Friday, 2 March 2012

1 Night and 3 Passioante Sessions

Hi, to all I'm Shyam from Bangalore and 23 years old and my pussy xperiences 3 pussys till now (1 virgin, 1 aunty, 1 call girl) Relationship status: Bachelor and Committed but open for new encounters

I saw her first time at the inauguration function of my friend's sister new home. Voluptuous body wit great assets. All though I was busy in the works of the function I didn’t miss a chance to stare at her and take a peek of her sexy body. I somehow collected bits of information about her. Her name is Vimala, working in the railway department, in my brother-in-laws station, that’s it.
This happened at the function of my friend's sister's new home. The function finished on 9th of Jan 2012. my friend's sister family left for Tirupati, as they had to offer prayers. They left on 10th, leaving me alone to guard there new home on 10th night, by 8 pm, I was watching TV and the doorbell rang. I opened the door is lakshmi there? No, lakshmi has gone to tirupati, I’m shyam, lakshmi`s younger brother, how can I help you. 
Oh! I came here to seek some help from lakshmi; I’m in a small problem now is it, I’ll make a call to lakshmi, u can speak to her (I took my mobile, dialed my friend's sister no. but we were unable to reach her as they were travelling) ohhh, no, can v sit and speak inside shit, I’m really sorry for not inviting you inside, please come in. would you like to have some water yes please. By the way you are?
I’m Vimala, lakshmi`s friend and your brother-in-law`s colleague. Ok Vimala, I’ll get the water.(yes friends she was vimala, the lady who I eyed on in the function, she was right in front of me and I could not ask more for god, even here I could not take of my eyes from her, as I went to kitchen to get water, I was thinking of building a very good rapport with her, thinking may be in future I can be in contact with her and get a chance to feel her)
Vimala, water, Thank you, but I forgot your name I said I'm Shyam and asked wat the problem was actually the problem is Shyam, I have lost my home key, I searched it in office, on the way to home everywhere, but I could not find it and as its already past 8. I could not find any person who repairs locks and keys, so I thought I can ask help with lakshmi, stay tonight here with her and get the lock opened tomorrow.
Oh, very sad to hear that, but you don’t have to worry much for it, you can stay here tonight without any hesitation and I’ll inform my friend's sister later about this. That’s very kind of you Shyam, thank you very much then we spoke for few min and had dinner together inside I was trying to give a chance to seduce her in talk and would you like to change to night dress Vimala?
No Shyam, thank you, I have got a place to sleep, that’s more than enough and I’ll manage, you’re going to sleep in this sari? Yes, it is comfortable hhhmmm, it may be comfortable for you, but difficult for me, sorry Shyam, I did not get you leave Vimala, I can’t tell all that, you can understand.
Shyam please tell Na the thing is Vimala you look damn sexy in this, sari. It`s really hard not to stare at u. And if u sleep in this sari only and by chance I took a peek at you and god knows which position you`ll be sleeping and I find It very hard to control so please I’ll get you a night dress of mine. Hmmm, you’re a naughty boy, get the dress. I went to my luggage and took out a night pant and a t shirt. I purposefully took a little bit small t shirt so that I can see the bulge of her boobs, came down and gave her. 
Thank you, I’ll just change it over and she went to the room, closed the door and in few min came out wearing the black night pant and the white t-shirt, god damn, I could c her large boobs structure clearly and I could also see her bra linings over the t-shirt. She came and sat besides me on the opposite side of the sofa and I asked are you comfortable wit the dress and I’m comfortable Shyam, tell me are you comfortable with it.
Truly speaking Vimala, how can a boy of my age, sit beside such a damn sexy women with such structure in an empty home and be comfortable? Stop shyam, please don’t flatter, I’m not so much sexy as you say. What flattering, I’m just telling what you are Vimala. Really, I dont belive, how can I make you believe it and 1 idea, come with me Vimala were? I just come with me.I stood and went near her, held her hands and took her to the dressing table which had a lengthy mirror.
