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Delightful Days With Double Sisters

This happened in 1989 /1990 when we lived in a common tenancy house. I have already written an earlier account about it under the title “NICE TIME WITH A NEIGHBOR WOMEN” which appears in this very site. I have referred to my sexual happiness with my neighbor lady
Soundarya there. I had also said that she left that house when her husband was transferred to another place. In their portion which is next to us, a new tenant came. His name was Parthasarathy and his family comprised of himself, his wife Alamelu and two daughters Prema and Priya, his aged mother and his old aunty. He was basically an astrologer giving predictions from horoscopes, but he also was practicing palmistry, numerology, gemmology, namelogy and vaasthu shastra connected to buildings construction. He was mostly using the verandah in our house where his customers will sit and hear his predictions. But many times he will also go outside or to outstation and do special Pooja for his customers to bring them good luck and solace for evil effects of their horoscopes. His two daughters were aged about 20 and 21. They were what is known as “savalai” in Tamil which means the second child was conceived and born soon after first child and age difference is minimum. They were studying . Both were matured and wore pavaadai (big petticoat) and dhavani (short sari) which is the regular costume for our girls of that age. They were studying in the same school and usually go and return together. Mostly they will be found together in the house when studying or doing other chores. They will wear same coloured uniform for school and even in house their dress will be of same hue. They will also look very similar, same height and same build. Prema had slightly longer hair compared to Priya whose hair was more curly. But they would both double plait their hair and further throw the plaits over their shoulders to the front. So many times one would be confused for the other and it is difficult for anyone to find the difference between them unless one knew them at least for some time. They will talk politely and also they were God-fearing type. Prema was a very calm type and compared to her Priya was more talkative and easy going. After they moved in, they became good friends of my sister. (I have two sisters. One was married at that time and was living with her husband elsewhere. Another sister was with us, and having completed her school education she was idle in home awaiting her marriage for which we were seeing alliance.) From the day they moved in I became interested in them. They also noticed my interest in them and became responsive to me. Fortunately at that time in our house though there were totally five families, I was the only young man and similarly they were the only two girls of right age. Naturally we were attracted to each other. I will use every opportunity to see them and they would also find one reason or other to come within my sight. But in our multiple tenanted house privacy is next to nil and so we had to be very furtive in this. However whenever I was in the house those two girls will somehow drew my attention to them and we secretly enjoyed our love look for each other. These two girls will be mostly found with my sister and usually in the evenings they will sit together and chat. They will also go to temples along with my sister. They were very talkative with my sister and my mother but with me they felt very shy and I was also feeling shy to talk with them. So we avoided talking and if at all we talked it was very short and only when essential. Also as a godown clerk I had long hours of work and I remained minimum time in house so my contacts with them was very less and infrequent. Further at that time we were constructing a small own house in the outskirts of the city. Usually my father will supervise it but many times I will also go there to assist him. This also was one reason why I had contacts with them sparingly and sporadically. They will politely call me “anna” meaning elder brother and I will address them very generally and only very occasionally I used their names. They were average students and usually many times they asked my sister to clarify doubts in their lessons. Where my sister did not know, she will ask me and I will clarify to them. I then used such chances to talk with them for a longer time. I will elaborately clarify on their doubts, very intensely looking at them and often smiling at them. I took all pains to impress them very much with whatever was my knowledge. They knew my purpose and secretly they relished it. They will raise some more doubts just to prolong my talk with them and encourage me further with their appreciative smiles so that I can go on and on. Many times even if they did not have any real doubt, they will come with some silly doubt and not letting go that chance I will patiently explain just for the sake of talking with them. My sister understood our game but she will just grin and keep quiet. At times she teased them by saying “his voice is not at all sweet — then why you girls want to hear him more and more — are not you fed up?”. She also teased me by saying “beware of these girls — they want to sleep instead of studying their lessons —because your voice is like a lullaby to them they make you talk more and more to get better sleep”. We enjoyed her bantering very much and laughed joyfully. They were medium complexioned and very homely looking girls. They both had normal sized body. Prema was a little more fair than Priya. Prema had more fully developed and bigger tits and they were jutting very much behind her blouse and dhavani. Priya had more bigger and well rounded plump buttocks and when she walked her buttocks will sway nicely. They both were nice looking to me and I admired both, Prema for her tits and Priya for her buttocks. Though secretly I lusted for them and wanted to be more intimate with them, yet out of fear of my parents and theirs, I maintained correct distance and decorum with them. Only with my sister, I occasionally teased them by referring Prema as Breast Girl and Priya as Buttocks Girl (in Tamil Molaikkari and Kundikkari). My sister scolded me every time for it, but then she will also laugh with me later and we both carefully kept this within us. She understood my desire for them and teased me for it and I enjoyed it. On some rare occasions when I was alone with any one girl and we were sure that none was seeing us, I will boldly stare and wink at her. Then she will look away but I would notice a secretive smile in her face and it made me happy. At times she would glare at me and warn me with her finger. But I knew it was done by her in mock anger and so I will only grin more at her. I was careful not to do such gestures to both when they were together because I felt then they both will get angry with me and thereafter both will avoid me. Each girl understood my passion for her (unaware that I was equally interested in the other) and it made her happy in a girlish way. So when either girl was sure that no one was around, she will unnecessarily make some noise or clink her bangles to draw my attention to her and when I see, grin and wink at her, she will giggle and run away. In our house there was a washing stone in the backyard. Once Prema was sitting on it and Priya was standing behind her and she was combing and plaiting Prema’s hair. I came to backyard for some work and I had to pass Priya. Her juicy buttocks tempted me. I ensured none was noticing us. I pinched her buttocks just once and rushed away from there. Later while returning inside I saw her. She glared at me and bit her lips but she could not suppress her smile when I looked at her with some guilt and fear. Seeing her smile I became bolder, grinned and winked at her. She ran away with a giggle. Later one day I and Priya were alone in backyard. I took some boldness and told her “I am not able to sleep”. She quizzically looked and asked “why?”. I grinned and said “how can I sleep — my mind is always on your big buttocks”. (I said in Tamil “eppadi thoonguvane — ennoda manasu eppavum onnoda gundu kundi maeladhan irukku”). Her face reddened and she threatened to tell my mother and sister about my misconduct. But I knew it was only a mock threat because while going inside she went giggling all the way and she purposely swayed her plump buttocks more than necessary and also purposely scratched them for me to see and feel happy about it. One day I left home at 4.30 AM for some purpose and returned around 7 AM. At that time Prema was in the front of the house and she was drawing Kolam in the entrance of the house. (In our house regularly in the morning and evening Kolam (decorative design drawn in front of Hindu houses with white and colour powder) has to be drawn and our house being multiple tenanted each tenant will do it daily on a turn basis (known in Tamil as Murai Vasal). That day it was their turn. In the front of the house there is a verandah and standing there I observed Prema drawing Kolam. She was drawing a nice one and she was squatting for it. I stood in the verandah and I had a side view of her buttocks and tits. Fortunately none was in the front side at that time so I ogled her beauty for sometime. She observed my look and blushed. Automatically she pulled her dhavani some more and fully covered her tits. I smiled and said in a very soft voice “it is very nice”. With some confusion she said “what?”