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My Cousin's Friend and My Love

I was expecting Richa in her sweet teen had arrived to look after the household affairs and to take care of my cousin's friend baby. My cousin's friend was admitted in the hospital and had to stay there for two weeks due to certain complexities. The whole episode which I am going to narrate, took place during those two weeks. Richa decided to sleep in the adjacent bed room with my cousin's friend baby son.

We had installed a small magnifying peep through glass in the adjoining door which could be unlocked from either side, to see our baby’s movements and to fulfill his needs at night. On the very first night, when I switched off the television around mid night and was trying to sleep; I heard some unusual mumbling in her room. I immediately rushed towards the door and heard some moans.

I thought Richa might be having a nightmare. I quietly moved towards the glass-hole and peeped in the bed room. “Ooh my lord, the little sweet sixteen was moaning in sexual pleasure. She was lying straight with her legs apart and her shalwar (pajamas) was pulled a little down from the elastic band at her waist. Her both hands were in her shalwar and she was rubbing her thighs frantically.

Before that I had never thought that she had grown up to the extent of masturbating.I kept watching the goddess of love curiously when she pushed her shalwar down her legs with the help of her feet and started rubbing her pubic mound ruthlessly. “Oom, Oom, Oooom” I could hear her muffled mumbling from the cracks of the door. She lifted her ass up; hopped her pussy mound and raised her head to watch her wet tulip.

She cupped her petals and squeezed them with her palm. “Ooh, fuck me, fuck me” She moaned a little louder. She put her finger in her mouth, made it wet with her saliva and gently inserted it in her pussy. I felt my member growing in my loose shorts as I had not made love with my woman for the last two months. Soon she got up, checked the latch of the outer and adjoining doors and started undressing herself.

The moment, she removed her frock and unhooked her bra, her stiff breasts which were larger than my expectations; pounced out. She cupped her creamy breasts with chocolate colored areolas and hard pink nipples in her palms and pressed them against each other. The moment, she released them from her grip, they bounced back pointing upwardly as if needing no bra to lift them up.

She removed her shalwar down her legs and threw it on the floor with the kick of her feet. Her throbbing pussy mound with sleek black hair covering her labia caused a stir in my whole body. She moved her hands down her legs, rolled them along her shins, thighs and then pinched her pussy mound.
Soon she moved towards the mirror to see her own splendid beauty and enabled me to catch the glimpse of her round and stiff ass. The goddess of love rolled her hands around her breasts, thighs, legs and then her ass cheeks.

She turned her back towards the mirror and saw her ass cheeks admirably. She opened her legs in V shape, parted her ass crack and saw her anus hole in the mirror. She bent a little and then tried to watch her clit from the back side while rubbing it mildly. She stared at the dressing table, selected a lotion and applied gently at her melons, thighs, ass cheeks and her pubic mound.

She again looked at the dressing table and took a bottle of perfume with round head resembling the head of a penis and rubbed it at her pussy. She smiled at her imagination and took it along before lying on the bed with my cousin's friend’s baby. She lay on the bed with her knees lifted up and legs wide opened. She took the head of perfume bottle close to her mouth, swirled her tongue around its head and started licking it.

After some time, she opened her pussy petals with her fingers and gently rubbed its head at her cervix. I felt my peter making a huge bulge in my shorts, trying to protrude out of my shorts forcefully. I pulled my shorts down my legs and started rolling my hand around my shaft from crest to the base.
She turned herself on her four with her back towards the glass hole. “Ooh my goodness, she has beautiful ass” I murmured. Her ass cheeks were so stiff and round that I couldn’t stop the drops of my pre-cum dribbling down my cock.

She opened her legs, parted her pussy lips and started inserting her index finger deep down her love canal. She pumped her finger in and out and then licked the taste of her own juice. She again inserted her first and then the middle fingers in her love canal and after some time, she inserted her three fingers in her pussy simultaneously. She was moaning and squealing in pleasure and ecstasy. She pulled her fingers out, licked them and then rolled her juice soaked fingers at the head of the perfume bottle.

She inserted one finger in her tight anal hole and the head of perfume bottle in her pussy. Meanwhile, my speed of rubbing and massaging my peter had increased manifold and I felt a shudder in my whole body. I could not hold myself and spurted my load in my hand and at the curtain.After cleaning my meat, I looked into the glass hole again and saw her pumping her pussy with the head of perfume bottle. The bottle was inside her vaginal hole up to its shoulders.

