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Classmate ne Blackmail kar Meri li

I am Riya, from delhi,5 -5, 34 25 35, very fair . I was one of the hottest girls in college and liked wearing short clothes like short skirts and tops. I love grabbing attention,
there was a guy in my class , Rohit who i really hated very much as he used to disturb me a lot and tried to be oversmart and used cheap language everytime he talked,back-bencher and he proposed me many times but i always kept distance with him.

But one day he came to me and proposed me,"NO"was my answer as always but when i tried to leave the class , he held my hand and tried to touch me and i got angry and slapped him in front of the class mainly my frends and his frends, i felt so proud that day and everyone was laughing at him.
He didnt say anything and moved out of the class and didnt turn up for next couple of days , may be too embarassed to face me or his frends. and i was happy as i thought that it was all over now and continued my daily routine of masti and fun and lill bit of study as well.
After few days he came to my home and i opened the door, I was shocked to see him there and i yelled at him " U FORGOT THAT SLAP OR WHAT? OR U WANT ANOTHER ONE? " but he apologised that day and was really sorry for what he did in the class. I wasnt angry anyone and invited him in and apoogised for slapping him in front of his frends,so we started talking and he told me how his frends make fun of him and how he felt so embarassed.
After some time he told me if he could use my washroom, I showed him the way and waited for him to come out , he came out , we had coffee and he went away,
I was wearing small loose skirt and striped top but he didnt try to look at me,that added to my confidence that he is no more a bad guy now and he went away,
Everything was so smooth for a week in class and one day i got one email from him,as he called me and told me to open the mailbox,
I opened it and there as some attachment, i opened tat attachment, unzipped the folder and literally started shivering after as there were my naked pics in the mail that were clicked in my washroom, i was all exposed ,my voice started shivering , and i felt weak in my knees,and could not believe my eyes, That guy installed camera in my washroom when he said he wanted to use my washroom, i didnt know what to do, i was in tears I wasnt in my senses for few seconds watching my pics on my laptop screen,i was so angry , didnt know what to do ,
I got up, took my mobile phone and called Rohit ,"U ASSHOLE,HOW DARE U CLICK MY PICS ? ", i fired these words at him, "Riya darling,ye bas tumhaare us thappad ka jawab hai,Now you will feel the pain that i ve been feeling from last one month " he replied.
"listen Rohit , you know im from gud family and this will ruin my career and life , please dont play with my pics " i requested him.. suddenly there was command in his voice " YES, now u know what all i can do and now i will show you how to slap someone in front of whole class and how does it feel " he replied
i requested him alot, my voice was shivering on the phone.i kept begging him but he did not listen to me , i didnt know what to do
and then HE said " there's only one way i can keep all pics with me and not show them to anyone "... i asked him whats tht way .
He said " You will do whatever i say from now ,the way u have embarassed me in front of everyone, i want to show you what all i can do now "
"I m really sorry for what i did Rohit, we are classmates , please forgive me, If you want then slap me in front of class , i will not say anything " i pleaded him but he replied " I will definitely slap you but my slap will be different from yours riya...NOW JUST DO WHAT I SAY N DONT TEST MY PATIENCE"
i got scared with his commanding voice...and agreed to do whatever he says and he promised not to show my pics to anyone,
Rohit -" Now come to your room;s window and open it '
i did the same, (we were still on the phone)...
'Now Open ur top and throw it down in the garden " he orderedme
"no ways rohit, i cannot do that " i told him but he replied " Ok dont do it and tomorow your pics will be in everyone;s mail , they are just a click away and everyone will come to know how well u play with yourself and how gud u r at masturbating as u were doing in the pics "
nooooooooo, please dont do that rohit, i will do it
i get tooo scared with his words and felt ashamed as he explained my pics,i didnt thin anything and removed my top , and was standing in pink bra and skirt .
"now time to unhook ur bra and throw that down too" he added,
i did the same and my boobs were on display as the window was open, tears rolled down my cheeks and i was praying GOD, that no one should see me
i was talking to myself in mind when he added to unhook my skirt as well.
totally dominated by him, i unhooked my skirt and it fell on ground,and i was standing completely naked witht he window open and crying,
suddenly i saw rohit in the garden and he was looking at me, i tried to cover myself with hands and arms but he tld me not to do so and then he took my clothes and went from there and disconnected the call.i felt so ashamed of myself as i was exposed to a guy i hated the most in the class.and he was feeling like a winner as he made me do what he wanted. I ran inside , laid on my bed all nude and kept crying for what all happening with me , cursing myself why did i slap him in front of whole class.
i got up , got dressed and my frend seema came to my house, she asked me " Riya u r looking pretty tense" but i did not tell her anything and told just because of studies.

