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Rahul First Sex Encounter

This story is going to be a narration of a boy named Rahul. It is purely imaginary.Any resemblance of the characters involved is not held responsible. Hi i am Rahul. I am 19 years of old.I was going to my uncle’s house as a vacation trip.My uncle has married just a year ago.
He is a professional doctor.He is also money minded.I haven’t gone to their reception and marriage due to some reasons.I didn’t know how my aunt would be.

I was traveling to my uncle’s town by a bus.The place was town which was developing into a city.That is the only reason i had accepted to go to see my uncle.As it is a long journey,i forced myself to remember about the school days when i sighted girls in the school compound. But my mind went to neha whom i saw once when i went to see my nephew.She was wearing a chudidar.

A blue and pink.I was speaking with my nephew who was not well.My father had a night shift that day,so we had to go to home.Just when we came out of the house to leave,I saw neha coming towards us.She was a little bit of my age i thought.But i wasn’t sure.She came towards us and talked to my parents.She was wearing a tight chudidar that showed her stiff small breasts.

She was white and her fingers were long and narrow.Her eyebrows were dark and her pupil was black as a crow.Her face was white mixed with yellow and her chin held her lips correctly with a little chubby cheek she looked awesomely beautiful.The contrasting colour on her face yellow and black was perfect and unique.

Her long hair that touched her cleavage was black and had some curly ends which made me think that she is modern.It relieved me a little.Her teeth were arranged nicely as her lips were slightly orange.Her ears were small with a small ear ring.Her nose a little bit blunt and sharp was nice.And her total face was lit up even more beautiful by a bindi at her forehead. My eyes glued on to her face and my ears to the sounds of her bangles which was only able to be heard.

Her occasional laughs would twitch my ears and her occasional smile would my eyes widen.My eyes now went down and saw her small slender neck.My eyes was treated with those beautiful tight chudidaar.It showed her breasts perfectly.I was able to measure her breasts with my eyes.It was small but round.It was perfect in shape.My eyes glued to her breasts,my heart pounding even more and my lips got wet on seeing the scene.

My eyes then went to the sides and saw her armpit which was not so sweaty.It meant that she had shaven her armpits.It also encouraged me that she is modern.And then my eyes saw her sides from her armpits to her waist and got locked at her hip.It was so slender and slim.The tight chudidaar that she wore helped me to see her hip.It was perfect and mesmerizing.My eyes went further down and explored the most slenderest of legs which looked pretty on the tight pant.

Her knees were visible and my eyes were glittering.Then her long narrow foot with heels made her more sexy.And within seconds my godess was not there.My parents asked me to get into the car.She was walking behind my car.I was startled by her in minutes.The car drew away from as i watched her walk from the rear mirror. Screech” the brakes of the bus disturbed my dreams.I got down from the bus and stood at the bus stop for a auto.

The thought about neha had made my dick hard and thick.My eyes searched for girls in the stop.Just as my eyes turned right,i saw a lady in her early 30's but looked like 28 or 29 years of age.She was wearing a low cut blouse and a saree.I was gobsmacked.Her saree folding was too low.It showed her white hot navel which was slim.Her abdomen protruded out below the navel which made a small bulge in her saree.

My tongue let out some saliva on seeing her navel.Her right side was clearly visible.I watched her heels and then drove my eyes above to her navel and then to her breasts.She was wearing a cup bra which made it look strong and sexy.Then i saw her collar bone sweating heavily.Her chin was dripping in sweat.Her nose was sharp and her eyes were dark.She had a black hair.I started to look her breasts.

My eyes stared at her breasts.She caught me seeing her.She quickly hired an auto.I also went in the auto.She asked the driver to go to a area.I just wanted to have a good look at her strong breasts.My eyes were lusty and eager to see those mangoes.She got down from the auto and started to walk.I followed her and saw her ass sway from left to right.She quickly looked behind and stared at me.

She then looked at me and pulled me by my shoulder and slapped me at the middle of the road.She scolded me brutally.But i cant do anything except to watch her eyebrows dancing.I covered my face with hands and ran back to the auto.I quickly went to my uncle’s house.He recieved me by the house and went to my room to chill out.He said that aunt will come soon.He said that she has went to buy a gift for me.

The bell rang.My uncle opened the door.”Hey Rahul, come and see your aunt.”I was shocked to see the woman who slapped my face.She was there with a handbag.She stared at my uncle while i was standing simply like a dumb asshole.”What! why r u staring me?You know him??” asked my uncle.My aunt replied a soft no to protect me.My uncle said to me “Meet your aunt Rahul,Riya

She went to her room after introducing probably to curse me.My uncle went to buy vegetables for dinner.I was ashamed about myself.I wanted to say a sorry to her.I went to her room and opened the door. Oh my” my cock stood immediately as she was nude.I saw her nude back side.I can see how large and stiff her ass were and how slim her thighs were.My heart pounded fast.I didn’t know what i was doing.

Probably she was changing her clothes.She noticed me from the mirror.”You bloody hell what the hell. she scolded.I tried to say but cant.I left the hall and sat on the living room.My mind went to her structure that i saw just before.She was standing with her heels on. She was leaning down at that time which made her ass to stretch a little.I also saw her thigh bone which extended from her ass.

My cock took a hard on.New nerves emerged and ran through my cock.My hands rubbed my cock over my pants.My cock was pushing my jean out.I removed my zipper.Just when i took my cock out i saw my aunt (maami) in summer shorts and shirt coming out from her room.She saw me holding my cock in my hand.She gasped for a huge breath and went back to her room.I quickly put my cock inside and zipped my pants.

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