. I said “yours — it is very nice”. (I said in Tamil Unnodadhu romba nalla irukku). She blushed more because the way I said “yours”. It carried double meaning in the sense that it referred to the Kolam she was putting and also to her tits where I was staring. I quickly added “I say about your Kolam only” so that my double meaning will not be lost to her. She went red in face and said with mock anger “anna — go away or I will call mother”. I immediately left from there but I could hear her soft giggling which gladdened my heart very much. Later when I went to the backyard she was there sitting and cleaning vessels. I lingered for sometime looking at her body and she noticed it and blushed. Then she furtively looked around and after ensuring none was there she looked at me and bit her lower lip and gestured a warning signal with her forefinger. I smiled and winked and she lowered her eyes. I left from there because I sensed someone was coming. In our house other than us, there were four other tenants. Bathrooms and toilets were in the backyard. The backyard was actually two portions. “Backcourt” is a covered portion (known in Tamil as Kottam) and backyard is open portion (known in Tamil as Puzhakkadai). Three bathrooms were there in the backcourt and in the backyard three toilets were provided. These will be commonly used. In the backcourt waterwell and corporation water pump were provided. In the open backyard washing stone was put. Washing of clothes and vessels cleaning will have to be done there only. (Only very small vessels like coffee tumblers can be cleaned in backcourt.) A small tin sheet clad garage was also there in backyard for dumping unwanted things. Men will normally bathe near the waterwell or in bathrooms but women will only use bathrooms. Bathrooms had ventilators through which the open yard can be seen. When men use bathrooms, usually they will not shut ventilator doors but women will always shut them when in use. One day I was bathing in bathroom keeping ventilator open. Prema came to open yard with some vessels for cleaning. She sat and cleaned them and sideways her tits were in my view. I stopped bathing and stared at her tits for sometime. Then I rattled the ventilator bars to draw her attention. She saw me and averted her eyes. A minute later she saw me again and I grinned. She again lowered her eyes. When she saw me again I gestured her to come inside the bathroom. She glared at me and I winked at her. She bit her lips and gestured me to go away. I grinned some more and taking a little water I threw it out of the ventilator and the drops fell on her. She took a ladle and gestured to beat me with it. I grinned broadly and again gestured her to come to me. I then took some boldness and gave her a flying kiss. She blushed and averted her eyes. Thereafter she did not look at me and I then finished my bath and went away. After this on a few occasions when possible I gave her flying kisses. But though she smiled she did not respond. But after many such attempts by me one day she caught my flying kiss with her hand and pressed it to her bosom. I was thoroughly overjoyed with her response. It took a few more days till she responded with her flying kiss to me. All the while we were very careful to escape attention. Then I gave flying kiss to Priya one day. Unlike Prema, she immediately smiled and in return gave me a flying kiss. Thereafter I started giving her also flying kiss many times. Then one day while I was in bathroom Prema came with a few cloths for washing. Through ventilator I drew her attention to me and she smiled. Then I got more bolder and showed fucking gesture to her with my fingers. Her face reddened and she immediately averted her look. Though I waited for sometime looking at her, she did not look at me at all again and I left afterwards. Later once when I was able to get a few minutes alone with Prema I asked her “are you angry with me?”. She said “you should not show ugly signs to me”. I said “then why do you exchange flying kiss with me?”. She replied “because it is alright”. I asked “how”?. She said “we like each other so it is proper”. I grinned and said “see — we are lovers — lovers will fuck — so we should also do it”. She blushed and shyly said “marry me and then do it”. I said “I will definitely marry you — but not now — you know my position”. She replied “then kindly wait till that time” and left that place. A few days later, on a Sunday afternoon I went to backcourt for getting water from the well. At that time Prema was sitting there. In that place adjoining bathrooms there was a very small room where ladies having mensus will have to stay. This room was called “dhooramana room”, and the Tamil term “dhooramana” refers to ladies in mensus. In our custom such ladies are considered unclean and they have to stay a little separately and only very small children can be with them. They have to stay there till their mensus is over and after taking bath they can enter the house. Sometimes more than one lady could have mensus and in such times only one lady could stay in that small room and the other lady would have to stay in the verandah close to that room. If none stays in that room, it will be kept locked. If anyone happens to stay in verandah, after they take bath and enter the house, the verandah will be cleaned by them with cow dung and cow urine for purification. Because already some lady was there, Prema was staying in the verandah. I Saw her and smiled. She averted her eyes. I saw the room door was kept closed. Probably other woman inside the room was sleeping then. Prema was alone in verandah. So I signaled her to go to the open backyard. She gestured to indicate that she was “not inside the house” meaning she was in her periods. I grinned and indicated her to go to backyard. She hesitated but got up and went to backyard. I followed her. She went and stood near the garage and asked “what do you want?”. I said “I want to give you a love letter”. She got alarmed and looked around. Fortunately we were alone. She shyly said “anna — don’t tease me”. I said “no — I love you — I want to give you love letter”. With downcast eyes she softly said “then give it quickly before somebody sees us”. I said “I do not have it now — I will give you later”. She looked at me and with a smile she said “then why you called me here now?”. I grinned and said “I wanted to know whether I can give you my love letter”. She shyly said “don’t ask all these things to me — I am a girl and I cannot be bold like you”. Then with a very nice smile to me she went inside. I was elated very much and later I made several love letters but none was to my liking. I could not say enough to my satisfaction and finally I wrote one which I thought was the best I can do. In that letter I praised her beauty sky high and said how much dearly I loved her. I said that no film actress was a match to her beauty and after seeing her I had lost all sleep and I was only thinking about her always. I passionately pleaded her to allow me to embrace her once and give one kiss in her rosy lips. I begged her to grant me my wish the soonest. I swore I will marry her soon and she was born for me only. Though I wrote the letter I did not know how to give it to her. I could not be carrying it always with me and the occasions when we two would be alone is not known. Then one day when she asked some doubt in her English lessons, my sister asked me and I took the text book from Prema to explain the doubt. Priya also was there but she was talking something different with my sister and for sometime they did not look at us. I had kept my love letter hidden in a dictionary. In the guise of referring it I furtively took the letter from the dictionary and after hiding it in her text book I gave the book to Prema. She saw what I did and she went white in her face. She trembled while taking the book from me but she held it tightly and furtively looked around. Fortunately my sister or Priya did not notice this and Prema relaxed. After talking with me some more on her doubt she left with her sister. I wanted to say that she should immediately read my love letter and give her reply. But I could not do it and so I kept quiet. Some days later I could be alone with them for a few minutes. In a round about way I asked Prema “other day you had doubt in your English lesson and I gave clarification – is it enough?”. She replied “yes anna — it is very nice”. I wanted to get her reply love letter to me and so in round about way asked “then when you will give me reward for it?”. Prema hesitated but Priya sensed something between us and watched us closely so she kept quiet. I said to Prema “but what is your reply to me?”. She shyly smiled. I noticed that our meaningless talk made Priya curious. When they left Priya questioned Prema in an undertone and Prema shook her head negatively but I found Priya was not convinced. She turned and looked at me in a puzzled way and I foolishly grinned at her. The astrologer visited some temples and on return he did “Samaradhanai”. It is usually done after one returns from pilgrimage when a feast is given to others. Customarily a bachelor must eat in such feast and so he invited me to the feast. Alamelu aunty had prepared good dishes and I ate with relish. About half a dozen people were present. In such feasts, courtesy demands the lady of the house to pour water for the guest when he washes his hands after eating. So in the backcourt Prema was standing for this purpose with water bucket and mug. When I went to wash my hands, I smiled at Prema and in a soft tone asked “why you have not replied to me”. Prema furtively looked around and said “I don’t know what to write”. I said “do you love me?” and she shyly said “yes”. I said “then you should write — only then I will feel happy”. She said “I will try”. I was about to say something when her mother came there with some vessels. She looked pointedly at us and I suspected she overheard what we spoke. I had washed my hands by then. So immediately I left from there. After this for several days I had no chance to speak with Prema. I did not get her reply and I was perplexed. I wrote another love letter expressing more endearments and putting my passion for her in very explicit words. But I could not give it to her and so I kept it carefully hidden. In our house the upstairs was an open terrace and there were two staircases, one from front portion of the house and another from a verandah adjoining Prema’s portion. The second staircase was not normally used and the door from that staircase to open terrace was kept bolted and closed. This staircase had banister wall. Sometimes I had noticed the two girls sitting in the staircase landing (before the door to open terrace) to read their lessons. One day when I was coming from backyard I saw Prema climbing this staircase. I went to my portion, took my love letter and watched for sometime. Ensuring none was moving about, I quickly came