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The Wonder Game Called SEX!

 Hi all, I’m Karan (Pen name). Without involving myself in saying that I've been reading the stories from Kahani.NET from long & stuff like that... It’s pretty obvious! I've been thinking of writing a story ever since I’ve started reading this site, but didn’t want to write a fantasy.
So I waited!! N frankly speaking Engineering kept me busy too. Finally got some time…  Ya’ll can contact me on
Before getting to my FIRST story, following the legacy of ISS writers I would like to tell you about myself… I look good and have a decent height 5’10”, I’m fair n have good Punjabi features, my tool is 5” (Decent size) Plus, I really don’t believe fake people who say they have 9” or 12” sizes. Seriously, are ya‘ll horses? Or you think we are dumb enough to believe??? Any ways…  I respect women n don’t like forcing a girl for sex or anything. That was my brief intro…
So this incident happened when I was in my 3rd year of B.E. I was staying with my family when we got a new flat in reasonable price after taking a loan, we slowly moved there. Our previous flat was rented but was in good high class locality. Although the girls were hot there but everyone had that attitude of being rich (I hated it!). In our new flat from my previous experience I had developed that negative perception that here too people will have arrogant attitude so I never use to talk to anyone.
My exams also were going on & 2 weeks had passed since I had masturbated… Guys will understand that if we don’t masturbate on regular intervals you get very horny… :) I don’t know about others but I get kinky. ;) So this was that period. I finished my exams, and was totally exhausted with lack of sleep my eyes were burning. I opened the lift door got in and I heard footsteps, so I stopped for a while and this really pretty aunty entered with a smile. I felt 2 strong heart beats, n I moved back. She closed the door n was wearing a Saree with flowers (Her name was Amruta which I found later). Man, I was wishing that somehow the lift should halt with a jerk!! But nothing happened.
She smiled and moved out. I had not looked below her neck till then except noticing her Saree. I went home tried to sleep but couldn’t, all my tiredness was gone! (It’s funny how girls pump up boys). 4 days passed I didn’t saw her but I wasn’t so desperate also n then lift incident happened again this time with a little twist. She was shifting in our apartment n had load of boxes so I helped her load some in the lift and she entered. With her one cute girl also entered. This time she broke the ice asking “Which floor do you live in?” I smiled n said “5th floor, Are you shifting today?” (Next moment I thought what a dumb question to ask?)
She said: Yes, I’m shifting today few days back I had seen the flat my daughter liked it so we thought of coming here.
Me: Daughter? But you look so young!?
(Her daughter gave me a dirty look like I had pulled out a very old pick up line… Well yeah, it was but I didn’t say to impress her.)
She: Oh… Thank you but I’m married from 20 years.
Me: Great! So aunty do you need any help?
She: It’s nice of you to ask but I can’t!
Me: Come on, we are neighbors now it’s ok; anyhow it’ll be a good workout.
She: Ok… thanx a lot!
I helped her after that n I was exhausted; I lied down on her sofa which we had shifted. She went in and brought water. I drank it n was relaxing. Her daughter might have gone to freshen up. Amruta sat besides me on sofa as she was also exhausted after some time I asked her.
Me: Aunty what about your husband? Where is he?
She: He works in merchant navy n is out most of the times he comes only for a month!
(I thought they get 2 months vacations? But I didn’t enquire.)
She then started asking me what I do & stuff like that. I told her everything.
After that her daughter came out so I left. Few days passed it was Jan month my holidays were going on but her daughter had school (She was in 12th). My parents went to our natives for few weeks n I wanted to talk to Amruta so I made up a stupid reason of asking for tea powder. I went n rang her door bell she came out n asked me to come in. I said no I just want tea powder (I didn’t knew why the fuck did I say that?). But luckily she forced me to come in. I went inside n there was utter silence in their house I asked where is Neha (Her daughter). She said she is in school… I said ok. She prepared tea for me n also brought tea powder separately I said no need of tea powder now. She just smiled. I was kinda getting horny as she & I were alone. But didn’t think of doing any thing. I asked her don’t you get bored?
She: A lot yaar, a lot.
I was taken back, thinking why is she calling me yaar?? But as my holidays were going on I said: Same here aunty, my holidays are going on so.
