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That Colorful Lady

It was a Monday night I was out in the landing smoking a cigarette when all of a sudden my neighbour Salma appeared in front of me like a tantalizing dish! Ah! She looked so ravishing in her sexy skin tight cream skirt and her matching cream coloured high heels! So mouth watering, sexy, juicy no amount of superlatives could describe the beauty this bengali goddess possessed! I had been infactuated with her ever since i moved in to my current home.

She was one of the most hottest woman I had seen and the fact that she was married and a mother of three, made my lust for her more potent. I had noticed that whenever we bumped into one another in the street or outside our homes, she would smile and make eye contact with me. God! I was desperate to fuck Salma! I spent every waking hour thinking and fantasising about her and I knew it would be a hard feat. But it seems the stars had written a different story for me!

She would go to the gym in the evenings to work on her beautiful, curvy physique in particular her sexy firm stomach and big bubble butt and succulent thighs! Her children to my knowledge were early sleepers and went to sleep early due to school the following day. That evening as she passed me her arm gently brushed me. I looked in her direction and she looked back, smiling at me. My heart almost leapt out of my chest! She entered her house and closed her door. I sighed her sweet perfume still intoxicating me to a lull.

Suddenly, her front door opened but she did not appear. I thought that maybe she was letting in fresh air. I stood there in front of my door I finished my cigarette and flicked it into the street below. Salma's husband would work nights in an Indian restaurant, he would come home late sometimes 5 am in the morning. I knew he was not home. My heart was racing! Why was her door open? Was she inviting me in? I slowly plucked up the courage and decided to inquire.

I will walk past her front door' I told myself 'that way she wont grow suspicious'. I did just that and as I passed her open door, I flicked my eyes ever so slightly into her hallway. I passed her door and stood on the other side gasping for air! My god! She was standing in the passageway, almost as if she was waiting for me, just standing there with her right finger on her lips ike a naughty mischievous school girl! Deep down inside I knew she was waiting for me but was I man enough to face her? Had I the courage to approach this divine goddess?

My heart was pounding hard. I felt movement in my pants, my cock was getting warmer, it was growing big, I could not control it, it was as if she had control over my body! I approached her front door. She was still stood there, and when she failed to budge, my feelings were confirmed. She smiled at me, and signalled me with her dainty hands to come forth into her home. I walked in. There was no turning back now. We stood silent. My heart was beating hard and fast like a steam train.

She took a step forward 'could you close the door? She uttered I obeyed and closed it, my hands quivering with excitement and then she stood before me, her body so close to mine. She could hear my breathing and I her's. Suddenly without any warning we both lunged at one another in tight embrace, kissing passionately like two lovers who had been re-united after being apart for a lifetime. Her sweet perfume was rising through my nose. I held her tight, holding her slim waist.

I kissed her and her soft moist tongue felt like succulent oranges in my mouth as I suckled it. I sucked her soft lips, pulling them gently with my lips. We continued kissing passionately and our tongue's seeking out each others mouth. Her saliva tasted like honeyed peach. She moaned as I suckled her lips, biting them gently then kissing her soft velvety neck. She gasped as I suckled her earlobe and licked her ear. She smelt so sweet, her perfume intermingled with her sweet bodily aroma was driving me mad!

If ever a mortal was to kiss, smell and taste a goddess, this would be how it felt I wondered to myself and because verily, Salma was a goddess! She held my right hand and led me upstairs. We passed the room where her children were sleeping. She slowly closed the door shut and then we proceeded forth into her room. The room was not too large; her bed was in the centre, with two small bed side cabinets between each side. A wardrobe on the right and the window was to the left.

Their was a framed photo of her husband on the wall above the bed. The room smelled of Jasmine and sweet blossom peach, no doubt the abodes of a goddess! We resumed our kissing and fondling, standing at rear end of the bed. I slowly peeled my trouser off, my T shirt off, and flung my shoes aside, until i stood with just my black boxer's (tight cotton shorts) and my socks on. I helped Salma take her top off, and she wiggled herself free of her skirt wow!

I cried as she stood before me just her sexy black bra, and lacy black underwear. She looked like a sexy, Bollywood actress with her killer curves! I smiled at her ''you look sooooooo beautiful ooohhh so sexy mmm! We embraced, our bodies entwined together, we kissed passionately our saliva dripping down one anothers mouth. My cock was already stiff and standing hard to attention. Salma started running her smooth fingers over the mound in my boxers.

