Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A Sweet Game of Sex - Part 1

Hello, I am Smrity sweet and lovely Smrity and few things that happened in my life are unforgottable few nice things and few bad things but few really exciting and you got it right my thrilling moments.

I am a small town girl living in Jharkhand, hey I’m not what you started to think now. I am very beautiful fair complexion good figure and beautiful eyes. I live with my parents and a small brother sirf kahene ke lie chota hai par shaitani Mei sabka baap hai. He is in class 8 and I’m in 12th at school I’m famous amongst boys for waht reasons? My breast size I think sabhi ki nazar wahi rehati hai but I’m a clean girl or maybe I can say was clean and never had a boyfriend and never did those crazy things which girls usually do as a silent girl but what to do.

Ye age hi aisi hai ke no one remains clean every boy in my school eyed me and there were many beautiful girls but my breast size seemed to be an extra beauty feature which attracted the boys actually I really have big boobs initially I felt very shy about them as they were extra grown. I always used to think of having normal sized boobs but slowly as I grow I became comfortable with them. I was after my board exams were getting desperate of having a good boy as my boyfriend with whom I can share my feelings and more.

I could not find a good guy who loved me and not my figure. I started readind sex stories and watching porn over internet wow! They felt so nice and soothing especially when while watching them. I cummed it felt like heaven let me, from my so far many adventures tell you an incident in my life it was during summers and we were having vaccations at school and my brother too and he studied in a different school from mine and his name is Aryan as it was holidays his friends came to play in our house.

One friend named Raj was friquent as he was our neighbour too, I and my brother share same room and one day when I entered my room I saw the two of them sitting on the computer and giggling which abruptly stopped when I entered.

Me: Aryan let me have the pc for few moments I need to check my facebook account Aryan: theek hai le lo both of them then gave me way to the pc and while I was about to sit they giggled again looked at me and went to the bed in the same room and when I opened the browser I was shocked to see that the last site visited was indiansexstories.net (this is where I came to know about this site)

I opened it I saw a story appeared which was titled as sex with didi. My! They have started doing these things at this very age maine to kabhi ISS age mei aisa socha bhi nahi hoga but you know and I felt good as I was starved from all these stuffs for a big period of my teen life and thaught of seducing these two that day and just for fun, maza and adventure while I checked my facebook they sat on the bed waiting me to leave the pc after a while I handed over the pc to them a sparkle came into their eyes showing how desperately they were wanting to finish that story and then I turned to him and said: kya baat hai? Itna khush!

Aryan: aise hi

Me: kya karna hai pc pe?

Aryan: games download karna hai?

Me: ok mai mann hi mann muskurai I was wearing a knee length skirt and a pink top at that time it was afternoon I went to the bed there and pretended to sleep meanwhile I was listening to their talks which they were doing in wishpering tone. Raj said some thing whichh a barely heard to which

Aryan replied: bhut maar khaiyenge hum didi se agar uth gai to.

Raj: aree darta kyu hai didi soo rahi hai I kept mum and pretended to be in deep sleep. I was sleeping with my knees folded towards my stomach so that a gap was created between my thies and my skirt then again I overheard Raj

Raj: to mai try karu?

Aryan: mujhe nahi pata tu hi samajhna agar uth gai to Raj aree kuch nahi hoga. I was getting excited on listening to their talks it was making me hot from inside pata nahi ye log aisa kya karne wale hai mere sath kuch to karne wale hai hi mujhe to soch k hi maza aa raha tha then raj came near my legs and started trying to see inside my skirt then he took one corner of my skirt and slowly started lifting it.

I was enjoying this and I started getting excited but did not move my body. Raj gestured aryan to come near him a have a peek inside my skirt he came near me and said didi! Didi! Actually he was checking if wake up easily or not I didn't wake up on getting confirmed he too came near my legs and started peeking inside my skirt and then someone from them I did not see Raj or Aryan lifted the skirt a little more then

Raj said: Aryan ajj uncle aunty ghar p nahi hai accha mauka hai story ka practical karne ka.

Aryan: nahi nahi pagal hai kya?

