Thursday, 26 August 2010

First Sex of a Girl

Hi this is your fave raj my real story for horny aunties erotic house wife’s and college going girls. I used to go daily for half n hour jog near my house I used to start at 5am and reach home by 5.45am. Once it happened it was on June 29th 2010 I was on my routine and while jogging I noticed athletic built female in her mid 23
entering park and she was wearing cream track pant and lime yellow color t-shirt and stated to jog and she was damn sexy and I followed her behind and her buttocks was just amazing and curves between her buttocks made
My penis to get erect and her panty marking was just amazing which was pricking my eyes and i followed her and over took while doing so she stopped suddenly and I dashed on her she was about to fall and I hold her my hands caught hold of her hips and she was half balanced and current passed through my body at that time and I told really I am sorry I didn’t mean it she asked sorry I stopped in between and you last balance and dashed on me and she was limping slowly I told to put her arms on my shoulder and made to sit her on bench for some time she was having little pain in her left leg
I told are you okay now she told i am having pain she replied I told once again sorry dear and told her name Shilpa and both introduced yourself. She tried to stand but she was struggling i told wait here and got an auto and slowly helped her to get up and hold her hip and she moaned sssssshhs and i told we go to out apartments and I give first aid than I drop to your house i told she said I am staying in P.G I told I will drop you there and took to my flat as my parents were in Chennai for some function and I took to my flat and made to sit on sofa relaxed and I removed her shoes which she told pls don’t I will help myself I told its ok
Shilpa and removed her shoes and her socks and slowly and gently massaged her left leg. She closed her eyes and breathed heavily aaaaaaaaaaa and I went to my bed room brought magic spray and sprayed on her toes and told to relax for some time and meanwhile I went to kitchen made tea for both of us and served to her she was surprised Preethu and sipped tea and I asked how is the tea she smiled its yummy and I sat next her and looked at her and she kept cup told Preethu thanks for your help and I told you look Preety sweet and gorgeous and moved my hand on her shoulder and she responded and
I hugged very tightly her boobs crushed my chest and she was breathing heavily Aaaaa and I kissed her lovely cheeks puchchchch and she rolled her fingers on my hair and slowly I kissed her lips which was lusty and wet and licked her lower lip and pressed my lip to her lip and sucked her lips and licked her tongue ssshshshs ahahah and tasted her saliva her breast was pounding on me chest and i couldn’t resist I slowly brought my face down and kissed her neck and gave love bite on her neck and slowly my hands was
Massaging her horny breast and she moaned Preethu my body mingled without you body give me complete sex satisfaction she crumbled in my ears and bit my ear lobes and i told ouch and I slowly lifted her yellow t-shirt ohh my goodness her horny boobs, was jumping to come out of her silky creamy bra and i grabbed in both hands and planted kisses on her bra puchcchc umahahahahah and she moaned Preethu Preethu and I removed her bra and smelled her bra and
Licked her arm pit she applied rose wood powder near her arms pits which made me more wild and licked her arms pits and small hair was touching my nose and showered kisses between her boobs and massaged her left boob and I was sucking her right boobs Madly and bit her pink nipples and licked from my tongue and spit my saliva on her nipples and chewed it hardly and from my finger nail I scratched her nipples and sucked it hardly meanwhile her hands went inside my track pants and she was pressing on my underwear and her 2 fingers touching me
Penis she removed my tracks and kneel down near my pennies and slid my underwear and to her surprise my penis was hard and hit on her face gently thapar she removed my underwear and took my pennies in her hand and was moving up and down and smelled my penis umamam and kissed on my penis muahahaha and i couldn’t control she slowly tasted my top layer part of my penis and sucked my balls and swallowed my pennies and moved up and down and I pulled her made to sit on sofa and i sat near her breast and my buttocks was pressing her breast and
I gave my penis in her mouth she was sucking hardly and i was moaning in Joy ahahaha ahaha ohhhhh oh yes ya like that Shilpa ahahahah…… and hear hands pressed my buttocks and her finger inserted in my buttocks was hole and she sucked for 20 mis and it was my turn to make her wild and i asked her to sit on my stomach and her buttocks was pressing my navel and applied honey on her nipples and sucked it hardly she moaned in joy prethuuu ahahahahahah and asked her to come near my face and smelt her lovely pussy umm and with my fingers
I opened her pussy hole and it was shaven neatly and her hole was looking as though cherry is planted in her hole I took strawberry and kept in her pussy hole and licked the strawberry and ate it gently and she was loving my oral and told Preethu i love your sex I want to get fucked from you every day in ecstasy, I rotated my tongue in her pussy hole and her sticky part was entering my mouth it was yummy to taste and she leaked water to my mouth and
I drank and tossed her back and expanded her buttocks and kissed on her buttocks and expand her bum hole and licked her hole and tasted something which was sticking near her buttocks hole. and came on her i kissed her lips and breast once again and made her to sleep and asked her expand her legs and keep in V Shape I slowly separated her thighs and brought my penis near her pussy and 5 mins rubbed on her pussy and she moaned Preethu ahahaha insert it please I said wait janu please and banged my pennies on her pussy phatat phatar chtar and opened her pussy hole and slowly inserted in her hole and she moaned ahahah ahaahaha
Preethu my pennies entered her pussy and she was sweating and making sounds i hold her hips and pushed in one stroke and it locked in her pussy and I fucked her madly for 25 mis without stopping and pumped her and inside sound was horrible puchchchhchc chchcccch shshshshshshs and my pennies was touching her uterus and baby basket and slowly applied more pressure and broke her baby basked and spilled Sperm in her pussy and she locked her legs on my shoulder and i asked to be in that in position for
10 mins and slowly she dismantled her legs and I gently removed my penis and asked her suck and she licked some sperms which was on my penis and both slept naked for half n hour and went to shower and enjoyed there while going back to her P.G she presented her panty to me still I am having and after that inside not we met 4 time in various place and had sex. Hope my females would have liked my story please do mail for any service you want from at

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