Saturday, 9 July 2011

Painful But Pleasurable Loss

This is the story of me losing my virginity. It was the time of starting of 3 yr and we all were quite excited abt it.We started our classes with full enthusiasm.Days were going fyn and we were having fun in college.Then came the day of or project lab.I missed that class and went out with my friends.

On the next class as a punishment for missing the first class my teacher did not allow me to choose my project and my partner.I was assigned the project with one of the most gud looking guy of my clas lets call him sexy as I call him now. I was quite dissapointed as I did not get to do my project with my friends.We hadnt had much interaction before.

So the days pass by and we didnt paid much attention to our project work. But then the day of project submission came near.It was just a week before the project that I asked Sexy about the project and he said hes working on it the next day he came to me saying that he need to discuss something regarding the project and i asked him that wee can do it after the class.our class got over at 4.30 and we went to library to work on project.

But to our luck the library closed at 5.30 and we were quite dissapointed as we couldnt do much work pn project.The next day the same thing happened and i was quite tensed that we wont be able to complete it. So sexy asked me that we can go to his flat which was abt 5 min drive distance from college to work. As I was staying in hostel I was hesistant to go to his flat so I resigter but he insisted that we need to finish the work and we can do it there so i agreed afterwards.

he said he will make sure that his roomy is not there at that time so that we did not get disturbed. Next day after the class we straight went to his flat. He opened the lock and welcomed me in.As it was a rental flat and only two guys were staying, there was no sofa so he asked me to come into his bedroom and said that i can sit on the bed.

He bought me some colddrink and snacks.W chatted generaaly while having snacks and after that straight went to working on project.We worked for 3-4 hrs.During the work his hand brushed may times against mine but i didnt mind it as I never thought it was intentional.

Once while explaining something he tried to put the laptop near me and while doin so his hand touched my breast.i was shocked but he didnt said anything and continued to explain the thing.i thought it was an accident and didnt said anything about it.After that we called the day off.

He came to drop me to hostel and while i was step off his bike he also got off and hugged me and said gudbye. I was suprised by his gesture but did not said anything and smiled and went in. The next day in morning i recieved his message saying that he wont be coming to college as it was a half day and wud be staying at his flat and i shud come ther after the class.Our class gt iver at 12.30 and as there was plenty of time that day for doing our project i went to his flat.i reached ther by 1.0 pm.

He opened the door and to my surprise he was only in his shorts.On seeing me he quicly ran back in and came with a Tshirt on.I was still standing there and he called me in his room. I sat on his bed and after little talking we started to do work.

After some time i started to have headache and he was saying some thing and I was not able to concentrate.he asked me the reason and I told him that I am having headache.He said that I should rest and he will give me a head massage I said him not to but he did not hear and went came back with an oil bottle.

I consistently asked him not to but he stood near my back and poures some oil on my head and start rubbing it.Within few minutes I felt relaxed and he gave me a massage. I started to feel sleepy. I was sitting on the edge of the bed and he was standing behind me so my head was almost resting on his stomach. Suddenly Icame back to senses and sat straight.But after few minuted I was very relaxed and went in sleep.

So he laid me on bed with my back upwards and massaged my head. I woke up after few minutes and saw he was carressing my shoulder I get up and asked him to stop but he did not,he said hes doing so to relax me.I laid down again and went down in deep sleep. When I woke up I was shocked.I saw sexy without any shirt and he had pulled down my top`s sleeves below my shoulder and was rubbing it.

I quickly get up and managed it and said im leaving. He got up and hold my handand asked me to stop.I said no and started moving but he pulled me back and gaave me a kiss.I slapped him to this he pushed me to wall and caught both my hands with single hand and kissed me again.I tried to resist bt could not, he then stopped and said “I love you, I, said him that I don’t freed my self I had even thought of him as a sexy guy bt didnt loved him.

He asked me to listen to him but i started gathering my stuff and leave.This made him angry.He pushed me to his bed and gt on top of me. I pleaded him to leave me. He again kissed me and then kissed my neck. I was doing all efforts to stop him but that went in vain. I started crying.He said he dont want to hurt me and got of me.I dont know why i didnt get up and den he gave me a big smooch.

This time I did not even resist and after about 1 min even I started responding to it. I don’t know why i was doin so I liked it .He pushed his hands inside my top. I asked him to stop but he didnt.But even i did not stop him.We kept on kissing.He groped my breast and started fondling them.Once he pinched me and kind of screamed. But he still dindt stop the kiss.He started to pull my top off. I was stopping him but with no serious effort.Soon it was removed and iwas in bra.he kept looking at me and said that i looked beautiful. I hope you guys like this story.leave any comments at

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