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How i Enjoyed My First Sex with My Boyfriend

Hi Guys, I am Renuka.. in short Renu.. I am reading this site since long.. I think for more than 5 years. And finally I decided that I should also share my experiences of the world of sex which is still a taboo word in India and for girls it is still a BAD word.

Let me tell you about myself... I am almost 36 now and married (fortunately?).. purely a housewife.. looking after the house and my husband as we do not have kids till now. Educationally I am an Engineer and stayed in hostel during my degree course. It is in the hostel that I learnt the real technical know how about the sex.

Before that it was limited to only fingering and fondling of my assets and of course staring to zip of boy’s pants to figure out any sign of erection there. Let me tell you guys that sex is talked much more in girl's hostel than most of people think (may be more than boy's hostel). I had few of sex encounters during my degree course.

But before I indulged in any such activity, I wanted to make sure that I do not get trapped in problems like pregnancy etc. You should appreciate that when I was in college not lot of anti pregnancy pills were available openly and I was also afraid of hormonal imbalance because of these pills (now it’s so easy for girls). So I ruled out this possibility.

After a bit of research, I decided that best way to do sex is in the safe days i.e. 2 days before period starts and 2 days after the period. So in a month 4 days were with me during which I could have enjoyed the life without any tension. Next thing which I learned is the self control.

I was told in the hostel by other (experienced) girls that a girl goes out of control if her boobs are pressed and kissed for sometime and it is after this most of the girls land up in trouble like pregnancy so never let anyone press your boobs unless you are sure to do it with him.

I tried to test this many times on myself i.e. played with my boobs for many days but I could not find anything thrilling or sensational in this (How silly I was!! I learned this after my first experience..). Anyways after 7-8 months of staying in hostel, after seeing couple xxx movies in hostel movie show and masturbating many times with candle & fingering,

I decided that now I am ready to take off and can go ahead have my first experience of life. My figure was pretty good at that time (not bad even today) and look wise also I was one of the beautiful and sexy girls in the college as not many girls used to land up in engineering college those days. So with such a credentials under my belt, it was not difficult to find a Murga (partner) for me.

There was a boy, named Raj, in my class who was also my lab partner for practical. He was very Cute, chocolaty look on face, bit of shy, soft in talking and so far very caring towards me. So I decided that for first time he is a good choice. Now question is to how and where… because in undergraduate (UG) hostels it was not allowed that boys and girls can to go to each other hostels freely.

Again my experienced senior girls came to my rescue. I was told that there was a restaurant near buy which has 3 rooms and these rooms can be used for this purpose. So I decided to go there and try it out. I started talking to him more regarding all the subjects other than studies like girl friends, what he likes in the girls, what boys do in hostel, movie shows in boy’s hostel etc.

During next 10-15 days, he became more open to me. When my periods got over, I planned to take him to the place. I told him that I am very happy as my sister got a job and let’s have a party to night. He agreed and said as it is first outing with him so he will pay the bill. I naturally agreed. We reached the restaurant and had a good dinner. Food was good.

Now question was how to take him to the rooms. So I pretended to be not well and said that I am feeling Dizziness and need to rest for while. Looking a bit worried, he asked the owner and he then showed him a room to rest. Room has one bed and a table chair but overall ambience was very bad. Bed sheet was not clean and stinking.

Stink was so bad that I really feeling dizziness and then I dropped the idea of having my first experience at such a horrible place. So finally we come back without doing anything on that day. Now again I was back to square one. I had the boy to do with but no place. One more month passed and we were having final exams of second semester.

By this time, we had become quite free with each other and sometimes even talk about other girl’s figures or boy’s body. But have not gone further other than holding hands. He was quite shy in this matter and never tried to make advancement even at lonely places. During final examinations, we were going to have holidays and I was not ready to go home without having experience anything.

So I started thinking very seriously about doing it before leaving for home. Last practical was computer lab. While giving the practical, I just look at the lab. It was a big hall with air conditioners with wall to wall carpet. Computers were placed along the three sides adjacent to walls and there is lot of space at the center of the hall.

As shoes were not allowed inside the lab and carpet was monthly cleaned with vacuum cleaner, it was pretty clean. I cursed myself why this idea has not come to me earlier. I knew that keys of computer lab can be taken from the lab in-charge in the name of project completion or some other important work. So I decided that this is indeed the place to have my first encounter.