Her touch felt so good I was gasping! Aaahhh I cried I opened the buttons on the front seam of my boxers and my big cock sprung out. Salma gasped ''uh! Oh! Such a big, juicy cock! She exclaimed, rubbing my erection in her hands, her fingers felt like soft feathers upon my aching cock. She knelt down on the floor, her face adjacent to my cock and planted a wet kiss on the underside of my throbbing member my! I felt a surge of electiricity run down my spine! Aaahhh suck it baby I moaned.

I felt her warm lips wrap around my cock, her soft warm tongue flicking my helmet I moaned, held her head and gasped as she started sucking me off! It felt so good! She licked my entire length, and then wrapped her wet mouth around my cock, sucking me slowly until I moaned in ecstacy! I withdrew my cock from her mouth because I knew I would ejaculate early if it carried on. My plan was to fuck her first, and then ejaculate! Lie back on the bed I told her. She did so willingly I placed a cushion under her head come closer to the edge oh that's it.

She was placed perfectly, with her legs spread wide. I started kissing her firm stomach, licking her belly button, and then kissed my way down to her wide spread legs. She still had her black lacy underwear on. I pulled it to one side exposing her beautiful, dark pink pussy lips. It was already moist with her juices and looked simply irresistable like a mouth watering savoury Indian dish! I planted a kiss, and then started licking her. I sucked her labia, pulling them gently and then inserted my tongue inside her juicy pussy hole aaahhhh.

Salma cried as I began tongue fucking her! Her pussy tasted so sweet. So delicious mmmmm your pussy tastes so good baby I moaned suck me baby uhh oohhh she cooed. I licked her thighs, biting them, teasing her. Making her mad for my tongue suck me please aaahhh please suck my pussy the smell of her pussy was immensly alluring and over powering i was intoxicated with lust. My cock was throbbing like mad, twitching to and fro, leaking pre-cum.

I was dying to fuck Salma I lifted her legs and pulled her under wear off her legs. I placed it in my palms and sniffed it ''mmm I cried as i smiled at her. She too smiled back at me, her beautiful eyes locked onto me then moved down to my throbbing cock. She licked her lips. 'fuck me and she sighed. I placed a cushion under my knees, so my cock was perfectly placed in the direction of her wide spread pussy. I started rubbing it on her wet, slippery lips.

She gasped, squeezing her tits and pulling and rolling her nipples with her fingers fuck me fuck me she cried. I opened my mouth and let my spit fall onto her pussy, and then massaged it into her cunt with my cock and then I pushed aaahhhhhhh, we both cried out in unison as my cock entered her wet, warm, heavenly cunt! Almost immediatly I felt my cock about to explode like a bomb set off by the fire inside her pussy. I withdrew my cock from her pussy and composed myself.

The last thing I wanted was to ejaculate prematurely! Ahhhh your pussy is so hot baby! Your driving me crazy. I slide my cock back inside her warm pussy and started fucking her and oohhhh! Such pleasure! I could never have fathomed the joy I would be receiving by fucking another man's wife! It was always my biggest fantasy and now I was fulfilling it. I continued pounding her juicy cunt deeper, harder and faster. Salma was moaning like a bitch on heat.

I felt her secret a warm fluid over my cock and it drove me wild. I took my cock out and watched as her juices started flowing from her pussy. Her cheeks had turned bright red and she was really horny ooohh please fuck me fuck me hard destroy my pussy she cried. I slammed my aching cock back inside her love hole. The bed was shaking with the vigourous fucking I was giving her how does it feel? I sighed to her ooohh feels so good I've never want it to end she replied.

My balls were aching and my cock was hurting with the amount of forceful fucking I was giving Salma deep inside her wet, pulsating pussy but I did not care. I was sweating profusely, and so was she. I looked on as the sweat trickled down her shapely bosoms and rested in her out, licking and suckling her salty nipples, drawing circles around her stiff nipple with my

I then buried my tongue on her cleavage and started lapping up her salty sweat with my tongue like a thristy dog. I ran my tongue dowwn her torso, into her bellybutton, down further to her trimmed pubic hair, further still until I approach and her juicy pussy. The smell so strong intoxicating me with unbridled lust. I kissed her pussy and then buried my mouth into her wet lips like a hungry morsel, flicking my tongue into her pussy hole. Licking her clitoris and biting her pussy lips gently as she moaned like bitch.
I tasted my own cock sauce intermingled with her savoury viscousy pussy juice, the taste was exquisite!

