Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A Hot Mama Was Seduced

One boring afternoon, did not have much to do, so thought would log into chat and kill time. Generally in chat, guys come under fake names and that is a killer by itself and puts you off and kept moving one room after that other and then talked to a couple of people before I hit on this lady and we exchanged the mundane as pleasantries and this is what I got

She said she was Usha, 28, married and has a kid. I replied I am 30, unmarried and yet to make kids just to kick in the lighter side the normal conversation progresses and we hit upon body statistics and she said she was 34 C 30 34 which sounded good for a married one with kid next we touchbed upon her hubby who is a marketing manager with a multinational and keeps busy on road for 30% of times, so that was a boredom where she entered chat.
2 weeks go by and we get a little comfortable on chat and I dig out some secrets about her sex life. One of her husband's relatives used to visit her house to meet as family as he lived alone. He was a young fresh out of college stud that got a new job in town. He being new to town came to her place to have food on weekends and also watch TV or just hang out as long as husband was in town the hanging out was different but when he is not in town.
He had asked him to come home when he felt like having home cooked food. He meant the real home cooked food I would assume as the days went by she and this young fellow started to get intimate and he was hooked. She was his goddess in town and he frequented more and she was able to statisfy her body needs as hubby travelled and she got online to chat as this guy was chatting to her from home as well and here I am interrupting their chat and also getting to talk to her.
I guesss she was managing two chats at the time, well that was a good start. We opened up the cam and we could see each other and also commented on her looks and body. I said that for her kind of body, I can be around her house all day doing chores. Two months went by and we were really close and I got all the nitty gritty details of her sex life and I asked if we could meet and she said that her kid was with her. I said we can just meet to say hello in a coffee shop and that way she and I get to see each other in person. 
So we planned the day and the D-Day came and at 5:00 PM was in her area in a coffee shop. She was about 5'3" the body size as she mentioned approximately is what I assume and neatly kept fingers and hair clear face and eyes that were bright lucious lips and her breasts were packaged well inside her shirt and I was able to place where her nipples were as we started to chat more. She made it to the coffee shop with son as she was shopping in that area for her house so said Hi to the little fellow.
We had coffee the conversation was for about 30 minutes and she had to leave. I asked was she was up to this evening and she looked me which was kind of asking why and then said you wanting to come home? I did not want to miss that opportunity and I said would be good if you had time to catch up later. She smiled and said if you cane come after 9:30 PM since her son goes to bed at 9
I get all excited, come home taking a shower I think about getting to see her nipples which were a prefect icing on her rounded breasts, holding the waist and pulling into me, really got me excited and I was hard in the shower masturbated thinking about the night earlier masturbation helps as it takes longer time for the second round of ejaculation. I knock her door sharp at 9:30 and she comes to the door and opens it and says come in.
I quickly slide into her house and the door is shut. I look at her and she was in her evening clothes and all freshened up smelling good. I whispered asking about her son and she said don’t worry he is fast asleep. She was also online with that yound stud and she said lets go to the other bedroom so here we are, in the room and she was talking to him online. He was insisting on her coming online but she kept saying that her kid was around and cannot come online.
I was sitting next to her and I kept my comments rolling in and making him horny and she too was eagerly typing all that I said as we typed, his invite for cam came in and she accepted and said that his dick will be out now. I was now standing up and went hehind her chair, with my hands on her shoulders as she typed. I massage the shoulder muscle and rubbed her shoulders at the back as this guys get to pull his dick out for which he has positioned his cam view I said hey I cannot see this guy stroking it not my interest  and she giggled loudly. 
This is a new type of 3 some with one going cyber and by this time she closed his came window but kept typing in and I closed in on her neck and chin as my hands were slowly caressing her skin which was growing warm. He was typing that his dick was hard and was stroking it for her to see. I whispered don’t open the cam and by this time, my finger was rubbing her lips. She kissed mine and allowed one to slip lightly into her mouth. Now my plans were caressing her cheeks and I slowly glided 
My hands down her neck to the side of her hands and then to her breasts over her shirt. Gently massaged them without pressure and rubbed over the nipple area to converge at the neck button of her shirt and she stopped to type as my hands pulled her chin upwards to see me standing behind her chair. I bend down and kiss her mouth gently and waited for her to respond with pressure lips caress and my mouth gently wets her lips.
I start to kiss with more pressure making her open the lips. My hands by now are sliding inside her shirt over the neck line and inside feel the bra fabric and caress the breasts over it. I can feeel the nipples now and they are growing hard as I caress and gently squeeze them each time I caress my tongue digs deeper into her mouth and after a minute or so I let go of her chin as that would hurt her neck leaning backwards. This guy has typed a whole page and she said time to see a hard one on cam or in here.
