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My Sexy Young Little Virgin Sister

Hi readers. I am Rahul, 25, 6 feet 1inch tall and athletically built. I have been trying to read some quality incest stories on the net and to b frank, did not come across any such. So I decided to share my own incest
stories with you for your reading pleasure. Hope u will all read and enjoy as this is my first post, I would love to share my most favorite incest incident that happened to me. This story is about my young cousin Susmitha.
Susmitha is my uncle’s daughter and right now she is giving her board exams. I guess she must be 18 years young, if not younger being her cousin, I have seen her since she was a kid. She was always a good looker and cute as a kid as she grew up, she started developing a great figure and she always had a lovely face to match. I always was very close to her and we used to hang out quite often. We were each other’s favorite cousins. She is a very attractive young girl and she always wears tight short t-shirts and tight capris.
Her young body’s shape was all the more visible and since she matured a couple of years ago, she started to look all the more attractive to me and I always had an eye for her and even she would come and hug me playfully and all. It happened once that we were travelling in a car at night and I was sitting in the back seat and in the middle me was my other cousin and Susmitha was sitting to the other side in the car, I was teasing her and she was trying to hit me.
I was holding her hands and while doing so, I held her hands trying to stop her from hitting me and I pushed her hands against her breasts. She then removed her hands but I continued to keep my hand on her breasts and she did not react to it much. I thought maybe she is too young to react for this but this incident made me think otherwise about her and whenever no one was there is the house, me and Susmitha used to just hold hand in hand and go on the terrace where she used to tell me her school stories etc.
Sometimes I used to hold her from behind and I used to place my palms on her belly. Whenever she used to stand beside me, I used to put my arm around her waist and used to feel her soft young body whenever I get a chance I used to pull her towards me so that her small young and supple breasts would touch me. This was going on but I was not at all sure how to actually approach her as I felt she was just too young and I was unsure of how she would react.
One day my aunt and all went to a wedding 60 kms away and Susmitha was alone at home studying as her board exams were nearing. She called from school that day and told me that her parents would be gone that evening and asked me to get her something to eat in the evening. I said fine in the evening I bought some cakes and other stuff and went to Susmitha’s home and her house is a triplex and she was studying in the third floor and servant maid told me this.
I went to the third floor and she was studying in the sofa as she saw me she got and we went to the terrace where we were eating cakes and by the time we finished it was dark already. It was very breezy and as usual I hugged her from behind and put my palms around waist and her neck was accessible for me from behind and I placed my chin on her neck. She smelled so pleasant. We were talking and I was just running my lips on her neck. I was trying my best to seduce her.
I started to lightly kiss her ears and that started to tickle her and she was trying to avoid me kissing her ears by turning her head. I was being playful and was trying to kiss her other ear as she was doing this she suddenly turned back and our lips touched. I felt so good but Susmitha did not pay any attention to this and she said come now, let’s go down. We went down and I said lets go to the bed room and you can study there. She agreed and we carried her books and both of us lay on the bed along with her books.
I was already in a mood to have her but was controlling myself. We started to talk about her exam preparation and all then I slowly moved towards her started to caress her shoulders and ears. She started to feel ticklish again and in a asked me to stop doing that. I did not stop and started to tickle her belly. This playful thing soon started in to something more as we started to roll over on the bed with her noticing and I slowly pulled her t-shirt up exposing her waist and I continued to tickle her by doing this.
I pulled her towards me and as if I was tickling her, I started to kiss her neck and her young fragrance started to take me on a high then, all of a sudden, I asked can I kiss you and she replied where? I said where do you want me to kiss you? She said nowhere” I said ooh you mean everywhere and by saying this, I started to kiss her cheeks and years. She was saying enough bhayya but I was not stopping. I was actually on the bed with my young, sexy and lovely sister and I was already hugging and kissing her.
I could not believe it then finally I turned her face towards me and said close your eyes and I will do something that u will like. She said ok and closed her eyes and already my body was so hot and I could feel my breath was so hot. I finally kissed her supple lips as I held her lips with my lips, I could feel her so young and soft lips and this was definitely her first kiss ever. I kissed her for about a minute and I asked her did you like it? She said no I said what she said I loved it.
