in doggy style holding her waist, I rammed her hard that we were able to hear thud thud sound I came again in 10 minutes and the sperms were oozing down from her thighs . she washed them and came back meanwhile I took a banana which was not ripe and peeled it and lay down on the cot, she came in nude and said that she came twice this time, she sat near me and started to stroke my dick caressing my balls, I took her in 69 and started to suck her pussy and fingered her ass, slowly I started to finger her ass with my 3 fingers.
She stopped sucking my cock as it was hard again I holded her waist strongly and tongued her ass hole and she moaned, without telling her, I inserted the banana in her ass for its full length which was 6 inches, she screamed and tried to get away but I was holding her waist strongly.i told her to calm down  but she was scolding me idiot take that stuff out,, I started to suck her pussy and clits, and fingered her pussy.after few minutes I took half banana out and inserted it again, and started stroking it she got used to it,keeping the banana inside I asked her to get up and walk a bit and get used to it, She did a catwalk and posed her ass sexily. I went back to her and kissed her neck and caressed her waist line and boobs then slowly removed  the banana and asked her are you ready to take the real one there? She said be slow.
I inserted  my dick slowly in her ass, I was feeling the heat and tightness I turned her head and started kissing her lips and holded her boobs in one hand and took hold of her waist strongly and gave a jerk to enter my dick in now holding her both boobs she bent her ass up I entered fully in her ass, she was man damn hot there, she moaned  she had a hell of flesh in her ass that around one inch of my cock was not able to enter her hole through them , I started pounding her ass mean while fingering her pussy,for my surprise she came and juices was dripping from her pussy, I suddenly took my dick out and inserted it in her pussy to get the lubrication and stroked for few strokes and entered back again in her ass in single stroke.
Her legs were trembling she was not able to stand  I took hold of her thighs and lifted her and I holded her like her legs were hanging in air and my dick was in her ass, I moved her up and  down and started to fuck her holding in my hands as she was not so heavy I felt it easy.  I fucked her ass like that for 10 mins I was about to cum, I dropped her in the cot and gave my dick in her mouth she opened her mouth I took the opportunity to go deep to her throat  she tried to push me away but I had already started  deep throating her she squeezed my ass and balls I came heavily in her throat and she swalooed each drop  .. That was the end that day as we both were tired.

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