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Dhoban Ke Saath Bistar Mein

Hi friends, I am Sachin. My previous ID isn't working not sure what my username was so I created a new ID. This happened when I was recovering from a bout of flu and was resting at home. My wife works and would leave me to rest and attend to the odd chores at home. Basically there was a dusting woman who would come and clean the house and an Iron man who would collect clothes for ironing after I bid goodbye to my wife.

I went to the toilet to shave. I was into my second course when suddenly the doorbell rang just coming, I shouted for the benefit of the person at the door. I put on my dressing gown and walked right to the door only to see a maid standing at the door. As I opened the door she broke into a giggle on seeing my face with some shaving cream. Kabhi kisi ko shaving karte nahin dekha kya? I snubbed her asking of she had never seen a man shaving before this. She asked for the clothes for ironing.

I had never seen this woman and asked for Ashok, the regular ironing guy. She said, "Sahib, wo ghar gaye hai mai uski biwi hun aur kapre press karungi" She told me that she was his wife and will iron clothes as he was away to the village. Asking her to come inside, I went to get the clothes. She was standing at the door and I asked her to come inside and shut the door, as there was a slight breeze and I did not want to aggravate my situation, she shut the door behind her.

I gave her the clothes her hand came in touch with mine, it was warm and I felt shivers down my spine. She paid no attention and was busy counting the clothes. Suddenly I felt the urge to go take shag. The heat of her hands had excited me in a strange way. Jaldi Kar muje tayar hona hai. Tera nam kya hai? Rupa, babu ji and she pulled her sari slightly to sit down on the floor as she did her sari pallu moved to one side revealing her deep cleavage.

Her blouse was at least two sizes small but also wet right in front of her nipples. Her sight was a turn-on and I was up under my gown saluting this strange lady. I was naked under the gown and was finding it difficult to hide my movements under it. So I sat down on the sofa next to her. I realized I had to get a conversation going so I asked her why her blouse wet was, she looked down innocently at her wetness and then turned to look at me red in embarrassment as she did she lost her balance.

I fell on my right foot parked unintentionally behind her. I happily supported her with my hands only this time I was touching her bare abdomen helping her gain balance are, tera badan to mere badan se bhi garam hai? Bukhar hai kya? I inquired trying to sound concerned. She straightened hiding her blush and rearranged her sari pallu to cover herself, and begin counting the clothes again but my position was miserable. "Kya to akele rahe gi?

My foot was under her buttocks; she was literally sitting on it. I would caress her buttocks when she moved trying to get the clothes together. Kya kare, rehna padta hai. Mei to 6 mahena ke bacchi bhi hai sath. The picture became clear, she had just finished feeding her baby. Kahan hai woo? I enquired so rahi hai, she said giving me her diary to write the counted clothes in. Once again her fingers touched mine and this time she looked into my face a smiled.

Aap ke bhi to garam hain mujeh to bukhar hai, Tere hath kyun garam hain. I asked Kya bat hai? Dekh mare tere se thande hain, I said taking both her hands in mine. Aap ka shareer to bilkul thanda hai, Sahib. She sounded concerned and put her palm on my forehead to check. Pasena kyon aa raha hai? She enquired and took her pallu to wipe the sweat from my face and forehead.

I realized this was my chance and feigned fatigue and pretended to become weak, Rupa, kya tu mere liya ek cup chai bana de gi mujhe bahut kamzori mehsus ho rahi hai? What did this woman know that it was the situation that was making me sweat as she went to the kitchen asking me to sit tight and relax my mind started working overtime on what to do next? I realized that with a little coaxing I could get this hot pot oh!

I wanted this one while she was busy making tea for me my mind was racing planning the next move. I laid myself on the sofa, where I had been sitting arranging my gown in such a way that one of my legs was exposed right up to my thigh. She returned with a cup in her hand, and found my eyes shut as she came closer, I saw her eyes open wide in shock seeing my bare legs. I was watching from under closed eyes, her hand covers her mouth in astonishment.

