Friday, August 27, 2010

Sex With Neighbor Aunt NISHA

I heard a knock on the door, since it was 8 in the morning I knew it cannot be my maid as she used to come late on weekends, I opened the door there was a lady standing on the door with a small vessel in her hand she asked for some powder milk for her child and introduced herself as my new neighbor.
I was stunned by seeing her beauty she was around 5”5, dusky and average looking, had tight body and great boobs. I told her to come in and sit and asked when they have come and what her husband is doing and who all are there in her house. I gave milk to her in her vessel during that time and she told she is staying with her husband and a 4 months kid. I greeted her and welcomed her to our society, she was pleased and went away but before leaving she asked if she can get a maid to which I told I have a maid and I will ask her if she is willing to work in her house.
By 10am my maid came in , as she was doing the chore, I told about our new neighbor and asked if she wants to work there, she said ok and I told I want you to do some work for me as I want to fuck my neighbor she smiled and said ok. (my maid Rema is a good worker, not only in household but also in bed, I’ll tell about her later in detail as we are still having a bi weekly session)
Then she did her work and I told her what to be done with my neighbor. I knocked the door she opened it with a smile with her baby in her lap, I went inside and Rema followed me, the kid was sleeping and I reached the kid to caress him/her I don’t know and while doing so I touched her boobs intentionally she ignored thinking it was my mistake and then I think I introduced Rema and she told the maid about the work, Rema went inside and she thanked me and told to have a cup of tea. I agreed I asked where is her husband to which she told he went to office.
She was going inside to which I called Rema to make the tea she started preparing, I started talking to my neighbor and also came to know that her name was Nisha to which I told nice name for a very nice person. She blushed I smiled at her and said you know you are very beautiful. She blushed again and I looked at her and she looked at me just then Rema came with tea; she got up went inside and returned may be she had gone to make her kid sleep.
She sat on the sofa and Rema went inside to do work, I finished my tea and told I will make a move she told sit as it’s your off day we can do some chit chat as she was getting bored. My ears were waiting for that and I told ok and started talking about soaring prices of food items, politics and about the society we were living in. Slowly we started discussing about personal things I told about my wife’s pregnancy and she stated talking about her husband and how his husband is working hard for establishment.
I was staring at her body while she was talking, she complained about her husband’s work and since he was too busy he was not able to give time to his family; to which I told see your husband is busy any my wife is not around so let’s have some time together, she was stunned to see me smiling after saying that may be she never expected that. I understood her reaction and told I mean being friends she became normal and laughed. Rema finished her work in the meantime and left.
After this we were not finding any topic to discuss and then I told come to my place we will watch some movie she said her baby might get up I told take ur baby along you can make him sleep in my bedroom, she agree and brought her baby, we came to my flat and told her to sit but she told let me first make my baby sleep I showed her the way to bedroom, she said your house is beautiful and u have maintained it well.
She came back I played the CD player, knowingly I kept a blue film in it and as soon it started she saw that, I quickly got up and went to change the cd and said sorry, she was feeling awkward I asked if she will see the film murder, a Hindi film. She said she had not seen it and wanted to see it. I thought before I changed the cd she must have seen it properly where the hero was fucking the heroine and wildly sucking boobs and the heroine was screaming out of joy.
I changed the cd and played it and sat beside her she didn’t say anything, I told sorry again she said its ok , the movie had started by then, she also said she know that men are like that. I asked men are like what. She said nothing I kept on asking and she bowed her head and told men are fond of those kind of movies,
I asked how she know all this, she got embarrassed now and didn’t say anything, I asked if his husband sees those kind of movies she said no I asked what about you, she looked at me in surprise I said ok…ok chill. I asked her has she seen such movies she didn’t say anything. I asked her again she didn’t say anything I thought lets wait for the opportunity and luckily the hot scene of murder film started.
She looked at that and didn’t move her eyes from the screen, I looked at her she was totally absorbed in the scene. I kept my right hand on the back of the sofa where she was sitting, she didn’t notice that and as soon the smooching scene started I kept my hand on her shoulder she closed her eyes which gave me some courage. I went near her and held her left hand in mine and started pressing it kissed it softly she was still closing her eyes,
I left her hand and put my hand on her thighs and started rubbing it and with right hand I turned her face towards me she opened her eyes and looked at me, I told see you are so beautiful she said you are lying I planted a wet kiss on her lips and smooched her for some time, she didn’t respond, I started kissing her whole face and placed a hand on her boobs and with a jerk I dragged her pallu down and kept my hand on her cleavage.
She was enjoying it seems she started reciprocating to my actions and hugged me I caressed her back and pressed her ass. We kissed once again and she responded this time I reached her tongue and sucked it reached to her boobs and started sucking after tearing the blouse she didn’t have a bra inside, wow. I started kissing and sucking when I came to know milk was flowing in my mouth, it didn’t taste good but I kept on sucking her and started fingering her cunt.
She was hot inside. I took her to the other bedroom since in my bedroom her kid was sleeping I pushed her to the wall and started tearing off her petticoat and scratching her all over she was moaning in joy, she started biting my shoulder and nailed my back. I reached her cunt and inserted a finger in her and started moving it to and fro she was watering by then she pushed me and went to bed I jumped on her smooching her and pressing her boobs so hard she started crying in pain. I reached to her cunt and fingered her once again and pressing her boobs all the time
I entered another finger and after some time I inserted three fingers, now I was fucking her with three fingers she was moaning loud and soon she reached orgasm. Then I got up on to her and inserted my penis in her and started fucking her really hard she was not completely ready and told me to stop but I didn’t listen to her and kept on giving jerk she was crying now I took one of her nipple in my mouth and started sucking it while my piston was doing its job, I reached my orgasm and put loads of semen in her cunt.
I got up slowly but my penis was still was down, she looked at me and I went on top of her keeping my penis in her hand she started giving it jerk and slowly it waved in air and I pressed it in her mouth she started sucking and licking it, wow the warmth inside her mouth was so great, I played with her boobs and after some time I cum in her mouth, got up and went to bathroom.
Her child started crying she went to him and started feeding her, after some time she left with her kid before that I pressed her ass and kissed her all over. It was a nice experience the next day was Sunday and I wanted to have her again but her husband didn’t go anywhere and I could not do anything. The whole day I had to satisfy with Rema.
Monday I took off and when I saw her husband leaving I made myself ready and went to her after an hour, as soon she opened I entered inside and directly kissed her cleavage and closed the door back. I made her lie down on the floor and fucked her she was telling lets not do it again I fucked her hard and made her get up and fucked her in doggy style. From that day I was in heaven fucking Nisha and Rema became a habit and we enjoyed a lot. So ladies and girls I m from Chennai, for any personal services contact me on

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