Saturday, 9 July 2011

My Boyfriend And His Virgin Cousin

It was hot summer evening. I came to visit my boyfriend as usual, but this time we were not suppose to have any fun because the son of his brother came. He lives in other city little far from here and he was staying in his place. So when I arrived, my boyfriend introduced me with the boy.
I surprised, I didn’t know that he is so young. I think he was about 19 years old, good looking but extremely shy.

So we sit together, had some chat and couple of drinks, watched TV and the time was going so quickly. We realized that it is to late to catch the buss and that it is not wise that my boyfriend drives me home, as he had some drinks and police could stop him and make him problem. So we agreed that I will sleep in his place. But the tricky part was that his home is one room apartment! The room is pretty big but we would have to sleep in the same room all tree of us!

The boy seemed shocked a bit, but this was the situation. We organized sleeping, I was in one bad with my boyfriend and the boy was in the other bad behind ours. We closed the little jumped in beds said good night and then my boyfriend started playing with me. I couldn’t believe! I asked him is hi crazy, but he just smiled and said, relax darling, we can play a little bit, he will not notice anything, besides, I think that he is already sleeping.

We were cowered with the bed sheet until necks. I didn’t like the idea, but I couldn’t resist. He was already squeezing my boobs and I was becoming wet. He’s hands are so strong; I like to feel them over my body. Then I felt his dick between my asscheek. It was rock hard, and my hart was pumping, my pussy was war and I was ready for action, but the question was how to do it…

By this time, I noticed that the boy is just pretending that he is sleeping, and he was aware of our game. By the way he was breeding I could say that he is very hot too. In the beginning I didn’t like this situation at all but by the time the fact that there is someone in the room started to make me even hotter. And then my boyfriend came up with the idea I could never expect from him.

He told me that he was chatting with his cosine earlier and when they reached the topic about girls and sex, he told him that he hasn’t any experience in this matter, that he never had sex before. So he asked me to teach him how to fuck! Wow! I couldn’t believe it. I must say that the idea made me very hot I could feel butterflies running down my whole spine, but at first I refuse, I have never don something similar and I told him that this is not right.

But then he put his long fingers inside my pussy lips and squeezed my clit, I almost came on his hand, I wanted to scream and moan laud! He started to finger me, with one finger first and then he put the other one and the third one deep in my pussy. My pussy was so wet and his fingers were just slipping in and out, making me enormous pleasure. I know how badly you need to fuck right now, he said. Do what I am asking you and I will give you good fuck. Then, had of his dick was on the entrance of my pussy I was feeling it and he was torturing me, he didn’t want to fuck me until I obey his crazy wish.

So I asked, how should we do it? So you agree, he said. Ok, yes I agree, but how to do it? He said that the boy will probably become scared if he will stay in the room,

So the plan was to say that he will go out for any reason and leave me alone with him and than I will take action. So we made a deal, he got up and said that he has to go out for a moment to meet a friend, he completely forgot about it, and that he will be back soon. After he left I was alone with the boy in the dark room. I waited a few minutes. The boy was still pretending to be asleep, but I was listening his hard breeding and I knew that he is awake and very horny.

Finally I got cordage, I got up and snaked into his bed completely naked. He opened his eyes and looked directly into mine, with disbelieve and some fear. He didn’t say a word. He didn’t even move. Because of his acts I was now sure that he has no experience at all. I slowly start touching him. I let my fingers run around his chest and down his bally. Don’t be afraid. You will enjoy it, I promise.

He didn’t reply, so I continued my play. I reached his shorts with my hand and I could finally feel his dick. Wow I definitively didn’t expect this. He was really a good looking and strong young man, but by his body construction I didn’t imagine his dick to be huge like this!

I couldn’t wait anymore, I removed his shorts and pants and put my both hands around his dick. I don’t know how many inches was that but it was enormous!

I tuck his hands and bring them to my boobs. When his palms felt my skin in the first moment he tried to escape from this situation but I hold his hands and didn’t let him go. He start touching my boobs, and my nipples gently at first, but soon he got courage and started squeezing my 5 size boobs stronger then I would like. I taught that he is ready for a good blowjob.

I came close to his dick and I touched of his dick with my tong and he finally let long and deep moan. I start licking his dick from the top until his balls. He was enjoying every second of it. Now I placed my lips on top of his dick and slowly pushed it inside my mouth. He was moaning and I could feel that his whole body was shaking. I start sucking his dick and I must say that I was enjoying it to.