She kept the cup on the table and said "Sahib Ji – utho, chai ban gaye. I continued to keep my eyes closed she kept hers on my thigh. The gown slipped further reveling some of my groin. She tried stopping the slide of my gown but missed it and her hand came in contact with my flesh. I was erect, her first reaction was to move away but then she stared at the raised portion of my gown that was now twitching.

Slowly her hand went under it and took hold of it. Friends I am 7 plus and well built. The very size and made her sigh. Suddenly she let me free, a little confused even though excited she was not sure of my reaction. My eyes were shut, she looked at my face as once again she put her fingers around my Jumbo, which was absolute action mode. She got it back into her hands.

I widened my legs she could see my balls, her breath by now was coming out heavy and her tongue often wetting her parched lips. Her other hand came around to caress my balls. She sat on the floor near the sofa and continued fumbling with her hands on me. While one hand went up and down on my dick the other roamed around my legs, thighs, groin, testicles all over.

Suddenly the bell rang and startled she almost fell on the floor. I caught her by her arm and stopped her fall as I kept my fingers on my lips asking her to remain quiet. Arranging my gown I stood up and opened the door to see the cleaning woman there. I told her that I was in my bath and that she should come sometime later before bolting the door for the first time.

She in the meanwhile was picking up the bundle of clothes and was ready to leave. Kahan ja rahi hai Rupa? I asked holding her by her waist. Nahi, Nahin muje jani do sahib, she started to protest. Abhi tak to too maje le rahi the, abhi achanak yeh jane ke kya baat yaad aay gaye. I asked but soon her pallu fell and this made me mad but she would not let me touch her so I pushed her against the wall and as she tried to balance herself with her hands.

I grabbed at her blouse that held her breast with hooks in front. The suddenness of the move snapped three out of four hooks and now her blouse was hanging on the last one. Yeh kya kiya aapne? She asked wohi jo tum mere lund ke sat itni der se kar rahi thi, I replied. She found her self cornered and was also so she realized there was no getting away. Sahib aap ne mujhe dekha tha haath lagate huwe?

She asked I nodded and she blushed red. My peter was saluting again this time hitting her buttocks as I embraced her from the back. One of her breast had popped out of her blouse and was dripping some milk and as soon as I felt the wetness on my palm I asked her, Rupa, mujeh doodh pilaogi? Na, na she made a feeble protest and her own excitement making things difficult for her before she could confirm anything.

I had her facing me with her oozing breast in my mouth never had I been able to experience this before, my own wife was a little stuck up about such issue and a nursing mother was not easy to come by. The feeling was incredible warm, wet and strangely sweet fluid. I was sucking at her boobs like a mad man. The other hand massaging her other breast and pressing her buttocks close and hard to my crotch.

Ummm uumn ahh aahh were the only sounds she was mumbling getting a little hysterical. I asked her to keep her voice down and took her into the guest room. Ashoak ne akhri bar there sath kab sambandh kiya tha? I asked ek saal se jyada ho gaya jab mere pet me bacha tha us ne mujh se sambhog rakhna band kar diya. She explained holding onto my head. Aaur joor se chusoo mera thaan ko.

She told me that her husband did not approve making love to herwhile she was still breastfeeding their child laken aap jesi choos rahe hain muje bahut aachha lag raha hai, aab doosre wale ko bhi choso na pleading she gave her other breast woh to pagal hai, I said tuje fikar karne ke zarurat nahi hai ab. Mere pass aa jaya kar in the mirror of our guest room I could see this rather dark but strangely attractive maid with stark red lipstick and a red sindoor eyes shut tight biting her lower lips

I let my hands roam around unobtrusively anywhere oh! Everywhere and her pelvis were now shaking and her hips hitting my crotch with force and crushing my manhood desperately trying to make a deeper contact. The poor thing was starved for it and made no effort to hide her eagerness. I lifted her on the study table pushing her sari and the petticoat underneath up. She really looked a sight with a blouse still hanging on her shoulders, large breasts dripping milk that I had just feasted on.

I found her not wearing a panty, which excited me, further as I spread her legs. Her bush was thick and it took me a while finding her love nest which was already dripping with her pre cum bahut Pyasi hai? I asked and she simply pulled me face onto her breast urging me to suck her more. I obliged without any hesitation and used my thumb to tickle her clitoris. The moment I touched she shrieked ooue Ma! Han, han hann bahuuuut mazzza aaa raha hai before she could utter another word.