and peeped into the staircase. Prema was not found sitting in the landing but the door to terrace was open. I thought she went to open terrace. I quickly climbed the steps and came to open terrace. I noticed Prema taking dried clothes from clothesline and putting them in a basket. She was hidden behind some clothes hanging from the clothesline. To draw her attention I said “here — receive this love letter”. (I said in Tamil Indhadi — indha love letterai vangikko). She shoved the cloth aside and looked at me. I was surprised to see it was Priya and not Prema. Probably when Priya climbed the staircase I mistook her for Prema. I had already extended my hand with the love letter to her and now I hesitated. I was not sure whether to take the letter back with me and leave that place or to give it Priya with a request that she should give it Prema. While I stood hesitating Priya extended her hand to me with a smile and said “give it quickly”. (In Tamil she said Seekkiram Kudungo). Before I could say anything we observed someone was coming to open terrace by front staircase. So I just dropped my love letter in the basket of clothes. Priya hastily took some more clothes from clothesline and quickly dropped them into the basket over my letter and fully covered it. I turned and left in a hurry even without seeing who came to terrace. I was now afraid about what I did. Because I thought to give the letter to Prema directly, in my love letter I had not addressed Prema by name. I had only said “my dear lover”. (In Tamil I had written ennudaiya aasai kadhaliye). Now I had given the letter to Priya but without telling her that my letter was actually intended for Prema. Also in this letter I did not refer to my first letter given to Prema. So Priya could not infer that my love letter was not intended for as she got none previously from me. I did not know what Priya will do now. I had no fear of her complaining to her mother or to my mother / sister about my act. I was quite sure she will not do so. On seeing me with love letter she smiled and wanted to take it from me. She hastily put some clothes in the basket to hide my letter from whoever came to terrace. Her acts convinced me she was happy to get my letter. But I feared only the consequences because she will now assume my letter was intended for her. I did not want this to happen. It is true that I had lusty desires for both the girls and wanted intimacy with both of them. But in focusing my love with a desire for marriage I had selected Prema. She was a more calm and well behaving girl compared to Priya who was a little brash and exuberant. My parents and my sister many times said that Prema will make a better wife to anyone than Priya. They said Prema had all virtues of good girl but Priya lacked many. They said Prema’s eyes and smile radiated goodness and her laughter was less noisy and not showing all teeth. But in their opinion Priya’s eyes oozed with slyness, her smile was wile and her laughter was boisterous showing all teeth. (In our belief a girl who laughs loudly showing all her teeth is not considered as a good girl — it is teasingly said such girl who easily opens her mouth to laugh will easily open her cunt for pleasure). They said such aspects showed Priya in poor light. Of course I did not observe any such aspects in them and I was not bothered also. For me both were very nice and charming. I had carnal desire for both. But I knew that if one of them is to marry me, my parents will select only Prema. My sister even teased me sometimes by referring to Prema as my would-be wife and God willing, in due time we should ask her for me. So somehow I acquired a feeling that she will become my wife in future. Now I had unwittingly given my letter Priya. Neither she can make out that it was meant for Prema nor I found a way to convey it to her or explain to Prema what happened and request to take it from Priya. I thought to seek help of my sister but could not get bold enough for it. So I waited with tension. I carefully watched for some chance to speak with either of them and set right the matter, but I had no luck. Then one day while going to toilet in the afternoon I noticed Priya was staying in “dhooramana room”. After finishing my toilet I entered the backcourt and from inside the room Priya hissed to catch my attention. When I saw her she smiled at me and held out a letter in her hand. I hesitated. Normally from such unclean ladies we will not take anything. Further I had also not expected a letter from her. I also hesitated to take her letter because I gave my love letter to her by mistake. Seeing my hesitation Priya thought I was reluctant to take the letter from her as she was unclean. So with a sweet smile she said “anna — take it — there is no “prohibition” (in Tamil Dosham) for paper”. I first thought of telling her the mistake I made and so I did not want her letter to me. But I was also delighted by her act showing her desire for me. So I quickly took the letter from her and hiding it in my shirt gave her my grin and wink. She smiled and softly said “anna – read it immediately”. I said “yes dear” and came away. I later read it. Priya had replied to my letter in very passionate terms and I was thrilled to read it. It is the first love letter I got from a girl and I became very emotional and romantic after reading it. My first letter to Prema was a gentle one praising her beauty and how I desired for her. In my second love letter (intended to Prema but given to Priya) I was more crude. I had poured all about my naked lust for her in that letter even using very vulgar and explicit words describing how I will enjoy sex with her and ravish her body when she becomes mine. It was more a lust letter than love letter and it was not in good taste. I had taken such liberties in writing a filthy letter to Prema only because she had orally expressed her love for me. She knew my desire for her and equally reciprocated it. So if I used vulgar words full of sexual innuendo in my letter to her it would not offend her. But any other girl getting my letter for the first time would only get upset. She would conclude that I just wanted to fuck her madly and nothing wanted nothing else from her. But Priya had only praised my bold initiative to express my love to her. She thanked me for my love letter and said it very much thrilled her and she had no words to describe how much it filled her heart with joy. She said she understood my intense sexual desire for her body and it pleased her very much. She said her birth was my purpose only. She welcomed me with equal eagerness and she was always ready for the happy love life with me. She said that I should just flick my finger and she will rush to me to give me her treasure which I eagerly wanted to take from her and enjoy like anything. She pleaded me to give her the green signal soon and quench the lusty fire which I had set in her. (In Tamils she had written unga aasai letter parthu enakku romaba sandosham vandadhu. Naan ungalukku nanri solluven. En sandhosham pathi muzhusa solla enakku varthai illai. En manusu romba jillunu aayiduthu. ungalukku en udambu mela ulla kollai asai enakku nalla puriyudhu — Nekkum adhe aasaidhan – Naan pirandhadhu ungalukkuthan – neenga kekkara andha sugatha thara naan eppavume thayara irukken — neenga eppa kuppittalum naan vandhu adhai tharen — neenga virala sodukkina podhum — naan udane odi vandhu ennoda pokkishatha ungakitta tharen — neenga adhai eduthu nanna unga aasai theera anubhavingo — neenga enakku udane pachchai kodi kaatti en udumbula neenga moottina kadhal theeyai anaiyungo). Her letter captivated me so much that I read it at least a dozen times on getting it. I carefully kept it hidden and on many occasions I read and re-read it. Every time I read it I felt elated and wanted to read it more. It boasted my ego like anything. I did not know how to take it and proceed. Though I had lusty feelings for both girls yet I wrote my two love letters only to Prema and had wanted her reply only. Now the reply from Priya very much delighted as well as put me in a dilemma. I became very much confused. I felt I should tell her that my letter to her was given by mistake and it was meant only for Prema but I did not get any chance for that. Either both sisters were seen together or somebody else was present so I got no privacy with Priya. Due to nature of my job, except on Sundays I rarely was in the house during afternoons. One afternoon I came home for lunch and I was in backcourt near waterwell for washing myself. Suddenly Priya came there. I looked at her in surprise because I thought she should have been in school. Priya smiled at me and threw a small ball of paper at my feet and left in a flash. I immediately took it and hid with me. I later saw it was her second love letter to me. She wrapped it in a plastic paper so that when it falls on the wet floor near the waterwell her letter will remain dry. In her second letter she expressed her love to me in even more passionate terms. She said she was very much hurt by not getting further love letters from me. She pleaded that I should write more love letters to her regularly to express my love for her which will only make her happy. She said she was madly and deeply in love with me and promised to do whatever I want to make me happy so that I will love her more. She openly invited me to take and enjoy her without delay. This letter also I read many times and it gladdened my heart very much. I now had my own girl who loved me very much and was eager and willing to give me love and happiness. But at the sametime my desire for Prema had not waned and I did not know what I should do. I had expressed my love to both the girls and both had reciprocated their love for me, Prema orally and Priya through two letters. I was very glad and very confused. My confusion only increased daily and though I wished to speak several times with my sister on this, yet I felt shy and could not confide with her. In our house we are very orthodox and I felt my mother and my sister would not like these things. So I kept quiet. In the godown where I was working, three middle aged ladies were employed for doing odd jobs. I fucked them almost daily and they nicely obliged