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Enjoying Sex of House Owner in The Garden

Hi all I am vikram and regular follower of humandigest.I am 23 now and I always enjoy watching porn and reading these incident.I also want to share my incident.We live on the outskirts of a semi urban area.In our building we are tenants at the first floor and our locality is soo boring and ours is the only building soo very deserted in the area.

Infront of our building is a little place for sitting made of stone and area is extended which we used for different purposes.Our place is surrounded is corn fields on two sides and a small muddy road on one side.Behind the house is a vegitable garden.The ground floor is occupied by the owners.A 35 year old man and a 28 yr old wife.Her husband is a business man and big drunkard.

Since ours is a deserted locality the women always used to come to my mom to talk or for some advice etc. The women is not very educated guess some degree discontinued but she speaks well. Never reveals negatives of her or her husband.she is very talkitive and free and a live character.She has great body though short she is sexy with round boobs and perky nipples.

She has a big arse.Everytime she comes to our house to see mom I would never miss to have go at her with my looks.She always wears sarries and that will make her even sexier with that milky white body which turns red even with jus a touch.I used to work in a samll company where I needed to work at different shifts so mom and dad never used to wait out for me for those family dinners etc.

I used to find my enjoyment at home watching the lady work.She has to wash the cloths out side under the small pump and that would give me a great view.She used to tie up her sarry and the petticoat up over her knees exposing her sexy white thighs.And that view of her belly button and the little light borwn tan on her hips and her beautiful clevage would always bring a hardon on me.

I used to watch her from the first floor doing her works and I would enjoy her assets with my eyes. One evening she came up to watch some tv serial as their tv was in some repair. She was wearing a white color sarry which is slightly transparent and a matching white color blouse. Apparently she wasnt wearing anything underneath her blouse.

Her milky globes were buldging under her tight blouse and not to tell of her hips,her belly button she was like an angel. I was starring at her for a moment when I opened the door.I said hai and welcomed her in and asked her to sit in the hall.I offered her some cool drink which she has resisted. I sat infront of her on the couch, she then asked for mom.

I told her that she went to marriage along with dad and there is no one home.Then she has told me that she has come to watch tv since their tv has blown up and started to walk out as its not good since only two of us are here.I insisted her that there is no problem and can watch tv as much time as she wants.She finally accepted watch for half an hour.

She was enjoying the tv and I was sitting square on and was throughly enjoying her beauty. After some time I offered her some water, she took,drank and she leaned forward to keep the glas down and her massive clevage was mouth watering and my were transfixed her boobs. She caught me with my mouth open and eyes on her boobs."Excuse me vikram???" she said.

I immediately directed my eyes off her and she adjusted her sarry.In 5 minutes the serial was over and she smiled at me and started to leave.I invited her that she can come anytime she wants to watch tv. She gave a naughty smile and left.That was a sleepless night.I shagged off a few times that night. Some one was knocking the door I opened my eyes and its 8.30 in the morning.

I was nude on the bed.I quickly grabbed my lungi and tied it around the hip and opened the door. Its the lady,she gave a smile and I was a little surprised.I smiled back rubbing my eyes. As soon as I saw her my cock started to dance.There was a 90 degrees rise of my pole and tent has occured on my lungi.

I asked her to come in and she politely resisted and told that she has brought some breakfast for me and handed over to me.I said thank you,she naughtly peeped at my tent,smiled and went off.I wasnt able control my thoughts of fucking her like a bull in doggy style. I ate the breakfast,got ready.I gave her the dish while leaving for work.

I didnt have a great day at the office,i had to work extra hours and it was 10'O clock in the night by the time I came home.By the time I reached, the lady was sitting all alone infront of the house on the black slate stone.Under the moon light in the cold night she was gorgeous. She managed a fake smile on her face when I came.

She offered me some rotis since my parents are not home.I told her I already ate and came. She was a little disappointed.I told her that I ll come back in a minute and went upstairs, washed myself up in a couple of minutes and changes into my night dress.A lungi and a cotton Shirt. I thought of taking a chance tonight,I came down and sat beside her and said Hai.

Her eyes were wet,she replied back with a hai in a low voice.By the look of the situation I thought something is wrong.I silently moved close to her.I asked her, what the matter? She atlast spoke something of her husband.She bursted out on him with me."He is a bloody drunkard, there is not a single day that he would not drink.