I was so horny imagining his huge dick inside me. In the next moment I felt his hand going down my bally straight to my pussy. Mmm nice, I taught, kid is learning quickly. But then something unexpected happened. As soon he reached my pussy and put his finger between my pussy lips and felt my juice on his fingers, he had a strong orgasm and shouted his sperm deep in my mouth.

He quickly got up without a word, obviously ashamed with his early ejaculation, he tuck his clothes and ran outside the door. In next moment my boyfriend came in. He told me that he was smoking near the door when he saw the boy running out like a crazy.

He asked me what happened, and I told him a whole story. He started laughing. Well it is ok for the first time. He will come back, don’t worry, he said, you were a good girl and I think that it is the time for you to get a good fucking session. Oh finally I taught.

By that time I was burning from inside, my pussy was dropping and I couldn’t wait any more. It looks like that this situation made him very horny too. It must be that he was standing outside the door and imagining me being fucked by his young cosn. We couldn’t wait more.

I removed his clothes quickly and he pushed me to the bad, spread my legs and he jumped on me like a hungry animal, pushing his full erected dick deep inside me. I lost my breath for a moment. I was in so much pleasure. I grabbed his hair with my both hands and pushed my tong inside his lips. He responded me with a passionate kiss and then he grabbed my hands and pulled them over my head.

And pressed them, towards the bed. He was fucking me stronger and harder with every stroke. I could feel his balls slapping my ass. I couldn’t move. He then whispered in my ear: You are a real bitch! Sucking my cosine made you so hot, you were never hot like this with me. I will have to punish you for that! Before I realized what he means, he grabbed me and rolled me over. He ordered me to go in doggy position so I did.

He tuck the bottle of lubricant and spilled it on my ass. He opened my ass chicks and start massaging my asshole. I was enjoying it but I was afraid of the next step. His fingers were running between my asshole and the beginning of my pussy lips and it was making me crazy. And then ne just pushed his finger on my asshole, wet from the lubricant it went in so easily. He start fingering my ass and then he added one more finger.

And then he cane behind me on his knees, he lubricated his dick. My hart was pumping and I was scared now because only 2 or 3 times I had an ass fuck in my life and it was hearting me every time. I felt the had of his dick on my asshole. He start pushing and the head of his dick was in my ass. I screamed in pleasure and pain and he continued pushing his hard dick in me. In this moment the door opened and his cosine came in.

This time he didn’t look shocked and surprised at all. He removed his clothes and came a front of me and he pushed his dick in my mouth and he started fucking my mouth without a word. And then my boyfriend grabbed my shoulders and pushed his dick in my ass until his balls. I wanted to scream but I couldn’t because my mouth was full with the dick.

They were both fucking me furiously and after some minutes the pain disappeared completely and I realized that now I am enjoying it so much.After some time my boyfriend told his cosine that it is the time for him to try the pussy.

And I knew that now I will finally feel this monster dick inside me. I was exited. I told the boy to lay down on the bed, and he did. I came on top of him and tuck his dick with my hand and directed it to my pussy. Then I tried to sit on his dick but it was so big that it couldn’t go in my tight pussy from the first stroke. Little by little I managed to take it all in my pussy and I started moving. It was wonderful feeling.

My pussy was starched over his dick and I could feel every inch of it. I was moving up and down and letting his dick go in me as deep as possible. My boyfriend was looking my action and decided to join us. He came behind my back and he tried to push his dick in to my ass. I was surprised. I asked him not to do it, but he told me to be quiet and stop moving for a moment.

He then ran his dick in to my ass and began fucking me. I screamed. It was fantastic. Pain and pleasure. He was fucking my ass and I was sitting on his cousins huge dick and trying to stroke it as much as possible. He was holding my boobs. I was moaning and screaming. With every stroke I hoped to have their dicks deeper in me. And then the boy reached his orgasm and filled my pussy with hot sperm. It was fantastic feeling.

My boyfriend reached my clit with his fingers and began pinching it. It was too much for me and I couldn’t wait any more. A hot wave of pleasure ran over me and I collapsed on the boys chest. My boyfriend was still fucking my ass and after few seconds he came and filled my ass with hot load. It tuck us a few moments to catch our breath and to get up. I looked my boyfriend and he smiled and said that this was the best sex he ever had.

And from my side I can say the same. We has shower and went to sleep. Next morning we continued fucking sessions. First the boy fucked me while my boyfriend was sleeping and he waked up with rock hard dick, so he wanted his peace of cake also. I finally went home in the afternoon. All my muscles were hearting me but I enjoyed s much that evening that I will never forget it. This happened 2 years ago. I am still with my boyfriend, and we invite his cosine to visit us from time to time.

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