Saturday, 9 July 2011

First Sex Experience With Kashish - Desi Defloration

I have been reading stories here since a long time and like most of the stories and now I have decided to share my story with you all. Today I am going to share my first experience to sex ever. This incident happened last year and I hope you like it. I am Atul from Patna presently living in
Delhi and am 21 years old and to tell you more about me I am 6’ in height and have leaned athletic built.

I am a smart and handsome looking guy and have a normal sized cock this happened to me 2 years back when I was 19 years. I was seeing this girl for a long time and we went in a relationship and we used to make out quite often but never did sex because she wasn’t ready to do it. This continued for quite some time and one day she gave in and decided that she want to have it. I was very excited as I was waiting for it to happen.

To my luck the day we decided to have sex I found my house empty and told her to come over. Let me describe about Kashish she was of 18 years that time and 5’7” in height and has a thin built. Her body was 32-26-34. She was specially dressed and wore special lingerie which I didn’t know about.

As normal we started making out and undressing each other. It first start with smooching and then slowly went down to her ear to her neck to her breast then navel using my tongue and lips, She was moaning and by the time I reached her waist she started moaning louder and louder ahhhahhhhh my! Make me feel so good Atul. She really loved the way I used to kiss her all over her body. By the time I reached to her pussy she was all wet and she had a little pubic hair which I liked. Then I started to finger fuck her slowly as it was her first time.

She was in real pain and was screaming, I smoothed her down by slowing massaging her pussy and den she was normal then I started licking her pussy and she again start moaning loudly on top.

Her voice and held the bed sheet tightly and moaned aaaahh then I found her g spot and tried to give her the ultimate pleasure which luckily I did and she was about to cum when I started using more of my tongue to make her moan she went like ahhhhhh fuck I love your tongue in my pussy keep going don’t stop and then finally she came.

She had this smile of satisfaction and pleasure when I told her to keep safe that smile because it’s going to b bigger when we finish d sex and she said, “I am all your, give me d most of pleasure you can. Then I asked her to give me a BJ but she was scared as she had never done that before and didn’t know how to do it.

I told her the way and with some hesitation she took my cock in her mouth. Well she wasn’t so good at it but never mind at least she tried. Then again I started making out with her and slowly went to her pussy, gave it a kiss and slowly put my cock on it and she started saying, go on don’t make me wait, I want to get fucked today fuck me. Then as it was her first time it was not going in so easily den with sum force sum part went in and she was screaming like a mad person.

I immediately took my cock out and relaxed her. Then she asked to do it again but slowly, I agreed and put sum part in then told her to hold on because I am going to give a jerk. She got ready and then I pushed hard so all of my cock went into her, she couldn’t bear the pain and again started screaming but this time she asked me not to take out my cock, then after a while I started moving slowly and things got comfortable then we went in fluid motion and fucking began, we started with the missionary position but by personal choice I prefer doggy.

It went for some time when I started fucking her harder and her pain turned to pleasure and started to enjoy d fuck n gave me company in d rhythm of movement.

Then her moaning again started to get louder and louder ummhh fuck me this so good harder don’t stop don’t slow down which made me go crazier and I started fucking her harder. Then finally she came. We lay down for a while and then she came over me and started riding over me.

That position wasn’t so much fun so after sum time we again came back to missionary and then I fucked her again and this time we both came together. After coming we both fell down on the bed n lay over each other only.

And finally her smile grew bigger than ever and kissed me that this was the greatest pleasure she ever felt. After sometime we went into another fuck in doggy style which she didn’t prefer so much so we didn’t go further and cleaned up and she left. I hope you people will like my story. You all can send the feedbacks on

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