If he comes home early he comes with a bottle in the hand and if he comes late he comes home drunk. I am feed up with him". I got much closer to her and lay my hand on her shoulder and consoled her.I ever so slightly tightened my grip on her shoulder.There was no response from her. My courage is building up and the sexual predator within is taking control.

I told dont worry of your husband while I am here.As I was saying that my hand slowly slipped down from her shoulder to her hips brushing past her right boobs,tickling her.This brought a naughty smile and biting her lip she turned her head away.This is it I thought I turned her head towards me with left hand as I tightitned my grip on her naked hips with my right hand.

I moved even closer as we could feel the warmth of our bodies.I asked her "Where is your husband?" "He is drunk and laying unconsious in the bed room"."Oh then what about us dear?" She giggles naughtly and my lips touched her's.I started to suck her lips like they were dipped in honey. In the dark of the night as the moon light shone upon us and the cool breeze blew across.

There is nothing to stop us right now,corn feilds and gardens all around,this is a fantasy come true I thought.As I was sucking her lips she was also nicely responding to me and trying to gain control.My left hand went down under her sarry and squeezed her breast gently and she moaned slowly breaking my kiss.

I tried to pull off the sarry off her and she resisted as it is in open infront of the house.I thought to try it different.I held her hand and walked to the garden behind the house.Soon as we reached there I hugged her tightly as her boobs were crushing against my chest.I held her head and started to suck her lips again.

My penis has formed a tent under my lungi and its poking against her abdomen as we hugged. Her hand slowly crept down unnoticingly and pulled the lungi off me with brute of a force.I was surprised at her and I was left naked below waist infront of her.She naughtly smiled and in return I pulled the sarry of her and there not much gap before I unhooked her blouse and her boobs have sprung out like pigeons out of captivity.

She tried to cover them with shy and I removed her hands and my lips found her dark nipples hard. I gave a long lick on them like a dog as she shivered with pleasure.Her hand has found my dick and gave a jerk.There was an amazed look on my face, she laughed and slowly she started to lean down lick and kissing and biting on my shirt.

Finally her face ended right infront of my throbbing wand and as slightly lifted my shirt up she wasted no time in taking my wand into her mouth.Her mouth was warm and wet and her tongue playing on my nerves,all the pleasure in the world was mine as I lifted my head up out of pleasure as the moon light shined through the night.

Her hand held my arse tight and her nails dug into my buttocks as she increase her sucking speed.She was doing this like a pro.The pressure was building up and I held her arms and lifted her up.I cupped her boobs and sucked the nipples like a popsicle.I pushed down to the ground on the patch of green grass.

I lifted up her petticoat till her hip and parted her thighs wide open and the smell of the love juice oozing our of the love well was all evident.Her pussy was bushy with hair.But I didnt hesitate and my tongue bore into her pussy like a pekker in the wood.I was leaning forward sitting on my knees to lick her pussy clean and as I bent my elastic hips my anaconda was touching the grass.

I licked her clits and she started to moan like an whore..Aaaaaaahh uuuuuffffff vikky come on aaaaaaaaa...this is making me more and more of a beast.Her pussy was dripping wet as I licked it minute after minute.MMmmmm I want you in babbbbbyyyy comeeeeeeee oooonnnnn. Fuuuucccckkkkkk me.

I quickly made her turn and sit on all four making her ready for some dog fucking.I parted her buttocks and my tongue once again burried into her pussy from behind.Then I positioned myself infront of her bak and slowly rubbed the dick head against her labia and she was moaaanggggg.

Our organs were super lubricated with all the sucking and licking and my thrusted my dick deep into her pussy with allmight.Her moaned loud its more like cry of a pleasure. I increased the speed of mu thrusts and our flesh is thudding against each others and my balls were slapping against her and all this is making a sleazy sound.

Our pleasures were increasing and moaning is is turning into vulgar calls of hard fucking.She held the grass on the ground with her fists and I rammed her pussy with my cock.She was pressing my penis with her pelvic muscles in her pussy as the pleasure build up on each of us.

And she ah ah aaaaahhhh moaned as she relaxed as sweat from my chin dripped and fell on her back and after a few fucking hard strokes I too burst out uuuuuffffff.I pulled out my rod and sprayed her arse with my cum as it lost its bone.We lay there for 15 minutes or so in the semi nude position and changed out positions as she rided my dick like a jockey.

As she was jumping her heavy milk tankers were jiggling and her erect nipples were shining. We fucked in a few other positions and a few more vulgar words and finally a few words of concern and by an hour past the mid night went into out respective houses for a sound sleep.

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