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Trainee Got Trained

Hi All! This is Vicky Pandey and currently I am working as a free lance soft-skill trainer for some of the biggest name in the IT Industry for the privacy reasons, I will not name the companies but you can think of any name in the IT Industry and I have trained their folks sometime or other on Soft Skills.

This story was of about 4 years back when I was working with a global giant as a Trainer. My role was to train people on process and soft skills so they can resolve the customer concerns with the complete satisfaction in December 2007, I was aligned with a new batch consisting 8 Male and 6 Female Trainees from few of the very reputed engineering colleges from Delhi and NCR as I was a trainer from last three years,.

I was pretty habitual of getting female attention as I used to be the first face of the company and it's me who going to decide their faith in terms if they are fit for the process or not. However, I never tried to exploit my position and was very popular among all the new hires as well as the existing employees of the company. So, with this new batch, I have started with the normal training procedure. One girl, named Silvia was stunningly beautiful and had the exact looks of international models.

She was the first girl ever in my trainees whom attracted me a bit but I crushed my feelings knowingly that we are in a Trainee-Trainer professional relationship. However, I noticed sometimes that she is kind of lost in the training sessions and most of the times busy with her phone messaging and in the breaks calling up someone. I took it as normally as at that age, almost all the girls have boyfriends but, sometimes.

I warned her about using the phone in between the training session at the first weekend of the training, my trainees planned a evening out at a very popular pub in Delhi and invited me as well being a party freak, I happily accepted the invite. So after the training, we 10 people (5 Guys and 4 Gals from the Training Batch and me) decided to start for the party. I was driving my Accent along with 4 girls and 5 guys were following us in a taxi. We reached CP and started our party by 8:30 PM.

I noticed that even in the party Silvia was busy with her phone. I kind of scolded her and asked her to switch off her phone and enjoy the party. She did the same and we started having our drinks after few drinks, we were high and started dancing. I asked her for a dance and she happily obliged me. We were dancing quite close and as I am a trained Salsa Dancer, I started making my moves. Salsa is an erotic dance and within my dancing moves.

I sometimes came quite close to her. This made me aroused sometimes and I could feel the heat and warmth in her as well and within the dance, I got the opportunity to hold her very close to me. My hands kept slipping from her back to her shaped ass as she was wearing a mini skirt, sometimes, even my hand slipped below and I felt her soft skirt below her thighs. She was a very well shaped girl who maintained her assets wonderfully and her figure was 34-26-36 and whenever she was coming close to me.

I could feel the tight boobs pressing against my chest. However, as we both were quite high, I thought it's just the atmosphere. Also, I don't want to spoil my image by making a move so early but I have sensed that even she is interested by 12:20 AM, we were done with the party and started moving out. I have to drop all the gals their home back. I went to get my car out of parking and these folks were waiting outside when I came out.

I noticed that Silvia was crying and shouting on someone over the phone. I tried to find out the reason but she was so furious and fighting on the phone, I didn't ask after dropping other girls, I started off to dropping her at her GK PG. She was still sobbing but not talking over the phone. So, I asked what had happened. She explained that as she switched off her phone and her boyfriend took it wrong and now complaining that she is double timing.

I said that if there is no trust in your relationship, better you break it. She said, that she already had a major fight and broke up with that guy when we were about to reach her place, she asked that if we can still roam around and get some beers. It was close to 2:00 am and I was not sure if I can get the beer anywhere in Delhi. I called one of my old trainees who have his home in Alaknanda Apartments close to GK. He said, that he got few beers but as he is in an early morning shift.

He was about to leave in next fifteen minutes. I asked him to wait and reached his place. I collected the keys of his apartments and took Silvia there. We opened up two cans of beers and started drinking. I light up my Classic Regular and out of the blue, she asked if she can share the cigarettes. I was shocked but offered her one. She took the first puff and then started chocking and coughing wildly. I immediately hold her and started patting her back in a minute, she started feeling better.

