Saturday, July 9, 2011

Touch Her Is A Pleasure Forever

All that happened in a while few months ago with a beautiful girl MINI 22 which I saw in my local bus which I am traveling through as she is looking like an north-Indian actress in particular – I just helped her by getting ticket in the bus. I purposely followed her day by day and at the
day end I just make up my mind to have few chat with her in which she responds after a few days of hesitations.

We just used to talk friendly and we both developed our friendly chats in MARINA BEACH and PARKS as well on Sundays. All of a sudden on a particular day she gave me her marriage invitation. I really got shocked and she too observed my looks and speech thereby and I just explained her that she is my only GF to have with through and I also loved her a lot to cope up in life forever. She replied me that she too feels the same and her marriage with the fellow has been tied on her childhood days itself. I really felt sorry and we both left.

On a near Sunday we both met at MARINA BEACH and we had chatted/played a lot more than before having expressed our TRUE LOVE. At the day end I just want to kiss her lovely pink lips – As I asked her in a turn she replied me that she too feels the same, so without waiting for a mere second I kissed her lovely pink lips twice and thrice having in touch of her lovely boobs. All of sudden we broke our kiss and I again used to chat with her about moving further on our sexual desires as well.

She replied me that her marriage is about to happen in a month and she wants to be a true girl to her hubby as a virgin. But looking at her lovely assets 36-30-38 no one will leave her having just kisses. I just convinced her day by day and moreover she never convinced at all.

We both met again in person at MARINA BEACH – Once I starring at her I felt she is a sexy goddess and I am not able to control myself. I am in dream thinking of her lovely sexual assets and decided to feel her naked boobs , to kiss her navel in particular and to smell/lick her pussy in deep atleast. [Beautiful girls have lovely navel and intoxicating pussy smell to feel with in great pleasure]. Having such intentions I acted very smart on convincing her to move further.

By now looking at her – She was thinking because her age/mood changed on my behalf. She said ok but with few conditions. I then asked her about those in turn she replied that I can feel her through from top to bottom and ordered to cum on his belly.. [That is without fucking her pussy] because she might me be caught by her hubby in first-night while doing sex if so her HYMEN got tarred on having sex with me now.

I gently agreed for her conditions and moved further on our sexual desires by near Sunday in my flat. She was in red churidar on that day I just moved very slowly and not in a hurry mood to taste her from top to bottom. Upon my moves I kissed her lips, eyes, her neck and ears as well. I Just removed her clothes – [THUPATTA , CHURIDAR , BRA and PANTY with whisper napkeen as well].

I was just made her lie on the bed and was eating her every part of her body with my lips. As explained above her beautiful face deserves such a kind of beautiful navel which I kissed many times at standing and sleeping positions as well.

Also her beautiful face deserves such a kind of intoxicating smell on her pussy which I had while licking through stretching her legs wide deeper and finally I wasn’t able to control my penis paining from within and I cum myself on her belly as she ordered me after a long of 38 minutes of sex . [According to me having a slow, steady, and passionate deep tastier sex gives a huge/more pleasure than fucking harder on the pussy hole].

Finally MY GF MINI got married and I too attend her marriage and taken snaps of her beautiful face and having completed 6 months of her marriage life – I was very gentle and was chatting once in a while month[NOT IN PERSON]. She wasn’t got pregnant till now as his sexual life with his hubby is not great and living a normal life.

I am 6 feet tall handsome guy with muscular built body. I just want/expect you people ISS reader’s comments and statements now and then. Especially from College girls, married women, from Chennai as you come to know my moves as said above. Feel free mailing me to my ID I promise you sure will enjoy my company. SECRECY ASSURED / CHEERS AND KEEP SMILING.

After long days we both met secretly in T.NAGAR in which she felt a lot on having missed me in her life….Upon reading you people ISS readers replies comments and statements to my ID I will elongate/narrate more further on things happened on both of us – whether I fucked her pussy or not ? / whether I saved her from her hubby? / whether we both got married or not??

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