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Sex With Friend of My Sister Ayesha

Now this is about my other experience, every year during Diwali and her family comes to stay at my place and her name is Zeena.She is fair in complexion and she is skinny but has naturally huge boobs.

She was what we call a girl who would try to make her presence felt by wearing tight clothes and pouting her lips. Anyways so she and her mom came to stay at my place last Diwali, So they came at my house in the morning at 10 I helped them set up their luggage and as I stay only in a 3 BHK flat zeena was told to sleep with me in my room. So, my masi and mom went out to meet some of the relatives and I was now alone with zeena in the house

We actually were very close we used to do a lot of masti and all. So once we were settled in I stated asking her some questions regarding her personal life and came to know that she had just recently broke up, and she got sad after having that chat. So I went closer to her to comfort her. She was wearing a tight white t shirt and shorts now when I went close to her I hugged her and than when I hugged her I felt her boobs on my chest this gave me an immediate erection.

And I started feeling naughty regarding her but. I immediately relaised that she is zeena and I am not supposed to think this way about her I left her and than we sat to have our lunch. The whole day passed away and than after having our dinner planned to go to sleep. I was lying on my bed and my zeenna was changing and she came up in a loose top and shorts which were so short that it just covered her ass and I was literally staring at her body and she asked me

What are you up to? Why are you staring at me? And I was like "nothing was just thinking about something" and she gave me a weird look and than came on the bed and went to sleep. But now what she was wearing my mind ticked off and thoughts of fucking her rough and hardcore filled up my mind, but than I was very scared because she was zeena and than if something went wrong my family would have got embarrassed.

So I was thinking and thinking and suddenly when I opened my eyes I realized that I had fallen asleep since past 3 hours and than my eyes came on Ayesha and she was sleeping tight without her blanket and as her t shirt was loose it had came up and was exposing her milky white belly a little, which gave me an instant erection and again the evil in my mind started rising and I wanted to touch her body and lick her body!

So first I tried to pinch her here and there just to see whether she was in deep sleep or not and i pinched her thrice but she dint give any response. So now I got the guts and I slowly went and gave a peck on her lips, because I was scared that if I would have used my tongue than she would wake up.

So I was slowly giving her pecks and was licking her thighs ohhhh what smooth skin she had umm but than I felt like pressing her boobs so I slowly slid my hand into her top was trying to reach her boobs and suddenly she woke up threw my hand and slapped me. She was furious on seeing what I was doing and than i was trying to console her that i am sorry and don't tell anyone but she was like no i would tell my mom and i don't want to stay in this house because of me and i was so scared, I tried everything to convince her but she didn't listen than I thought that this is heights and

I had to do something so when she was walking towards the door i grabbed her hair from the behind and pushed her on the bed and came over her holding her hands wide and she started shouting so i kept my lips over her and bit her on the lower lip which made her bleed, and than i asked her "you want this to happen the easy way or the hard way" and suddenly i don't know what came to her mind and she told me that I want this in the most hard and rough way that you could do and I was shocked to hear that but was also happy.

So, I started smooching her wildly I was inserting my whole tongue in her mouth and almost licked the whole inside of her mouth and than was just licking her tongue and feeling her lips. Than she told me that she wanted to be on top of me so I agreed and once she came on top of me and than I saw her wild side, she started biting me on my neck and almost tore my t shirt but than I only removed it for her, than she started licking my chest and and was biting me wherever she felt like.

This got me all super excited and I pushed her and came on top of her and started slapping her and tore her top and squeezed her boobs wildly this made her scream and I had to stop her from screaming so I smooched her at that time and was still squeezing her boobs due to which tears rolled out of her eyes. And than i stopped smooching her and she said that "please, press them slowly it hurts a lot but as if i was gonna listen I told her ok I won't now and inserted my 2 fingers in her mouth and told her to lick them and she started doing that i bit her nipples and pulled her nipples by my teeth like a dog snatches his meat and this made her cry and she said " I don't wanna continue" but than

I convinced her that I will go soft now (I lied) so than removed her shorts and panties, her panties were very wet so I squeezed the panties in her mouth and started smooching her over it. Than I turned her started licking her back and the best part was when I was licking her lower back she was completely vibrating. Than I grabbed her ass and start spanking it slowly but she told me to go harder so I spanked her hardly and was nailing her whole ass and started biting it.

