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How i Had Sex with my College Teacher

Hello pals, I have been a silent visitor of this site for the last two years. By this time I have read almost all of the stories and I felt that some are not 100% real life experience. Some writers don’t know that a virgin do not allow for a blowjob.Anyway I am not wasting your precious time and money, so let me start with myself.

I am a 20 year old youth, Chennai now employed as an engineer trainee in a private limited company in my home town. I am whitish, 6’0”, average built without a gym. I would not like to call this as Story. because this is a real one. This was happened on my 18th years of age. On that time I am in 12th Standard. This is my first affair, that too with my Teacher.

About Teacher: Her name is sujatha she is married. On that time she is 26years of age. White in color with good shaped Boobs. But she doesn't have the children even after 4 years of married life. But they are not worried about the same.The cause for not delivering the child is only her husband. That's only knows to her not to her husband.

Even while discussing with her she told me once "let the god decide the time to give me a child". That world becomes true through me.I am studying the tuition from my11th standard. I don't have any intention to have her on the bed. Honestly speaking Even I doesn't have the intention to see her boobs or curves. This is happened just after board exams.

When I was in holidays happened on one evening. I am very poor in chemistry. When even I am studying she will call me just near to her. Normally she will were the nighty on the time of taking tuition. Very rarely she will be on saree She bends towards me to teach the problem. She is just watching my notebook.

But I am very keen on watching the boob, which is very clearly visible to me, up to the portion of nipple. Almost all the time I spent only to watch the same. That was made me in compulsion to see her boob and curves in all the days. From that day I started watching her structure, how that was made. Even I will think in night, whether God has done some homework before he invented her.

She has such a beautiful figure. one day tution was finished and all other friend s has gone she told mee that pls bring fees tomorrow mea going for hospital check up I replied y mam for hospital she told that regarding pregnancy mam u are pregnant mam I asked no NO No I said ok mam and left. Other day tution was continued and I finishe d my exams.

On leave day I went to her home for giving tution fees on that day her husband is preparing to go for iv in his college.he is a professor.and he went asking me how are u I said fine uncle. Sujatha mam told me to sit in chair I gave fees and she got from me after finishing conversation about exams I asked about her life she told mee all the things that she is earning well

and also incremented I suddenly asked how abt ur baby mam she started talking in very keen manner to explain all the things that her husband is about 35 years old doctor told that he is very much defected in sperm count and has a less than 20%of conceiving the baby and told to her that she is perfect even if she has relation ship with small young boy of 17 years old

she can conceive she is telling me in sexy manner and she told to get into the living room for wating the reports and to watch tv. I followed like a dog while she got up her towel was fell on the floor.she didn’t have the buttons and kept with single safety pin she didn’t take care that it has fallen down and told that can u spend some time with me I told ohh mam u r my favorite mam how much u want.

She told that she is alone to be for 5 days can u stay with me yes mam I told to her that my mom has gone to my uncles house mam so I will be alone only in home so I replied that I can stay this night suddenly she told mee to wait in the living room she told that she will take a bath and return back to go for dinner outside I had taken her in my bike pulsar brand new 200

she told mee that it is like mee masculine she got some accessories of bangles and NAILPOLISH in that shop she sudeenly called mee Prasad see here how it looks for me (earrings). i replied super…I didn’t tell mam. Shop keeper old lady sudeenly asked sujatha mam that don’t call ur husband with name. I was shocked!!! she told to shop keeper sorry ma.

And replied with smile to her and sales girl to her that u are perfect pair Aka. I was in top of the world. With smiling sujatha mam replied to that girl thnks maa. and wee came out she is smiling with happiness. again I started bike she sat behind me I asked mam y u told like this we look so nice in pair and I like u off course I dreamt a husband looking like u and behaving

as u due to my parents compulsion I have married him with some courage only not 100 %.while riding she is wearing sari sitting on side so no balance to sit she held her between my hip and shoulder from behind I was in top off the heaven going fast in bike in 80 she is pinching my chest tightly with fingers and nails boobs hitting my back. I got aroused and we arrived to home.