She placed her hands on my head, pushing me further into her as i continued eating her out like a Dyson. I placed both my hands on her big warm melons and started squeezing them as I tongue fucked her. This made her moan out load ooohhhhh aaaaiieeeee oohhhh suck me baby suck my pussy feels so good oohh I withdrew my tongue and bit her fleshy thighs, then spat on her pussy before sucking her again it drove her wild with sexual lust! My cock was throbbing to and fro, my balls were aching no doubt heavy with my hot semen.

I withdrew my tongue, positioned my cock near her wet pussy; rubbing my helmet on her lips before arching my back and then slam! I powered my throbbing cock like a piston deep into her womb. She cried out, digging her nails into my back and buttock cheeks. The pain of her sharp nails digging into my soft buttock flesh coupled with the pleasure of my cock penetrating her hot Bengali pussy was too much.

I restrained myself with from ejaculating pre-maturely, i say premature even though I had been fucking her now for a good part of an hour! But the night was not yet finished. I was enjoying myself far too much to end it now. I had dreamt and lusted for this moment for nearly two years, and i sure as hell was planning on taking my time with this beautiful bengali goddess- whom was spread before me so enticingly! The framed photo of her husband looked down on me from the wall in front of me.

I smiled to myself, cherishing the thought of fucking this beautiful wife as her husband looked on! I withdrew my cock. Salma looked up and gave me a look of disapproval ''why did you stop? She cried I have not! This is just the begining I laughed I positioned her to turn on her stomach and she did obediently lift your ass up in the air there thats it aaahh! Oh fuck! Such a beautiful ass! So big and round! I gently spanked her right cheeks. Oh! I gasped as I watch her beautiful fleshy buttock cheeks sway side to side I smacked harder.

Salma gasped out aloud. I squeezed her magnificent cheeks in my hand, then ran my finger along her tight ass crack and her anus was so moist. Her dark spinchter so tight. It was evident that she was an anal virgin. I sucked my index finger and then slowly eased it up inside her tight bumhole. She moaned, frigging her pussy as i finger her anus. I took it out and suckled her delicous bum sauce from my fingers mmmmm! It tasted exquisite! I had tasted just the starter, now i was dying for full course! Without further do I buried my face in her widespread buttock clefts.

My nostrils up against her anus and inhaled her sweet anal perfume through my nose aaahhh! Her anal incense smelt heavenly! My mouth started to flood with saliva as my cock twitched to and fro. I buried my tongue deep inside her tight moist shit hole and started to lick it, suck it taste it, savouring the spicy savoury taste of her mouth watering bum juice on my tongue mmmmmm!
Salma moaned it feels so good she murmured writhing in ecstacy as i continued to eat her delicious ass and then moved down to her juicy pussy (she later told me that this was her first experience of getting her ass eaten out!

Her husband must be an impotent bastard to leave such a beautiful ass un-eaten i told her!) suckling her moist labia like one would a succulent orange piece, then inserting my tongue deep inside her juicy sizzling pussy hole. I tongue fucked her pussy as my nose was parked comfortably up against her warm aromatic ass crack.

Salma was so horny her juices were flowing like a stream onto the crevice of my tongue and her womanly juices tasted so savoury and satisfying after I had quenched my thirst I withdrew my face and mouth from her pussy and ass, my cock was throbbing like a boa constrictor as I rubbed it up and down her warm fleshy bum crack aaahhhhh i moaned as her soft buttock clefts massaged my cock, the feeling of her moist anus entwining with my cock sent shudders up and down my spine oohhhh Salma moaned fuck me baby oohhhh.

I wanna feel your big dick deep inside me and I needed no further encouragement! I rubbed my cock on her slippery pussy lips and then with a swift stroke thrust all 8 inches of my aching cock deep inside her pulsating pussy aaaahhhh Salma cried out. I started pounding her fast and deep it felt so good! The pleasure of fucking another mans wife was equal to none! It was the ultimate high! My cock was drowning in Salma's hot pussy juice. I slammed my meat deeper, harder, spanking her sexy ass cheeks as I ravaged her hot cunt.

I was gripped with such demonic lust, that i wanted to destroy her bengali pussy. Salma bit her teeth into the pillow as I pounded her like a man possessed aahhh feels so good baby your pussy is so hot ooffff uungggh. I wanna rip your pussy with my aching cock I cried as I fucked her aahhh please don't stop too mar boga ze gorom (your cock is so hot) sirilao amar foond (rip my pussy) Salma replied. My balls were aching by now, my hot seed was toiling with unrest, dying to shoot out of my cock.
I looked at the framed photo of her children on the bed cabinet and they looked so happy.

