Saturday, 30 April 2011

Lady Doctor Kay Baray Baray Mummay

Hi al u my new friends ther, this kami again here to end my sex story with doctor, lets get back to kahani....
2 days later we met again this time she was wearing kamez salwar she was looking fucking hot dekhta he
mera lund ek dom hard hogya wo aa ker meri car me beth gai with a sweet lips 2 lips kiss i move my car..... Today i saw in her eyes was ful of masti and lusti i can sence her body hot much hoter then b4 yani ful choudi program, kissing were on while driving ek hath se main boobs daba raha tha kuch time bad one of my hand moved litel down in her salwar she opened her legs kept my hand on her panti was gili i moved panti on side stared fingring pussy was just waiting for my fingers pudiii so mush soft & wet, i parked my car on a dark place, now i was driving her only with muth in her muh one hand on boods other hands 3fingers were fucking her pussy one finger in her asshole uski sexy awazen oooofff aaaaa etc.. Then in that sexy voice she said lets go to ur home badkismati se i had some guest at home we can't go home, kuch 20min fingerfuck ka bad she about to com i tok my hand off i puled my pent off laand came out want to dril her ass & pudii i held my hard cock in her hand she strted playing with laand, she said put ur hand back in har pudiii so i did that kuck time bad again she much garam or mast hogi i pushed her head to my cock to suck she said she said me i never had any land in moh, mera bahot israr karna per us na land ka top muh me lalya oouuf friend dont ask me what those moment mean to me just like im in janat!! After some time she managed to suck my rod gud 10min later we both falowed i fild her muth with my sweet gum, she drunk al my cum & said bahoot mazay ki hai we both cleand each other with tisue, i drop her at home with so mush lusti kiss & set the time to meet again coz couldnot have real fucking joy.
Few days later we met aagain alone her was nuress, nures was aged but very sexy silm mintand body then set in my car doctor set on next to me nures was right behind us, me & doctor sudenly strted kissing nures was socked to see us kissing but didnt say any word, while i was drive doctor came to set in lab(godi) she was kissing me al around my face, nures to strted enjoy our kiss secsion, we al went for the cofe, after the cofe again in my car kiissing tok hold, in betwen i saw nures was geting mush excited but she couldnt ask us anything but wo kad tak bardast karti bahot haramzadi thi usna kandi kandi batin kana shru ker de, me & doctor or zeda garam horahy tha, slowly i moved one of my hand behind the set tok nures hand in my hand that gave me confidence gently i started rubing my on her boobs she was so hot hot, doctor didnt know what we r up to, i was so so so yalling i was driving three bitchs in one time my car doctor & nuress.
then after while nuress said i want eat pizza coz am feeling hungry we moved toward pizzahut i parked my car, me and doctor went to buy pizza janbuj ker mena apna volet car main chor dya after ordering pizza i told her i forgot my volet in car let colect and come, i dich her went to car since nuress was seting in car, as soon i reach to car i jumped on nures we kiss each other like madly i gave her my number and tok my volet went to pay pizza bil, but doctor already paid the bil she thought i dont have money thats y i dich her she did relized what im up to, us kay bad hum na piza khaya main na doctor ko sweet kis$s or nures ko dirty lok da ker us ka ghar chor dya and i want away. Kush time ek phone ring honay laga jab maina dekha tu wo doctor ka phone tha. She asked i my mobile in ur car wil u plz retrun me now i said ok, than again i went doctor home when she out to colect phone she was in nighty dress she tok set in my car again we started kising and rubing each other body we both were very hot excited to fuck today i move my car toward my home, as soon we reach at home it was late night now no idea about time, we got mad there we held each other tight her boobs on my chest hot hot long kiss go on & on we forgot al world around, me na uski long nighty utar de uskay bad bro and panti, finalyy wo phali bar pur nagi mary samnay kari ek bar uski puri nagi body achi tarah dekhi phir apna sar kapra utar dya ab me uski pudii ko chodny ka or intazar nhi kar saka, wo bed per late gi or me apna laand hath me pakra or paglun ki tarh us pa tut para, main apna laand pudii ka lips per raka uski pudii puri gili the ek hi jadkh me pura loura us ki pudii me gusa dya is par doctor chila uthi or zor zor se chilan shru ker dya lakin i didnt care for al her, hum dono bahot excited tha me land uski pudii me speed se ander bahar karta 5min bad uski pudii pani chor dya sath main be fargh hogya land ka sara pani chor dya ab hum dono kuch sante feel kya kuch time tak main land uski pudii me rakhay uska uper hi leta raha bad me uter ker sath hi late gya, again she strted playing with my dick, while after my cock got ready to fuck her gud in pussy & ass, and i did it 2time, once in her ass & once in her pussy. So finaly i made it,
(wil let to know what heppened with nures)
Hay al u there reading my sex kahani hope u r enjoying it al coz i am a bad fucker, if liked it u wana contact me from pakistan or dubai do mail me on address wil wait for al ur words!!!!

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