she thanked mee for this wonderfull ride and shopping I told its my duty becoz u told mee as ur husband in shop so it’s a husband duty she kissed me in my fore head in lovely manner and told to me that if I get a child that should be like u in next birth also and now also my mind started to supply the blood to my tool and went inside bed room watching ss music pooja

and criag show together I was watching a song from machan machan song from sillam battam in that song one bed room situation comes seeing that she was fully aroused and told to mee that wait here I will change my dress to nighty and comes back she went inside the room and remove d the sari and suddenly slightly door was opened I eagerly turned asked sorry da

I forgot to take my bra and panty wich I will wear in nights that is in that cup board.i replied that how can I take mam that to mee its ok da u go there she directed mee I went there I told that were mam I could not find suddenly came out with blouse and petti coat itself I was shocked to see that assets,boobs with out bra she litly hitted on my head mandu mandu scoulded being a teen 18 years old guy not able to identify a bra and panty.

I acted as if I don’t know anything about that mam. I replied that I dint see any under garmets of any women ok wait I will show u and she changed the dress and came back. And near cupboard keenly watching all the lady items in the cupboard including condoms and stay free secure.

she has shown the bra of her that too in black color she is explained that she s having 38 cupped size of boobs so she is wearing this to keep the soft item inside this I said ohh h !!and she gave me a new lungi to change my costumes from jean to lungi and banniyan she is very keen in watching while iwas changing the pant to lungi for wanted ly I removed my pant

in front off her and placed in hanger that to in the semi nude position I was very much bulged in the boxers. Seening this she is asking mee y u was swelled there were mam she said at ur tool. I was very shy and turned back with little smiley. and I tied my lungi and asked her that were can I sleep.

she replied that in the same bed I understood that what I was imaging for those years its going to happen now. in that double cot bed I also started to rest on that back supported cushion and she went to the kitchen and gave me a special masala pal(badam and cashew mixed milk full off big tumbler ) I asked y mam its for me she told that every male guy should drink milk at night and sleep that keeps ur health good.

Lights turned off to mid dim lights we started to fell in bed she slowly started talking about her desires I also started to talk about baby she started to cry with me I started to convince her some how I told that what u ask mam I will arrange mam don’t let ur tears to come out mam stop crying mam I held her hand while telling this. I will ask u one thing can u give me that is u r having.

I f u think u can give me. I was confused she told that I want ur baby I said ok mam but how by having a sex and fore play. How can its possible mam mee younger than u so only I am wanting u pls take mee as ur wife she begged mee. Suddenly I hugged her an planted a kiss on her fore head don’t be sad iam there for u only iam ur husband only and we hugged each other

and fell in bed smooching each other she told mee that shee had been never smooched by her husband.i was on top of her my lund was in full force upto 8 inch hurting her pussy inside lungi.she suddenly told mee to remove her nighty I did like that and she removed my banniyan and lungi now I was only with boxer and she was only with bra and panty both in black seeing

this in sandy situation I was fully charged I started to kiss her wildly on her lips and cheeks, fore head ear lobes neck.and cleaveage she shouting don’t kill mee like this common she started holding my dick in her hand and shaking and inserted her fingers inside mee current passed away to my head she told kill mee tare my pussy other wise I will die now itself

she remove my boxers and through away by this time my guy was oozing out pre cum she tored her panty and thrown away and I removed her bra and released her huge mangos she was in top of pleasure hugged me tightly she kneeled down and took my cock inside her mouth she told don’t release ur cum in my mouth me lubricating ur penis for easy lubrication

and fulfilling my desire with u becoz it’s the first time taking a big dick in my mouth.licked my pre cum gel which was oozing out of my dick.fastly took out my tool and started to rub her bare back in kneeled position.she is moning with the sounds ah ah ah ohh ohh and in my ear lobes telling I LOVE You da darling,u r my chellam, my hubby,

my love I told we can go to bed.ok I want u fully inside me she laid in bed facing me.iam in top I first touched her face and brought her face very near to me and slowly I brought my lip towards her lip and placed my lip on her lip very slowly. And after some minutes I pressed her lip though my lip. Only after few minutes I opened my lip and try to open her lip.

First she co-operated me fully then she very slowly opened her lip and allowed my tongue to go inside her mouth and try to get her saliva. After some time she done the same with her tongue. I have done the same process at least of 15 minutes and she disabled her self from me. And asked me how you are feeling nowI said with shy I was excited like anything.

Then I asked her you madam. She said very casually little bit excited. Then I asked her "What I have to do to make the lady full excitement". She said the lip kissing is only the starting. After that you have do some other things like squeezing the boobs, sucking the boobs, sucking the pussy& ash hole. Then I kept quite.