That was it, I dragged her even closer to me and I started to kiss her lips very tight. I was holding her waist very closely. I used my tongue to suck her lower lip. It was unbelievably soft and extremely juicy. I kissed her for a very long time and then she suddenly pushed me back. I asked what happened. She said I can’t breathe bhayya and I said you don’t have to saying this I again started to kiss her very tight then my right hand moved on to her small young right breast.
I started to squeeze it from on top of her t shirt. I slowly raised her t-shirt, exposing her belly and navel then I tried to remove her t-shirt completely and then she stopped me and said no bhayya no I said its ok I will switch off the light by saying this, I got up from the bed and switched off the light. She immediately said bhayya, it’s too dark, switch on the bed light and I did so then I went near the bed again and I asked her to stand up. She did and then I removed her t-shirt over her head. She was wearing a sports bra.
Her small and still developing breasts were covered by this stylish sports bra. She was standing and I sat on the edge of the bed then I kissed her navel and also inserted my tongue in to her navel. Her body was so hot at that time and so was mine then I slowly lowered her capri. She did not react to it. So I completely removed her capri and she took it out from under her feet and then for the first time, I held her young buttocks with both my hands as she was so young, her as was very tight.
I pulled her towards me holding her ass and I started to lick her belly then I stood up as said earlier, I am 6.1 feet with broad shoulders and Susmitha was around 5.2 feet as she is very young, she is still not fully grown and she seemed very small in front of me and then I removed my shirt and my jeans. My 13 inch long broad dick was already rock hard. I was sitting on the edge of the bed and she was standing. I then made her to sit in my lap facing me.
Her pussy was sitting right on top of my dick and my dick could feel the heat of her young virgin cunt as she sat in my lap, I removed her sports bra exposing her small young and still not fully grown breasts and they were small but not tiny even her nipple was not grown out. Seeing then, I wanted to just eat them away. I took her right breast in to both my hand very gently and kissed it and slowly started to wrap my lips around her breast.
Susmitha’s breasts were small enough to completely take them in to my mouth and I just did that. I took her right breast completely in to my mouth and almost started to chew on it with my tongue and then is shifted to her left breast and started to suck it. When I was sucking on her young breasts, I held her tight ass and I was pulling her tightly on to my hard dick and then, for the first time in over 15 minutes she spoke. She said bhayya it paining there. She was referring to my hard dick that was hard on her sensitive vagina.
I asked her to get down from my lap and stand up. She did then I slowly removed her striped white and blue underwear as I was doing so, I observed that her underwear was already wet then I stood up and removed my underwear which was also wet with my pre-cum both of us were completely naked then for the first time, I saw her young virgin cunt then I observed that even her pubic hair was not fully grown.
She was so young and then I put my right hand on her vagina to feel it for the first time. It was so warm and her pubic hair was so soft and then I tried to find the opening of her vagina and it was hidden tightly between her soft thighs. I slowly separated her thighs with my left hand and continued to explore her virgin cunt and then I slowly tried to insert my right index finger in to her vagina then she started to moan very slowly bhayya.
I soon realized that her cunt was just too young and too tight even for my finger, let alone my long and broad dick. I started to kiss her lips very tight and squeezing her breasts and also sucking them and then I slowly went down to her navel again and started to kiss and lick her belly then I finally went further down to her virgin spot. Her cunt was so warm that I could feel it. I slowly started to kiss her pubic area first.
Then Susmitha started to moan slowly and then I went and started to gently kiss her virgin vagina. I continued to kiss her cunt as she continued to moan then I decided to explore her virginity with my tongue. I then started to lick her cunt at this point; I could literally smell her youth and virginity as I started to lick her cunt and she held my head with both her hands and moaned in pleasure. I slowly started to insert my tongue in to her vagina. She started to moan more and more as I started to insert my tongue deeper in to her cunt.
Her vagina was filled with her virgin juices which I was sucking on. Her moaning got louder as she was experiencing almost unbearable, pleasure for the first ever time in her life then, all of a sudden as I was digging deep in to her cunt with my tongue, she grabbed my hair tight and I realized a gush of fresh vaginal juice that my tongue experienced. She just experienced her first ever orgasm and she moaned with a gentle cry as it was an unreal experience for her.
I know that it was the first time that she experienced a feeling that she never even knew existed till the moment. I continued to suck her cunt almost dry of her divine orgasmic juices then I stood up and saw my little sister lying on the bed totally naked, having experienced her first ever orgasm. Her legs were still apart giving me a great view of her still virgin vagina then I looked in to her eyes and as she was looking in to mine, she had a confused look.
