Saturday, 9 July 2011

My Delicious Virgin Girlfriend

Hello I’m Pawan (changed) from Solapur. I like to read the stories on Kahani.NET, so now I also want to share a story of my real incidence with my girlfriend Seema (changed) who is my classmate. What I should say about her, her curves, her boobs is 34 B n her hip moves as she walks. She had curly hairs.

Now my stories begin:

When we were students she came in my tuition because that teacher was nice and teaches very well math’s subject. So at that we were classmates but don’t talk with each other, but we were always attracted by each other day by day. At beginning we both sit at diagonal corners but after 1-2 months she started sitting in front of me and don’t let any other to sit there. So now we went for ice cream shop and having fun.

One day we went for a dinner so we have dinner and on that day only I first touched her but she don’t said anything in fact she was enjoying it a lot so after we were had dinner and I left her home and went off as I told you all that we went for the same tuition so one day mam said that she need a room to continue our tuitions so told to mom n mom saw a room and we started our tuition again after 5 days.

As the room was selected by mom it was very near to my home so she went to my home regularly and my mom also liked her. One day my mom, dad and my bro went to home town left me alone for 20 days because  I asked her to come to my home and she also want to taste anything cooked by me so she came and I cooked noodles for her, we ate and have fun very much that day so she used to come 1 hour before tuition and come to my home regularly so as I love her I asked her for a kiss then

Seema: No
I: But why?
Seema: Bus no tho no
I: But what’s the problem in a kiss.
Seema: We are not that much mature
I: But I’m asking a kiss

Seema: Noo
I: Ok then don’t talk with me and also don’t try also
Seema: I’m sorry but
I: but what?
Seema: Ok

I was amazed when she said ok I can’t explain you all how was I feeling at that time but we don’t know how to start who to start so we are looking into each other’s eyes then I hold her one hand n another hand behind her neck and pulled her near to me and just kissed her red lips n after that we started kissing with passion as we are not kissing 1st time as we are kissing last time to each other.

We were kissed each other 4 only 10 mins. Then I took my hand to her left boob then she suddenly pushed me off at that time I can’t understand why she had done this but
Seema: Not this.
I: What?

And she was leaving and she don’t ready to listen me and just went for the tuition before 15 mins then I also went and started looking her but she was not looking me in my eyes but from her corners of eyes she was looking me next day was Sunday and I was thinking of her and she came and was wearing a blue tight jeans and sexy white top I was totally surprised but first I told her sorry but she was not in a mood of talking with me she jumped on me and started kissing me as a lover meeting after years so I cooperated her and lift her from her hips and took to another room and laid her on the bed meanwhile we were kissing only and I laid over her and we kissed each other fight with our tongue for almost 30 -45 mins and at the same time I was pressing her breast what a soft n nice boobs she had but she was not telling anything in fact enjoying everything.

So now I sat at the corner of the bed and make her sit on my thighs n start kissing again and slowly start putting my hand inside her top from back of her and I reached to her bra hook

I unhooked it she was not surprised at all and I slowly removed her top n black bra also I can see her milky boobs what a breast she had and started kissing the right boob and started sucking the nipples 1 by 1 to each boobs nipples at that time she removed my T-shirt also and I laid on bed again and unbutton her jeans and tried to remove it but it was very fit to her and she stand and removed and laid again she was in only in her black panty lying in front of me I jumped over her and started kissing again and rubbing her pussy over her panty which was totally wet and suddenly I put my hand in her panty and started finger fucking to her, she was moaning with pleasure aahhhhh yessss

She sat and started pulled out my shorts and removed my innerwear and took my semi erected penis in her hand and started rubbing it and then with tongue tip she licked the pre sperm from my penis tip and then took the whole in her mouth I was amazed when she took the 7’ totally in her mouth and started licking it for about 15 min and then I cum in her mouth n she swallowed some and went in wash room.

Then I laid her when she came from washroom n removed her panty n I was amazed when I saw her pussy shaved one dude all clean and I can’t stop myself licking it so I just put my mouth to the virgin pussy and licked for 5 min and started putting my tongue in out in out in out she was moaning aaahh more yes till 30 min and in between she cum 2 times. Then we laid in 69 position and started licking each other,

We done this for 10 mins and she said now please fuck me please so I had laid her and she applied condom on my penis and she directed my penis over her cunt she was so hot na what can I say she then said please don’t do this now fuck me please I agreed and started putting in but it was so tight, wet sexy na I can’t put it in easily and she was screaming also so I switch on TV and with little more sound so and I slowly pushing it in and put my lips over her and after 2 min

I was totally inside her and now started fucking her and she was crying in pain and blood started coming out from her pussy so I hold her and took to the washroom and we cleaned the blood and again laid on bed and again I inserted inside her pussy now this time it was little easy to insert but after 5 min she started crying but now in pleasure she was saying fuck me hard please do it faster and faster fuck me I’m all yours do it hard yeesss after some time I cum and she also cum.

Now we laid side by side and started kissing and I said I wanna anal sex so she said what is this I said wait just stand as a dog on your knees so she was doing as I was saying and I applied some oil on my penis and some on her asshole and then put my penis in her virgin ass and started in-out process and she was enjoying it now after 20 min I cum inside her ass and we both are tired now so we laid in each other hand n slept. So how do you like this real incidence so you can send me feedback on

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