me. I would talk with them all sort of nonsense and even behaved with them in a very rough way many times. Sometimes due to tension I will harangue them and scold them with filthy words and later feel sorry for it. They were polite and would only comfort me with kind words and they would relieve my tension by giving me a good fuck. Many times I have sought their advice and they would help me by saying whatever was worldly-wise or whatever was pleasing to me. I also enjoyed talking with them many sex matters and juicy gossips ad stories and they listened to me in rapt attention and we felt no shame in doing that. I thought I can discus with them in detail about my love life with both the girls and seek their advice. So soon on getting Priya’s second letter I told them everything and asked them what I can do. After much talking, they said that I should decide and choose one girl to show my love. They said that one can have hundred wives at one time and the wives will accommodate it. But one cannot love two girls at the same time because no girl will like it or allow it. So if I try to love both I will lose both. They said that I should first decide what I was looking for. They asked me whether I wanted to marry or wanted to have sex only. I said I wanted to marry one of them but I found both the girls to be very nice and suitable to be my wife. But immediate marriage was not possible because I had to secure a good job first and further my sister had to be married before me. I said my marriage may not be possible at least for some five years and in the meantime I was very eager to have sexual enjoyment with the girls if possible. I candidly said “no dobut I want to marry one of them – but it will only be later – but now I want to fuck them immediately because I am not able to control my lust for their bodies”. They said then Priya was the right choice for me because if I convinced her that definitely I will marry her, then she will readily agree for sex with me before marriage and allow me to fuck her to my satisfaction. Further as I knew both their characters, if I thought Prema will be a better wife to me, then I should have patience. I should not demand sex with her immediately but first allow her confidence in me to grow. Once her trust in me is fully built then she will allow me to have sex with her even before marriage. They said in either case, I should drop any one girl by telling point-blank to her about my love for the other and how my mind was set for the other girl. They said that I should not try to manage my love with both because it will only end in very unhappy way for all three people. I mulled over this for sometime and could not come to any conclusion. Even though I loved Prema and wanted to make her as my wife yet I had carnal desires for Priya also. In fact I could not decide about my true love for any one of them only because what I had in mind more was lust and need for sexual gratification with the girls and not the real sensible love of a gentle lover. So shamefully I continued to show my passion to each of the girl when I could get the opportunity. The response of Prema was as usual, a smile or a flying kiss and no more. But the response of Priya was increasingly bolder. When I looked at her she stared at me without blinking and if I winked she also winked which delighted me more. She started giving me flying kiss first for which I gladly gave my return kiss. Further when possible I showed fucking gestures to them. But whenever I did this with Prema she will avert her eyes but with a smile. But when I did this to Priya first time she glared and warned me with her finger but thereafter she smiled and bit her lips in a gesture of welcome. Once she boldly placed a finger in her mouth and loudly sucked it giving me much joy and once she even beckoned me to come and fuck her but gesturing pumping motion on her cunt. I was thrilled beyond words and broadly grinned at her in appreciation. After my love letters to both of them they both started finding more and more occasions and causes to draw my attention to them. They managed to come within my sight very frequently when we were in the house. They asked more doubts in their lessons to my sister and increasingly my sister had to resort to me giving more chances for me to talk with them. Each girl then vied to get more of my attention to them and if I talked with one on something the other will find some other thing to get me talking to her. In fact both desired my exclusive attention to them and if I lingered in my talk with one, the other will sometimes bang her book shut or behave restlessly to show her irritation to me. She calmed only when I attended her but the other girl will then start it. I knew what was in their mind and it was very nice and pleasing to me. So I was having real enjoyment with both their rapt attention on me at such times. However in all these instances I could not be alone with any one girl to reveal about my true intensions to her. Further I could not decide and select from them the girl for my true love as I shamelessly enjoyed my talks and contacts with both of them and got very good kick out of it. Usually I became aroused while talking with them and I had difficulty sometimes in controlling my erection. On a very few occasions I allowed my cock to grow and pulsate and then I secretly exhibited my bulge to them. On such rare occasions the girl seeing my bulge will avert her eyes but furtively look there again and again with a sly smile known to me only and I would feel wonderful. If possible I will allow the bulge to become more pronounced and the up and down beat of my cock inside my dhoti was clearly seen by the girl. Then she would really blush and biting her lip she would look elsewhere but again and again her eyes will come back to my cock and I relished it very much. The more bulges I posted more happier she felt because for her it was my way of confirmation about my passion for her. Then I would immediately go to toilet and masturbate to get release all the time thinking about her juicy body. I very much desired to show them my naked cock and also masturbate while they watched it. But I could get no chance and waited. Once when I went to toilet and after it was over I came out of the toilet room. At that time I had worn only dhoti and wore no underwear. I saw Prema sitting and cleaning some vessels in the backyard. Then I entered the tin shed under pretext of looking for something. Standing inside I hissed to attract her attention and she turned and saw me. I grinned and just parted my dhoti to show her my cock. In a flash she turned her face away and I was disappointed. But I stood for a little time holding my dhoti open. She turned and again looked at me and my rocking penis. Then she smiled and then again turned away. I stood for some more time but she took the cleaned vessels and left without giving a further glance to me. I was disappointed and after correcting my dhoti I came out of the shed. I looked at her but she went without even turning but she made a signal with her hand that I should stay there itself. Gladdened by her gesture I waited again in the tin shed. After a few minutes she came again with a few vessels and sat to clean them. She sat side ways so that she can look into the shed as well as inside the house. Then she looked at me. I was very happy and again I parted my dhoti and stood with my pole rigid and rocking. She furtively glanced many times on my cock while cleaning the vessels and also keeping a watch on the inside of the house. I became bold and catching hold of my penis I started to jerk it. But then she immediately got up and went inside the house without a further look at me. As she had left the vessels there itself I thought she will return but she did not return for quite some time and so I again went to toilet, masturbated and released my pressure. Many times I ventured to ask her how beautiful was my cock but could not get the boldness and the chance. Now having shown my naked cock to Prema I wanted to do same with Priya and looked for some chance. Once I got a chance with her also. It was an afternoon and I was in open terrace to put some washed clothes for drying. Priya came there for similar purpose. She came via the second staircase and so that door was open. We looked and smiled at each other. After ensuring none was observing us I went and stood in the staircase landing and opened my dhoti. Priya’s eyes bulged but she did not look away. I pulled my penis from inside the underwear and showed it to her. She looked at it and smiled. I pulled my foreskin back and now the red shaft started rocking. She looked at it intensely. I wanted to jerk so I got hold of my shaft and rubbed with my right hand, and same time beckoned her with my left hand to come and do it to me. She bit her lips and gave me a mock curse but she did not stop looking at my act. I was thrilled but I had to stop when we sensed someone coming to terrace. I covered my self and quickly descended the steps to go to my house. Later I asked her furtively by gesture “how was it?”. She replied by gesture it was quite nice. I asked her by gesture “it is okay for you?”. She giggled and ran away. After this however much I looked for it, I did not get any further chance to put such show to them. Like this I kept on having further titillations in many ways with both of them to my immense liking and I really did not want to end it with either. But my sister had observed this and once when we were alone she asked me what was in my mind and what nonsense I was doing with them. I could not answer her truthfully and simply denied that I was having any inner intensions for the girls except a desire to really help them in their studies. My sister did not believe my words and said she would stop the girls from coming and talking with me. But she did not do so when I repeatedly assured her that I will not do anything that would bring shame to our family or spoil the good names of the girls. In her overtures Priya reminded me several times to give her my love letters though she did not give me her third letter. Prema had not replied at all to my one love letter to her. I prepared my third love letter. I carefully prepared it addressing it generally only and not by anyone’s name so that it would suit for both. I wanted to give it to either one when I get my chance. But I prepared it without using any vulgar words. I made it in a very gentle way using very elegant words to praise the girl sky-high and to express my love and desire to her girl. I kept it well hidden and waited for opportunity to pass it on to any one girl when the chance comes. One day in the morning Prema came alone to our house to ask a doubt in her lesson. My sister was in bathroom and mother was busy with kitchen work. My father had gone out. I could be alone with Prema for sometime and first I clarified her doubt. Then taking the chance I asked “why you are keeping quiet — why you are not writing love letter to me?”