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My Hot Old Mature Mom

Hi friends I am Raul 21 yrs of age living in a remote village in Mangalore coastal Karnataka. I am an engineering student and I am crazy about sex but this craze is not for young girls o married girls. This craze is for those woman who are old and are bored of their marriages. I love these women because its easy to fuck them and they give lot of interest on the bed since they are experienced enough and also the risk of getting them pregnant is less.

And I am a great fan of these women ass. I just love big fat round bulky smelly ass of old women. I just love to smell the asshole of these women and fuck them. I love fucking ass rather then pussy.The story that I am going to tell you is a story between me n my neighbor old hot mom. This was my first sex mission and my debut in sex.she is a very hot women and rightly she was of my category only. She was working for us. she was not our maid but was helping mom in her housework sometimes.

First time she came to help us when mom was in hospital due to her hand operation.Now let me introduce her.Her name is Sarojini(name changed).She is 54 yrs old.She has 5 children two elder girls and 3 boys.she is very hot.she has 38d boobs and a very huge ass.The size of her buttocks is 42.Her figure is 38-36-42.i love her ass so much,i dream of sucking her asshole and literally ramming that asshole.Her family is poor.her elder daughter is married and other is working

And staying in her parents place she runs the family working here and there.she is very careless about her dressing since she is old. Her saree pallu will be always in the middle valley of her beautiful globes.So i can see her boobs clearly on her blouse and since she does not wear bra her nipple can be seen clearly.My fantasy of seeing her started when i was in class 10. She was coming home to help my mother.i was seeing her from closely but she never cared bout me seeing her body.

I always felt like touching those flesh on her ass. At that time since they were poor they din have a proper bathroom and toilet.they had prepared a bathroom with the leaves of coconut tree with a roof above. This was my advantage. Our toilet was outside and from the backyard of our toilet i could see their Bathroom somewhat. But since she was bathing in the night i could not see her clearly.For shitting they used to go to a field where there was nobody.

But i dint know abut this.One day i saw her going somewhere.slowly i followed her at one place she went and lifted her saree and sat down for shitting.I was hiding behind a tree in a distance.For the first time i saw the ass of my dream amazing scene it was. But I couldn't see more of her asshole as she was in some distance from me.then she finished it n went to wash her ass nearby where their is a small stream of water flowing.i again saw her washing her ass clean n she inserted her finger into her asshole in order to clean it.

After watching her ass i came back with my huge member poking and hurting me in the underwear.straightway I went to the bathroom and started shagging thinking of her huge ass soon I loaded lot of cum. Days passed on and I was waiting for her to go to the field. This was my daily routine wen I was at home.I was a regular reader of Iss and I was searching by reading all the incest stories as how to seduce this old mature sexy lady to fuck but I din get any proper plans

I even planned to give her something to drink by putting sleeping pills but that too din work since I din know were to get pills from.i knew she is interested in sex because of careless dressing.Since she was poor she used to wash clothes wherever she finds water. There was a river near our house n most of the time she used to wash there.sometimes she used to wash clothes in neighbors coconut field. After washing clothes she used to bath there only.

Once when I was passing she was sitting in the water and bathing with only lower langa on she din even have her many people pass there but still she din care I just stood there and was speaking to her and was watching her boobs.After sometime she got up and I saw her langa torn in the below.then she covered a towel on her upper body and started walking to her house then I came back home.

This was the early experience and it was just a tailor and the real movie was yet to come.after some days my mom fell near our house and she got a fracture in her right hand so she was admitted to the hospital and had a operation so I thought this would be my chance to fuck this lady.One day wen mom was in the hospital she was working at home and I was doing my work suddenly she called me to the kitchen she was cutting vegetables and wanted tomatoes from fridge I gave her and stood there watching her.