She: Hmmm... Why don’t you come to my house? We can play indoor games.
I thought ok, it’s a good idea… So I said: Why not? sure! When do you become free with your chores?
She: After 10 am you can come anytime.
Me: Okay aunty I’ll come tomorrow then, now I have to go.
She: Okay! but stop calling me aunty. My name is Amruta.
Me: Ha ha... Sure Amu!
She: Ha ha...You learn fast. Bye.
From that day onwards we use to play indoor games like chess, carom, snake n ladders etc… We also became quite close like good friends n she also became very casual with me. Hitting me n all…
Once we were playing chess on her bed n she was lying down on bed n playing. I was also concentrating on the game. N while playing her pallu fell n she was thinking so didn’t adjust it. But, I was getting uncomfortable as my dick was coming to life. I tried concentrating on the game but no use. When dick stands my brain stops working. So I also lied down like her on my belly n started taking glimpses of her cleavage once in a while. But then I lost that game; she got up n started celebrating. She had won first time so I let her enjoy; couldn’t tell her it was because of her cleavage. (Example: why boys fail!)
That was the first time my mind got corrupted n I saw her fully… Damn! She was really hot!!! She had really good figure (34 28 36). Oops! I mean ‘has’ (Present tense :)).
N nicely shaped round breasts, she is also fair like me. After she finished celebrating I stood up to leave she said wait yaar!!! But I had a boner! N I didn’t want to get embarrassed. So had to leave… I don’t need to say I masturbated that day to release tension.
Next day: I went n said lets play chess (Brain is so evil sometimes).
She: Yeah! Get prepared to lose!
N I whispered to my dick boy get prepared to stand! Lol...
We played n played but her pallu wasn’t falling so I hit her for fun saying play nicely… she also hit me. N her pallu fell after that. We started playing she was serious in the game but I couldn’t control, got a boner n started staring… It was my turn but I was like in a stance. She saw me staring n immediately adjusted her pallu… I got so fucking embarrassed that I said sorry n got up to leave (may be she also saw it on my face). I started walking out she came out with me n held my hand n said: Wait!! What happened?? Why are you going??
Me: You don’t know what happened? I was staring at your…..
She:  Please sit down!
I sat down on sofa…
She: Look, you are young! Very young in fact. All these desires will arise… Did I blame you? Or say something harsh?
Me: (Still looking down) No.
She: Hmmm… Okay I’ll drop the lecture! Tel me, do you find me hot?
Me: (My head sprang up) Huh? W..w..what?
She: No??? I work really hard to maintain this figure! You are my frnd right? So tell me…
Me: Yeah!!! No doubt about it. You have better figure than any of my class mates!
She: Wow! Never expected such a response from a young guy like you.
Me: Come on! Don’t be so modest…
She: Now that you are back to normal shall we play??
Me: Oh… You are very smart!
She: Yeah! That I am.
We started playing again. But this time I played sincerely n after a while I left. Few days passed I didn’t stare or touch her n nothing happened. Only change was I got little bit reserved. One day I went n she said lets play snake n ladders I said ok. We had started playing on the table but this day she took me to her bed. We started playing n just after few minutes she lied down on her belly. I acted normally after few moves her pallu fell n she didn’t adjust it! Now my mind was saying she wants you too stare!!! But I didn’t act. She came closer to the game board n her boobs were just above the board. You can understand the tension in me… Her milky long cleavage was in front of me! Also she was looking directly in my eyes! Like it’s a test??
She finally said: You are really strong minded aren’t you?
Me: Why do you say that?
She: Nothing… Just felt like it.
I was really pissed I wanted her to ask me directly why wasn’t I staring? But she didn’t! Nor did she adjust her pallu… It was kinda like my ego that I wouldn’t make “the move”. After that game she got up n told me she has some work will I help her?
Me: Ya sure!
She: Okay, I wanted to clean the upper shelves in the kitchen but I’m scared climbing on the stool. Can you hold it?
Me: OK!