She was hopping her thighs up to meat the bottle head ferociously and I felt my child moving uncomfortably as he was getting disturbed due to her violent movements. “Ooh my, Vicky; why can’t you fill mine” She uttered these words a little louder due to the ecstasy. It was a pleasant surprise for me and my hard rock penis again started swaying in my hands. She was about to reach her climax and splash her load when I heard my cousin's friend’s child moaning.

She immediately got up and pulled the perfume bottle out of her pussy, feeling a bad taste as she could not have a smooth orgasm. She took the milk bottle from the side table and started feeding her while coming on her knees and an elbow and lifting her ass up. The baby was suckling the milk bottle with his eyes closed. That was the ripe time when I opened the latch of adjoining door and entered the room with my throbbing penis swaying in my hands.

Hearing the squeak of the door, she jumped off the bed and stood in front of me, facing the floor, feeling embarrassed. She was trying to cover her breasts with one arm and her wet pussy with the other hand.Vicky, I was changing my dress when he started crying” she could hardly utter these words. “I know, you don’t have to explain anything to me” I replied lifting her chin up and smiled wickedly while picking up the bottle of perfume from the bed. “

Don’t worry; Richa darling and continue feeding the baby” I further added while mildly kissing at her forehead. She felt relaxed and requested for putting on her dress. “Well, baby we have seen each others treasures and I suppose, we need to help each other” I said with a broad smile at my face while fondling her stiff breast. She also returned a smile, took the milk bottle in her hand and started feeding the child.

This time she sat straight but I asked her to be on her knees and elbows and continue feeding her as before. She smiled and adjusted her position like a cat. I came behind her and started swirling my fingers around her ass cheeks. She moaned a little and pushed her ass back. I parted her ass crack and rolled my fingers inside the deep crack, touching her anus. She lifted her ass further up and I teased her pink cherry with my fingers.

I swirled my fingers around her cervix in a circular motion and then took her pussy mound in my grip, slightly squeezing in my hand. She moaned loudly. I saw the baby once again in deep slumber. I lifted Richa in my arms and brought her in my bed room. “Can I put on my dress, Vicky” she asked me. “Forget it honey, be a nature lover and enjoy the life whenever opportunity comes” I said with a broad smile at my face.

She was feeling much comfortable and relaxed. She lay on the bed at her back. I bent her knees up and parted her legs, making an angle of 60 degree. The land of pure was right in front of me. I adjusted my position between her legs and sniffed her pussy. “My goodness, the aroma of her virgin pussy was so amazing that it completely captivated me. I sniffed it time and again. I tickled her clit with my tongue and she hopped her thighs up.

I pouted my lips and took her whole pussy mound in my mouth. Her body shuddered frantically and she raised and pushed her pussy against my mouth. I opened her labia and inserted the tip of my fleshy tongue in her vaginal canal. “Aaah, Aaaah, bhai jaan; aaah, aaaaaah, I love it, vicky” She squealed and moaned loudly. “I know it my little cousin's friend, I will give you the true pleasure and delight of a brother and a cousin's friend love” I replied with a passionate love while kneading her breasts in my hands.

I rolled my fingers around her areolas and pinched her strenuously erected tits. I rolled my tongue in her deep breasts cleavage and then down to deep belly button. She moaned and hopped her belly up.I took my peter in my hand and rubbed it in the deep valley between her stiff melons. I saw my pre-cum dribbling down my pee hole and dropped few drops at her tits. She watched with amusement. I licked her tits and swallowed my cum.

She pressed her melons against my mouth and started caressing my ass cheeks. Gradually, I came down and started eating her pussy passionately. The aroma of her virgin pussy overpowered me and drove me crazy. I kept eating her pussy ferociously and ruthlessly, with true love for my little cousin's friend in law. Suddenly I felt her gasping and breathing heavily. She cupped my head in her hands and pulled it between her legs.

Her legs closed tightly around my neck, her toes curled and her whole body jolted like earthquake shaking a building. She reached her climax, “Vicky Vicky” she moaned and squeezed her legs further, splashing her love load in my mouth. Seeing her cheesy cream dribbling down her pussy lips, I slurped and squished every drop of her juice with passion and true love. I kept eating her pussy mound till her clit turned hard and she started hopping her ass up and down.