Maybe they were happy becuase i was making their mum happy? Not sad like her husband, who still looked down from his framed abode as i was satisfying his wife, quenching her sexual thirst that lay unattended for so long! (she later told me that her husband had never fucked her doggystyle! What kind of man was he? I was shocked if you were my wife I told her.
I would make love to you in all the ways, all the methods, all the kinky postions ever possible, and known only to real men!) Mid-fuck an idea entered my head.

I was fascinated by her high heels and I was dying to fuck her as she wore her heels. could you wear your high heels the cream coloured one I saw you in today? Salma looked up at me, puzzled I have this huge high heel fetish'' I told her. She smiled no problem for you i'd wear anything within a minute Salma was adorning her sexy high heels on her dainty feet and the sight of her beautiful body her ripe luscious tits hanging like the hanging gardens of babylon, a lush grape vine for me to taste, suckle and cherish with wild abandon. Her sweet, trimmed pussy lips enticingly spread.

My cock was throbbing wildly, growing to its utmost zenith. My balls were heavy with hot seed, almost bursting at the seams with toil. I was dying to fuck Salma. I approached her sitting on the bed. I kneel on my knee and started kissing her. Suckling her tongue tasting her sweet saliva. I then started to squeeze her big ripe melons, then took her right nipple into my mouth and started suckling her mmmmm. She was breathing heavily as was I then licked her cleavage, down to her stomach drawing circles with my tongue around her belly button before inserting my tongue inside her belly hole then i kissed and licked my way down to her awaiting pussy.

I stopped for a second i remained, inhaling her strong pussy aroma and then i thrust my mouth up to her cunt, making her gasp out loud. I started suckling her moist pussy lips, pulling them with my lips. I then kissed and licked her thighs, then kissed further down her leg until i cam to her high heels. I stuck my tongue out and started licking her pointy heels. I stood up and took my erect cock and rested it on the bottom of her high heels and started massaging my aching cock. It felt so good! Her pointy heel was digging into my soft ball sac and it drove me wild! My cock was throbbing uncontrollably.

I needed to dip it into a hole any hole. Salma's luscious mouth would suffice i said to myself. I held her by the hand and sat her upright on the bed with my hard cock adjacent to her mouth. I felt her warm breath on the underside of my erection. Salma licked her lips 'toomar boga ze moja (your cock tastes so delicious) she smiled before wrapping her warm lips around my manhood I cried out oofff aahh mmmnhhh oohhh that's it baby suck it good. I slowly started moving my hips in a fucking motion, my cock nearly erupted as i felt it nudge the back of her throat.

I held her hair and fucked her throat deep. God! It felt so good! My eyes nearly rolled over into the back of my head as she deep throated me. She was clearly enjoying it too. 'mmmmm'' she moaned as she sucked me off. She withdrew and then started to suck my hanging balls one by one. All the while she was sucking my dick, i was busy playing with her buxom tits. I squeezed her right breast hard, pulling her nipples with my finger and then I took my hard wet cock out of her mouth and started rubbing it on her nipples aaaahhhhh I groaned.

I placed my cock between both her big melons and started rubbing it up and down her cleavage. She held both her tits together, giving me the best tit fuck (bombay role) experience of my life! Have you ever tried 69? I groaned as my cock massaged her warm bosoms 69? I've read about it she replied there is a whole pandora's box of sexual delight that you have still to experience. I took my aching cock and started to rub it on her sexy face. My wet saliva soaked cock spoiling her mascara as it flowed down her face.

I then took the long end of her smooth black silky hair and wrapped it around my cock oohhhh i groaned as the soft touch of her hair entwined with my cock. It felt so good! I wanted to seek pleasure from every inch, every cm of this sexy goddesses divine body! I lay back on the bed and signalled Salma to stradle my face. She did so willingly. Her juicy pussy smothered my face whole. I sniffed in her sweet vaginal perfume through my lungs before sliding my tongue deep inside aaahhhhh.

She cried out, grinding her cunt into my mouth mmmm I moaned as her juices flowed into my mouth and i swallowed with great relish. My nose was parked deep against her warm buttock clefts, i sniffed her anus like it was an aromatic dish. Aaahh! I was in heaven! Salma needed no encouragement i could tell as she started sucking me off and I was in ecstacy! (To me the best way to get ready for a fuck session with your partner is to have a 69 session - its the perfect recipe for fucking!)

I carried on licking her pussy and bumhole, and Salma withdrew from my cock and started rubbing her ripe jugs on my throbbing hard cock aaahhhhh I cried out! Amar boga fati zaar (my cock is going to explode I moaned. The feeling of her warm, juicy bosoms enveloping my cock was too much. I did not have long now. I got Salma in the doggystyle position and started spanking her buttock cheeks gently. She sighed as fingered her tight bumhole, inserting my wet finger slowly inside her tight spinchter it was so tight!