I crushed her lips with a deep throat kiss. She was swallowing for air and whispering bus aur nahi seh paongi I told her this was only the beginning. My peter in the mean while was hitting the side of the table, which now was beginning to hurt. But I wanted her to remember this one session with me all her life and really did not bother. My lips trailed kisses on her chin, neck shoulders, breast and midriff till I reached her navel.

My forefinger and middle finger now replaced my thumb and were together penetrating her hot depths. The insides had been flooded and it was beginning to drop on the table too as I licked inside her navel she again mumbled something, so I let my left palm cover her mouth, continuing to kiss and lick her navel I allowed my right thumb to start tickling her anus as my fingers continued their pounding of her choot.

Things were really getting wetter inside my fingers finding her G-Spot and twisting it between them. My thumb stimulating her clitoris, she swallowed hard biting into my palm before shuddering into another orgasm. I kept finger her and brought my mouth down to drink her overflowing juices. Yeh to mere sath kabhi bhi nahi hua, Sahib. The doorbell rang, we heard someone call out Chachi O Chachi. Sahib, mera bhatija aya

hai mujhe jana hoga wrapping her pallu around her open blouse was the only way she could cover her aroused plight, she rushed out with the bundles of clothes in front of her breast making a solid line of visual defence. I pulled her back in my arms at the door and planted a deep kiss on her now so yielding lips that tasted blood. Main tujhe nahin jane doonga I said digging both my hands into her soft and yielding buttocks.

Sahib mujeh aapne bhatije se press shoro to karwane do adhe ghante me wapis aate hon when I closed the door shut I saw my palm, the bitch had bitten into it and there was blood this was something I had never realised but suddenly I found the idea of being bitten exciting - this one was hot really hot. The wait was long but and she did not return. The excitement got me to shag a couple of time before I finally had my bath.

It was lunchtime so I grabbed something to eat and went to relax on my bed watching TV. I do not know when I went off to sleep, but the ringing of the bell woke me up. I walked up to the door to open and realized it was almost three in the evening. There she was standing with her nephew at the door with the gatari of ironed clothes on her head as I opened the door I heard her telling the child that Babu ji khabi bhi mujhe bulwa de to aak kar batana zarur.

Inhone Kapre dhulwane hain kuch dino ke liye. She walked provocatively past me and laid the clothes on the sofa in the drawing room. Accha ab tu chala ja aur baki kapre bandhkar sab ke ghar de aur press ko thanda kar koyla bahar pekhna. Mein sahib ke kapre dho kar aati hoon. Aur sun Munni rone lage to goad me utha ker khila dena, accha? She added as the door closed behind her and I caught her by her hair that was tied and pulled her toward the study room.

Dard ho raha hai sahib, Itne jor se mat kheencho, she pleaded accha jab to ne muje hath me kata tab kuch nahin hua", showing my bitten palm I kissed her real hard. She was taken aback with the suddenness of my action and lost her balance falling against the wall. My lips crushed her with a force so hard that she hurt her lips against her own teeth, but the bitch was kissing me back her tongue fighting mine. My hands in the meantime had her blouse opened and were working on her full breasts.

The nipples hurt as I pinched them and she moaned bhoot dukhta hai, dheera, sahib her hips had begun their rocking motion, going back and then pressing against my harness, which after the morning sessions and a couple of shags were hurting me now. But my member was getting hard. I thought it felt harder and bigger than I had felt it before it was trying to come out of the shorts that I was wearing. Leaving her lips, I trailed kisses on her chin, neck, and now bare shoulders.

The shoulder tickled under my caress and kisses and sent shivers down her spine she arched her bosom out toward my advancing mouth. This lady had real fire inside; she desperately was looking for release. Her arms were around my buttocks pressing my hardness into her yearning love nest when my mouth reached her nipples, I disengaged and looked at them, the nipples were really large and pointed they beckoned me to feast on them while fingers of my left hand.

