Friday, 27 April 2012

Fun In Mango Garden

Hi friends this is Kanna from Chennai and I’m a big fan of this site and I really love the stories in this site,
I would like to share one of my story, this is actually a real incident happened to me. First let me explain about me I am a 23 year old dark, 5.9’ tall chubby boy with all girl assets, especially my big ass and fleshy tits and though I’m bit hairy and I love all those curvy swellings in my body.
I always like to be treated as girl and this incident happened few months before in an evening, I got a call from my friend asking for a help, it was an emergency and he wants me to drop him in my bike to his grandma’s place, which is in outskirts of Chennai. He wants me to drop him and come back alone though I don’t know much about the place I agreed since it was a kind of emergency for him.
I quickly wore a red round t shirt and a jean, he came to my home at 5 and we started to move, it was a one hour travel to his place, when we came near their place, it was really hard, the roads were really worse, there were fewer buildings and you hardly see people, it’s mostly surrounded by bushy land and cultivated garden. The route was bit complicated and I was not sure how I m going to go back after dropping him.
Finally with much hardship I dropped him to his grandmother’s house. He said thanks and left hurriedly. I started my bike and rode to a distance, but I got completely lost after sometime, I taught of calling my friend for help, but there was no signal in the place, the only good thing about the place is they have lights at regular intervals. I forgot to mention that I also had a hard time in riding bike due to the bad road.
My tits had a shaky time, which made some eye balls turning on my chest in that deserted place. I had same problem while coming back, it was more shaky this time, I was bit in dilemma and I baldy need someone to guide me. Fortunately I saw a young boy who would be in 19’s looking for a vehicle to drop, he signalled for drop and I stopped near him, it was dark and I could not see his face.
He told that he wanted to be dropped near the main road and from main road I can go easily and I said ok and asked him to direct me and he sat in my bike. We started to move, we did not talk much, while riding he kept his hand around my fleshy and soft hip, I did not mind it, slowly his touch gave me different sensation, and he began to give light massage on my hip as I did not give any response.
He slowly started to increase the speed and he began to move his hand all over my hip, he even moved lower and touched my top thigh, his reaction gave me a hot sensation as the ride went on, he moved his hand completely around my tummy and on sudden and he pressed my boobs. I got stunned and gave a sudden brake in my bike, he came near to my ears and whispered that he have two condoms in his pocket.
I stopped the bike and asked what? He told and I know that you was enjoying my touch and said let’s have fun and yes as I was enjoying, said nothing in return. He asked me to start and he was directing me to a place. He become naughtier while going, he hugged me from behind, started to kiss me in my neck, and cheeks. He started to press harder in my boobs and he even inserted his hand inside my t-shirt and began to play with nipples.
I know this guy is going crazy thank god the place was near otherwise, I would have lost control in riding. The place was a big mango garden, since it is around 6 the visibility is very less, we stopped near the gate, after entering, in the left side of  gate there were a small hut, he quickly went inside the hut took a mat and a lamp and came, he was bit in hurry, I could sense his passion, he came to me, moved his arm around my hip and began to kiss in my face and took me like lovers walking closely like in the parks and beaches.
He not even seeing the way and began to work on me, he inserted his hand in my pant and began to massage my butt. He took me behind a big tree, hanged the lamp in a branch and opened the mat in the mud floor, for the first time I saw his face in lamps light, he was really young and his physique was really hot, he wore a shirt and lungi and I could see the big tent poking on me through the lungi.
He removed his shirt and he had an awesome well built body a broad chest and shoulder, with a flat stomach. I really fallen to his body and I was desperate to see him without lungi. He came near me and his manly body made me to hug him first, he started to kiss me and removed my top, made me half nude in top, he took a look on my fleshy body in light with tight figure hugging jean and big melons on top.
I myself felt so sexy and his looks become lustier. He began to press my melons and started to bite my nipples. His wet licking and sharp teeth’s was too much for me to handle. He started to bite my nipple button hard and a shock passed on my body. He didn’t leave me and sucked me for some time then he made me to turn around, from behind, he unhooked my pant and removed my zip.
He lowered my pant exactly below my butt and began to shake it. He was really enjoying my butt, min. latter he completely took out my pant, made me completely nude. The cold evening breeze made me to get goose bumps and of course my nipples become erect, he again took a look at my body in the lamps light. This time I felt shy and covered my little pennies in one hand looked down in shyness.
He came to me took my hand and kept it in his tool, it was really hot, thick and big, I lost myself and began to massage it, I made him to sit in the mat, removed his lungi completely and it was standing tall at 90 degree, I bent down and began to kiss, slowly I started to lick his top and I began to give blowjob to him, I become mad and I was moving faster, I really turned into a whore and I was doing it like a porn star, for sure he become more tempted and he was about to burst.
I took out and made him to split around my face. The hot semen was sprayed in my face I started to lick it and then he turned me around, he brought his face near my ass, he began to kiss my ass cheeks, slowly he entered his index finger in my hole, then he started to lick around my hole and slowly he left his wet tongue tip in my hole, It felt awesome, then he started to do fingering, this time he inserted two fingers then 3 and I started to respond him.
Then he stopped, took condoms from his shirt pocket. I gave a smile at him, I took the condom from him tore the wrap and I myself put in his hot rod. Then I stood in front of the tree, bend little front, parted my legs, the lamp light made  me look sexy, with a big smile he came towards me with his tool in full stretch with this and I end the story, let you use your best imagination to end up, I hope you liked my story, please leave your feedbacks in

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