Raj: aree yaar sex thore hi karne bol rahe hai bass didi ki boobs or pussy dekhenge hum dono chupke se. Wow! I was thinking aree kuch to karoo jaldi Raj then slowly lifted my part of my skirt high and exposed some part of my hip.

Raj: yaar teri didi to mast hai re boobs to mast hai hi ajj hips bhi deekhne ko mil gaye Aryan: boobs tune kab deekh lia?

Raj: aree kapre k upar se hi to kitna mast aur bara dikhta hai and I was thinking aree bacchu tum dono ne abhi dekha hi kya hai mai pari hu pari. Aryan came nearer my waist and slid his hands inside my skirt and tried to touch at first he hesitated but on see no movements from me he kept his palm on my thigh and said: Raj it is very soft yaar

Raj: mujhe bhi choone de mai bhi didi kii softness mahsoosh karu I thought: softness wo to mere boobs ki deekhna bacchoo then Raj too touched my thighes and they were proceeding very slowly so mujhe zyada maza nahi aa raha tha and so I thought k ab mujhe hi kuch karna hoga as Raj touched me again I woke up and said: kya kar rahe ho tum Raj?

Raj: nahi didi kuch nahi just sitting

Me: Aryan mai nahane ja rahi hu

Aryan: ok didi I turned away and headed to the bathroom which was attched to my room. I thought ab mujhe hi kuch exciting karna parega ye log to bhut darr rahe hai. I went to the bathroom. I opened my clothes and ahh I felt like squeezing my boobs very rough I took bath cleaned myself my pussy region and my ass and then I came out in a white towel covering me from my boobs to my thighs on seeing me both the boys looked at me in an awe.

I could see their eyes bulging out in excitement on seeing me like that half nude. I went to the dressing table and started drying my hairs with the hair drier and still in that towel. I was getting eyed by both of them and in the mirror I saw and I was looking damn sexy hot chick with big round jucy boobs while combing my hairs and I asked them : what are you both doing? Playing something?

Aryan: yes didi

Me: what?

Raj: doctor doctor didi app kheloge?

Wow! I was looking for this chance itself and I will definately try to seduce these guys now.

Me: ya sure par kaise khelte hai?

Aryan: roleplay hai koi doctor banega aur koi patient and teesra doctor ka assistant.

Me: chalo to fir mai patient ban jati hu aur tum dono mei se koi doctor ban jao itna kahte hi mai bed paa ke knee k sahare baith gai now my thighs were clearly visible to them

Raj said: I will become the doctor. He became the doctor and Aryan his helper and the game started and I came as a patient to this young sexy doctor who was already imagining me naked by now.

Raj: han kya pareshani hai didi I interupted and said aree bhuddu mai patient bani hu to didi mat bolo smrity bolo ya madam bolo.

Raj: kya pareshani hai madam?

Me: chest pain hai (this was the best thing I could have said to make this adventure really adventurous)

Raj: apka naam? me smrity

Raj: age?

Me:18 years

Raj: kab se pain hai?

Me: kal se he gestured Aryan to bring stethescope

Raj: compounder madam ko bed p leta do

Aryan held me from my hands and guided me to the bed I layed down there mai tab se usi towl mei thi taki zyada se zyada expose kar saku.

Raj: let me check you madam aur wo sthescope mere boobs ke upper part mei dabane laga

Raj: hhmm ok han han ok while checking me he put a little part of the device inside my towel from my boobs to check me properly

Me: kya hua doctor? Acche se check up karyega bhut pain hai ye towel nikal du taki app acche se check kar sake? His eyes got brightened and he suddenly said: han nikal dijiye as I was just out of bathroom after a shower I was not wearing a bra nor a panty just towel. I quickly removed the towel and kept aside kuch deer to dono mujhe deekhte hi rahe. I was lying nude infront of them puri nanggi hokar unke samne bed p leti hui thi ye deekh k un logo ki excitement to satwe asman mei pahuch gai.

Raj: madam app to bilkul fit and sexy hai apko chest pain kaise ho gaya mujhe acche se check karna parega itna kahete hi wo mere nange badan ko unglio se press karne laga

Raj: kya yaha dard hai?

Me: nahi thora neeche he touched and pressed my boobs and said yaha?

Me: han wahi dard hai. To be continued.

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