Friday, 23 March 2012

Hot Fun with Cute Stranger

It was Tuesday, so around 11 am I left home, took my bike and went to service center. There was less rush as I went early I guess. I took the token no. from reception and waited for my turn to come. Soon my no. came and I went in at the service desk. I was attended by a female. She was around 28, young, fair, she was wearing a jeans and top, don't exactly her figure but was good.

She asked me the problem with the cell phone so I told whatever it was. She then told me that it will take some time to repair. I felt she was quite friendly from her talks. I said fine, n she was giving me a printed receipt for my cell phone but dude to some problem printer was not working so I was waiting at the service desk. I was getting bugged up waiting there.

She was trying to find out the problem with printer. In mean while I noticed that she was not well. She was coughing her eyes were little watery. I guess she had cold n head ach as she spoke to me in friendly way, I tot to offer her some halls ginger chock let’s which I had in my pocket. So I said her "I guess you are not feeling well. Take these halls it may help you for time being.

She said Thanks her boss saw her struggling with the printer, and he came and did something and printer was working fine again. She gave me the printed receipt. I took and was about to leave out to waiting lounge, I heard her talking to her boss that "Boss can I go home? I'm not feeling well actually looking at her condition her boss granted here permission to go home.

So after I got receipt I was waiting out in lounge and in some time I got my cell repaired and it was returned to me by the female who took it at service desk. She was ready to leave I guess because she took her purse and other belongings. I took my cell and checked and it was working fine. Then I said "thanks" to her. She gave a sweet smile to me and I was leaving I noticed that even she was leaving home.

We came out of the service center together and I took my parked bike and saw she was struggling to get auto. So looking at her health I tot to drop her home but I was feeling somehow to ask here to drop her home. I tot she will think something wrong about me. Somehow I made my mind and asked her "Mam you want me to drop you home? As you’re not getting auto also and I feel you’re not well too.

She looked at me for couple of second and asked me are you sure you’ll drop me home? I said "I don't mind and so she came and sat behind my bike. She was sitting one sided holding rear end of bike for support. I asked where shall I drop her? So she told me the areas name and v left. One the way she asked me my name! I said "m Sid I asked her name and she said I’m Priya.

She asked me where do I stay I said nearby" and v started to chit chat. In some time like we got connected to a highway so I was riding little faster about 50 to 60kmpl as speed was increased, don't know I guess she got scared o something and she hold my shoulder by one hand of her. I was little shocked but then I tot its k she got scared many b due to she must not have habit of sitting on bike.

Suddenly car ahead me applied breaks and I had to apply urgent brakes due to which she came little forward from back seat and was very close to me. I felt her warm n soft body. I said sorry I had applied brakes due to this car. She said ya I saw! Why are you saying sorry for that? I smiled and we started to move ahead on the way and don't know what happened to her but now she was holding my stomach with her hand. I was quite confused what's happening but I ignored and keep riding.

Soon we entered her area and I saw a medical so I stopped at medical. She asked me what happened. I said "I I'll buy you some tablets, she was saying no need to buy I'll b alright and all " but I said " No u have it " and I gave forcefully. She was smiling at me and said you don't listen to me na? I was laughing and I left soon we reached her building. I stopped the bike and she got down.

I said take care and was about to leave but she said me thanks and offered me to come up to her home. I said" No, May be some other time! Thanks and she said at least have a glass of water and then go. It's so hot outside. I said "ok mam! And Gave a smile and parked my bike in her building. So now v entered her building and also in lift as it was after nun time no was much around we both was in lift.

She stayed in 6th floor as lift was moving it was complete silence between us and v were standing on two different corners then v reached her floor and she opened the door with key. She kept her bag and offered me to come in and sit on sofa and she went in to get water. I was waiting and was looking here and there and suddenly I heard a bang sound like something felt and I heard her scream!

Damn, I was shocked. I rushed to the kitchen and saw she felt down and was trying to get up. She slipped of wet floor. I picked her up and help to come in hall and make her sit on sofa and asked if she was ok n did that hurt her badly? She said she was fine but I did not think that because she was not able to walk properly! She was resting and I was sitting near her I asked no1 is at home or what!

She said no my husband n I stay but husband is off to work. He'll come in evening. I said ok now I only went to kitchen drank water and got 1 glass water for her to have medicines. I told her to wake up and sit on sofa itself to have medicines for cold but she was not able to get up and sit so I help her and make her sit. I guess she had hurter her leg and back too. She had medicine and said me Thanks and sorry yaar! due to me m giving you so much problem.