. She blushed and said “anna — please forgive me — I will give you soon”. Then I took my new love letter and gave it her. She immediately took it and hid it in her book. Then she went away. In our house the men will usually sleep in open terrace only except when it was raining or very chill. One night when we were sleeping there were sudden showers. Then we all got up and hastily rolling our beds we came down. I laid my bed in verandah in front of our portion to sleep. Our verandah and the astrologer’s verandah were separated by a door which was always kept open as the verandahs are also used as passage to go throughout the house. I noticed that the astrologer’s aunty (grand aunty for the girls) and one of the girl was sleeping in their verandah. In the very faint light I could not make which girl it was. They had laid their bed about two feet from the doorstep. I laid my bed on our side as close as possible to the doorstep. Then without sleeping I watched for an opportunity. After some time I observed all had settled and there was no movement. Lying down on my stomach in my bed I raised my head to look at the sleeping girl and extended my hand to touch her. But the distance was beyond my reach. Then waiting for some more time I just crawled as close as possible. I was now practically lying on the doorstep and I extended my hand. The girl had thrown her plaited hair over her pillow. My fingers touched it. I grabbed and lightly pulled it but she did not wake up. So I pulled a little more stronger. It should have caused her pain and woke her up. With her hand the girl tried to pull the hair to her. I caught her hand and held it. I lightly squeezed it. The girl pulled her hand with a jerk and sat up and turned to see what it is. In our house, in the verandahs and other common places there are practically no lights and only in one or two places very low wattage bulbs will be used. So they will be very dark for one unfamiliar with the house but to us it was sufficient. I noticed it was Priya and I grinned at her. Priya had woken up from deep sleep and could not immediately make out what it is. But when she got clear she also grinned. Then she lied on her stomach in her bed with her head raised and she extended her hand. I caught it and caressed it for sometime. I was aroused very much now and I wanted more so I pulled her hand. She withdrew her hand with a jerk and I was disappointed. I gestured her to come to me but she shook her head and pointed to her grand aunty. Fortunately that old woman was sleeping soundly. I again extended my hand and Priya extended her hand again. We interlocked our fingers and caressed each other for sometime. Now I had a raging erection and as I was lying on my stomach my cock was pressed to the bed getting crushed and it was painful so I slightly humped to relieve the pressure. Now again I urgently pulled Priya to me. Though she did not pull her hand she did not budge also and it frustrated me. I could not bear it any longer. I got up from my bed and came and sat by her side. Priya had not expected this and she got panicky. She made urgent gestures to make me go away but I simply caught her hands and pressed my face in them. She tried to take the hands but I did not let go and after a minute she relaxed. I gently kissed her palms and licked her fingers. She relaxed further. I took away my face and holding her hands in mine I grinned at her. She also grinned at me. We looked at each other for sometime with smiles. Then I slowly lowered her hands to my lap gently and I placed her hand on my stout cock. As if removing her hand from fire, she took it from me in a flash. By now I was very much aroused and I could not control any longer. I was past caring for anything now. So I pulled her hand and pressed it to my cock again. Though she tried much I held it very tightly and did not allow her to take it away from my pulsating cock. After a minute she relaxed and gently rubbed my shaft. I felt heavenly and my cockbeat increased tremendously. Water started oozing from my cock and I was nicely building up to climax. Had she rubbed my cock for even a minute more I would have ejaculated massively inside my dhoti. However, good things are often stopped halfway by God. In the front portion lights were switched on by that tenant. I immediately got up and rushed to the backyard and entered a toilet in hurry. I observed the wife of front portion tenant (he was a clerk in advocate’s office) came to toilet, peed and went away. I remained in the toilet and my erection was still on. I wondered whether I can return and play some more time with Priya. But I felt now it was not possible because others may have woken up. So I masturbated in the toilet thinking about Priya and got a sweet emission. I also grinned with the thought that I will write a letter to Priya telling her how much she had aroused me that night. I thought to tell her that after her caressing my cock I could not control it and so I rushed to toilet and masturbated thinking about her. It amused to think how she will feel reading such a naughty letter. I felt she will not feel offended but enjoy reading it taking it as one more declaration of my passion for her. I also felt that Priya kindled my passion more than Prema and I felt more dearly about her now than Prema. Later when I came I found Priya lying down to sleep but some other people were awake and moving. So I did not try anything further with her and I also slept. In the morning near about 6 AM I got up and again went to backyard for peeing. I came back and rolled my bed. At that time I noticed a folded piece of paper tucked under my pillow. I was surprised and I rolled my bed without taking it out. I kept my bed in usual place and later when none was seeing I took out the paper and saw it. I was surprised because it was a love letter to me from Prema. I read it with confusion and delight at the same time. She thanked me for my two letters to her and said she loved me very much and eagerly wanted to marry me soon. She implored me to love her more dearly and give her more love letters which she promised to reply hereafter without any delay. She questioned me why I was permitting Priya to unnecessarily talk with me for longer times when doubts were asked in lessons. She said she did not like it and said it pained her heart when I showed longer attention to Priya. She wanted me to totally ignore Priya and show my full attention only to her when we talked. She had ended her letter by giving me crores and crores lovely kisses. (In Tamil she had said “kodanu kodi anbu muthangal). I was delighted with the letter of Prema but I was also confused more now. Now I had given love letters to both and both have given reply. Further only previous night I had felt that I was more passionately inclined to Priya than Prema. I had almost decided that I will stick to Priya in my love. Now the letter from Prema had put me in same position of indecision. I thought that now I should decide once for all about my true love and should not give unnecessary hopes and pain to either of them. Again that day I spoke about my dilemma to the women in godown. I said I wanted to decide and set right the matter with the girls so that no tears are later shed by the girls. As the women were illiterate I told them about the contents of my two letters to Prema and one letter to Priya. Then I read to them the one reply from Prema and two replies from Priya. I also told them how I managed to touch Priya the previous night. They listened carefully and advised that I should go and immediately declare my love to Priya. They said that Prema had received only two soft letters from me and given one letter in reply to me. Her letter also declared her love for me and a plea that I should only show my attention to her and ignore Priya when they came to read lessons with me. So it would make her sad when I told her that I wanted Priya only for me but she can get over it after sometime. They said it was different and more serious with Priya. My one letter to her was given by mistake only. But it became her own because I did not tell her it was not meant for her but she should give it her sister. She had taken it very seriously and replied immediately with equal passion expressing even her willingness to sexually satisfy me. After waiting for my next love letter, when she did not get one from me she reminded me with another letter from her. All this showed she seriously loved me. Further though Prema did not object when I showed fucking gestures to her or to see my naked cock, yet she did not openly indicate her willingness for sex with me. She had also told me she will agree for fucking only after marriage. So before marriage if any chance arises she will not be willing to allow me to fuck her. But Priya was different. She relished such gestures from me and openly indicated she was quite willing for it. So if a chance comes then she will not hesitate to allow me to fuck her even before marriage. In fact she would welcome it and even find opportunity to please me willingly. More than anything she had allowed me to touch her and she had even held and caressed my cock which no girl will normally do with a man she is not yet engaged in marriage. Her willing act testified that she was madly in love with me and if I now tell her to forget me because I wanted to have Prema she will be totally broken. Her behavior showed she was a more emotional and passionate girl and