She asked me that if I have done with any other lady or girl before I said no mam iam still this second virgin.she told that how lucky inthis part of my life god gave mee a virgin husband for mee now Then once again I brought her face towards me and started her lips. But this time some vigorously.

And I gone back to her and still I am kissing her cheeks and tried to place my hands on her boobs. Exactly the same I have done. Then I kept my Lund on her mount and I have turned to down suck her pussy. Then I have opened her pussy was very hairy full of hairs like a lawn gardens For the first time I am going the open the lips of pussy. I opened the lips and seen the rose color.

I kept my lip inside her pussy. Due to over excitement the juice is coming-out very frequently. I don't want to waste any of those. I have taken all the juice to my mouth.And she asked to me to give the milk juice on her vagina.Then I started playing in out play with her pussy I started sucking her very vigorously. She started shouting fuck me hard prasad.

Then I came to know that this is right time for go for climax. Then Iam gone upward and started kissing her lips and squeezing her boobs. I asked her to keep her legs broder in V shaped.She just shown the way in which I have to proceed with my Lund. She kept her twofingures and gateway person for sending my Lund inside.

I am just placed my Lund on front of perpussy lips and just rubbed top of lips inside. Because of over juice my Lund doesn't find very great problem in going inside.but she is jerking off with pain she told the one secret that her husband only inserts the round part only 3inch inside her and he cums top only and he will not ejaculate in deep of her vagina

she knows that and not interested to get his baby so only she has a plan to divorce him and marry other young guy becoz if I get baby from him it is impossible to me divorce him and he is not prefect also hearing this I was shocked.and me parted her thigs broadly and But I said it was just 8 inch and is a lot of time for to come back. By now my cock was fully erect again.

I asked here to spread her legs. I inserted my cock into her cunt and started fucking her first slowly and then I increased my pace.She began giving out moans aaaaaa...hhhh...aaaaaa...hhhh.. ouchhhhhhh.For another half-an-hour I kept fucking Then I started doing it as she told me and really I was fucking her, my first fuck.

She put her hands around me and pressed me hard against her and was kissing me deeply. After a while she asked to increase my speed little by little. She was so wet and each time my cock goes inside it was making a noise bloomm bloom bloom. She was whispering on my ears many sexy words likeoh my sweetie fuck me harder my pussy never had a cock for a long time.

now your cock is inside my thrust harder and harder and make my pussy soft..make my pussy cum..I need all your milk from your cock to my pussy.current passing thru my mind kept pumping in her pussy.she is telling iam going to cum my orgams plese I also I felt that I was flying on the sky.

This time she was having her climax and she pressed me hard and was making funny noises. my body started shivering and all of a sudden my cock pumped milk to mams's was my first and great experience and we were lying as it is for a while, keeping my cock inside her pussy then slipped down from her body after a while we fucked again and

Then I again stood on my foot while holding her belly and slowly removed my dick and gave another jerk.Slowly I increased my speed. With those jerks my mam is also crying like.... Ahhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmm ammmmmmmmmoooooo, shhhhhhh. Nearly after 20 mins, I was about to cum. So, I increased my speed. I really fucked very wildly.

Her breasts were moving to and fro with my jerks.At last I inserted my cock into her pusssy with a great jerk and leaned on her breathing very fast. I cum into her pussy. She held me with his hands on my back and her thighs on my hips and was screaming nearly 5mins I was on her in the same position. Next I laid on the bed besides her breathing very fast.

She smiled sexily on looking at me.She gave a sweet kiss to my lips saying you are a good learner you know how to satisfy a woman. After that we have 2 more rounds. I fucked her very wildly that night till abut 4am. After that night I have been fucking her regularly for 10 days. She is also enjoying very much.on the end of the month s she called me and told that her period

days has skipped and she become mother and mee dad for that baby. finally she divorced the old husband.and deliverd a new boy baby of mee in 18 years of my age wen I was in second semester ending me become a father of a baby through my mam I was happy.

She told mee that I will marry u one not other one even though u are young now u are my husband later years we planned to get another baby me fuking her regularly twice in a week now her pussy is enlarged by my continous fucking she loves mee lot and calls me as rajudarling. she changed her name as sujathaprasad and named our baby as ramprasad.

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