This sexy lady was exposing herself to me. Her langa was above her knee and I could see little of her pubic region since it was dark inside I couldn't see it properly but I still tried seeing it by continuously watching there, she asked what are you seeing I said I am watching how to cut tomatoes she told are you watching that or above that. I told no no nothing she understood my intentions and smiled she told y you always see me like that whats there in this old lady don you get any girls in your college

I told girls in our college don have such huge coconuts like you and they don’t know to seduce like you. She smiled I thought this idea has worked soon I can have her in the bed. Both where silent and she suddenly told let me finish preparing food wow I thought I am very lucky and I went to my room and started watching porn then after sometime I went to the kitchen and hugged her from behind she suddenly got shocked and asked what you doing I replied you just told let me finish my work now you finished and

I want to work on you she din tell anything so I got a green signal and I pulled her pallu den full saree was thrown in the kitchen and I started pressing her boobs over the blouse she started moaning ahhh uhhh ahhh plz slowly then she told plz don’t tear my blouse I have only limited ones so then I took her blouse throw it in the kitchen then took her to the bedroom wow her boobs were wonderful with a big strawberry over it which I had watched already I gave her a compliment saying your boobs are the best in our area and I went over her.

Her nipples were dark brown in color and were growing in size then I kissed her in the forehead and their in the cheeks and I kept my mouth on her lips to smooch her but she resisted as its not common in small villages then I told her its common in sex but she din accept so I din force after that I lifted both her hands wow her armpits were amazing with a big bush I just smelled her wonderful aroma and kissed there. Then I kissed and squeezed her nipples it was hurting her but she was enjoying it

I was pressing it firmly and she was enjoying it and moaning loudly. I switched the fan on as to no one should hear it outside. I sucked her nipples for nearly 15 minutes then I came to her beautiful navel and sucked it was salty with her sweat.Now I wanted to see her beautiful battle ground where her husband was fighting and through which 5 people came out so I pulled the strap of her langa and pulled it down soon she kept her hands on the pussy in shy.

I told don be shy your not virgin and I took her hand and saw her pussy with a big bush around it. Her pussy was covered with lot of pubic hair and that’s the reason it was so dark wen I was peeping inside her langa wen she was cutting vegetables. Moreover I like hairy pussies it looks beautiful for Indian women who has black pussies n asshole covered with black hairs. Soon I kissed her pussy and started searching her hole through the hairs I found her hole it was brownish red in color and then I parted her pussy lips and smelled it by inserting my nose inside her hole

It was already wet there by her pre cum so my nose got wet then I started inserting a finger and her pussy was wet and was so loose that my finger went so easily it is may be because she had 5 children so her pussy may be loose but I dint mind and inserted two more fingers and finger fucking her and wen I took my fingers it was already dripping with her cum I gave it in her mouth then I started caressing her clit and started licking it.she gave so many moans ahhh uhh slowly slowly ahh uhh then and then suddenly

With a long cry she collapsed and left a stream of orgasm out it was like a dam breaking and water just flowing out. I was fully drenched but not done yet. Yes indeed I was not done my fantasy was her asshole which was yet to come.then I removed my shorts she saw my dick 8.5 inches long popping out of my underwear she told me its not fare what your doing I asked what she told you tasted me but I din get still I understood she wants to suck my dick I got to the bed removed my underwear

She out shocked by seeing my huge dick and told me what a huge dick my sons don have such huge I asked how do you know she told I am their mother and I have seen their dick in their child days but I told her in child days it wont be huge how you know so what she told shocked me big time she told she gets fucked by her two sons whenever she wants I really got shocked as it is not common in our village den she told me that she had seen son masturbate during night in the room and so she allowed him to fuck her n this was seen by other son so she allowed him also to exploit her so

She is very happy nowadays having sex with her boys. Then I asked her what bout her husband so she told he is old and is not interested now he just touches her boobs in the night and sleep.After a little conversation v got into our work. I went and kissed her hard on her lips holding her head and then I slapped my dick on her face. Strings of my pre cum were there on her cheeks, lips. I stopped and left her hair and I took hold of her face in both hands and brought her face close to my dick. Slowly I rubbed it all along her lips and she opened her mouth and I pushed slowly in just the tip.

