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Married women in Karachi Pakistan

I am married for 15 yrs and still starved. I am a 43 yrs old male. I always looking for and fantasizing about woman like u.I always desired for at least one woman in my life other than my wife for sexual desire. My eyes always look for a woman with good assets. I always fantasize about woman & me sucking their nipples,
licking their navel playing with their pussy & screwing them hard. A passionate night between me and you I can’t begin to tell you the things I want to do and fantasize about.
This is a fantasy – Once one of my friend called me up & asked me to go to a new client’s house as they wanted to get their computers & Laptop’s AMC done. Since this client was referenced by my friend, I had to go there. My friend gave me the contact details. Next day I called them up & client asked me to come down to his house coming weekend.
As Saturday arrived, I reached their home in morning. I was familiar to the area where they were staying, which was a push area. I thanked my friend in my mind for giving me a rich client because I will get good money for my work. I rang the bell & soon the client opened the door & welcomed me in. I entered the house, it was a lavish 3 BHK Flat.
He asked me to sit on the sofa. I sat on the sofa & made myself comfortable when a young woman came outside with a glass of water. My client Mr. Fahad who worked in an MNC, introduced me to his wife Tania. Tania was a very fair woman clad in a saree, must be in her late 20’s maybe 27 or 28 years of age, very good looking but a bit shy.
She just kept the glass on table & went inside. I drank water & then Mr. Fahad called me to his bedroom, I followed him to his bedroom. There he showed me his computer & laptop which had to be monitored to keep it virus free. Fahad explained me all the details. I was given the task to come every alternate day & monitor his laptop & computer for viruses.
I agreed on the work & soon started going to their house as decided. Tania was a very conservative & shy girl & she used to cover herself completely with her saree. I used to go in afternoon to their house when Fahad had gone for job. She used to give me water & used to go to the other bedroom. I used to sit in their bedroom & do my work.
Once finished I used to inform her & leave. I always maintained decency & never had any bad intentions for her but I observed, Tania would never feel comfortable in my presence. After a few weeks of observing my work, Fahad called me once & praised me for my good work. I was more than happy. I continued to work at their place.
After a month, suddenly Fahad called me up for an urgent meeting. I reached his house, he called me in, made me sit & told me that his company has asked him to join his team for a US based project & that he will have to leave within 5 days. He told me to take care of both his laptop & PC. I told him to not worry as I’ll handle all issues related to his PC.
He was more than happy & relaxed. Three days later he finally called up saying he was leaving for US for a 5 months project. Now the actual story starts. After Fahad’s departure to US, I continued my work in the same usual way by going at alternate days to their house & doing my work & leaving.
Tania was still uncomfortable in my presence & used to talk with me only for formality purpose. A couple of weeks passed, and still there wasn’t any major change in her attitude or behavior. I was really impressed with her loyalty towards her husband because even after 2 weeks of Fahad’s departure, she wasn’t showing any signs of sex starvedness.
But somewhere in my mind I knew, she being a young wife must be feeling itchy down there but she never showed signs of that. I too continued to be decent with my approach. Observing my decency, soon she started feeling a little more comfortable in my presence & would sit longer in my presence. I was noticing the changes in her.
As days passed, she became completely comfortable & used to sit in her bedroom the whole time till I finished my work. That was indeed a positive sign for me. After a week or so when I visited her house, she just started a casual chat regarding my business & who are my other clients & so on. I was very happy that at last she started to talk with me.
Thereafter, we chatted regularly when I was doing my work. After a few days, suddenly she asked for my contact number giving the reason that in case of any emergency problem, she can call me. I readily gave my cell number. Soon that night, I received a message from her. I was surprised to receive a message from her, but I also replied immediately.
Then we daily kept on messaging each other. We also started sharing jokes & she seemed to become very friendly with me now. I also observed unusual change in her way of dressing. Now she never covered her whole body with the pallu of her saree. Instead, she used to cover her body as normally women do at their homes. Still, she did not expose any part of her body.
But as we had turned friends, she never cared the occasional drop of her pallu. She would just put her pallu back on her shoulders if it did fall. I started thinking that I’m winning her by my decency. One evening she called me up & asked me to come for a movie. As I had no special plans, I agreed & joined her for movie & then for dinner.
After that outing, our telephonic chats increased & our outside meets also increased. We had turned into very good friends. But still wherever she came out with me, she always used to wear saree indicating her conservative nature. One day while working at her house, while chatting casually, she suddenly pulled out the topic of Girlfriends & asked me whether I have any??