Traced circles on her ample left breast the right one went under the close scrutiny of my mouth. First I planted a kiss on the nipple that made her shudder and thrust herself closer to my manhood and then my tongue started leaving wet trails as it went around the ample terrain. Han Ha o han oh oh, she started mumbling wanting me to take the nipple in my mouth. I did not instead plant small love bites around her breast enjoying its heat and weight on my cheek.

My teasing was exciting her more as I switched sides, and paid attention to the left breast, she blurted out of sheer frustration, Aap enko chooste kyu nahin hain ? She thrust her nipple in my face the thing missed my mouth and got my cheek. The feeling was gorgeously hot. Subha to sare ka sara doodh khatam kar diya tha, aab kyu nahin peeta? She retorted in frustration but I had other plans, and continued to kiss her midriff and gradually trailed my lips and fingers around it while approaching her navel.

Sticking my tongue out I started tickling her navel that tasted salty and smelt the strong pungency of her sex through her sari. My mouth was now busy just above the folds of where she tied her sari my hands were kneading her buttocks and running up and down the back of her legs, caressing them through her sari. She was starting to shiver with passion and her moaning continued so did her heavy breathing that was coming out as gasps.

I looked up at her and she was quiet a sight with blood on her lips her own hands on her breasts squeezing and kneading with her eyes shut closed to her surroundings. For complete two minutes that I disengaged from her I could see her busy with her breasts, she was also desperately trying to get her nipple into her own mouth. Man she was hot! Slowly I started to lift her sari and petticoat with both my hands. Whenever my hand came in contact with her skin her legs trembled and a louder gasps escaped her lips.

My own mouth was almost touching her legs leaving a hot & moist trail of breath as it followed my hands moving upwards. I reached her buttocks to realize that she was dripping wet. I went close to her moist hairy pussy and let a warm breath on it before licking some of her love juice that had settled on her pubic hair. Her pubic area was extremely hot and its smell pungent it was like looking down inside a volcano inside a dense forest. Her pussy lips twitched in anticipation. My hands continued to caress her silken thigh, soft and a little fleshy close to her hips.

This was heaven I thought and new that this woman was mine for as long as I wanted her. I realized most of what I was doing had never been done to her before besides she had no-sex for more than a year as I started to lick her thighs around her knees she almost buckled and fell down. Down came her hands and rested on my shoulder as I continued to sit on my knees and let my mouth and hands give her pleasures. Her heavy breasts were now against my head and their warm, soft.

Swollen feel was enough to drive me faster towards her core. I opened the folds of her vagina and started to massage the entrance with the help of my hand. Her clit was erect and stood out from behind the folds and my tongue went straight for it as I licked it she shuddered into a big orgasm and her hands holding herbreast to my head and her hips thrusting into my mouth as if asking me to drink her dry.

Mar gaye mein kya kare rahe ho aap? Mujse raha nahi jata babu ji aab to mat satao mujhe or mujko chod do hearing her desperate plea for a fuck as I placed my lips close to her vaginal lips and she started to come again this time discharge with a greater force and mumbling hey Ma yeh kya ho gaya mujhe? Ohhh aahhhnn haaannn haannn yeh kya kiya tumne babu oohhhh. I lifted her on my shoulder and carried her to our guest room.

I opened my shorts and let them fall as we reached that room. I drew all curtains, switched on the music system to cover for any unwarranted sounds that this bitch might come out with and then disrobed her. I went and stood next to her and pushed my dick into her face. She looked at me questioningly and I ordered choos ese, aur badhiya choos taki main teri choot hke ache khatir kar sakoon. Mene kabhi nahi choosa, Sahib.

She said reluctantly taking me inside her mouth. What followed after this was extremely pleasurable as I had a amature cock sucker trying hard to please me and her rustic approach and her seeking eyes trying hard to reciprocate the goodness of my foreplay. Things got the better of me and I pushed her back on the bed and mounted her, my penis helped by her eager hands into her warm wetness. She cried a little as I made my first push and I realized that she may be tight because of lack of action in the past year.