She opened her lips and took just my dick in and let the tongue feel the warmness. Then she brought her hand and held my dick at the base and started sucking was really very good I din expect this old lady from village to suck my dick this way.she was continuously sucking it very fast and I became restless and was about to cum but she continued her sucking very fast and suddenly I shot loads of cum in her mouth it was jets of stream continuously in her mouth surprisingly she took all of it and gulped it.

My dick was fallen limp with no power but she kept sucking it and it soon started growing to its size and now she started crying come on my dear come inside me I want you get your big dick inside my pussy now I fingered her pussy it was all wet and my dick was already shining with her saliva I went and saw her pussy then I caressed my dick into the walls of her pussy. She was getting restless and told me not to tease her by my big dick so

I slowly entered my hard hot dick in her pussy.since her pussy was all wet it went in very easy and I started hitting her pussy with enormous power. Her pussy was tight enough to fuck mostly because she was holding it stiff and she was crying with pleasure. Then I lifted both her huge legs on my shoulders and I slept on her and pumped her I enjoyed this position I continued this n she was lifting her hips and helping me out. Then I got up and told her to be in her all fours.

I wanted her in doggy style. She kept her hands and legs and got in the doggy position wow I could see her nice round black asshole which I dream of and her beautiful love tunnel and went and inserted my dick in her tunnel and started pumping her but it was increasingly difficult for me to fuck in that angle so I asked her to widen her legs and then I got in the middle and inserted my dick and lifted lower part of her legs and this was the perfect position to pump her.

It was a very nice sound wen my dick was hitting her and also wen my balls were hitting her. I could also see her big boobs swinging like a see-saw I hold it firmly and pressed it and pulled her nipple and she was shouting with joy and pleasure and action with even more vigor. After eternally long fucking she cried ohhh ahh, I am coming, I am coming. Oh please come inside me. Oh come on. Come on after that even i could not hold it any longer, as her cunt lashed out against my dick with vigor,

My penis throbbed against her walls, spreading her juice and mine all over her pussy and we both cried out loud and started coming. I could feel the throbbing of her cunt muscles as she came and my penis ejecting the fluid inside her pussy. I cum everything inside her I wanted to make her pregnant but she had already crossed her age to get pregnant. She was very happy and told me thank you very much for your wonderful fuck. And this way we slept together for sometime

I told her my bed is all wet with our juices she replied don worry little wash it. She then told me that she always realized that I was watching her closely but dint know how to approach and today it was the day I dream.After our fucking session v went to have food naked. She was sitting rite next to me naked and while I was having I was feeling her boobs.After having food she went to wash the vessels and after sometime I went behind her and hugged her and told her its time for our next session and

I slapped on her butt it was a nice sound then I lifted her and I brought into the bed I gave a nice passionate kiss on her lips and then I went to her boobs and started sucking and pressing as hard as I could it was hurting her then again I came to her pussy and spread her lips and started licking her clit I was licking the side of her thighs. She had huge thighs which were brownish and then I lifted her two huge heavy legs till her head and I found her small black asshole.

When I spread it I found bit reddish inside. Then I kissed her asshole. She understood what was to come and gave a smile to me. I asked her whether you have emptied your bowel. She replied dint you see it this morning. I was shocked to hear it I asked what she told dint you see me going to the field this morning? I asked her how she knows she told me she has seen her many times standing near the tree while she was shitting.

Once she found me watching her shit so she started some to the stream to wash her asshole so as to show her asshole from near and she also knows that I shag thinking about it and wipe it with the cloth which she found it many times. She also told that she has already exposed her tits and ass to me so she wanted to show her pussy today so she sat like that showing her pussy in the kitchen.Then she told me to proceed with the work.

