Friday, April 15, 2011

Clever Lady Kay Baray Breast and Doctor - Part 1

Hello every1 on this wed, im reading these sex stories from few days i
fund it very cool, al these stories remind me al my past sex chapters
then i thought i should write my own true stories and put on u guys to
Guy let me about myself, my nick name is kami & am abt 5.11" feet toll
very slim & samrt dody, my hard cock abt 6"by 2"
my e-mail id is!
a year before i shifted back in pakistan punjab, last 10years i spent
in the hotest & sexyest place Dubai, in that time i had sex so
manytime with many grils, gays & womens.
Without wasting anymore let me tel u one of my sex story with a very
naught & clever lady Doctor, i hope u wil enjoy it.
Then fallow me down!!!

So i was working in marketing feld in dubai was wel set there have my
own sport car used live alone in a apartment have few very gud friends
we al use to fun al the time, we go for picnic, discos, parties &
girls dance bar(mujrhs) we al r mango boys,
2years before since i was in marketing feld i had gud publie relatiön around me,
One day in the evening abt 6 o'clock i was driving way to my home, i
used u have so many work calls coming in, so in the way i was talking
on my mobile with some1 regarding work then my secönd mobile started
ringing i did drop the 1st call and pick the 2nd phone call then i
heard a very sweet voice of a young girl, she told me she got my
number from one of my gud friend whom she met somewhere, after little
introduction she said she is a working lady doctor and in partime she
works in marketing feld to make so extra money, since i was in same
feld she asked for some help i said it ok to me i have no problem
while we were talking about the work i reached my home i parked my car
in my building parking and picked up my laptop bag from my car &
started walking to the 1st floor i came in apartmet she stil with me
on phone after chating about work she start asking me about me, i
became litel naught & replid her am 25year age youmg smart wel set
here living alone, we had some chat after i said ur very intresting
gril i need to meet u for dinner or someting to chat more then she
said sure i will love to meet, i finish talking coz my other phone was
Very 2nd day doctor called me again she was talking nasty" said to me
u living alone making gud money why don't u get marry' i reply didnt
got right girl 2 marry yet, she told me about her younger sister was
in pakistan sister is very beautifull and etc,,,
she use to call me very offenly to meet i alway show some exuse to
avoid her after 3 or 4 week i agree with her let meet this (holiday)
friday noon,
then after i forgot about our meeting, on friday i went 4 the movie
with friends, while we were enjoying the film i got call it was her i
didnt answer in theater she kep on calling when film ended i called
her back she was angry at me shouting k were r u when r u coming me i
said in 30min u get ready, i exused 2 al my friends & went meet her,
its was almost 45min drive to her place as she gave me her address, in
30min i got there i call her said am here, she just 2min, time was
almost 7pm al dark aroume, littel later she came and sat in car, as
accepted she wasn't bad she is beautiful but some fat were on her body
then i took her to hotel (hardess) for dinnr, there we were face to
face i saw her clearly she was so hot, she is about 32year old wearing
jeans ful slve shirt black hair beuti face with colour, ooooo i can
imagen her bary bary mummy big gand or thura pat nikla howa tha bus
fucking big uskay mummy imagen karta howa mary muh pani aagya me tu
bary mummy dekh ker boht exited ho raha tha, dinner ka sath hum kuch
baaten karty dinner kya aur main us tea ka lia kaha or wo man gi, phir
hum dono car me ek cefa jo samandr ka kinaray pa tha wahan kafi dar
tak nasty kind of baten karta rahy mosam cold tha time be kafi hogy
but who care about time i was only locking for a chance to eat her big
mummy again & again i hardly control myself, then i asked what u doing
tomarrow morning "nothing she answered then i said let go for a
longdrive if u like, i wanted 2 hear yes! And yes came$
hum dono meri car long drive per nikla wo meri sath wali set per thi
or mera bus nhi chal raha ka main kasa uska mummy apna hath me lu tits
muh la ker dodh peen uska pink lips per apna dantu se katu uski choot
main mera pura lun taton ka sath ander ker dun phir bia gand per zor
se shalp maru, ye sad suchta huwa main na car mera ghar tarf khuli
road per lagya ye road city se baher thi, aaj serdi ki wajh se fog bi
thi, kuch der bad fog ki wajh car sped slow hogi ab her tarf fog hi
fog thi 10 feet se aaga dekhna muskil tha
main ne mog pa ker kaha what cook wather u r with me made it a lovely
evening uska hath pakra or hath per kiss kya wo bahot kush hui phir
main apna right hand uska sir ka peech rake or uska muh apni tarf bend
kya ek dum main na lips per kiss karna shru kia 5min hum dono muh mai
muh daly kiss kia wo bi maza se respond ker rahi thi phir main na car
road par hi rok de usko paker ker car se baher nikla or car ka agay
waly bont per da mara me bi uper huwa or phir uska lips per kising
shru ker di döna buri tara kissing ki wo kabi mry gal lips or neek
chat rahi thi me dono hands uska big mummy zor se masalta shirt or
bra ka uper se mummy muh main leta uski sex awazain oooofff aaaaa
fuck fuck was driving more crazy wo ful garam hogi 15 se 20min bad
usay mahsoos huwa ka ya road per ker rahay hai then she stoped me we
set in the car again i started kissing then she request lets go back i
obey her i took her at my home there i served her a cup of tea in my
bed, after me uski god main sir raker lat gya or us ko mummy ka sath
khalta wo kiss keti aram se mena ek uski shirt ka ander dala bra uper
se tits ko dabna lag wo ful masti main aagi mera lund ful josh me meri
jeans or underwear pardna ki kosish keraha hai phir mena usay bed per
leta dya or upe agya uski shirt or bra uper pul kai wo haki awaz me
ronay lagi nhi asia mat ko mat kar but how care what she saying mera
muh pani gaya what mummy soft gory gory black/ brown khary smal tits i
sounded like fuck!!!! Wile ago i was deing to view this boobs me dono
boobs ek ek ker ka chusa kya batun bahot maza aa raha hai phir mena
hand nechay kar uski jeans kolna chaha per doctor boli or kaha mujha
mencess(perid) chal rahay hai ya sunker mera mod karab hoga me usay
perid me nhi chodna chata tha, phir se me mummun main busy hogya 2hour
bad usko ghar drop ker dyg,
2 days later we met again this time she was wearing kamez salwar she
was looking fucking hot dekhta he mera lund ek dom hard hogya wo aa
ker meri car me beth gai with a sweet lips 2 lips kiss i move my
To go more.....

Hay al u there reading my sex kahani hope u r enjoying it al coz i am
a bad fucker, if liked it u wana contact me do mail me on address
wil wait for al ur words!!!!

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