We went to the kitchen n I took the stool she said wait! It’s little uncomfortable in Saree let me change. I said ok n waited while she went in her room to change. When she came back I was kinda shocked. She came in her night gown which had really low neck; I mean I could see her cleavage. I looked down to avoid staring n held the stool. What was more surprising was she climbed on her knees n started cleaning… Her boobs were exactly in front of my face only inches away! I had to look… When I looked she had opened her button of the neck! (I thought boy you need a long masturbating session today!) Plus no bra! I thought fuck it! I’m gonna stare! I was staring n she was dusting. Her boobs were moving up n down n so was my neck following them…  I got a strong boner n started breathing heavily… She was feeling my breaths on her cleavage! N I heard a soft moan like umm… She came down suddenly n looked at me… I was staring like a zombie!
She asked: Are you gonna only stare??
Me: Huh (Still staring)
She came close to me n hugged me tightly… I could feel her breasts I hugged her too… I was having an erection n I pushed it against her involuntarily. We were moving our hands on each others back. I moved my hands slowly from her back to her boobs n started pressing them. They were so soft! I was going crazy!! She had closed her eyes n I saw the sexiest expression on her face. I kissed her lips n she started moving her lips it reminded me of “Murder” movie… But then I wanted strongly to give more wet kiss so I opened my mouth n inserted my tongue. Her saliva had no taste but I was loving every moment! We kept kissing for like 10 minutes… I then put my hand inside her gown from her neck to hold her boobies. It was my first time I had held a boob… I became more crazy when I felt her nipple in my hand, I removed her boobies out. Her boobs were in good shape! Sexy nipples which were pinkish in color. My dick was beginning to hurt in my jeans. So I let go of her boob n unhooked my jeans button but then she held my hand n put it on her boob again n she started undoing my jeans I was like wow! I was fully excited n I tried licking her lips also she den came closer n started sucking my lips... I told her I can’t control, remove your cloths! She said u do it…
So I lifted her gown n threw it. She was wearing a black colored panty which was slightly transparent… I could see her pussy! I just yanked her panty n it tore! She said “Slowly tiger” I loved it so I showed more aggressiveness… She was stark naked! I saw her from top to bottom n I removed my underwear myself n we hugged each other again. We went to her bed room n she lied down… I went over her n kissed her lips again n slowly kissed her neck she was moaning… Ahh Ahhh… I was enjoying her sound. I went a bit more down n kissed her cleavage… She held my head n was moaning louder! I then started sucking her nipples n also biting from time to time my other hand was pinching n squeezing her other nipple n boob…
I continued sucking n all that till her boobs became red n shiny from my saliva! I went down n kissed her navel… She said in a husky voice “Please lick my pussy I can’t control!!!”  I didn’t like the idea of licking coz it was a bit dark but after watching for a little while my sex hormones turned over me! I went closer to her pussy n kissed on her pussy lips she was really going mad coz suddenly she held my head n pushed it against her vagina… My face was buried I thought what the hell n I started licking her pussy n her clit. She was groaning in such strong voices!! After a while she sprayed her juices on my face! I got over her n she smiled n said let my clean you up… She came closer n started licking her juices from my face. This time I was enjoying. She kept licking my neck n went down n down n finally till my dick… N said “Let me return the favor” n started sucking me… she kept sucking me like a pro for 5 minutes I was in heaven & now I knew why she was groaning. (Even though this was my first time I had control over ejaculation coz I do a lot of kegel exercises)
She kept blowing me finally she came on top of me n said come on now fuck me! I was waiting for this line… I kept my dick on her vagina n was about to push she said “wait… Pull your foreskin back or else it will pain” I did n then tried, my penis head was very sensitive then… it was slightly paining n also sending shivers but then I pushed n her vagina was warm n just wow! I thought to myself I will never masturbate again! :P Slowly I learnt the “fucking motion” n built up speed she was enjoying a lot n then her moans became louder n louder I felt her pussy squeezing my dick… She was spasming n with that I also came in her pussy big time!!! I laid on her for a while n slid aside… After like 3 minutes seeing her naked I got erect again... N without asking I got over her n pushed my dick in! She was little surprised but den she started moaning again this time I fucked her for a long time. I pressed her boobs hard she came 2 times in that… After our session my dick head was red…
She came to me n said you are the best fucker! This was proudest moment for me… ;) We still enjoy each other…
If you liked the story, please let me know about it! Also you all are free for any constructive criticism.
I will come up with my other stories too if I receive a good feedback especially from girls… ;) You can send you precious feed backs on

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