By then Salma had already gotten the idea as to what i wanted. What i desired most and what I most was to have anal sex with her and yes, my big brown cock was dying to elope with her tight hot shit hole and I desired nothing more on earth than to fulfill my deepest desire. I started to rub my throbbing cock deep against her wide spread buttock clefts mmmmm I moaned as I rubbed my cock against her warm ass crack will it hurt?

Salma inquired no and just try to relax I replied of course I was not telling her the whole truth. It will hurt, but only a little, but in order to obtain pleasure first we must experience pain. At least that was the theory! I squeezed her juicy ass cheeks in my hands and continued rubbing my aching cock along her crack. The room was saturated with the smell of Salma's sweet anal perfume. My cock was leaking pre-cum.

I spat a gobful of my spit on her anus and started massaging it into her moist anus throuroughly, until it was wet and slippery and then i proceeded forth. I started nudging my cock helmet at her tight entrance and then slowly, and gently i started inserting my manhood inside her tight asshole aahhhhhh I groaned! The feeling i was experiencing was like no other! I was in ecstacy! Salma also was moaning. Breathing heavily as i slowly started fucking her beautiful ass!

My eyes closed and i leant my head back, groaning hard as a pounded away. I started fucking her more deeper, harder and faster. The bed was shaking with my every thrust. Her husband looked down at me from his framed abode as I ravaged his wife's sexy ass aaahhhh oohhhh mmnn Salma cooed fuck my ass baby aaahhh. I love your big cock in my ass and she moaned as I pounded her continously. Her tight anus grabbed my cock like a vice, the feeling was so intense.

My cock felt like it was being roasted in a seething hot oven! i moaned. Sweat pouring down my brow and chest after fucking her ass for a good 10 minutes i withdrew my cock slowly from her gaping asshole. I watched as her spinchter pulsated then took its normal, tight shape again. I slammed my dirty cock deep into her awaiting cunt hole and let out a cry aaaahahahh her pussy was so wet and hot like a seeving oven, roasting my throbbing cock! I fucked her hard. The sound of my groin slapping into her voluptous ass cheeks.

The room was saturated with the smell of sordid sex. I did not want this moment to ever end! Fuck me, fuck me aaahhhhhhhh fuck me! Shouted Salma, her juices flowing from her pussy and drowning my cock. My cock was throbbing uncontrollably. My balls were heavy with the seed, dying to erupt forth! I strained myself. I knew i did not have long to go now. With that in mind i decided to fuck Salma's divine ass one last time. I withdrew my cock and slammed it back inside her tight, heavenly shit hole aaahhhhh'
It felt so good! I was so horny I wanted to tear her asshole with my raging, aching cock! Aahh ze aram lager (it feels so good)!

I cried! I was fucking Salma with such force, such vigour that i was literally fucking the shit out of her! And god was I enjoying it! I never knew that fucking this beautiful bengali goddess, wife and mother of three would give me such unbridled pleasure and joy! Aahhh I'm going to cum I shouted. My cock was pulsating wildly, my hot cum was boiling like lava inside my swollen balls cum in my mouth'' cried Salma.

I withdrew my cock and stood beside the bed as she sat down, her face adjacent to my throbbing cock. She took my wet, pussy and ass juice soaked cock in her mouth and started sucking me like a bitch. She licked the entire length of my 8 inch throbbing dick, suckling my balls into her mouth and then taking the entire length of my cock back into her hot mouth. I was groaning. My eyes rolled back into my skull as i cried out aaaahhhhh without warning.

I started pumping thick long streams of my hot, sticky cum all over Salma's sexy face, and inside her open mouth. I was shocked by the amount of cum I had stored in my balls, i released a good 5 to 6 thick streams of my cock juice over her face oohhhhhhh I moaned as my orgasm reached its end. I tried to regain my vision as i watched Salma take my cock and tease the remainder of my seed down her throat. I was totally spent! I had the greatest, most pleasurable fuck session ever!

The only time I had enjoyed a sex session like this was with my wife. It was life changing because after that day. I secretly met Salma for more, hot kinky romps at her home and even in my home once when my wife was away. We fucked on my living room floor and then showered together and but that story is for another time! I hope you enjoyed reading about my sizzling encounter with my sexy neighbour! Please feel free to post your comments, or any questions related to this story via my e-mail,

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