I didnt do anything all day because i was not in good mood for what all happened with me today.and in the evening i got call from him
i picked it up," Hello Rohit "
"no more Rohit u BITCH" he forced his words through the phone to my ears, i got shocked when he called me BITCH, how could he, i felt so disgusted .

i interrupted him, "Rohit, dont call me that again".. "what ? " ,he asked,
"BITCH" i said and he said " BUt thts what you are, and thts why you play with urself in ur washroom" and he started laughng,
i didnt have any words to say and kept quiet..

"OK i called to tell you that tomorow you will wear a white shirt and black bra , and black short loose skirt four inches above your knees " he said and i was like " rohit how can i............" he interrupted me and added "mind it , there should not be anything under you skirt, else everyone would love to check their mails tomroow.. " and he disconnected the call..

That was another horror for me , how could i go in white shirt with black bra, anyone could see it ,i didnt know what to do, i kept sitting there thinking what to do but i wasnt left with any option.

next morning i got up, took bath and got ready, i wore what he said and looked myself in the mirror, anyone could judge that i was wearin black bra and skirt was so short that good amount of mid thighs and upper thighs were exposed. i could see myself this way and i called Rohit.

"Rohit i cannot wear this.plase, dont force me to wear this, everyone in class will laugh at me , u cannot embarass me like this" i begged him. but he didnot listen to me and said " forgot that day when i felt embarassed in front of whole class, now its ur turn BITCH , come in same dress , else u know what all i can do " and he disconnected the phone.

i went to college, i was shivering badly,tried to cover myself completely, i held books in front of my boobs to cover the black bra so that minimal students could guess that , but to my shock, as i entered the class, all eyes were on my body, raping me from top to bottom, looking at my exposed thighs ,

"riya what happened to you, ye kya banke aayi ho class mein? " guys asked me and all class was laughing and whisteling. i couldnt say anything and i was extra coutious to take care of my loose frilled black skirt as there wasnt anything inside that as per Rohit's orders.

i avoided to look at anyone and went back and sat next to Rohit on the last bench, there were hardly any students on the last bench, just me and rohit to my left and his two frends way away from our table to his side.
SIr entered and we all stood up and the class started.

Rohit ," So u did what u were told to ?" he asked me,
i replied " yes i have come inthe same dress and i was abt to cry with the embarassment i felt , Rohit you didnt do right with me , i will never spare you for this "

"you Bitch, Its just the trailor, movie abhi baaki hai " and he put his right hand on my thigh, i looked him and looked at eevryone in the class, everyone was studying .

"rohit please take your hand away , someone will see " and i pushed his hand away ,
he got angry and took out one pic from his bag [he took the printout of the pic ],

and in commanding voice he asked me " So You were sayin something",,,, i kept quiet and i didnt know what all he planned to do,,
he again placed the hand on my thigh and carressed it for some time

'Oh i forgot to check, show me if you wore panty inside or not " QUICK " he added

" R u mad, how can i do that, everyone is in the class, Sir is teaching," i resisted

"pull your skirt up and show me NOW " he ordered me again
i got scared, and looked here and there at everyone, everyone was studying , i gathered some courage and pulled my skirt up exposing more and more of my thighs and finally pulled it to waist,

he had a clear view of my shaved clean pussy, he was feeling so proud as if he won some battle and i felt so damn disgusted , as my pussy was exposed in the class to that guy i hate the most, and then i pulled down my skirt immediately to cover it ,

"Good BITCH, now you know u have no choice other than obeying me , i like that " he said. After few minutes, Rohit started caressing my naked thighs moving his hands up and down, what was happening to me, i wanted to oppose but my body didnot support me,and i started liking it but did not react that way and still told him to stop all that but he was in no mood to that.