The very thought of a tight pussy excited me and made me push harder, my hand went to cover her mouth and though it managed to suppress her scream it got bitten hard in the process. This excited the animal in me and during this session went after her milk laden breasts. I started sucking on them hard, drawing all the milk I could while my hips had now taken a rhythm which was being met by her tight pussy. She was throwing her head from side to side and mumbling animated sounds.

Hanhhanh inhe aur joor se kato choos lo mera sthano ko khatam kar do mera doodh par and she said mujhe itne jor se chodo ke meri phat jayege. Ooie Maa! as I changed onto the second nipple I saw that the first one had become absolutely red and there were marks from my hard sucking all around it but she simply pushed the other one into my mouth without complaining. Gradually my pounding was getting comfortable for her and now instead of hitting back.

I pounded into her she was hitting back when I was withdrawing the fighting bitch was getting tamed. She crossed her legs behind my back into a tight lock and squeezed her inner muscles often trying to dislodge my manhood from its base. Chap chap. I could now hear the sound of wetness that had once again started to ooze out of her pussy and this drove me wild. I spread her thighs and lifted her legs toward her bosom making her rest her knees now on my shoulder this way I could go deeper.

I started hitting her pussy with much longer and deeper strokes. A hai accompanied every push from me from her. Suddenly she came and I saw her eyes roll up and her hands tearing into the bed sheet above her head it was great to see her swollen 38 sized melons swaying as she arched her self from one side to another. I clasped one nipple between my thumb and fore-finger trying to stop the sway. Her insides were flooded and her cum was trickling down the crevices of her arse onto the sheet.

I took my drenched member out of her and after placing two pillows asked her to lie on a metal box that was 3' x 5' with a height of 2, made her lie face down on it. Herbuttocks shivered in anticipation and I knew this one will be the best session for the Dhobin. I asked her to lift her arse and shoved my member into her. IT was so slippery inside that I needed little time to park myself deep. Now instead of positioning from above her behind I got parked on her buttocks.

They were incredibly soft and soft and the sensation was unbearable for me. But the angle was taking me very very deep and she was shaking her head in agony. I was touching the inner most wall of hers and was enjoying as my balls came and hit the softness of those beautiful buttocks. As I came I bent down and bit her hard on the back of her shoulder before collapsing with my full weight on her. My teeth in her flesh brought her to her another orgasm and she stiffened her legs straight.

Her hands and neck fell loose in fatigue as she just lay there under me for sometime. Ashok, ne kabhi mujhe itne der tak maza diya Sala apne apko marad kehta hai or ab kehta hai ke mere se sambhog nahin karega. She said as she came and sat next to me on the bed now. My member was loosing its stiffness but felt very sore, she was kissing my chest and gently wiping the cum from my penis. Sahib yakeen karo aaj se pehle main ne kabhi bhi kise luund ko nahinchoosa Acha laga ke nahi

I asked hugging her into me. Mei ab thumari hui Sahib, aaj se pehle mene itne kushi kabhi bhi mehsoos nahi kar paye. Aap jab chao muje bulwa ke mere sath sambandh kar saketae ho. I asked her to get ready and help me tidy the place as my wife was to return any moment. Hurriedly she got her clothes together and went about wearing them as she was buttoning up her blouse I could see the umpteem love bites that I had made on her mammaries.

Tera doodh bahut meetha hai, Rupa kabhi kabhi apne munni ke baad hamara bhi khayal rakhna. I said before leaving she helped me clean up the place and at the door she asked mein aap se phir kab mil saktee hoon? Wow! I said to myself this was great. I knew that my wife, who was a teacher left early in the morning at least 3 hours before I left for work and told her that would be the most convenient time to mate. Roz subha 7.30 baje ke baad.

I saw the shaky walk as disheveled clothes, which she tried desperately to straighten. A little later when my wife returned I told her that today I found help to wash clothes. She was extremely happy as we had been trying for someone for months now. So friends until next time then by the way why don't you try touching these dhobin's – Ohhh! They sure meet a lot of heat and steam. Girls, if you want to play detailed role plays, then please add my yahoo Id. My ID is dirty_abusive_roleplayer and the alternate Id is steve.anderson77

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