I said yes & pointed that you are my only Girlfriend & she laughed. That day she had worn a black sleeveless low cut blouse & a black designer saree that suited her fair complexion. This was the first time she sported something that revealed her cleavage. I was just stunned to see her sexy white cleavage.
She caught me once or twice while I was having a glance at her boobs & cleavage. She just gave a smile. In my mind, I was thinking that is this the green signal??? Suddenly she got up & said she’ll bring some snacks & cold drinks. She returned with a plate of snacks & 2 glasses of cold drinks.
As soon as she bent to place the plate & glasses on the table, her pallu slid from her shoulder exposing her milky white cleavage & awesome boobs. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her cleavage. As she looked up, she caught me staring at her cleavage. I got back to my senses. She asked smilingly & naughtily what I was looking at???.
I said nothing & started to have snacks. She came & sat beside me & we had our snacks. Suddenly out of nowhere she placed her soft hands clad with bangles on my thighs. I was frozen for a moment because I wasn’t expecting such act from her. I asked her what she is doing.
She took the initiative & replied, sunny you are such a decent, humble & friendly guy that I’ve actually started liking you. I felt I was day-dreaming. I also replied that even I like her very much. These words were enough for both of us to get ignited. Now I took the initiative & caught her face & gave her a nice kiss on her forehead. A shiver passed through her body.
I continued kissing her cheeks, nose & finally I kissed her lips, she immediately looked into my eyes & we looked into each other’s eyes for the next few minutes. Then I hugged her & she opened her arms welcoming me. We engaged in a very tight hug. Now our hot bodies were pressing against each other.
Now I put my lips on hers & gave a long kiss, in fact it was more than a kiss, it was turning into a passionate smooch. My tongue was searching for hers, she opened her mouth, our tongues met & this was the first passionate smooch I ever had in my life. Our tongues were just meeting each other feeling the warmth. The smooch lasted for a good long 20 minutes.
Now we both were at a point of no return. I just released her from the smooch & hug & I started to feel her boobs from above her saree. She moaned lightly. I cupped her big boobs in my hands & pressed a bit, her moaning increased with every press. I pressed, licked & sucked her boobs from over her saree.
She was moaning madly as she experienced such intimate session after 2 long months. I slowly dropped her pallu from her shoulders, exposing her milky cleavage & armpits. I pressed my face in her sexy cleavage & licked her cleavage. She started caressing my hair. I was going mad with her strong feminine perfume. I also liked her arms.
I then bent, pulled her saree up to her knees & kissed her feet. I moved up kissing & licking her soft waxed smooth legs. I ran my hands all over her legs feeling her smooth silky skin. I licked her both legs & she had her eyes closed all this time. Then I slowly started unhooking her blouse. I opened 1 hook at a time & pressed & enjoyed her boobs.
I then continued unhooking her blouse slowly one hook after another. After a good 15 minutes, I finally unhooked her blouse. Then I slowly untouched her saree from her waist & removed her saree completely. She was now in her black net bra & petticoat. I also untied the knot of her petticoat letting it fall down. She was now only in her sexy black netted lingerie.
The black color of her lingerie was perfectly matching with her milky fair skin. It was becoming really uncountable for me seeing her in her lingerie only. I put my hands at her back & was feeling the straps of her bra as well as her soft silky skin at her back. Occasionally, I put my fingers beneath her straps to feel her skin.
Then I asked her to strip me as I did for her. First, she denied & shyly looked down. I pulled her face upwards & told her as I stripped her, now she has to strip me. She agreed & started unbuttoning my shirt. Then she removed my belt & unbuttoned my jeans. I helped her in removing my jeans. Now I was also only in banyan & underwear.
Now we both again hugged tightly & started a smooch. This time it was even more passionate. I told her to feel my dick over my underwear but she was way too shy to do it. So without saying anything further, I picked her hand & placed in on my hard dick. She just kept her hand on my dick for a few moments & then slowly started feeling my dick.
Only god knows how I controlled myself during that patch of time. I made her sleep on her back & came on top of her & started kissing her body starting from her forehead, going further to cheeks, then lips then her earlobes & neck. She started moaning a bit loudly. I continued kissing her upper body & grabbed both her boobs in both my palms & was feeling her boobs.
Then I kissed her boobs & sucked her nipples from over her net bra. I sucked her boobs & nipples for some time & moved downwards to her flat tummy & navel. I put my tongue in her navel & she let out a loud moan. I continued further downwards & went straight to her toes & started licking her feet and gradually moving upwards, I licked her long waxed sexy legs.