I turned her again and as I love licking legs of a girl I started licking the back of her knee which made her go wild and was softly biting her thighs and she was moaning like "aaaahhhhh yes Abhishek fuck me like a demon (I love dirty talking) so than I went on to licking her pussy I licked it slowly and made it completely wet, than I inserted my tongue into her pussy and damn it tasted awesome)

Then she told I wanted your cock so I gave her my cock in her mouth she was first licking it like a lolipop and i told her "bitch, this is not the way you do it" and with force I pushed my entire 6 inch but very fat cock in her mouth and she was choking. Than I told her to come off the bed and kneel down in front of me, I again pushed my cock in her mouth and was mouth fucking her so wildly that face completely became red and her mouth was dripping with thick saliva which

I bent down and licked it. Again i started mouth fucking her but this time I did it longer for like 30 seconds continously she was trying to push me but I was determined to get as much pleasure as i can, but than she scratched my ass with her nails which pained me and I removed my cock from her mouth eventually and than she fell to the floor gasping for breath and what a sexy scene it was.

I thought of doing something exciting so I wore my shorts and went out of the room and told her to get herself back with energy. I went to the fridge and got a bottle of whipped cream, and when I came back she was on the bed with legs wide open and and made gestures with her fingers and pointed towards her pussy, I went on the bed and slapped a her pussy first and than inserted the nozzle of the whipped cream bottle in her pussy and sprayed all the whipped cream in her

She completely vibrated on the bed as it was very cold. I asked her to give pressure and slowly ooze out the cream which she did and i started licking all the cream that came out, it was so fucking tasty. than I told her to let a bit of cream be inside and again sprayed a bit more in her pussy and planned to use it as a lubrication, and than I started pushing my cock in her pussy, she was really tight (maybe she was a virgin,who cares) it took me a lot of effort to get inside her,but she was screaming like a bitch I told her " be quiet

Ayesha someone would come to know by your screams but she told me, I can't take the pain,but I want to get fucked", so i kept her panty in her mouth again, and than I started applying more force and i finally got in, she was almost in tears. So now I was fucking her slowly and at the same time smooching her and and licking her neck, then she told me to go rough on her pussy, and Iwas so delighted so

I started pumping her faster and faster, the whole bed was shaking she started to scream so I again smooch her and than as I was fucking her so hard and bit my lower lip. I kept fucking her like that for 5 minutes with full velocity and than she had an orgasm and she told me to stop, so I stopped and she was relaxing, my cock was still inside her. But than I thought to give her more pain I again started pumping her hard and she was shouting bastard

I just came stop it but I didn't listen and kept on fucking her faster and faster and she immediately got her second orgasm. Than I removed my cock from her, and than we both just lied on the bed and relaxed, but I had not cum so I told her that I am gonna fuck you one more time, and she denied that "no fucking way" so I told her "you don't have any other way" so I again raised her legs and

I pushed her legs as behind as possible so I could get more deep into her I again had to apply Whipped cream on my cock and than I got into her and I was deep this time that she was not even able to keep her eyes open, I knew she would scream any time so I had got all my fingers in her mouth so that she could not scream

I was pumping her slowly as it was too tight for me too but than I thought that I won't be able to ejaculate so I again went hardcore and finally I felt like I would ejaculate so I spilled it all on her face. Than we got all cleaned up and went to sleep and it was such an amazing experience and than we both slept. We were not able to have sex again but we both always talk about it. Give me your feedback on

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