She was still trying to recover from her peak state of emotional pleasure then I decided that this was the right time to give her more then I removed my underwear which was already so wet with my pre cum. My dick was just a stiff rock then I pounced on to her and started to suck her lips wildly and squeezing her small breasts and soft nipples then I slowly moved my dick towards her vagina for the first time, my dick’s head felt her soft pubic hair and her cunt slit.
I was searching her vaginal entrance with my dick’s head but her cunt was just too tight and small then with the help of my hand, while sucking her boobs. I place my dick’s head directly on her cunt. I started to move my dick trying to enter her cunt and her vagina again was so warm and very wet and this lubrication helped a bit as my dick slowly started to enter her cunt as I was entering her virgin cunt, I knew that this would be a very painful experience for her.
So I was being very gentle. I tried pushing my dick very slowly in to her cunt, millimetre by millimetre.  Susmitha started to moan loud aaaaah bhayya please bhayya it’s enough bhayya she moaned. I was not in a mood to obey at all. I was still pushing my dick. Now, I dick’s head entered her cunt. I looked down at my dick and realized that there was still a lot of dick that needs to go in. I was not sure if I can enter completely.
I slowly removed my dick out from her cunt and asked her do you like it? She said yaaa bhayyaa but it is paining I said I know do you want me to do it again? She said yaa but please be slow bhayyaa. I knew she is having pleasure. I sucked her nipples again and again slowly started to enter my dick in to her cunt and this time, it was a bit easier as her vagina was relaxed.
My dick’s head was inserted, and then I started to push further very gently. Susmitha was moaning with pain and pleasure bhayyya hayyya bhayyaa but she was not asking me to stop. So I kept pushing then my dick felt her virginity wall. I knew it was her hymen then I still slowly started to push my dick against her hymen as I kept pushing and as she kept moaning harder, her hymen started to give away it started to tear off.
I knew I just broke my young little sister’s virginity. I kept pushing and I looked down at my dick and to my surprise, my dick has completely been inserted in to her virgin cunt. Then I decided to go a little rough. I lifted myself basing on my palms and started to take my dick out. I almost took my dick out completely and I saw a little blood on my dick. It was from her hymen that I just broke. This gave me more pleasure and I inserted my dick again, this time, a little hard.
She almost screamed bhayya what are you doing? Please bhayaa slow but I was not in a mood to slow down. I started to thrust my big broad dick in to her young cunt. It was so tight. I knew I would cum very soon. I started to fuck her hard with stronger thrusts. Susmitha was moaning bhayyaa aahhhh enough, enough  bhayya as I was fucking her virgin cunt hard, even my dick started to hurt and I realized how tight her vagina was.
I stopped and took out my dick completely. She said bhayyaa you are doing it hard, it hurts. I said ok I will do it in other way so that it won’t hurt saying this, I asked her to turn around and bend over. She did it without even saying one thing. I wanted to fuck her from behind. I wanted to experience her tight young ass too as she bent over, her young tight buttocks were tight and I could see her cunt from behind. Then I slowly started to insert my dick in to her cunt from behind as my dick’s head entered her cunt.
She said bhayyaa slow bhayyaa you said it won’t hurt but it is hurting even more and I said it will hurt only for a moment and I continued to insert my dick in slowly as Susmitha continued to moan, my dick completely entered her from behind. I held both her hand behind her back with my left hand and I held her hair with my right hand. She was in such a helpless situation. She had no other choice to take a good hard fuck from me and then I started to fuck her hard from behind as I neared my orgasm. I pushed my dick in to her young cunt the hardest for one last time and my little sister
Susmitha literally screamed out loud and I took my dick out of her vagina and my cum was all over her tight ass. I had a lot of cum on her back. All this cum was reserved for my little sister Susmitha from so long then I slowly took my dick out and wiped off the cum on her back with a napkin. She just collapsed on the bed. I took my cloths and went to the bathroom to clean myself. I came out after 5 minutes and saw that Susmitha was still lying on the bed naked and motion less and then I went and laid beside her and hugged her and asked did you like it and she just said mm bhayyya and that was how I fucked my little young sexy sister and took away her virginity.

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