I continued licking & reached her inner thighs & licked it. I finally reached her cunt & kissed it from above her netted panties. She let out the loudest moan of our session. I continued to suck & lick her pussy from over her panties. Soon her panties got wet, so I removed her panties. As soon as I pulled her panties, she covered her cunt with both her hands in shyness.
I just removed her hands slowly. It was a clean shaven pussy without a single hair on it. I slowly licked her pussy lips. She started lifting herself to let my tongue eat her pussy. Slowly I started licking her clitoris. She started moaning wildly & started caressing my hair & pushing my head on her clitoris. Listening to her moans, I estimated Fahad would never have sucked & licked her pussy.
She was in 7th heaven. I continued to lick her pussy & clitoris. She started shivering & I knew she was going to have an orgasm. For the next half hour I sucked & licked her pussy & clitoris & she must have had 3-4 more orgasms till then. I got up, kissed her & unhooked her bra. Now she was totally nude. I just went a few steps backward to have a detailed look at her body.
It was just fanatic & burning hot with fire. I admired her body by telling her that she has a fantastic body, to which she shyer. I took her boobs in my hands & pressed & pinched her nipples vigorously. She liked every bit of this foreplay. Now I told her to remove my underwear. She did as I said. Now even I was completely nude.
She kept staring my erect hard dick for some time. I asked her to take it in her hands & shake it but she was a bit shy so again I took her hand & placed it on my rock hard dick. She started massaging my dick by rolling her fingers up & down my dick. Her soft hands were killing me. Also the sound of her bangles was making me crazy.
After a few minutes of message, I asked her to give me a blowjob. She denied instantly in shyness. I tried to convince her but all in vain. Finally I told her as I gave her immense pleasure by sucking her pussy, it’s her turn now to return the favor. Now she couldn’t decline me & agreed & kissed tip of my dick. Now she slowly started sucking my dick & I was in 7th heaven.
Also this is a feeling I can never express in words. Her soft hands & lips coupled with the sound of her bangles made my dick even harder. She sucked my dick for a long time & finally I ejaculated in her mouth, she drank every drop of my cum. Now I made her sleep on her back, put a pillow under her back & kept my dick at the entrance of her pussy.
I slowly pushed the tip of my dick in her pussy, but it wasn’t entering easily. Even after her marriage of two years, her pussy was still very tight. It was the first fuck for me but she was experienced. Now she guided me on every step. She asked me to apply a little more pressure. I started applying more pressure & within 3-4 thrusts, my whole dick was inside her.
She asked me stay for a minute inside. I did as she said. Now I stared to pump her gradually increasing the speed. She started moaning very loudly. I was increasing speed after every thrust & was pumping her like a machine. We both were moaning & sweating. Finally after a good 20 minutes of fucking I told her I’m cuming & she asked me dispose all of my cum inside her as she was on pills.
I relieved myself & she must have had 5-6 orgasms during the course of those 20 minutes. I let my dick stay in her for some more time & we both hugged & kissed each other. We took rest for an hour & then we started second session of fucking where I fucked her doggy style. I made her bent & started to insert my dick from her back. She started moaning.
I gradually increased speed & she started enjoying as much as I did. She also pushed herself back in rhythm to mean my thrusts. We were having a very wild fuck with very loud moans. I grabbed her boobs while humping her & pressed it. That made her to moan even louder. Then we changed positions & now I slept on my back with my dick pointing upwards.
She now sat facing me guiding my dick in her pussy. Now she was in control & started jumping up & down to feel the pleasure. After a few minutes, I supported her by lifting her from below. As she jumped, her big boobs also jumped making me even hornier than before. I cupped her jumping boobs & pressed to my heart’s content.
Finally I cummed in her & she just fell flat on me with her boobs pressing on my chest & our lips locked with each other in a long smooch. She just smiled lying on top of me & said this was the first foreplay of this kind where someone licked & sucked her pussy & also thanked me for the best fuck of hers till now. I also reciprocated with a thanks for giving Mr. such immense pleasure.
This relationship of ours continued for the next four months wherein we used to fuck ever alternate day, until Fahad was back. During these four months, we enjoyed our relationship to the fullest by going for dinner, watching movies & even going for outstation trips, we enjoyed sex in the same slow way as we do at our first night.
After Fahad was back, he called me to his house & showed his satisfaction towards my work & said he was mighty pleased with my work & wished to extend the agreement for the next year as well. I happily accepted the agreement. I & Tania still used to enjoy ourselves but not that frequently, only once or twice a week without Fahad having a hint of anything. I have to admit that these were the best days of my life.
Can we also try something like this without your hubby knowing ? If you think the answer is yes you can write to me at or call me 0312-9222334 I live in Karachi.

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