Saturday, 9 July 2011

Taking My Girlfriend’s Virginity

Hi friends, my name is Rajveer (name Changed) I am 25 year old. Please pardon me if any mistakes as this are my first story. This incident took place on my GF’s birthday. Her name is Dolly (Name changed) she is very beautiful 5’5 having round eyes; her figure is 30-28-30.
She stays in Indore and on her birthday she came to meet me in Mumbai.

As soon as I Saw her I met her hugged her and planted a lovely smoouch on her lips slowly pused my hands on her ass and pressed it gently. We broke up that smoouch and then I took her to a hotel room which I had already booked it. As soon as we reached there she wanted to get freshen up. So she had her shower and came out in towel. As soon as I saw her in towel I lost my control I went to her and gave her a long smoouch.

While smoouching her I also had slided my hand from beneath her towel towards her vagina and was moving hands and fingers gently on her Vagina she was completely wet down there. She just kept getting wild and started bitting my lips. I slowly pulled the towel off and she was just standing completely nude in front of me.

I started pressing her boobs and was kissing her all over. While kissing her I was pressing her boobs and also pinching her nipples. She kept moaning. I got more aroused on hearing that moaning sound and increased my speed of kissing and pressing her nipples. Now she removed my T shirt and opened my pant button and slowly pulled it off. She removed my underware. My penis was rock hard and standing in her honour.

My penis is 6.5 inched She have me a slow hand job then started giving a blow job. She was doing that for the first time but she was doing it in a fantastic way.

I was just about to cum in 15 mins and so I stopped her I lifted her and put her on bed I went over her and started kissing her boobs then slowly I came down kissed her on her stomach and then naval as I kissed her naval she gave out a moan aaaahhhh I just became mad and what I could see was just her pink vagina. I started licking and sucking it wildly.

She got wild and gave out very loud moans. Please jaan Come on faster faster she was just about to cum and I drank all her juices. Since it was her first time she was feeling very strange but I kept on licking. After some time I was teasing her by touching my penis on her vagina and she was very scared as she was a virgin and she feared it will hurt her I convinced her planted a lovely smoouch and asked her to trust me.

I licked her vagina also I put some cream and applied it slowly. After that I slowly slided 1 finger inside her vagina and was moving in and out she was moaning like crazy. Slowly I put my penis inside her and pushed she screamed loudly as her hymen was broken and my penis was fully inside her.

Some tears gatheredon her eyes I just kissed her and wiped her tears. I gave her my hand took her off the bed she went to the washroom poured some water on vagina and washed the blood. She came towards me I hugged her put her on bed lied above her and fucked her for around 20 minutes. She was enjoying. I was also giving her kiss on neck her boobs and also on lips.

I was about to cum so I asked her she said ill have I pill you can cum inside me. I cum inside her. We relaxed for 10 minutes and I asked her to give me a BJ as soon as she gave me a BJ my penis was rock hard once again. I asked her to press her boobs against each other and I slid my penis between her breasts and fucked her breast. She was enjoying that a lot.

I planted a kiss on her lips and slowly came down towards vagina and was again licking her vagina. I slowly went towards her ears and said you want top try anal and she just agreed I turned her and applied a lot of vasline in her ass hole. I slowly rubbed vasline towards all 4 side of her ass hole and was finger fucking her ass very gently and lightly.

I slowly pused my finger inside her it was hurting her but since I ahd aopplied lot of vasline and was slow and gentle pain was less slowly slowly I kept doing that. She was moaning ahhhh ahh god yaaaaaa I was getting excited but I was still slow very gently I pushed my penis inside her she dint felt much pain and she started to enjoy I cummed insider her ass and all my juices were flowing outside her ass.

She went to bathroom had shower again and cleaned herself. I said I want to dress her so I dressed her I made her ware her bra, panties jeans and top and then she gave me a smoouch I replied back and pressed her boobs from above dress and also touched her vagina she left with beautiful memories, Now when ever she comes to Mumbai we have sex and we also have phone sex. Hope you all liked the story

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