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Fucked Sister By An Excuse Of Periods

Let me introduced myself. I am hardik a athletic build boy of age 21. I have a huge dick of 7’inch.i have a good personality but the weakest point of mine is that I feel shy. I like boobies the most in any female. I love big breasts. Here is an incident which took place before the marriage of my sister. This happened with me 3 years back.

I live in a middle class family. I live with my parents and my sister. My parent does job and goes ever morning for it. My sister takes care of me when my parents go outside for some their office work. My sister is of 23 and a beautiful looking girl. Her name is dolly.

From my childhood my sister would take care of me and helped me in everything in which I needed help. She never refused me to help me out of problems. She was very kind hearted and loving to me. She was very frank to me.

When I was of 18 I was in 12 and I heard about periods. As I and my sister were we frank to each other so I asked her didi today I heard about periods in the school.

Didi asked what did u heard in the school. I replied that during the periods the girls are having bleeding from there vagina. After hearing this didi watched me for a while and then told yes it is true I replied again so didi it means you are also bleeding during the periods

She answered angrily shut up

I told didi common I don’t be so angry and told her sorry for that
To which she replied ok

After that the next day I went to school and returned back to home nobody was there except didi. I entered the house and she gave me a glass of water and served me lunch and told that today mom and dad will not return for 4-5 days in our family a close relative of us died so they have to go to village .didi told me that if I need anything I should ask her for the help.

Next day in the evening didi went to the market and brought products of daily use and returned to house I started to see things which she had bought from market and I saw a packet of whisper in it. At that time I didn’t tell anything but after dinner I went to her room to ask about the whisper packet and started asking about the periods and she told me that I was having more interest about the periods from about 2-3 days.

I replied didi we are frank to each other so why are you telling me like this.So she replied ok ok, I asked to tell me about it

She replied hardik your didi is in periods so she brought those pads from market and told that she had to bring it for one day only to which I asked why for 1 day they remain for 7-8 days.

She replied yes and told me that it was her last day of periods and she gave me other knowledge about her periods

After this all things I started asking some sex relating questions to her and she was also replying the answers. I felt strange about didi that she was really speaking very frankly about the things which we were chatting

When she was were littering talking about sex I asked didi to show her pussy from where the bleeding comes. And suddenly didi got angered on me and told shut up and me to mind my language. You know what you are telling. She really insulted me and did not allow me to sit in her room for a single minute and bolted her room’s door.

As my penis was erected I was in a need to masturbate myself. Then getting in my room I went into the bathroom and started masturbating there. At that time did thought she insulted me very badly and wanted to tell sorry to me and started a walk to his room to mine. I came to know afterwards that didi is coming to my room to say me sorry. She entered in my room and she saw me masturbating in the bathroom and then seeing me she went to her.

Next day in the morning while serving breakfast she told me about the last night that see saw me masturbating in the bathroom. My face was paled on hearing this and then I heard sorry from her mouth and asked why then she told she had came to my room to say sorry and saw me masturbating.

She told that my dick was too long. I felt shy on hearing this from her mouth and didn’t reply anything my sister after looking my dick wanted me to fuck her and games started to try to seduce me and she started wearing revealing dress in the house to seduce me.2 days passed and it was the last day spending alone without parents because the next day our parents were going to come so she had to fuck me at any cost.

So she thought to take the same idea of mine to seduce me and planned everything to fuck me and at night after dinner she called me in her room. She wore a nice deep cut green coloured being human t-shirt and a military coloured capries and was on bed. After I entered the room she bolted the door and told me to sit and sat beside me and started asking me seducing questions and I was feeling shy in answering her because asking a question is easy but to answer it is difficult. Her plan was not working because of not answering to her seducing questions.

So trying a new plan out she asked me do you want to see the place from were the bleeding comes during periods and this made my penis erect. I nodded my head and told her yes didi will you really show me your pussy and then she unbuttoned her Capri and removed her panty too and widened her legs properly so that I can see her pussy properly and asked me to touch it and as I was excited I started touching her pussy and slowly I fingering her pussy then didi made me naked and she also removed her t-shirt and unhooked her bra.

Oh! My god I was seeing milky healthy big breast of my didi in front of my eyes. As you all know I am a boobie lover I started pressing her two big healthy milky boobies and started to suck them hard. Didi told me to be little slow and gentle as it was my first time I didn’t know how to react and what exactly to do. I told this to didi she told me not to worry about and told she will teach me.

In the meanwhile when I was sucking her boobies she told me to she wanted to kiss me and we kissed for about 3-5 minutes and again I came back to my sister’s boobies and started to suck them. My didi stopped me and told me to lick her pussy and I was excited I started licking and fingering her pussy.

At the same time I asked didi that how you know much about sex to which she replied that she had sex with his bf when she was in 12 and also fucked her bf.
I also asked her size of her figure and in reply she just told 34AA-28-32.

Then we came in 69 position and started caressing each other. didi came to early on my face and I tasted her juicy sticky salty fluid with my tongue and I had great pleasure and after sometime I also came and she drank all of my semen and told me it was very tasty to taste a semen like yours and also told me that your dick bigger her bf’s.

By this small chat my penis again erected and I told didi that I wanted to fuck her but was thinking that this is a sin. Didi told in today world is looking all these things and told me that come and fuck her hard. And further instructed me to apply oil and to properly lubricate my penis as I was a virgin.

I did the same which me to do and started inserting my penis in her pussy. As mine was too long didi told me to put it inside slowly and properly. I was trying to insert it but was not inserting so I told to didi and then she suggested to apply force and put it inside her pussy and after applying much force I finally inserted it. As soon as my penis was inside didi’s pussy she screamed loudly hardik aaaahhhhhh, ahhh slowly I told you not to apply much force ahh its paining.I asked can I start now so didi replied first be slow then slowly slowly grab speed. And following the instructions of my loving didi I started fucking her pussy.

I was too happy that I was fucking. I was fucking her in the missionary position and sucking her nipples. When I was fucking I heard she was moaning loudly aahhh aahhh yes common hardik aa fuck your sister. I hearing this I increased my speed and started giving her deeper and speeder shots she slowly came into pleasure and was making pace with me and while fucking didi she suddenly came and grabbed me tightly but I was not finished after she released me I again started applying big shots and was now to come and asked didi can I come inside

Didi told me no hardik if you came inside your didi would be pregnant so plz don’t come inside and I again asked to come in her to which she happily told yes bro plz let me again taste your cum its really tasty and I gave her a heavy load of cum in her mouth. And then we discharged and slept on each other for some while and went to bathroom to clean ourselves and there she made me bath and kissed my penis and told me thank you. And after that I sucked her boobies again and slept on them.

Now whenever we get time we have fucking sessions and didi invites me to suck her boobies at most of night and I also invite didi to drink my cum as I go in the bathroom after sucking her breast and masturbate and collect the cum and give to her. Didi likes my cum and drinks it everytime I cum.

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