such a girl will take love failure very seriously and even go to the extent of ending her life. When the ladies told me this I really became very much afraid because I had never considered these things in this way. The mere thought about the very possibility of Priya taking some drastic steps to end her life made me tremble and I profusely thanked the ladies for cautioning me about this. The ladies advised me that now I should immediately declare my love to Priya and also tell Prema to forget me. They said that telling Prema that I do not love her is equal to promising a nice dinner to her but failing to give it. But telling Priya that I do not love her is equal to first give her a nice dinner to eat first and then ask her to vomit it out. So if I decide to drop Priya now I will be a real sinner with no salvation and I should not do it. They said I should not delay further in this matter and immediately go and tell Priya and Prema that Priya was my real girl and I want to love and marry her only. They said that this will upset and anger Prema but I should not avoid it any further because the welfare of the two girls’ life was at stake. They said I should not play with them any longer. They said if I could not find boldness to talk to them I should immediately write and give the letters to them to set right the position. I should be candid with both of them and let them both know what happened in the past. Further as a gentleman I should return Prema’s letter to her without fail because once I stop my desire for her I should not hold her letter any further with me. They said that if at all I cannot find the chance or courage for this then immediately I should confess to my sister and use her help to set right the matter. They said that with sisterly love to me she will understand my feelings better. Further my sister being a girl herself, she can freely talk with those two girls and help Prema to adjust to the situation and allow me to love Priya without any difficulty. Talking with these women made my mind a little bit easy. They are not educated yet they are well experienced in matters of life. They understood things with required clarity and now offered a practical solution to me. Being ladies they knew what worked in the inner minds of the girls and correctly guided me for what I should do. I thanked them very sincerely for their guidance. From that time onwards I waited for a chance to get either girl alone to declare my love for Priya. Unfortunately no such chance came. Several times when they were together with me I tried to touch the topic with both of them in round about way but I could not be blunt with them to tell in clear terms my intensions. They way I talked only confused them and each vied with the other to please me more and get my attention more to her. So my purpose was not served by such trials. But I did one thing. From that time onwards I tried to avoid Prema as far as possible. I stopped giving her flying kiss or showing fucking gestures. First it puzzled her and she tried more and more to catch my attention on the few occasions when we were not observed. Finding my response to her waning, she some times even tried to stop and speak with me but I somehow dodged her on those occasions. Of course with Priya I continued my ways with relish and each time her response was bolder and more electrifying to me. On occasions when both were with me for getting clarifications in their lessons I tried to concentrate more on Priya than Prema but in presence of my sister I had to behave fairly with both. Then one day I was bathing when suddenly I noticed some movement in the bathroom ventilator. I looked up and noticed Prema standing very close to the ventilator. I hesitated on seeing her. But she smiled at me and just placed a letter on the ventilator and signaled to take it. I gestured her to take it and go away but smiling more she pushed the letter inside and it dropped in the bathroom and she left in a flash. I hastily took the letter before it got soaked in water and hid it in my clothes. Later I read it and I was a bit floundered by her letter. She re- affirmed her love for me in more passionate terms and begged me to give my letters to her immediately. She said she was disappointed by my lukewarm attitude to her and felt very unhappy and angry by my continued attention for Priya. She said I must forthwith stop my talks with Priya and I should even ask my sister to warn Priya to stop fussing with me any further. She said we should grow our love more as in films. She wanted to sit alone with me and sing love songs with me. She said it is very difficult for us to grow our love without some privacy. She suggested we should take help of our sister for this purpose. She advised me to speak to my sister about us and seek her help in furthering our love. She said if I felt shy to do this, then she will confide with my sister about her love. She said my sister liked her very much and will definitely help both of us to love and marry. She ended her letter again asking for my letters and again requesting me to ignore Priya. As usual I took counseling from the three women and they laughed at my plight. They said I was wasting my life and also the life of the two girls by sitting quiet. They said that unless I took boldness and declared my true love for Priya I was going to land in deep trouble later. So I wrote a letter to Prema saying that though originally I gave her a love letter I later changed my mind and instead started loving only Priya. I said that for some time I was not firm in my love matter and out of the confusion I expressed my love for both the girls but later after deep considerations I have come to firm conclusion that I wanted only Priya. I earnestly pleaded to Prema to understand my feelings and stop loving me. I said I deeply regretted for the flying kisses and other signals I had given to her earlier and asked her to forgive me and also forget such incidents as acts made by me in love confusion. I said I knew I was causing her great hurt but I had to put a stop to it however painful it was. I said if I continued to love her then I will be committing great sin and totally ruining the lives of both of them which I did not want to do. I advised her to forget me however painful it was for her because she had to do it for her ultimate good. I said she should think of other things in life and not think of me any more. I said I was quite sure God will always bless such a fine girl like her with early marriage and happy life with a good husband. I said that I will return to her the two love letters she wrote to me so that she herself can dispose them without trace. I advised her to immediately destroy my two love letters to her. And finally I requested her to again forgive me and help me in furthering my love for Priya. I read my letter to the three women in godown and they said that I should include in that letter about my confession that I had once touched Priya physically. I hesitated but they said it was necessary because it will show to Prema how seriously I was committed to Priya now. They said though Prema loved me dearly yet she had not allowed me to touch her body. But I have touched Priya and if I do not marry her it will be a great sin. In our values when a man touches a virgin, he spoils her chastity and he is bound to marry her to restore her honor. They said that Prema being a good girl will understand this. Out of sisterly love she will not want sin and dishonor to fall on Priya and so allow me to marry Priya to restore her honor. I felt their reason was sound and so I included that incident also in my letter to Prema and pleaded her to give way to Priya to love and marry me. After this I waited for some opportunity to hand over this letter to Prema but could not find a suitable chance. Then one day our family attended a function at a relative’s place and me and my sister left together for our house earlier than our parents. On the way we went to market and after some purchases we were returning by walk. Then my sister asked me “what has happened to you — why you have suddenly stopped your love games with Prema?”. I was totally shocked and in a fearful voice asked “what do you talk — from where from you got this idea?”. She giggled and said “I know all about you — don’t deny just like that”. I said “no — you are wrong and please don’t say such things”. She said “I know because Prema has confessed to me — I know about your love letter and your promise to marry her”. I fearfully looked at her and said “have you told this to mother?”. She said “you need not panic — only I know — and I am happy because she is a good girl and she will make a good daughter-in-law for our house — you need such a nice and comely girl as your wife — but I only fear father — he may not agree”. I said weakly “she is also ayyangar (vaishnavite Brahmin) like us”. She said “yes — but our sub-sects are different — they are not from same orthodox background like us — though we are poor yet we belong to a higher strata – her father is from a lower strata and is only an astrologer which profession is not considered high by us – so father will not easily agree for the match- when it comes to our marriages only he will decide — you, me and mother would welcome Prema as your wife — but we should pray to Lord Vishnu that father should also do the same”. What she told really touched me because she said it with real affection and sincere concern for me. So I did not want to immediately say to her bluntly that I no longer loved Prema and only wanted Priya. So I thought to tell her about my intention in a round about way. I said “what do you feel about Priya — she is also wonderful girl”. She tittered and said “what — you want Priya also — why stop with the two — find ten more girls also for your love — father did a mistake — he should have named you after Krishna and not Rama — then it would suit your character more”. I felt insulted but did not say anything. Again she said “how many girls you want for wife — why talk about Priya when you must plan how you can convince father about your marriage to Prema”. I weakly said “I wanted your opinion — that is all”. She said “Priya is also good — but she is only silver