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Lesbian Slave Sex With Friend of My Cousin

Hi this is Victor again, I received a lots of comments for my first narration, thanks hope I ll get the same response for this too, this is really a different experience which I had, I have never read these kinds experience in FSI, ok let me explain you what happened. Me and Sofia (my cousin's friend who broke my virgin) we were having sex since my age 18, this happened when I was 23 and she was 22.

She finished her graduation from Bangalore and she wanted to work in Chennai so she came to Chennai to stay at my house and look for a job, by her hard work she got placed in an IT company.

Then she stayed at my house itself, since my house had two floors, I stay at the first floor and my parents stay at the ground floor and the second floor is occupied by tenant. So my parents said I should give a room to her in first floor, happily I said ok, because we can have sex daily.

Even she loved it, then we separated our rooms and stayed, she usually comes to my room at night and has sex with me and then sleep with me in my room naked. We then loved sleeping naked.

This is what happened, I was in yahoo messenger chatting with foreign girls about sex, my sofia came and saw that, she did not like that, she got very furious and stared beating me and went on pleading but she refused, she said she came to Chennai just to have sex with me, since I was chatting with some other girls she wanted to leave Chennai.

I pleaded her by saying “I ll do anything for you but please never leave this place, Then she asked me, will you do anything as said, I replied, yes, Then she said, let the night come I have something in mind for a long time that she be done to you now, Then we left the room, After dinner we came to our respective rooms, I knocked her door she asked me to come inside,

She said: Victor let’s sleep in my room today because you have lots of things to do her I said ok, Then she opened her ward robe took some clothes. I was just sitting and watching porn videos, the moaning sound made me hard I wanted to fuck Sofia since she was cleaning her ward robe I left and kept on watching porn movies.

Then she called me Victor, come here, I went near her and asked y did she call me, She said “wear these clothes” and pointed her clothes. I replied “no, She said: if you’re not wearing I ll leave Chennai tomorrow itself, Then I took 5 mins to think and then said ok, The clothes which were in the bed were, One piece of soft maximizer bra,

One piece of swim suit panty
One piece of black stockings
One white skirt
One blue t shirt
One pair of black heels shoe

She said to me, wear all these and went to my room taking some clothes with her. Then I started to wear first bra, then panties, then stocking, then skirt then t shirt. I was waiting for her then she just peeked in the room and saw me and said Victor you just look like a girl, I wanna fuck you damn it”

She said me to have some stuffing in my bra, since I was cleanly body shaved their were no hairs in my body, then I went in stood in the mirror, I looked like a female, I wanted to add make up so I look like a girl exactly. Then I started my makeup one by one. And then I look really like a female. Then she again peeked and asked me whether I am ready to get something done I replied “yes”

Then she came “wow, I did not expect this from you Sofia” I replied by seeing her outfit, she was wearing

A thong
A black leather bra
A stocking
A pair a long heel (till her thigh)
Her hair was pined so that it won’t fall

She said “Victor you look like a female with this outfit and make up since my body is average

60 weight
5.7 height
30 waist

In female dress I looked like a female then she slowly came near me kissed me in my lips and this new experience started, She bit me very hard and blood came from my lips, I shouted what the hell are you doing” she just replied “I am your mistress today and you’re my lesbian slave I was shocked to hear that.

Then I asked what should I do, she replied “just do what ever told and never shout if you do I will leave Chennai tomorrow itself

She she started, she tied my hands with a rope, made me kneel down, since I was wearing a short skirt my kneel started to pain, then she made me bend towards my breast, and slowly raised my shite skirt from back so that the panty is visible from back, I was bending towards the floor, she then took a stick and started beating me at my ass, first it pained a lot and then I enjoyed it, my ass turned red, she kept on saying that she needs more red.

She kept on beating me I loved more and more I then started asking “give me redder. She said me to lay back in my back in the bed she tied me in the bed so I can’t move, my legs and hands stretched. Then she turned off the lights and lit an candle, I was turned on in seeing that candle light, I thought she will fuck me while I was tied she came near me with the candle slowly raised my t shirt, wow I was in heaven seeing a girl fucking a CD in a candle light,

I loved it then she tied my mouth so that I should not moan a loud, because she wont stop fucking me till she cums, so she tied, then she came to my hip part she tried to remove my t shirt since I was tied she tore my t shirt and removed, I was just wearing a maximizer bra and white shirt, she suddenly then poured the hot was in my hip,

I shouted in pain but since my mouth is tied I could not scream more, she kept on pouring the hot wax all over my hip, breast, my lips my face, she kept on pouring hot wax more and more then she slowly removed my skirt since it was a zip time it was easily removed from one side then she removed my panty and she poured hot wax in my cock, I screamed a lot but could not make it, then she again came to my hip and started pouring wax then slowly I started loving it, candle got over,

I asked for more wax, but she refused and untied me. I am now just wearing a bra, stockings and high heels. She then made me bend back wards making me in doggy position, she applied oil in my ass, wow the oil, the wax in my stomach, my hand masturbating my cock, I loved it, She then started inserting one finger in my ass wow awesome, a girl fingering my ass, actually it pained then as usual I loved it.

She then started increasing the fingers, one, two, three; my pain started increasing more and more. Then she stopped, suddenly I heard her dildo sound, I asked her why are you taking it out she said she is going to masturbate, I replied “let me help you” she said “no don’t want, Then she applied oil more in my ass, and inserted the dildo in my ass,

I screamed she inserted her hand in my mouth and started fucking my ass, she made me masturbate me and even she started fingering herself, we both cummed and she made me ly down in her bed wearing those bra I had a different experience but still it pained. After this we had lots of session like this and even she became a slave for me once. Share your comments at

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