I asked Raj when he was leaving for home. He told me that he is going two days later as only weekly train was available to his place. So I asked him that I am having some difficulty in computer programming and from next year it will become even more difficult so can he help me in these two days in programming concept.

He agreed (without even knowing which concept I was planning to learn…). Now I went to la in-charge who was a young professor and being a girl I did not face much difficulty in getting the keys of lab. Now I was ready to take off. I asked Raj to come to lab in the evening after dinner which he agreed. I prepared myself for the big day. I removed hairs from my private parts using rose Annie French.

Selected red sleeveless T-shirt and printed skirt (front open) for the day without bra and transparent panty. After dinner Raj came to my hostel, I made an entry in register regarding computer lab and we left the hostel. We had a brief walk to the computer lab and when we reached the lab there were 2 other person working on the systems.

I have taken some program form my seniors to engage Raj for some time. Programs were tricky but I knew that a boy cannot say to girl that he cannot solve it (male ego) so he was struggling to solve them. Other person left the lab around 11.00PM. I also told lab care taker that I have talked to the lab in-charge and keys are with me so I will close the lab when my project is completed.

He confirmed the same from lab in-charge and left. Now only we two were left in the lab and for that matter in the whole building. Now it was time to action..I went to Raj’s seat and bent to see the computer screen of Raj such that he can see my cleavage from the deep neck of my sleeveless T-shirt. I do not know whether he has seen my cleavage or not but he did not react much.

After doing it for 2-3 times, I told Raj that I am feeling a bit tired and just relaxing on the carpet for 5-10 minutes. I lie down on the carpet such that my legs are towards Raj. After 2-3 minutes I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep. I turned left and right like we do while sleeping and during this process I made it sure that my skirt is above knees so that when I fold my leg my full thighs were visible.

Now I was lying there with almost my full thighs unearthed and may be my panties was also visible from Raj’s place (as I couldn’t see from his eyes). Raj turned towards me to tell me some thing and saw me. I was just seeing him from the corner of my eye. He kept staring at me. Finally after few seconds he came to me and sat down near my hips.

Again he kept looking at my thighs and my tummy which was also visible as my T-shirts as gone up a bit. As time was passing I was getting nervous also and also thinking whether he will do something or cover my thighs and go to computer again. After few minutes which felt as a hour to me, he moved and started unbuttoning my skirt.

As it was front open and I was lying on my back, it was easy and could be possible without touching my thighs. He unbuttoned it completely and now I was lying there in my almost transparent panty and T-shirt which was also gone up a bit. My eyes were closed as I was supposed to be sleeping. Again there was no activity for many seconds and I was forced to see from corner of my eyes.

Raj was constantly staring at my panty. My legs were slightly open and I think he could have seen my sweet cunt through the panty. As this was my first time when some stranger was looking at my panty in lonely room, I was also very nervous.

Although air conditioner were running and room was quite cool still I think I was feeling very hot and sweating and also feeling that my littlie cute pussey is also getting wet and juice must be dripping out of it. Some more moments passed and then I felt Raj hand on my tummy. I showed no reaction and pretended to be sleeping.

Slowly and slowly he pushed his hand up and finally got hold of one of my small boobs and it’s hardened nipple. He cupped my boobs nicely and swiftly and pressed very gently. He did the same with my other boob. Now I realize what my seniors have told me. His action was sending electric shocks to my brain and body. It was too much an excitement and thrill for me to handle.

When I was about to go out of control, I opened my eyes and asked in husky voice – what are u doing Raj? He was totally concentrating on my panty and his action on my boobs so he was shocked to hear my voice and suddenly pull back his hand and said – Wo.. mein…. Nothing… actually…. Sorry…. … He face was looking very sorry and ashamed.

I told in firm voice – Idiot! Why did you stop …who asked you to stop? I just asked what are you doing…… This helped him a lot and I could see his relaxed face. Still he did not start again. I had to pick his hand and place it on my boobs then he started feeling them and squeezing them. Now I was enjoying and I could see that he was also enjoying.

After few minutes I removed my T-shirt as nothing was beneath it, I was lying only in my transparent panty and Raj was rubbing my boobs with both hands. I directed him to kiss my boobs which he perfectly. He was kissing my boobs like a little child. I was fully aroused by this time. I put my hand inside his T-shirt and started rubbing his erected nipples.