I forcefully took the cigarettes from her hands and threw it. She sat on the floor like kids and started staring at me innocently. I asked what the reason is and she said that she wants to cry. I said ok and sat beside her. She holds my hands and started crying. She was upset about breaking up with her boyfriend and I consoled her and she came quite close to me and rounded her hands around me and put her face on my shoulders. Now what happened next can be explained better in Hindi.

To, maine apni ungliyan uske balo me fehrana shuru kar diya. Abhi tak, mere dimag me koi bhi fitur sawar nahi tha. Halanki, wo mujhse bilkul chipki hui thi par uska mood kharab tha. Achanak hi usne muh peeche kiya or bilkul meri aankho me ankhe dalte hue boli Vicky, have you ever loved someone? I said I don't believe in love." Wo jor jor se hansne lagi. Main poocha kya hua to boli you are absolutely right.

No one should love anyone it hurts maine usko tasalli dene ke liye use hug kar liya or uski peeth thapthpane laga. Wo mujhse bilkul chipki hui thi fir wo bol padi Vicky, you want to love me?" I said I told you I don't believe in love. Wo boli, I am not asking you to love me. I am asking you to make love with me. Ye to mere liye bilkul shocking thing thi. Maine use peeche dhakka diya or bola right now, you are diprressed.

So take some rest main khada ho gaya or uth kar Balcony me aa gaya ek our Ciggy peene ke liye. Wo bhi mere peeche peeche aa gayi or boli, "Andar aake hi peelo, main khuch nahi bolungi ab I went inside. Usne fir mujhse bola ek cigy dene ke liye par maine mana kar diya. Par uspe to nasha sawar tha. Wo uth ke aayi ot meri ciggy mujhse cheen-ne lagi. Main ciggy us se door kar raha tha or wo mere upar chad ke mujhe ciggy cheen rahai thi.

Isi Hatha Pai me, maine use dhakka diya or wo peeche farsh pe ludakh gayi. Uski dono taang upar uthi or uske Mini Skirt ke bheetar se uski Black Penty jhankne lagi. Mujhe khuch ajeeb sa laga or maine aankhe fer li but usko shayad pata chal gaya tha ki maine kyon aankhe feri hain. Usne mujse for ciggy mangi, Maine fir mana kiya. Usne ek jhatke se apni Mini Skirt utar fenki or boli, Vivky, either give me the ciggy else, I will put off my top as well.

Ab to mujh pe bhi nasha chane laga tha. Maine kaha, jo marzi utaro, main ciggy nahi dunga. Main, ek bada sa puff mara or sara dhuan uske muh par chod diya. She took it as a challenge and immediately, she put off her top as well as mere samne, sex ki ek zonda moorat khandi thi sirf bra panty me. Uske Undergarments bhi kafi designer the ushi ki tarah.

Usen kaha ab to ciggy dedo. Maine for mana kiya or bola, ab kya utarogee? Wo gusse se mere upar kood padi or mujhse ciggy cheen ne ki koshish karne lagi. Uska haseen nazuk badan ab mere upar tha or mujhe bahut maza aa raha tha. Mera "Tool" to ab bilkul tight ho chuka tha or aisa lag raha tha ki ye jeans fad ke bahar hi aa jayega. Main us se bola, you want to smoke, but I don't want to give you ciggy but I have an alternative.

I will take a fag and then will passion the smoke to her mouth through Mouth to Mouth Kissing. Is tarah se hum dono ki baat bhi reh jaygee. Uski aankhon me chamak aa gayi or usne bola, perfect! So, I took a long puf and put my lips on her lips to pass on the smoke. Jab uske or mere hoth mile, mujhe aisa laga ki koi current mere andar tak doud gaya hai. Mere haath se Ciggy choot gayi or maine use kamar se pakad ke utha liya or apni godi me bitha liya.