So I lifted her leg again and so her asshole and kissed it. It had a bit bad smell but I enjoyed it because I was dreaming to see my dream moms hole and now I am touching and licking it. By seeing it I understood its virgin. After that I started licking it I started licking it in circles and this was giving her immense pleasure. I put my spit on it and I started rubbing it then again I spit and

I inserted one finger of mine and she moaned ahh uhh very good slowly slowly then I started spitting again and again and started finger fucking her my entire finger was going in slowly and slowly I increased my pace and she was crying in pain and pleasure then I inserted one more finger and started loosening her virgin asshole I had seen this in a porn movie to lubricate the asshole very gently so that your partners asshole does not tear and she won get pain while insertion.

Then I took my finger and saw her hole and it was bit open and I thought now it would be easy to insert. I gave my dick in her mouth and I put my finger inside her and fingering her asshole. My dick was hot and hard and now I was ready to attack her asshole she lifted her leg again I took my dick and kept the head on her entrance and slowly pushed it. It went in slowly she closed her eyes I understood its paining so I asked her if its paining no she told then

I told her to tell me when it pains and suddenly I gave a big thrust and my big fat hard cock went in her and she cried in pain I stopped for sometime till she relaxed and then started pumping her hole. Wow her asshole was so hot inside it was burning like flame inside and I was giving her slow thrust she was still closing her eyes and enjoying it. Then suddenly I took my dick out and saw her hole bit opened up.

Then I turned her in doggy position and I wanted to insert that way and I went to insert but my dick was not wet so I gave it in her mouth. My disk had some shit of her but she took it in her mouth and made it wet and then I widened her buttocks and found her hole fully open and I found her asshole like letter “O”. then I inserted very easily and I kept on pumping very hard and fast she was moaning very loudly and enjoying it ahh uhh ahh fast fast am enjoying fast fast she shouted even

I was shouting her randi asshole little tear ya asshole apart being so old still kept ya asshole virgin for me il rip it today il make you mine and then suddenly with a big noise I just shot loads of cum inside her asshole it was very pleasing for me and even she enjoyed it I fell on her top and slowly my dick came out after its wonderful work inside. We slept for sometime then she got up and put her langa and blouse and went outside. She went to the toilet.

Since our bathroom is outside she wore her langa and blouse I saw her walking but she went to the back of the bathroom she wanted to piss and I wanted to see how women piss how the piss comes of women pussy and I followed her she lifted her langa and sat there to piss I went in front of her and sat there and saw golden water coming out of her beautiful tunnel. Then we had a bath together and

I went to sleep naked I also told her that you should be naked wen only we are at home she agreed but was wearing blouse and langa in the morning since she has to go out n all. That night I gave her my moms bra and her panty and asked her to wear it she told don want but then she wore it that bra was very tight and her boobs stood very tight and were coming out also but it was beautiful scene.

After that one thing I noticed even after our sex was that she used to go to the field for shitting and not toilet. When asked she told she liked it then toilet.That night we had so many sex sessions and I don even remember how many times I fucked her asshole. The next morning when I got up she was not in the bed I thought she might be in the kitchen and I went there my dick was already grown big because of early morning hardness.

I saw in the kitchen she was working and I went and slapped her buttocks she was standing there with panty on and topless. I just pulled panty down and kissed the asshole and then asked her whether she washed it she said yes and then I started licking it and then I was very hot and my dick was hard and I just entered her asshole. I kept on fucking her but I could not come due to the pee pressure.

Then I decided to pee inside her asshole and I peed in and my pee was coming out of her asshole and fell in our kitchen. She cleaned it. This way we continued our love making openly till my mom came from hospital and after that I would get only to touch her and in the night she wold go home to sleep so sometimes v used to fuck in the field where nobody used to come. But in the kitchen while cutting vegetables she used to arouse me by showing her pussy. This way i enjoyed sex everyday and she enjoyed her old sexy life.

I have changed few words to make it a logical story. Pls. send me your comments at “” and if I get encouragement from you people I will be able to write more and post more. Any women above 40 yrs and living in Mangalore and desperate for sex and don’t enjoy with their partners pls contact me on my mail. If any women want to get their pussy armpits o asshole licked me. Pls. mail me with your replies. Pls. let me know how to download Indian porn movies for free.

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