but Prema is real gold — you know our father does not approve love marriages — for him it is all sheer non-sense – so if at all father permits you to have love marriage then you should propose Prema — don’t ever think of Priya”. I was totally disappointed and my face fell and I kept quiet. Seeing my quietness she asked me with a frown “have you got anything inside your mind which you have not told me”. I said “it is nothing — further where is the question of my love and marriage now — I have to get a good job — you have to be married to a good husband — there is lot of time before father even thinks about my marriage”. She said “true — but that does not mean you should not select and love a good girl in the meantime — so what you do is alright — only keep everything in limit — I know you will always keep our family honor high – Prema is like fire — so I do not fear about any non-sense happening, but I am just saying as a matter of caution — as for as I am concerned I will always support your love for Prema — so don’t disappoint her and continue your love pranks with her as before and give peace to her mind — by your sudden change she feels very miserable — don’t harass that poor girl”. I thanked her for her understanding and promised to console Prema but I also felt very much uneasy now. I had not expected Prema to speak to my sister about our love. She and my sister were thick friends and she was definitely more dearer to my sister than Priya. But I had not thought she will get bold enough to talk with my sister about our love. I had assumed that out of shyness and fear she will keep it as a secret. Now the matter was in open between them and my sister fully backed her. I felt very miserable and again I was confused very much. But I decided not to give my new letter to Prema for the time being and kept it safely hidden. I again resorted to consultation with the women in the godown and they criticized me for getting into more and more difficult situation by remaining indecisive. They said when my sister opened the talk on her own it was a golden opportunity for me to confess her about everything and plead her help. They said my sister was the right choice because with womanly touch she can convince Prema to forget me and allow way for Priya. They said that though it would break the heart of Prema, with correct counseling by my sister she will overcome it and allow Priya’s love to triumph. They said that at least now I should act finally by getting my sister’s help. I then tried to talk with my sister on a few occasions but correct opportunity did not come. In the meantime I did one thing. I maintained some distance with both the girls and avoided contacts totally. Our chances of contacts of course were rare unless we were looking for it diligently. So with some determination I could avoid the occasions easily though I sensed that in addition to Prema, now equally Priya also was perplexed by my behavior. Knowing Priya’s boldness I feared whether I can dodge her so easily like I did with Prema. In the godown my love for the two sisters had become a matter of deep debate for the women and they eagerly talked about it. Daily the ladies in godown enquired the progress from me and when they noticed I did not talk with my sister one of them suggested a way out. She said that if I found orally talking with my sister difficult and awkward I can just give her the letter written by me to Prema asking her to forget me and allow my love to Priya go ahead. I felt their advice was sensible and wanted to do it. My sister had a prayer book and daily after her bath she will read the prayers from it. But it was always kept along with other prayer books which me or father or mother will use. These were kept on a shelf in the Pooja area. So I watched for the opportunity and one day when she came from bath to start her prayer I stood by the shelf and under the pretext of handing over the prayer book to her I slipped the letter inside it and then immediately rushed out. Later in the night when I returned from godown she grimly looked at me with anger in her eyes and I avoided looking at her. In our small house even among family members privacy is difficult and it was three days after only we could find a few minutes alone. She straight away threw my letter at me and told me to destroy it immediately. She said what I wrote in that letter was all sheer non-sense. She said if I wanted to give such a letter to Prema I should instead give her a bottle of poison. She said then Prema will gladly consume the poison and die and I will have clear route to Priya. I was upset. I weakly said “think about Priya — I committed sin to her”. She roughly said “you are a lunatic — you don’t deserve a gem like Prema”. We stopped talking due to some interference and I left. Now I was in real doldrums. I thought my sister will understand and help me. But she got only angry with me and I did not know what to do. I now did not want to give my letter to Prema because of what my sister told me. I now feared Prema may also do something hasty in her sorrow. I several times tried to talk with my sister more freely but she did not oblige. I only successfully dodged the girls in the meantime, totally stopping my antics with both. When I told my plight to the godown women they said that the only source of help to me was my sister and I should get it somehow. Several days later my sister went for some purchases and I accompanied her. After shopping we sat in a place for sometime. I again pleaded to her to understand and help me. She scolded me severely for the mess I did. She advised me that if at all I desired my love to end in marriage, I should select Prema. My father will accept her but Priya stood no chance. She said my love for Priya was only physical because she was ready to give her body to me for my pleasure. But in selecting a girl to marry me my parents will use different yardstick. To them and to her Prema will be the automatic choice. She said “rightly or wrongly you expressed your love to Prema and she accepted it – thank you luck for it and keep quiet and be content with her — one more thing which I have checked for your good – Prema’s birth star and your birth star also match — so your horoscopes will agree — but Priya’s birth star does not match with your birth star and horoscopes will not agree — father will never allow you to marry a girl with faulty horoscope (in Tamil Jadhaka Dosham) — first whether father will agree for alliance with that family itself is a big question mark — with a faulty horoscope it is impossible — so take my advice and simply forget Priya”. I weakly said “please have some pity for Priya — I have sinned by touching her — as a lady don’t you think justice should be done to her — should I not marry her to keep her honor intact”. She remained silent. I then said to her “say such a thing happened to one girl in our family – will you not insist that the sinning boy should compulsorily marry that girl — same rule should be applied to Priya”. My sister kept silent for sometime and said “listen carefully – what I am saying is final — I cannot intervene in this matter much — I am also very much afraid this should not reach the ears of father and mother — do something to stop your craze for Priya — ask her to forget you — you should because that is for everyone’s good — it is difficult but there is no other way — she will rave and rant — but it will be over in a few days — the more quick her love is, the more quick will be her hate — so go and end it — now come on — let us go home”. She stood up to go. I looked at her in misery and said “let us remain here for a little more time — I am totally vexed with what you say and I think no one considers my position — I need your help”. She glared at me and said “what will happen — your misery will not go if you sit here for more time — you made mess and you have to clean it — I have told you what you should do — somehow do it — you managed to play love pranks with them and exchange love letters with them without anyone seeing it — so now in same way you manage this also”. As I did not get up she again sat near me with a sigh. We remained silent for may be five minutes simply watching the street scene. Then she said “I am telling for your good — drop Priya — take Prema — I am not saying as your sister — I am saying as a woman knowing how the other woman’s mind works — don’t attach importance only for the one time you touched Priya — it is definitely sin — but at least you did not cross the limit to do permanent damage to her body and chastity — so change your mind and go with Prema and drop Priya”. I kept quiet. After some more time she said “Priya is like a rushing wild river — full of foam and fury — but she is shallow — she can easily change her course — but Prema is like a vast deep silent river — outwardly she will not show anything — but it is impossible to change her course — Priya will jump up and down thousand times — but she will do it on the ground — it will be harmless to her and to everyone — Prema will jump only once — but it will be from the top of Everest – it will bring disaster to all — you decide which you prefer and then act as you want”. Then she got up and started moving. I also got up and accompanied her. After this I kept quiet and maintained a very low profile in the house. I made myself as scantily available in house as possible and the nature of my job also suited it. Even though the girls many times came to my house for getting help in their studies my sister tactfully also avoided my involvement. I could notice both the girls were in misery over my silence but they had no other way than to put up with it. On a few occasions Priya tried to corner me into talking with her but somehow I escaped. Later after several days, one morning I left my home to go to my job. I saw the aunty of the astrologer standing in the corner of our road. I politely smiled at her and conveyed my greetings to her. She also smiled and she signaled me to stop. I went near her and she said “ambi (Tamil word referring to young men) — are you in a hurry”. I said “aunty — I am going to office — but please tell me what you want”. She said with some hesitation “can we sit separately and talk for sometime?”