"Riya, my pen fell on the floor near my foot, go get it " he said
i bent down to get the pen ,,but he shouted "WAIT WAIT WAIT, WHO TOLD U TO GET IT WITH YOUR HAND, GET IT WITH YOUR MOUTH U BITCH " he ordered, i felt so disgusted , wanted to punch him hard for that but i did not have any choice, so i got down on the floor on my knees and i picked up the pen with my mouth , but to my shock he wasnt interested in the pen anymore but ordered me to keep the pen in my mouth till the time he says, i did that...

He started unbuttoning my shirt's buttons, i didnt know what to do, i was too sacred, anyone could see me there, so i kept quiet and didnt make any noise..
He unbuttoned my top three buttons and pulled my boobs out in a flash and started fondling them n pressing them real hard.
I tried my best to stop him but he was in no mood,
Now to add to my shock he unzipped his jeans, and told me to suck him, i said NO to him, "You BITCH, U will have to do it otherwise i will tell the class, what u r doing down here, you are so desperate for sex that u actually got down under table and wanted me to fondle you" He said in anger..

"No Rohit, i cannot do that, i am from a good family, please dont me do that " i begged him
"good family, blaaah.....the girl from a good family was playing with herself and was masturbating using toys,.hmmmm, its ok if u dont want to do it, i will not force you" he said,
"i wondered how come he could say so and why didnt he force me to suck him"

"Hey Raj, you want to see some pics?? a college girl masturbating in her washroom? kinda new mms??? " rohit asked raj..

"No rohit, what the hell are you doing ? dont do that please , you will ruin my life " i cried and begged him..
"No its ok riya if you sucking my dick is bad than showing off your pics to yoou frends, anyways you just have few seconds as Raj is coming to our seat , want me to stop him? or u like to show urself like this in class?? " he smiled at me as i was helpless.
I instantly said yes to him,,"ok i will do it ", tears were all over my cheeks

"Raj stay there i was just kidding, i dont have anything like that " he said to Raj

i closed my eyes and held his dick and put my lips around it, i felt soooo fucking embarassing doin it but i didnt have any choice,
and i started sucking it, when i started it, i didnt like it at all, but as i did for couple of minutes , i enjoyed it started licking it all over with my tongue like a real bitch licks the bone. he was enjoying it too, and sucked his balls, inner thighs and finally reaching back to his dick, i put it all in mouth , creating a vacuum,stayed like tht for few secnds, heard him moanning
"Saali, you are real good at it, why dont you start charging for it? " and he laughed, but i was too busy in sucking him and started moving to and fro with full pace and he was abt to cum

"aaaaaah, Riya, I am about to cum, open your mouth " he said and he looked in hurry

"nooo, i m not swalloing it" i said,,, "Ok your wish, get ready for yout dirty white shirt which everyone will see " he added,

with no choice left, i put his dick back in my mouth and i swallowed all the cum , i reacted as i didnt like it, but this is what i do to my bf,
he was left with semi-erect dick and he started slapping my face with it making it more embarassing for me, and fondled my boobs for some time and i came back on seat

"BITCH, you are real good at it, I am proud of you, you will get reward for it" he said

i looked at everyone, everyone was still busy in studying, sigh of releif for me but didnt last for long
"Riya, i dont like your skirt, why dont you pull it off? " he smiled and said it,

"NO WAYS ROHIT, do watever u want to but im not doing this " i said him firmly
"hahaha, [he laughed], u are talking as if u have any choice " he said
"ok you have last chance, i will count to three" he added



i didnt move because i knew he would not be able to do anything


I was sitting still and didnt move and did not show any signs of nervousness,
but i was shocked what he did next, OMG, how could he do that to me

He took out my pic ,that he got printed , and put it in rajiv's bag sitting in front of us, rajiv didnt know abt it,

I got scared to death, "what the hell are you doing? take it out please, if he sees my pic, i will be finished, please dont do this"my voice was shivering with fear, but he didnt listen to me and was enjoying the moment.
"Please Rohit, I will do whatever u say, I promise " i said him with shivering voice,

"OK,first prove it , then i will get the pic out of his bag " he told

I didnt have any other option, i uhooked my skirt and slided in down to my thighs

"NO baby, remove it completely" he said
i pulled it down completely and handed over my skirt to him and i realised that i was sitting bottom naked in the class, cool air was touching my pussy making it more wet, i tried to cover myself with hands, and was damn scared what if anyone sees me like that...