I said nothing like that not to think that way and take rest now. I saw her; she was holding her right knee. I asked her is it paining much? Shall I get some ideox gel or relief spray something? She said there in bottle of ideoxg gel in my bedroom can you please get it. I said ok and I got it and gave it to her. She just took up her jeans off right leg (oh my god so fair and smooth her legs were and she was trying to apply but she was not able to get her hand on knee maybe as her back was also paining.

I looked at her and even she looked at me same time after couple of seconds she asked me can you apply it for me on my legs? I said ok fine. I took some ideox gel on my fingers and applied to her leg and really her leg was so soft and smooth and fair! I was applying and rubbing her leg and massaging it. Looking at her I felt it was giving her some relief. I felt her body was hot and I doubted that she had fever. So I asked her.

Do you have fever or something? She said no. then I asked how come your body so hot ? She did not say anything for that. She then asked me that can you apply some on her back too. I was shocked and did not know what to say now. Don't know how but I said ok fine I'll apply it. So now she was lying down on sofa on her stomach. She tuk her top little up of her back and now her back was visible to me. It was so fair and smooth omg!

I started applying some ideox gel on her back. Her body was very hot now. My hands were little cold as soon as I started giving back massage she moaned I asked sorry did it hurt you or something? She replied no. I was then again massaging. She again started making moans I came to know that she has become off hot now. She told me that can you massage on my lower back? And she holds my hand and took my hand there on her lower back.

I was shocked and even I was getting hot now due to her actions.. She was not leaving my hand and she hold my hand nd tuk on her huge round ass oh that smooth and fluffy ass any1 wuld love to fuck. She was now making me press her ass even I did not say anything as I was also enjoying that! Now she turned herself and was lying on back still holding my hand now and she was looking at me and I too was.

She kept my hand on her stomach and we both were looking at each other's eyes for couple of secs. Then she slowly took my hand on her soft and huge booms! omg what an experience that was. Here nipples were hard on now on the side even my dick was on his full stretch on about 7 to 8 inch and rock hard and was getting wilder to come out of pants.

Now she pulled me over her. Now I was lying on top of her my hard dick was on her pussy stomach her stomach and my chest on her booms and was and we were looking in each other's eyes and did not say a single word I was very close to her lips now. I slowly made the distance between the lips zero. I started to kiss here slowly and passionately her soft and silky lips. I was smooch her now.

Then I felt her tongue and I pulled her tongue in my mouth and was sucking it. Now again she was sucking my tongue too we both was getting damn hot. Then after smooching her for some time, I kissed her cheeks, then neck. I was licking her neck slowly and was coming sown to her shoulders. She was moaning with pleasure ahhhhhhhhh then I removed her top.

She was wearing a black color bra which was looking sexy on her fair skin. I removed that also now and I kissed her booms. Then I removed my tongue out and was started to apply slowly on her soft and pinkish nipples oh now she was going crazy and moaning with pleasure and she was holding my hair now. Now I was sucking her booms and pressing other boob with other hand. She was having really a good time.

Then while sucking her booms I was licking her neck and over all booms. Now her booms were wet with my saliva. Now I came little down on her stomach and started to lick it and she was going mad again. I was licking her stomach in passionate manner. I was getting hotter by listening to her moans then I opened the button of her jeans and removed her pant. She was wearing a black panty. I removed that also. Now I was shocked to c her shaved and clean pussy so fair and little pinkish in color.

Looking at that I was going mad and was out of control. Then again I kissed her stomach and slowly came down licking all over and kissed her pussy. Now she was moaning so much with pleasure I guess she was in heaven. I started to lick her pussy now in between her two legs. Her pussy was wet already I was taste her lovely juices. Now I stretched her pussy little and was sucking her piss area.

Took that in my mouth and was sucking it she was moaning with pleasure "ohhhhhh ahhhhhssss and now I just stretch her pussy and opened it. Now her pussy hole was visible and I inserted my tongue in it was licking and fucking it with tongue and she was moaning madly with pleasure in mean while she became of so hot that she came off cum in my mouth and I drank all her juice. Now she took me off her pussy and said you’re very smart you made me naked but you did not remove a single clothes huh? I said "m all yours

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