Friday, 23 March 2012

Unknown Aunty Make me Love her

main mere dad k saath relative k shaadee k liya gaon gaya toh mujhe gaon bohot ganda laga kyunki main kabhi bachpan se gaya nhi thaa ek do din ruk kar main Mumbai aaneywaalaa thaa roj jaisey main river par nahaaney k liya jata thaa lekin ek din river main nahaatey waqt main ney ek aurat ko dekhaa woh  kapdey dho rahi thi . usney aapnee sari ko 1/4 tak rakh kar toilet position kee tarah baithee 

Thi means 75% taang deekh rahi thi mera lund khadda ho gaya mainey paanee k andar hilayaa or baahar aa kar jockey or narrow jeans daalkar uss aurat k paas gaya  mun k andar bohot dar lag raha thaa lekin main uss aurat k paas gaya or kaha aunty kya apney mera t-shirt dekha hai kyaa ? Mere dost jo yahaan khadey thay unhon nay t-shirt chuppa kar bhaag gaya aunty nay jawaab diya nahi beta feer mainey 
Apna t-shirt ganda kar k waapas aunty k paas chalaa aaya or kahaa aunty mere doston ney meri t-shirt gandi kar dee hai kya thodaa aapkaa soap do gee then aunty replied laon main dho deti hun main apney kapdey khud dhotta hun then I replied, she smiled and she gave me her soap and I sat side to her and I was slowly washing my t-shirt that time saw her boobs and I start conversation 
It was 6:15 pm evening so I said aunty bohot shyaam ho chukee hai or apkey kitney kapdey baakee hai mujhe lagtaa hai aapko ab ghar jaana chaahiya kyunkee kuch der baad raat ho jayegi and she said kyaa karu beta bachon k hai or ladkiyaan suntee bhi nahi isliya itney saarey hai or mujhe dar nahi lagtaa andherey se and I completed washing my t-shirt then I said lao main aapko madad kar dun and I snatched some clothes from her 
Mainey unsey thoday kapdey ghaseet liya  and I started washing and we completed washing it at 7:00 pm and then she thanks me and it was night time I took some of her clothes on my head at that time I was not wearing my t-shirt because it was wet so aunty said to me tum gym bohot jaatey ho and I replied nahi aunty bas roj subah 90 - 100 suryanamaskar karta hun she asked how old are you? 
I said mischief main 21 kaa hun or aap? She replied I’m 30 and I said her kyun majaak kartee hon ho aunty aap toh 23 - 24 kee lagtee hon. I went to her home she made me tea and served and went to change her dress in another room mainey chai khattam kar dee or main bhi pichey challa gaya when I entered in room I was just feeling like heaven he was standing nude in front of me caring maxi in her one hand.
She was going to wear it main jaan buj kar khadda ho kar unkey boobs dekhney lagaa she shouted at me baahar jao main baahar gaya or seer jhukka kar baithaa when she came wearing maxi in front of me I said sorry aunty main apna t-shirt kahaan rakhaa hai puchney aayaa thaa she looked at me and said woh andar he hai main lay aatee hun. I took my t-shirt and I was just going out of her home that time she called me eku tum khaanaa khaaney kyun nahi aaj raat aa jatey . 
I replied jaroor aunty main 9:15 tak aa jaata hun and she came catch my lived me till door and said bye. I just get off their with a great confusion mind. I reached at 9:00 over house. I voiced aunty and she replied from another room aa ree hun eku tum baithon bachon ko sulla rahi hun. I liked and my hearts stared beating too faster when she called me eku it was village so there was no TV and so I took out my mobile open facebook and listening music via Nokia wireless headset. 
She came and sat very close to me and I switch my mobile and took a long breathe I was tempting like fire when sat very closed to me then I asked sorry haan main jaan buj kar nahi aayaa thaa, she replied pehlay khanna khaa lay te hai and she served me dal chaval and we started eating I asked uncle k liya wait nahi karenge and she replied woh bewada soya hai andar apna khadda kar k .
It was just liked shocking then I eat quietly and we both completed food. I told aunty can I go and she replied ruk eku tujhse kaam hai after 10 minutes she came near me and sat side to me and then I asked sorry aunty and or main khadda huan aur kahaan main jaa rahaan hun and she stood up came from back and hug me from back and she said tumney mujhe dekhhaa mujhe bura nahi lagaa pata nahi kyun then I replied feer.
She said tum aaj raat mere saath so jao and I did not reject and I stand quietly and hugged her as I was not wearing underwear because I knew something good is going to happen with me I touch my cock in her pussy and press her butt hardly and she directly sleep and said mere icchha puree kardo and I just took of my ed-hardy shorts and slept on her because she was village type so I did not done sucking or masturbating or else. 
I put my 7 inch cock in her pussy and started riding like a horse with left boob in my mouth and she was grooming ahhhhhh. She said kaash tum mere patti hotay and I replied main aapkaa he hoon or 8 din and stared various style of position of fucking on her and that how was my Gloria’s night with unknown aunty.

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