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I Lost My Virgnity And Took One

The story I am about to narrate dates back to my first year of PG in Business Management. Wow those were the best years in my life. Well this is a story about how I lost my virginity and how I took a girl’s virginity. So it was as you can already notice a give and take kind of relation.
We were both in the same year of PG but different sections.

How did we come together? Well to cut a long story short, we were on the border of celebrating the annual teachers day function and for that a bunch of us students randomly decided to come together to put up a performance for our teachers. This was how I came across Seema. Gosh, what a babe. She was well toned. Sexy lips.

Luscious body, when she walked she would set the ground on fire and my heart thumping. She had a slightly dark complexion and a lovely round ass. About me I was a fair guy with an athletic build. She was a real heartrobe our simple words, A sex bomb. Gosh I wanted this girl I told myself. And this want led to a strong desire, a desire which got fulfilled. In the days leading up to the celebration of teachers day.

Seema and I grew closer and closer. She used to stay in the college hostel. So we used to hang out for long hours after college. The day of the ceremony was awesome the programme and our performance was a huge success. In this happiness we all celebrated. When it grew dark Seema and I were walking back to her hostel. It was a lovely starry night with a cool breeze. At this point I blurted out,

Seema what a romantic night this right?” She blushed and said “Yes, too good, its like just made for us.” At this instance our hands touched and I felt her squeeze it lightly. I returned the touch and then turned Seema to face me. In the reflection of the moon I asked her, “Seema will you be my girl. My love for you has grown over these past few days and my heart beats every moment just to be united with your heartbeat.”

She blushed and said that she too loved me and wanted to be with me. At this moment a cat suddenly jumped out of the bush and scampered across the path, in fright Seema hugged me tight and dug her head into my chest.

I just hugged and slowly dropped my hand down her body to her lower back. At this moment she looked up at me and our lips met. It was a long passionate kiss and I gently caressed her sexy ass and pressed it, with every press her breath would become heavier and I could feel my dick start to push out of my trousers and rub against the outer portion of her pant.

After a few moments of this passion we stopped I dropped her at the hostel and returned to my house in the city. That night I could not sleep I was eager to make love to Seema. Just at that moment she sent me a sms saying that she wanted to be with and couldn’t stop thinking about our passionate moment.

I then told her that my parents were going out of town next week and if she wanted she could come and stay with me over those few days. At the next moment Seema sent the reply that she would ask the warden for permission saying that her friend is having a function so she would be staying with her friend and in that way Seema and I could be together. Thus, it was settled and we both went to sleep and dreamt of being together and making wild love to one another in a few days time.

The day finally dawned, after saying goodbye to my parents I headed off to college. During the break I met Seema and she shot a cunning smile at me while she walked past with her friends. In the evening Seema got onto the bike and we drove home together. On reaching home I opened the door and Seema was about to step in when I stopped her. I said, “Baby you are not entering the house this way.”

She smiled knowingly. I picked her up in my arms and carried her into my house closing the door behind me. Once inside the house I bolted the front door, meanwhile Seema was standing like a shy bride looking downwards. I walked up to her and said, “Baby why are u feeling shy, tonight we make ourselves man and woman.” She smiled at this and leaned forward. I caught her in my arms and gently placed my lips on hers and we had what was only our second kiss.

While kissing her I opened her hair clip and let her hair flow down her back. Seema put her arms around my back and lifted my t-shirt off my head. She then dug her head into my chest and hugged me tightly. Take this as a sign of agreement I too slowly pulled her lovely pink top off her and exposed her lovely pink bra. I caught her lovely boobs and gently squeezed them to which seema gave a soft moan from her sweet lips.

Hearing this I met her lips with mine and we kissed again while my hands dropped down to the buttons of her jean pant. I managed to unbutton her pant and I pulled the zip down in the front. I then bent down and pulled her jeans off of her sexy legs and she gently lifted her legs up one by one so as to let me take it off her. I then stepped back and looked at her. Wow! She looked amazing.

Her lovely pink panties and her bra made her look like a divine beauty. I turned her around with her back facing me and I just stared in amazement at her lovely bum. I just touched through the panties and oooooohhhhhh it felt great. Seema then turned around and caught me by my pant and pulled me towards her. She unbuckled my belt and pulled my pant as well as my underwear down to the ground in one go.

As she bent down she kissed me just above my dick while she tickled my crotch lightly. “Aaahhhh” a moan escaped my lips. “Seemmamaa ooohhhh”. She knew I enjoyed it. I then took her by the hand and led her to my bedroom. Standing by the bed I kissed Seema on her forehead gently and unhooked her bra at the back. While it loosened she told me, “Darling take me today pop my cherry.” I then pulled the straps of her bra down her lovely shoulders and let it fall to the ground.

Seema then caught my 8inch dick in her hands and gently kissed it. She then said, “Today drive your dick all the way into me I wanna have a wild ride tonight.” I told her “Darling tonight you will be riding and orgasming waves of pleasure.” Saying so I lifted her up and put my hands on the waistband of her sexy panty and pulled it all the way down to the ground and pulled it from under her feet.