Hamare lips ab tak locked them. Haan, ab kissing ka passion badhta ja raha tha. Mere haath uski peeth pe upar neeche tairne lage. Uske bhi haath ab meri t-shirt ko fad dalne ki koshish kar rahe the. Hum lagbhag 10 Minute tak waise hi ek doosre ko kiss karte rahe. Mere haath kabhi uske boobs press karte or kabhi uski penty ke pichle hisse me jake uske tight hips ko dabate. Hum dono bilkul pagal hi gaye the.

Finally usne mujhe peeche dhakka diya or meri Jeans ko unzip karna shuru kar diya. Within seconds, I was lying there just in my T-Shirt. Wo mere upar baithee hui thi or apne balo ko mere chere per lehra rahi thi. Main jaise nashe me doobta ja raha tha. Fir usne apni bra utari or mere moon pe rakh di. Aaj tak maine kisi bhi perfume me itni acchi fragrance nahi dekhi thi. Main madhosh ho gaya or usko utha ke neeche patak diya.

Ab main uske upar tha or wo sirf black panty me mere neeche. Uska gora badan bahut hi sundar lag raha tha. Maine uske boobs ko kiss or suck karna shuru kiya. Wo to jaise paagal hi ho gayi thi. Wo tarah tarah ki aawaz nikal rahi thi. Usne bola,"Vicky, suck my boobs tight. Hit me, bite me. Give me love bites.". I started kissing and sucking her hard. Maine apni T-Shirt utar phenki or uski penty ko bhi utar diya.

Her vagina was very beautiful and, she got a tatto of butterfly just at the tip of it. Main to pagal hi ho gaya. Maine uski vagina ko chatna choosna shuru kar diya. She started moaning deep Vicky deep use bahut maza aa raha tha. Maine bhi or under tak apni jeebh ki approach banai. 4-5 Minute ke baad jaise kisine use current laga diya ho wo aaise apne hips ko upar neeche kar ne lagi.

Main samajh gaya ki she is about to come and within next 30 seconds, it was Niagara Falls in her vagina use bahut maza aaya. Now, she sadi, 'Vicky, it's ur turn now ab main neeche tha or wo mujhe har jagah kiss kar rahi thi. She holded my penis which was 7 inches then and put it into her mouth. She started sucking it like she is sucking a lollipop. Fir, wo upar aayi or mere upar ukdoo baith gayi.

Usne mera penis apni vagina ke top par rakha or upar neeche hona shuru kar diya. Lagta that jaise usne kafi baar ye sab iya hai. Karib 5-6 minute baad wo uthi or sofe pe jake apni peeth meri taraf karne ke baad jhuk gayi. Wo bahut hi sexy lag rahi thi. Main utha or uske peeche jake, I started doing it Horse Style. I was pushing my penis into her hard. Seems, usko fir se maza aane laga tha.

She started shouting, Vicky, fuck me hard. Hit me hard deep aaaaahaa Zor Se mere dhakko ke saath ab wo bhi apne hips aage peeche kar rahi thi. After 10 mins, I was about to come and I said it to her that should I pull outside. She said No keep pumping me. Me too about to come and let your juice go inside me. I was afraid that this can make her pregnant but us time, khuch bhi nahi shujh raha tha.

Main dhakke marta raha, wo chillati rahi or mushkil se ek min baad, hum dono ke dariya ke bhandh ek saath toot gaye. Hum sofe par hi ek saath ludakh gaye or na jane kab neend aa gayi. Sunah ke 8 baje, jab meri need khuli to dekha wo ja chuki thi. She left a note for me that she was lucky to have a fight with his boyfriend that night because that's how she got me.

She also asked me to get an I Pill to the office after this, we met multiple times and made crazy love in the next story, I will tell you about out New Year party where we made love in the Ladies washroom of a Five Star Hotel and then a quickie behind the stage. For feedback mail me at

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