HE kept his promise and took the Pic out of his bag ,,
"Rohit someone will see me , please give back my skirt please , lecture is about to get over in ten minutes , please i beg you, give it back to me,"

"Baby, ten minutes are more than enough for you," he touched my naked pussy pushing my hand away,
"take this pen and start masturbating, if you will be able to get your orgasm in ten minutes,then you will get the skirt, otherwise, u know boys of our class" and he laughed

I could not think of anything for few seconds , i went blank but left with no option, i started fucking my self with pen in front of him,sitting almost naked in class, while everyone was studying, i could not believe what i was doing,

four minutes passed but due to fear of getting caught, i was no way near orgasm, i threw the pen and started fingering myself and biting myself so that i would not moan in the class .
Rohit was enjoying that a lot and was laughing at my condition and was feeling proud as he was taking revenge of the slap
only three minutes were left and finally i had an orgasm ,,real wild one and i could not believe myself, i was too excited, and too wet,
"Rohit, i did what u said, now please give my skirt to me please " i pleaded him

"OK baby, you did a good job, take your skirt " he smiled
"oh i forgot to tell you something Raj and Rajiv are looking at u " he added with a smile and they all three laughed out loud

bell ranged , i wore the skirt and ran out of class straight to my home ,
felt extremely embarassed as i was exposed in class by rohit and even his frnds saw me masturbating in the class ,but still i was feeling wet and had another orgasm that night... I came home that day and kept on crying for what all happened with me in the class, how could i give the bj to Rohit in the class, what if some one would have seen me bottomless in the class, still i was high and masturbated that night,
More disgusting was Rohit's frends also saw me and i had no idea what their plans were for next day.

I woke up at usual time, took time to wake up streching myself , finally got up and was making tea when Rohit called me

"hello" i said,
"Hi darling, so how did u feel yest? was it fun licking my lollypop in the class ? " he teased me with these words but i kept quiet
he continued" Riya, since u were so nice to me in the class and u did whatever i said , so i have decided that today you can come with ur panties on to the class but frilled cotton white skirt and top of ur choice but make sure its deep neck " and he disconnected the call

I had no option but to follow his instruction but i was wondering why was he so good to me today that he allowed me to wear panty,
well anyways , it was some relief, and in next one hour, i got ready and went to college

Everything was looking fine class,but when i looked at last bench, now two of his frends were also sitting with Rohit who saw me bottomless in the class.
i had to move and sit with them and that what i did.
Rohit told me to sit in with rohit and me at the centre and the guys on the sides, one on is side and one on my side.

As we settled down, Sir also came and he took attendance and started teaching and i knew my bad time had started ,

"so Riya, did u follow what i said ? " Rohit asked me,
"yes rohit. but i ope u havent shown that video to anyone as u promised me " i whispered

"yes bitch, cmon first show me if u r panty or u are too depserate kike yest " rohit said and they all three laughed making fun of me

"cmon rohit, how can i show u here in front of ur frends "

"u Bitch,itz better to show here , else they can see u fully naked in the video and that too masturbating, and waise bhi they saw u bottomless , so no issues " he said looking at his frends and they all shared a proud smile

i startd pulling up my skirt as i knew there wasnt much option and quickly oulled my skirt up to show them my pink panty . and pushed it down

till that time they were just touching my thgs and waist anad back

"well riya,gud job,now sit with ur head on my table so that ur booobs hang down " rohit said me

"please rohit , what are ur plans, why u want me to humiliate in front of ur frends" i pleaded him

:Shut up , U bitch, I am just doing what u did to me , AND ONE MORE QUESTION NOW ,UR VIDEO WILL BE IN EVERYONE'S MOBILE HERE" he shouted at me

i got scared and did as he said and they started playing with my boobs, pressing them , fondling them, since it was deep neck, so they pulled them out of my top and started pinching my nipples,and pressing them hard, i was feeling the pain and pleasure too,, i just kept waiting for them to stop and finally the stopped and i came back to my normal position