I then got up and then we hugged and we kissed each other on the lips and I pushed my weight on Seema gently lowering her lovely self onto the bed. My dick was just near her pussy and at times it would gently touch her pussy and I could feel that she was getting wetter and wetter down at her pussy. I then moved sideways and kissed her cheeks and then moved down slowly to her neck.

All the while seema was bucking her hips and moving her hips up so as to touch my dick with her pussy. I knew she wanted me but I was gonna make her crave for it. I then moved down to her lovely boobs and kissed between the boobs and pressed them together and I licked at the small space between her boobs. I then put her right boob nipple in my mouth and started sucking on it.

This was too much for Seema as she let out a loud moan from her lips aahhhh. At this moment I started sucking on her left nipple and gently caressed her right nipple. She said “Darling oooohhhh yeessss suck them baby aaahhhhh yyeeeaaahhhh ooooohhhh its soooo lovely baby” I told her baby u taste sooooo good I wanna taste u more. Saying this I moved down to her clean shaved pussy which was glistening with her juices.

I said, “Darling you are pretty wet down here baby, She said, “Baby its leaking awaiting your entry into me baby, baby enter my pussy please aaammm oohhh” she screamed as I started licking her pussy at a furious pace with my tongue oohhh baby ahhhhh I then stopped licking her pussy, “enough is enough Seema its time we become man and woman and loose our virginities and become One.

Saying this I held up Seemas legs pulled them apart a bit positioned my dick at the entrance of her pussy and slowly pushed myself into her. “Aaaaahhhhh” she screamed I leaned on her and whispered in her ear, “its ok my darling bear a little pain now soon u will enjoy pleasure” saying so I gave a solid push and I was halfway into her.

I pulled my dick out and this time I thrust my self deep into Seema and she let out a huge gasp and clutched my back tightly. I waited for her to settle down and then I kissed her and slowly started moving up and down in her pussy.

With every stroke I started increasing the pace and soon enough I was pounding Seemas pussy with all my might and her legs were moving wildly in the air with the force with which I was pushing into her. All that could be heard in the room were the sounds of my balls slapping against seema as I thrust my dick into her.

Seema was moanig and moaning with the ferocity of the thrusts “aah ah” as her boobs bounced up and down with every thrust I made in and out of her and she looked up at me mouth half open and the sweet moans from her drove me mad and I started fucking her even harder so much so the bed started moving up and down and creaking with the way that we were fucking.

After a while seema clutched me tight and said I am cuming oooooh baby aaahhhhhh and she had a huge orgasm. Feeling her orgasm on my dick I too started to climax so pulled out of her pussy and shot my load onto her body and it was so much that it shot out and fell all on her breasts and stomach. She then caught me and pulled me on top of her and pressed me close to her making me also get covered a bit with cum.

Then I lifted Seema in my arms off the bed and positioned her to face the wall. She asked, “What are you gonna do?” I said “I am gonna fuck your ass baby”. Saying so she took some of the juice from her pussy and applied it to her asshole.

I then came behind her, one look at her ass and I was hard again and ready to fuck her like a wild boar charging towards its tormentor. I pulled her legs away from the wall and made her lean forward putting her hands to push up against the wall.

Then I pulled her legs apart a bit and kissed both her bum cheeks. Then I placed my dick between her bum and squeezed her bums together over my dick. Gosh she said “ it feels soooooo gooooooood” I said I am gonna make u feel soooo wonderful right now baby u are gonna experience a ride of your life.”

Saying so I positioned myself at Seemas asshole and pushed myself into her slowly aaahhh” she screamed in pain. Put it just drove me mad and I thrust my dick deep into her ass. “uuunnnngh” I groaned now u r mine babe I am gonna cum in your ass. “Do it baby fuck me make me yours” she said. Hearing this I pulled right out of her ass and thrust into her again fully, “aahh” she groaned ohhhh.

I then caught her and then started pushing into her and then I started fucking and it appeared like I was riding a horse because she kept pushing back onto my dick as well. I slapped her bum many times and she started groaning moaning and I am sure the neighbours would have been wondering what d hell was I up to a home. But who cares I was fucking my girl and that’s all I wanted.

I kept pushing myself into her harder and harder and we loved the sound of my balls slapping against her ass with every thrust that I made into her. Her asshole was tight and fucking her felt so good that I could feel that I was gonna cum. I told Seema I am going to fill your ass with my cum tonight darling.

Saying so I lifted seema right leg and thrusted my dick faster and deeper into her. I would thrust deep into her pull right out and slam it again into her. This went on for quite a while and then suddenly I felt my juices gush out into her lovely ass and I filled Seema with lovely warm cum and she reached

Her second orgasm at the same time and it trickled down her leg and some came onto me as well. We both collapsed in each others arms on the bed in total exhaustion and sweat was pouring from us after all that passion and cum filled fucking. I looked into Seemas eyes kissed on her lips and we both fell asleep in each others arms.

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