. I was surprised. We have spoken with each other sometimes but it was all polite nothings and we had no real matter to talk between us. So I wondered what was there for her to talk with me. I vaguely feared it could be related to the girls and felt I should avoid her then. But I did not want to be rude to her and so I said “sure — come — we will sit there”. We went and sat in the steps of a shop which was closed at that time. She remained silent for sometime and I also kept quiet. Then she said “ambi — don’t mistake me — but what you are doing with the girls of my house is not correct — it is better you don’t do such things and confuse their young minds”. I was shocked by her talk and sat speechless with fear. After a minute I composed my self and said “aunty — I do not know what you talk — but I don’t do anything wrong”. She said “if what you say is truth then I will very be happy — I noticed the girls were restless for sometime and then wanted to know the reason — they both confided to me about what happened with you — I do not like it — it is not correct — you should know that as a boy from a high class family you should not indulge in these things — don’t mistake me but you are also having a sister — would you permit such things to be done by someone to your sister — you will never allow it — in similar way you should not also do such mistakes with girls of other families”. I remained speechless for sometime. Then weakly I said “aunty — I confess that I did wrong thing — I request you to forgive me — if you want to punish me then please do it — whatever it is I will obey it humbly”. She said “I am not here to punish anyone — I want to tell only what is correct and what is wrong — so only you have to correct yourself — behave in a good way to protect your family honor and our family honor”. I said “sure aunty”. I then asked her “you said both girls confided to you — then are they both aware of my love for both of them”. She said “first don’t use such word like love — it is all the fleeting feelings you get in your age — it is only your body desire — if you have real love, then you will not have it for two or more girls at the same time”. I remained silent. She then said “they first talked among themselves and then came to me — how will they not talk — they are sisters — one cannot hide her secret for a long time from the other — further when they become miserable where they will seek solace — only from each other — when you showed your attention to them they got interested and responded because it is natural between boys and girls — but when you suddenly stopped your attention to them they both became confused and felt sad — then one talked with the other and the real thing was out — then they both came together and confided to me because now they needed a third soul to understand and help them”. I remained still. I was fearful about what this old woman will say to me. Then after considerable time she said “I have told them to forget the entire matter — to treat it as a bad dream and just not think about it any further — we know that even if a genuine love is there in your mind for them it will be very difficult for you to marry a girl from our house — your father and your family members will not desire our relationship — so what is the use of having a desire which one can never get fulfilled”. I said defensively “my parents and my sister like Prema very much — they will definitely take her to our house”. I then added “they like Priya too”. She laughed and said “I am glad to hear it — but understand one thing – liking a good girl is just showing your admiration — but taking that girl to your house is quite different — if you see a nice baby with someone you will like it and play with it for sometime — but will you take it to your home and keep it with you — no — you will keep only your baby in your house – in same way your parents may admire Prema — but they will not take her as daughter-in-law – even if they desire for it what your other family members will say — what your elder sister’s husband will say — you are seeking alliance for your second sister — what her husband will say — would they all tolerate it — are your parents bold enough to just ignore them all and do as you wish?”. I had no answer for her and kept quiet. She further said “as I said these are fleeting feelings that come in young minds — they carry no real meanings — so I have told the girls to forget everything — they will be sad for sometime but I can guide them to come to reality — you also forget the entire matter and stop trying anything — behave like a good boy from a good family and be a real brother to them — don’t have any wrong ideas in your mind and don’t approach them hereafter for some fun — you should remember that whether stone falls on glass or glass falls on stone only glass is ruined — the girls are like glass — kindly do not ruin them”. I remained silent with remorse. After a few minutes she again said “please take my advice to your heart and behave properly — also you should do one thing — I got the three letters you wrote to my girls and I destroyed them without trace — they told me that they wrote some letters to you — four letters — two from each if I am correct — be a pure person and give them to me — I will destroy them myself and let there be no trace of them — kindly do this without fail and immediately because I am not getting any sleep from the minute I came to know what happened between you three — I will sleep only after the four letters of those silly girls are destroyed by me — we may not come from the same high class family like you — but we have never allowed one speck of dishonor to attach to us anytime — I want that purity to continue – so please immediately oblige my request — then only we all can breath easily”. I was feeing sad about it all and immediately said “have no fear aunty — I swear on God that I will never allow any disgrace to come to them — I will myself destroy the letters today itself — you have no fear at all about it”. She said “ambi – I trust you fully — but if I do it myself then my mind will get absolute peace — so give them to me”. I assured her and I thanked her for her courteous advice to me in a matter were I was having total confusion. I was inwardly very much sad that my first love affair had burst like a bubble. But at least God had helped me to get out of a mess in the form of that old aunty whereby though we three will feel sad for sometime but at least our life and honor was saved. We then parted and I went to office with an easier mind. Later I watched for a suitable opportunity and promptly returned the four letters to the old aunty and I was very much moved by her sincere blessings to me. I also told my sister about this. Though she felt very much unhappy for Prema yet she also felt the solution by the old aunty was the best one. She then separately met the old aunty and expressed her thanks to the aunty for saving me from sin and disgrace. The three women in the godown were disappointed very much with the turn of events. They had imagined something juicy to happen and expected some cinema like scenes. Though outwardly they expressed happiness for my relief, yet I could notice they were peeved over my easy escape. They teased me saying I was like a man busily pedaling a cycle where both wheels were missing. They further teased me by saying there was only one remedy to my love pain — that I should find a family with three young unmarried girls and then start loving all the three. Their teasers pained me much. I understood their nefarious desires and I berated them severely. But because I was fucking them I could not show my anger to them for a long time and I soon started enjoying their teasers. After this I was very correct in my movements with the sisters. We maintained correct distance and we stopped all forms of pranks between us. We smiled in a friendly way and we talked only when necessary and that too only in presence of another person. And we never spoke one extra word than necessary. In fact we stopped noticing each other and only when necessary we had contact — in open and before everybody. Sometimes when we had to be alone and when we looked at each other I could notice the pain and sadness in their look but neither they faltered nor I overstepped. Inwardly my crush for both girls was always there but I was very careful to hide it. On rare occasions when none including them were noticing me I will ogle at their Sweet bodies with desire ad lust but I was very careful in doing it and I did it only for the minimum most time. Of course my sexual dreams, masturbation or fucks were never complete without their sweet body in my mind. We continued to be good neighbors with correct and cordial relationship till we vacated that house. We built our own house in outskirts of the city and shifted there. They attended out House Warming ceremony. After this there was no occasion for me at least to see them. Further I joined in a different job and had to stay in Thanjavur (away for Chennai). I met them again only when they came to attend my sister’s marriage. Prema passed her school final and joined in college. Priya was doing school final. The astrologer’s mother did not come as she was ill but his wife and aunty came. I took special care of the aunty then and she was very much pleased with my courteous attention to her and blessed me dearly. Later they also vacated that house and went elsewhere. After this we lost all contacts with them. In 1995 when my marriage talks began, in a veiled manner I reminded to my mother about Prema and Priya and wondered whether we could seek their alliance. But my mother simply said “your father knows what is best — so marry whomever he selects for this house and maintain the family honor”. I then kept quiet. I do not know where they are now and what they are doing. I hope they are both married and settled happily with their husbands and children. I wish their entire family a very long happy and peaceful life. Has reading this story made you horny? Want to sex chat with real life hot women? All the women below are LIVE! and waiting to talk dirty with you!

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