I made her stand her in front of the mirror and I stood back of her with my hands on her shoulder look Vimala see yourself, your curly hairs, your attractive eyes, your inviting lips, how can anyone resist you really and your curves, they are the most beautiful things I have seen it till now stop Shyam I feel awkward. How can I make you believe Vimala, turn around. I just turned her to the side, showing her side curves. I came little bit closer to her and my thighs were touching her back thighs and my hands came slightly down from her shoulders. 
I told look at your front and back curve, they are so inviting, so seductive, no one can control themselves at staring them and I know you want men to stare at those, don’t you? Ya Shyam I do want men to look at my assets. I knew it the day I saw you at the function vimala, your Deep V neck and ¼ sleeve blouse told me that you want to be stared by men don’t  you? Yaa Shyam, I want too and I also knew by your little low waist sari exposing navel that you also wanted men to stare at your navel right Vimala.
Haan Shyam now I came closer to her, my hard cock was touching her ass from behind my right hand was on her breasts and left hand on her naval and I said and I also know you want men’s hand on your boobs, massaging them,pressing them and caressing ur naval, don’t you want it vimala, don’t your haann Shyam, I want it badly aaahhhhhhhhhhh I was caressing her breasts, my lips running over her lower neck and shoulder area.
She could feel my hot breathe and I succeeded in turning her on and now we turned face to face,pushed her to the wall both of us could see lust in each others eyes. I hugged her tightly and kissed on her left lower neck area and she gasped aaaaahhhhh. I moved my lips all over her neck, just above her cleavage line bit her ear lobes then came in front, looked at her eyes, planted a kiss on her forehead.
Her cheek and move my finger on her juicy lips and place my lips over her and started sucking them, bit her lower lip, pulled her upper lip, inserted my tongue deep inside her, mean while, my right hand was moving over her inner thighs and occasionally touching her glory hole. I could feel her hot breath on my face. I was still sucking her lips and she hugged me tightly, crashing her boobs to my chest. 
I understood that her, boobs were seeking the attention now while still kissing, my hands went to her navel, lifted the t shirt little up and caressed her navel then my hands pulled her t-shirt till her neck exposing her brown bra, which held her milk tankers. I took of my lips from her and pulled the t-shirt over her head meanwhile she pulled of my t-shirt exposing my bare chest. I moved my fingers all over her boobs came close and encircled both her nipples with my tongue, wetting her bra.
She tightly pressed my head into her boobs and my hands went behind and unlocked her bra, exposing the white cake, with chocolate layer at the top and a pink cherry placed on it.My hands massaged side of her boobs while I hugged her tightly, crashing her nipples and boobs tightly to my chest. Vimala haann, I want both f us to enjoy this moment to the peak yes, so we will have 3 sessions tonight means 1st part is my session I will do whatever I want and you will co-operate. 
Ok and 2nd part is your session, you’ll be in total control and you can enjoy the way you like and I’ll cooperate what`s the third, It’s a wild session, it has no rules and it`ll be crazy, I bet we both`ll enjoy to the max sexy. Ok darling, please suck me hard, I can’t control, take” She tried to pull my mouth to her nipple, I resisted and said,It’s my turn baby, i`ll do what I want and I pushed her on the bed beside and went to bathroom came back and jumped over her.
I started kissing all over her again, face, neck, lower neck, cleavage ad breasts but not nipple, naval and then untied the pant and pulled it out leaving her only in her brown panty, then ran my hands over her inner thighs and pulled out her panty getting access to the glory hole, covered with tiny bush just above her glory hole then took off my Bermuda and boxer and we both stared at each others naked body, I lifted her and hugged her from behind and led her to the bathroom.
We stood below the shower and I sked her to tie her hair up and friends I opened the cold water tap and she hugged me tightly as the water was very cold as it is winter. We both stood in the shower hugging each other and just moving according to the water flow. I offed the shower and v both were shivering and hugging tightly, this was the reason of opening cold shower, then I opened hot water and then took soap and had bath. Now we both cleaned ourselves with the same towel.