"hmmm, gud job, now pull down ur panty to ur thighs without questions " Rohit ordered me

i was feeling lill high cos the way the played with my boobs was amazng but i was scared as well, i looked at all three of them and they were like hungry dogs waiting for their share of meat
i put hands inside my skirt and pulled down the panty holding elastic,
Rohit gave me his phone, it was some panasonic phone,really very small in size, "take this bitch and insert it in ur pussy " he ordered me

"what the hell r u doing? i will not do it "i said, but he was in no mood to listen all that crap,
''Riya dont do if you want that more guys in class know abt u, i think u like tht, rajiv call ur frends and show them her pics " he told rajiv

"noooo, wait please, dont tell anyone please, i will do it " i pleaded him
and i inserted the phone inside my pussy , and half of the phone was inside with antenna touching the heaven's hole and they made me wear my panty after tht

I had no idea what were they planning , i was sitting there blank and they all were just studying and concetration on studies, while sir was teaching, Sir stuck on some sum and Rohit stood up

"Excuse me sir, Riya was sayng that u would not be able to do that, but she can do it, why dont u call her to blackboard to solve tat "
Sir felt as if it was his insult and he made me stand and walk to the blackboard and solve the sum

But i could not walk properly cos of the phone, i was scared tht if someone comes to know abt it, but i reached blackboard and started solving it
But that asshole Rohit, called his phone from his fren's cell and it started vibrating, OMG, so this was his plan, it was exciting me .
after few seconds, i was feeling weak in my knees,wasnt able to stand , i was feeling all wet inside , what the hell was he doing , i tried my best to complete the question in 5-6 minutes but it was too late then

that vibrator of the phone made me cum and i was all wet and i ran to my seat and sat there , breathing heavily and without looking at them and i pulled off my panty , it was all wet , i couldnot wear it anymore , so i threw it under table

they all were njoying the moment, watching my remove it ,

i went under the table and then i was ordered to suck him and and his frends, and thats what i did, i started sucking Rohit , since i was high, gave hm the best BJ of his life, licking him all over, his balls, tip,head , and finally taking it all in, and he could not resist my way of sucking and he came in my mouth in two minutes, and i licked it all and i came back on my seat

"yu have to give bj to my frends as well Riya , " said Rohit

"no ways rohit, i wiill not do that, never ever " i said him frankly

"OK u have two options, give me ur skirt or BJ to them " he said

i thought for a second that guys who saw me bottomless are sitting my sides giving me a cover from the class, so better to give rohit skirt than giving these guys BJ

ans i unhooked my skirt and slided it down to my thighs and removed itfrom my feet , sitting again bottomless in class and handed over the skirt to rohit,
"take this " i said him

:they all three laughed at me as if they trapped me or something and they threw my skirt to other corner of the class where no one could see it and i could not reach there bottomless
"what the hell u guys are doing? rohit pick it from tere, im sitting naked , if someone sees me , u know wats gonna happen" i said him with shivering voice


i looked down with shame and was soo embarrassed that i again went inside the table and started sucking the two guys and till the time rohit picked up my skirt and came back n those guys were playing with my boobs and bare ass and just about when they were about to cum, sir called me
OMG, what im gonna do now

i came up to the seat wiping my face
"ye ye yess s sir, " i asked,
"riya is this question correct or u have to say anything ? " sir asked me

:Yes sir its correct"i replied

OMG what the fuck, how could they do this, oh shit

those fucking guys, came on my skirt and making it all wet and stains on the skirt'
how could u do tht, u assholes

rohit could not tolerate insult of his frends and he pinched my pussy hard,YOU BITCH, how dare u say tht to my frends ???

"im sorry rohit but how will i go home now ? " i asked him

"I WILL TELL U , U FUCKING WHORE" he seemed angry and handed over permanent balck market to rajiv and rajiv started writing cheap comments on my skirt

noooo, please dont that , i beg u please...
but they didnt listen to me and soon my skirt was half black with their commnets and written in caps at the back, RIYA WHORE "
i kept crying there,

and i nodded my head in yes as wasnt able to speak cos was crying

i wore the skirt while thy kept playing with me for the day and i coudl only go back home after the class left cos i didnt want anyone to see those comments,
i felt really ashamed of me , why did i masturbate in my washroom
whats gona happen in farmhouse now
too many questions were in my mind and i went home after one more day of humiliation in the class..,

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