I moved up and seeing my wet lips, she gave me a true cousin's friendly kiss at my lips and tasted the aroma of her own juice. We explored the sweetness of each others warm and wet mouths passionately. After ten minutes or so I was at my back with my throbbing meatloaf in my hand. I guided her between my legs and gave my love meat her mouth. She swirled her tongue around my meat, licked the head of my penis and then started eating it passionately. “

Ooh my , how did you learn it baby” I asked seeing her expertise. “Internet ” she replied with a cheeky smile. She was tickling my balls and teasing my anus hole with her fingers while kneading my shaft with her wet and steamy mouth. My heart started pounding and gasping hard. I felt a squirm in my spines, twitch in my balls and a violent shudder in my whole body. “Ooh baby, my lovely lil sis,

I am exploding” I moaned and growled. I took her cheeks in my hands, pressed my dick deep down her throat and offloaded my love juice passionately in her steamy mouth. She pulled her mouth back and as a result my sperms rolled down my shaft to the ass crack, making my balls and annual hole wet. I taught her how to eat the love juice and soon she learnt the heavenly lessons.

I asked her to ride her pussy on my mouth and soon she learned to exchange our love juices in six nine. My limp cock was soon throbbing and so was the case with her strenuously erected clit and tits. I helped her lay at her back and pointed my cock towards her wet pussy lips. I opened her labia but she squeezed her legs. “Bhai jaan, what if something goes wrong, I mean, I mean” she couldn’t complete her sentence. “Don’t worry doll, I will give you pregnancy protection pills”

I replied understanding her worry and she smiled while opening her legs apart. I gently inserted my meatloaf in her sweet pussy, thinking it might hurt her a bit, but my cock slid easily in her wet and slippery pussy canal. She lifted her thighs up and pushed her pubic mound against my balls. The whole length of my throbbing penis dug deep in her love hole. Soon we were rocking up and down and

I was pumping my cousin's friend in law’s pussy in her sweet teen, with true passion and love which only a bro can have for her sis.Ooh dear, please do it the way you do it with dear” she moaned. I inserted one of my fingers in her anus and started pumping her both holes while eating her melons frantically. Soon she started gasping hard. Her body squirmed and she squeezed her legs around my thighs. Her toes curled and her teeth dug in my shoulder’ flesh.

She was hopping her ass up and down ferociously. I too felt a squirm in my body. I I pressed her ass cheeks in my thighs, cupped her breasts in my hands and planted my pouted mouth at her wet lips. My wet cock was completely dug in her love canal, soaked in our pre-cum love juices. Soon her body shuddered and she squealed loudly. I too felt my whole body jerking and my ass rocking ferociously. I felt a twitch in my balls and squirted my love load in her steamy pussy.

She too splashed her love juice around my shaft and we kept entwined in each other’s arms till the last drops of our love juices oozed out of our genitals and were completely love soaked. I kept lying over her fleshy body for long, until she wriggled out uncomfortably and lay beside me.We exchanged our cousin's friendly and brotherly love gestures while kissing at each other’s foreheads and cheeks and promised not to repeat such thing in future. We dressed ourselves and went to deep slumber together.

Mind you readers, I was thirty years old and she was in her teens only. She had been sleeping with me when she was just a ten years old kid like my child and sleeping now together after this episode, we thought, would be the same. But early morning, we both were again clenched in each other’s arms and lusting and craving for passionate love making. Seeing her horny like me, soon we were in six nine and eating each other’s genitals passionately.

We broke our promise within hours; and soon I was eating her pussy and anus simultaneously. “I saw you last night, fingering your anus” I asked her wickedly. “Do you like it?” I asked her further. She only smiled. I licked her anus wet and gently entered the head of my penis in her lubricated anal canal. She parted her sphincter with her fingers and helped me enter in her rear love hole.

Soon I was able to dig deep in her anus and started fingering and kneading her pussy with my hands while fucking my cousin's friend in law’s anal tube gently.
Within minutes, I heard her moaning and squirming. She clenched and squirmed around me and exploded ferociously on my hands while I squirted my juice in her anus. After the last drop of my love dribbled deep down her anus, I pulled my cock out of her tube and saw my cream oozing out of her anal hole and dribbling down her ass crack, and her clit.

We licked each other’s clean and my limp cock again started swaying in her hands. Her clit also swelled and her tits got erected. I parted her legs and inserted my dick deep down her pussy once again. We squealing, groaning and moaning with extreme pleasure. “Ooh my goodness, we will always make such promises and soon break them” She exclaimed. “Ooh yeah, I will always fill my cousin's friend’s lovely pussy with my pure love”

I groaned and we offloaded our love juices together. I was feeling her pussy walls contracting and twitching around my shaft and my meatloaf getting soaked in our love juice. I tightened my ass cheeks and pressed my dick deep down her uterus to give her the feeling of her brother’s true, passionate and pure love. For positive feedback and for fun girls and aunties contact me at

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