I managed to place my other hand on the zip of his pants and could feel his hard on. After few minutes, I managed to open his zip and insert my hand inside her undy. His tool was fully erected and solid as rock. It was my first touch to male organ and it felt nice. I asked him to take out his T-shirts and pants. He removed both of them but did not took out his under wear.

His erection within the underwear was clearly visible and head of his tool was literally peeping out form the elastic of his undy. I giggled and said – when your tool is not ready to be inside why don’t you free it.. and pulled his undy down. Now he was totally nude in front of me. His penis was almost 5 inches which was appearing very long to me at that time

( although now it know that it was medium size but at that time it was my first dick and for me it was the longest in the world on that day). I forced him lie on his back and started kissing his nipples. He was still not taking initiatives and I had to lead the way. I have seen few XXX movies so I knew what is to be done. After kissing his nipples, I kissed him full on his lips.

We were locked lips for few minutes then I took his lower lip in my mouth and started sucking it like there is no tomorrow. Then I forced my tongue in his mouth and made a full round of his mouth with my tongue touching every corner of his mouth. Then I sucked his tongue in my mouth and this time he repeated the same which I did with my tongue.

I kissed him everywhere on the face which he reciprocated immediately. I whisper in his ear in husky voice – Raj darling, do what ever you want to do as if there is no tomorrow. I know you have seen many porn movies so go ahead and fulfill your wildest fantasy today.

Now he kissed me again on my lips and took my lower lip in his mouth and sucked so hard that after few seconds I had to tell him to go slow as this is first time for me. He started kissing me everywhere on my face then to my neck, shoulders and finally landed up on one of my boobs. His kissing was not simply using his lips he made sure that his tongue also touched my body every time he kissed.

It was feeling quite good. I was getting wetter down there and not I was sure that my panty was soaked with my juice. I was still in panty. I asked Raj – will you do everything with my panty on? He said – oh.. sorry and removed my panty. It was totally wet with my pre cum. Now I was in my birthday suit. He looked at my clean shaven pussey for a moment and again started kissing my boobs.

Slowly and slowly his one hand went down to my pussey and started feeling it. He parted lips of my pussey and tried to push his finger in. It went in easily as pussey was very wet and slippery by now. I pushed his head down from my boobs. He started kissing everywhere down to my naval and kissed my naval deeply. I never thought kissing naval will also feel so good.

After few moments I again tried to push his mouth further down but he stopped on top of my pussey mount and I felt he was bit reluctant in kissing and licking my pussey. I did not force him. After kissing here and there and pressing my boobs with both hands he asked me – can I insert it. I said go ahead my baby.. do whatever you want to do. He went on top of me.

I spread my legs apart as far as I can. He lay down on top of me and tried to insert it. But it was not going in properly because both of us are new to it. Finally he sit in between my legs and tried to place his tool at the right place and then pushed in slowly. I almost screamed and pushed him away a bit. He said what happened. I told him it’s painful.

We tried it few more time but it was not ready to go in without pain. Finally he told me that it will not go in if we try to do it slowly. For first time it has to be pushed in hard and then it will go in with some pain but pain will subside soon and I will start enjoying. I had no other choice so I said ok go ahead.

He kept his tool at right place i.e. at the door of heaven of my pussey and then lay down on me took both of my lips in his mouth so that I cannot scream and gave a powerful push. This time it went in and I almost screamed with pain in his mouth. I crossed my leg over his hips and tighten them so that he was not able to move an inch. I kept myself in this position till my pain subsided.

Then slowly and slowly I loosen the grip of my legs and he started moving his hips up and down very very slowly. I also started enjoying by now. Now I understood that in spite of masturbating with finger and candles, pussey remain tight unless fucked by a dick. After few strokes he pulled out and immediately came over my stomach. His cum was all over my body.

He was looking satisfied. It will be wrong to say that I also came at the same time. I did not reach orgasm but I enjoyed. After that he lay down besides me on his back and just tried to catch his breath. After he got his breath, he told me it was first and best experience he has ever had.

I was still playing with his nipples and asked him – you did it in a simple way that means you did not have any fantasy or you have kept it secret for your dream girl. He replied that it’s nothing like that and till date I am his dream girl. I asked him to takeout toilet paper from my bag (which I kept in my bag from hostel) and wipe off his cum from my body which he did it nicely.

Our session did not end here but I am feeling so aroused by thinking of this incidence and describing it in so much details by remembering each and every thing after 18 years that now I too need a good fucking session. So I will describe what happened next in my next write up.

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