Saturday, 9 July 2011

Shy Village Girl Shows Heaven

It was summer vacation time and as I am employed as a doctor I was not allowed a vacation by govt, but due to a marriage function of one of my cousins I had to take leave and visit the cousins family at his place.

It was like a big movie with all my friends, relatives and everyone around. It was like a grand family festival. I was of course getting much attention since I was the only doctor in my whole family. And so the story began the day I landed in my cousins place.

Janu had booked me a special room in the inspection bungalow and instructed everyone not to disturb me. I had no problem in staying there despite the hot summer, because the IB are usually situated in a forest like environment with much tree. Her house was at a walkable distance from the IB and so I preferred to stay at the IB. During the morning hours we were all chatting about this that etc. And after lunch I thought of taking a good nap and so left for the IB.

After I had changed my dress and made my self comfortable and switched on the Tv and was reading the news paper someone knocked at the door. On opening I met this girl, her name was Seema. She lived in the neighborhood of my cousins. On asking about her arrival she said she wanted to know more about medical course as a career option.

I welcomed her in and she was quite comfortable and discussed about what u do and do not to be come a doctor. She was like any other eager girl of her age. She may be about 18 or a year less. And she had this nice body slim figure pointed nose, big eyes, full lips, curly hair. Her presence relaxed me a lot and imagine you are alone in a room with a beautiful girl and she is talking with you friendly, even if you can not touch or do anything still then the whole ambiance feels so good, And the aroma of her perfume was all over the room. About an hour later she left and I slept.

In the afternoon, when I reached my cousins house Seema was there, but she was looking different, and was behaving in a weird manner, trying to hide herself from me, behaving like she is an extra shy. I could not understand anything, but soon I could make it as she was with some other girls who were pinching her and teasing her. I called her outside and asked, what is the matter why she is so shy, she informed that her friends are teasing her that I am having a crush on you. Huh!!! I laughed and said “Are you ?”

She smiled and went inside the house. In the evening there were singin and dancing sessions and I preferred to be the judge and it was a very enjoyable session. Later in the evening before dinner I returned to my chamber in the IB for some work and I found Seema outside, I called her along. We walked till the IB and talked thing like is she maintaining a boy friend, is she thinking about guys this that.

At the door she wanted to go away and I said, why dont u stay for a while we wil return together and she did not say anything. I opened the lock and went inside while she stood outside, on asking she said you change and I am waiting outside. Her behaviour was making me eager and I pulled her byhand inside and locked the door.

Pushing her to the wall I said, why are you behaving like a wife material??? shy and naive ? She looked down on to the floor and I pulled her face up and planted a kiss on her lips and perhaps she was also waiting for this she reciprocated too and started suckingm y tongue fiercely.

While our tongues were tied inside my hands were travelling to all the peaks and holes of the body and it is then I realized how nice boobs she has, She had perfect boobs just as big to fit into my mouth may be 30 size. I pulled her on to the bed and removed her tops and she was in just bra and skirt. I pulled her bra down and started eating her boobs squeezing them with my tongue and biting them and she was all in oohs and aahs.

I was licking all over her chest and tasting her young buds, it seemed like it was heaven. I was eating her boobs while my hands were separating her body from her skirt. Now I had pushed her skirt down and pulling her panty down, to which she resisted and I did pull her panty apart with all my force and pushed her up on the couch and looked at the pussy. She shyed but requested me not to do anything.

I assured that I will not fuck her. and then my hand was squeezing her pussy lips and her fine hairs were there which were making her fair pussy look so great, I pulled her lips apart to look insde and whow, what a pink beauty she was inside I instantly pushed my tongue into her pussy and started licking it and sucking, she tried to push my head out but there was no use of it since I had almost inserted one fingerinside her pussy and fucking her with my fingure.

She was now moaning and humping faster and her body was wet with sweat, and I was savoring the taste of a virgin pussy. The perfume she had used was so relaxing that I was not feeling tired and she was beating her head on the bed from side to side.

I was biting her clitoris softly and then inserting my tongue into her hole and this made her beat her head faster and gvie a shirll cry and her body vibrated faster and then she became calm and her pussy was not wet with fluid.

She had just had an orgasm. And I asked her to bent over my face and she did that while I was lying on the bed and sucking the drops of her liquid coming out of her pussy, and licking her pussy and biting ehr clitoris. She was sweating profusely. It took me another ten minutes to cool her off. and there she was ready to go home, happy with a glow on her face.

I pulled her into the bathroom and we both had a bath together and then she dried herself off quite nicely and dressed up as if nothing has happened. and we started walking to wards my cousins home, I asked her how did she like everything, she smiled and said nothing. I said can u come to my room tonight? She denied saying her mother will be angrey to know if she remained in one room with me. I said, you will come.

We had reached my cousins house and she ran into the house while we all got busy in preparing for the dinner.

This is just something which happened as a trailer and the main thing is yet to come. So forward your messages to me at

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