I wrapped both of us with it and we fell on the bed with the towel and she cam over to kiss me but I stopped her and said that it`s my session and laid her on behind, came to her toe, started kissing her toes ankle and calf area and my hands moving on her inner thighs, my tongue licked her inner thighs kissed it and bit her hardly leaving my teeth marks and she gasped aahhhh with pain. I was licking and kissing her thighs and as I neared her pussy.
I could already smell that odor  of pussy, just came over it and I think she expected I would kiss it or suck it, but I came over and started kissing and biting her boobs, I ran my tongue all over her boobs, kissing and biting them and finally held both boobs in hand and sucked her left nipple hard and she moaned is aaah then to her right nipple and bit it with my teeth and pulled it lightly and she gasped aaaahhhhh.
Shyam I changed her nipples frequently and kissed them sucked them and bit them and pulled them with teeth and she could moan heavily then I cam up and took her lips and started chewing them while my hands still caressed her nipple and boobs while still eating her lips I slid one of my hand to her pussy and just moved my hand over it, and it was almost wet bite me shyaammmmm, bite me hardeerrr, bite meee. I came down,reached her pussy spread her legs pussy was covered
I licked it with my tongue lightly, then licked it harder and harder and Vimala moaned aaaahhh issss aahh issssasaahhhh then I took my finger and parted her pussy lips, took one of her clitoris in my mouth, chewed them, took another bit it lightly then opened her pussy wide , licked her inner pussy with my tongue and Vimala became crazy and began to move her hips, but I held her tightly, again opened her pussy up, put my tongue inside it,started licking it heavily.
I could hear Vimala moan iissss ahhhhh ahhhh isssanhaaaa hmm aaahhh Shyam ahhhhh then I stopped licking and started tongue fucking her holding her hips, she had gone crazy and moving her hips at such speed that her pussy was hitting my mouth hard and my tongue could go deeper and deeper. I bit her pussy, licked it, chewed it and tongue fucked it for almost 10 min. then I put my middle finger and moved it lightly inside her pussy, vimala was at the peak and started moving her hips fast. 
I put another finger and now I fingered fuck her,meanwhile I licked, kissed and bit her inner thighs, vimala was really humping hard. Then I removed my finger from her pussy, came over her, sucked her lips,took her hand and placed it on my hardcock and she started to stroke it .My foreskin is tight and slides only till half, so asked her to stroke it slowly. I fingered her pussy and pulled her nipples then came over, spread her legs, took my cock and rubbed it to her thighs, then came to ear her glory hole.
I massaged my cock over her pussy, tickled her a little. Vimala started to move her hip, she started saying, come in shyam, please come in, fast. I opened her pussy a bit, then just put my cock head on it and moved it slowly, vimala put her legs around my back and started pulling me inside her, she was at her peak, I slowly inserted a inch inside and started stroking your so hot Vimala, I’ll do anything to fuck you everyday, you slut, fuck you all time.
Ahhh hmmmm come in, come in fast shyam, come deep darling then I moved half my cock in and increased my speed, she was cooperating by moving her hip then I slept over her and pushed full cock inside her and she gasped aahhhhh. I pumped her slowly, meanwhile I kissed her on her neck and my chest was crashing on her boobs and my hips pumping inside her and we both were sweating out, then I came up, stretched her leg and started pushing my dick hard inside her. 
She had become so wet that in my every stroke ‘pach, pach’ sound was coming meanwhile my hands pulled her nipples and caressed her big boobs. Then I pulled her to the edge of the bed, I got up and stood and opened her legs and thrusted my dick in and started fucking very hard, I could feel the thrust in this position and Vimala was closing eyes and enjoying the fuck. I fucked her hard in that standing position. I could see Vimala`s eyes and see some satisfaction in her eyes, but I was not yet done.
I was nearing my climax I increased my speed and fucked hard and shot my cum hard inside her. Then hugging her fell on the bed Vimala came and kissed me on the lips and said Thanks shyam, then I tried to kiss her but she resisted and said, now it’s my darling session darling, I’ll do as I want. So this was the real first session between me and Vimala friends next session I’ll upload depending on your reviews and replies. You can reply me on Thank you.

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