I move to her side and open the button of my jeans and pull the fly down my 7" swollen hardness is packed sidways and bulges thru my underwear and she could was staring at it with wide eyes. I bend towards her and close the chat and slowly bend down and kiss her again this time we face each other my hands unbuttoning her shirt as fast as it could and I fling them open her hands went from holding me to my croctch feeling my hard dick over the underwear.
I slowly move her hands away and kneel in front of her between her legs while she was sitting my hands pulls the bra straps from her shoulders and slides them to the side and hands rub over the breasts this time the nipples are poking themselves thru the bra fabric and I lean toward the bra to gently bit and cup them with lips slowly moving down I feel the fresh raw skin under the bra kissing along the rib cage my mouth moves down to the navel.
I unhook the bra with my hands exposing her breasts on my face. I suck on the nipples while my fingers keep rolling the other and pressing using my lips I cup the nipple with areola and gently bite and my tongue flicks the nipples inside mymouth and she moans and pushes her breasts towards my mouth and holds to my head pressing into her as I move closer into her my legs push her legs wider and I suck and bite harder at her nipples and she closes her legs in me.
My hands reach down to her skirt and unhook the band and unzip it by the side and slide it down her butt by lifting her up now I move back skirt down and her legs spread with panties and I slide my pants down and pull my underwear down, which make my hard dick jump out, sticking out hard she gently places her hand over it and pulls it to her.  I move to her and she strokes it gently applying the precum over the head of my dick and put her toungu to taste the head.
I move closer to her face and she opens her mouth and gently covers it’s tongue gently rubbing my cock head and she moving down the shaft makes me slowly fuck her mouth but I dont move just enjoying the warm mouth and saliva on the head she slowly bobbs up and down the shaft her hands rubbing my hairy thighs and making me more harder at the dick head and caressing my balls which are by now raised to be under the shaft.
I slowly push her head away and start to go down and tug at her panties slide them from butt down to the thighs and off they go again spreading her legs and making room for me inbetween I kiss her navel and slowly rub her thighs. the inner thighs and then outer and her waist and hips bones kisssing gently down the hip bones to the thighs with open lips making it wet and flick my tongue to taste the skin my hands push her legs wider and reach to her pussy aching to me touched and kissed.
I can see it wet and I move into and kiss on the labia fully and gently suck on the skin using my fingers spreading the lips open I put my tongue out and gently lick the walls and move to the clit which was swollen tongue wetting the clit and I press hard on it before cupping with lips and gently sucking with wetness and tongue flicking it slowly she arches backwards and her butt moving front to the chair edge. I can see it wider.
I start to increase the flick of my tongue on the clit which by now is out of the covering sheath gently I run it with my tongue as my finger slowly prods the pussy and hole and slides in and its is wet feeling the side of the pussy walls I pull the finger out while my tongue starts to flick and press and nudge the clit with more pressure and she keeps moaning and then also covering mouth to make sure kid in the next room does not wake up. 
I am hard and she yells get inside me. I stand up and pull her face ot suck my hard dick again and she does it with animal fervour and I loved each sucking move pulling my dick I stand in front of her pulled her butt to the edge of the chair, exposing the swollen pussy to my and legs spread she slides the condom on my hardness and I place it over the clit and gently rub and pat it with my dick head making her arch and push to get more of it holding it.
I press and slowly slide down from clit into the pussy hole and I push to slide into the wetness and she gasps a bit to allow my hardness in and then it goes in smoothly all the way down to my base of the dick. My balls at her pussy base I am fully in. I then slowly pull it out until the dick head is at  the pussy hole and not outside totally and hold it there before pushing it in aagain everytime I hold it at the pussy hole my dick head swells making her give out a moan
She loves every thrust and so am I now start to build the rhythm in moving into her and out and I can hear my thighs make noise as it hits her. We go harder and she lifts her butt to meet my thrust.  I get faster and the rhythm making me breather harder and fastser she enjoying it and her head going backwards my hands start to squeeze her breasts as I keep pushing my dick in to the swollen pussy lips which are now grasping my dick and relaxing for every move.
My bals danlging to hit her butt hole and this makes it more harder and wanting to break out as I start to climax I knew she was climaxing too and I dig deeper into her and finally I pushed deep letting oout a groan with pant and I shoot cum inside her deep pussy all the white protien load into the rubber as I could feel her pussy walls clasping my hard shaft and milking the last drop as the pussy milks my dick. 
We kiss pasionately with more tongue. I slowly pull the half swollen dick out now which has a loaded condom with lots of cum. She pulls the condom and sucks my dick which I could not bear and I pull off stepping back she lays back in the chair and I start to wipe my dick dry, we kiss and then move to the bathroom to clean up.

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