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incested Family-II

Priya didi lay asleep in my arms, for 3 hours after our incestuous fuck.We woke in the evening. The question that was bothering both of us was " Will mother consent to our incestuous marriage?" I said I would talk to mom. But Priya didi was dobtful abut it but we brother and sister were in a state of euphoria. Time seemed to pass in a dreamlike mood of joy.

Mother returned from and I took her into my room." I want to marry Priya didi, mom, I think you will agree to our marriage. You can make me your partner in business as I have dad's money to invest and we can expand the business." Mom looked at me in disbelief and shock." Ashu, you must be joking. You cant be serious. How can you even think of it? Priya is YOUR SISTER, YOU BASTARD, YOUR REAL SISTER, IT IS INCEST, A BLOODY SIN, YEH PAAP HAI." I begged mom for Priya didi's hand but she was adamant. I was dejected.

I was depressed that the rest morning I took a bus and went to my native village in Punjab where another shock awaited me. The old priest of the temple was sitting there under a tree. I met him and said," My dad lived here in this village. Do you know his house. I want to see my dad's house." The priest looked at me as if I were a piece of shit." So you are the offspring of that dusht paapi. Your dad was a sinner. He married his own sister Sumitra. You are the son of Sumitra, arent you? We did not let your father marry your mother but he eloped with her. His was an incestuous marriage and you are the unholy child of that unholy marriage." I had been struck by the sudden revelation and my mind ceased to work. So, my parents were real sibling? My mom was my bua who had given me birth? My mind saw dad fucking his sister. If that was true, them mom could be persuaded to let me make Priya did my wife.

On my return I told mom everything I had learnt in the village. Mom was agape with shock." Son, I have seen the humiliatuion of incestuous marriage. That is why I am afraid of marriage of my daughter to my son. Priya will not be able to face the world," I had thought of everything. "Mom, no one knows about my being brother of Priya didi. You can easily explain and introduce me as the son of an old friend of yours and the world will believe you. No one knowss me in India. And is it not true that my dad was you friend, your yaar from whose cock you bore three kids?"

Mom turned red at my words but then smiled and then laughed," You are a real bastard, you are just like your dad. I loved my brother/husband and I love you too. You are right. I cant find a better son in law than you, my son and I wont find a better daughter in law than Priya. In you two, I will see myself and moreover, you are right, I can make you my partner and expand business. Yes son, I agree to your marriage. I approve". I kissed my mother, first on the forehead and then on lips before rushing to announce the news to my dear sexy sister Priya.

Priya was taking a bath. I could hear the water fall. I pushed the door. It was bolted. Didi opened it a little and I moved into the bath room. My sister was completely naked under the shower, her sexy body covered with soap foam. Her huge boobs shone wetly under the running water, Priya was rubbing soap on her swollen pussy and water ran down her ample ass cheeks. My sister looked like a buxom water nymph. She saw me and tried to fide her tits with her hands but I grabbed her in my arms and kissed her, not minding that I was getting soaked under the shower. My hands were all over her sexy body." Mom has said "yes" darling. No one can stop me from making you my wife dear, lets fuck in the bathroom." I gasped as she pushed me away laughing and smiling,"How did you persuade her? She said she would never say yae?" I laughed," I have ways to blackmail people. Mom will herself decorate our suhagraat room, didi. If you chalange me, I can make her guide my cock in the cunt of my sister at our wedding night. Our marriage will be held in public, but letus fuck first"

Priya stopped me from making love to her in the bath room and pushed me out but she was as happy at the news as I was. My marriage was performed and I touched mom's feet and she blessed us.We were to celebrate our suhagraat in a hotel. Aushka was hugging me and asking mom if she should call me bhaiya or jijja." He is your bhaiya, thats all I know. She clung to me and I felt her small budding tits press on my chest when Priya did pulled me away,"You horny stud, dont you flirt with my sister, didnt you hear mom, she is your sister. Now stop being a sister fucker. If you have to fuck, fuck your wife. She is dying to have your cock in her pussy." I laughed and said," OK, Priya didi. I am dying to fuck my Priya didi, too. Lets paint the night in colors."

Mom escorted us to the hotel room. She put Priya didi's hand into mine and said," Here is your gift to you son, darling, here is my daughter whom I offer to my son for life to enjoy and have children from. Here is a glass of milk. Drink it, just dont keep drinking from my daughter's milk jugs only. Priya has beautiful boobs. Suck them as you did mine when you were a kid. Keep her filled with you cock. Like her mother, she loves brotherly cock."Mom said touching my hard cock from over my pants and squeezing it. Priya didi smiled and said"How does my brother/husband feel?"

"I'm on top of the world, wife," I replied, my hands feeling my wife's body. Under my dress pants, my cock, throbbed painfully. "I've just married the most wonderful woman in the world."

Didi kissed me, her tongue doing things that made my cock throb even more and she could see the desperateness of my situation. "My little bhai needs to cum, doesn't he?" she teased me. "My hubby's cock is going to explode if he doesn't get some relief."

"You can ease this hardness in your brother's cock," I said.

"Just a little time more, bhaiya," Priya didi whispered, her hand moving up and lightly caressing the big cock in my trousers. "Our first time as husband and wife." She kissed me again. "Bhaiya a man and a woman who loved each other more than anything always get married.

We kissed again -- a long, lovers kiss that seemed to go on forever. I said "I love you, sister... now and forever."

Priya didi swept into my arms and kissed me again, rubbing her sexy body against me shamelessly. "It seems so eciting-- to taste my bhaiya's fine cock, making it mine by making my cunt taste it and engulf it" she said as she touched my crotch, teasing my aching cock. Priya went to the bath room and called,"Get undressed, my darling husband. Make yourself comfortable. I'm almost ready. My God, Ashu, my cunt is soooo wet for you cock. I cant wait for your gorgeous cock" I quickly undressed. I climbed into bed naked, stretching out -- my cock standing up hard, tall and proud.

"Hello, husband...Bhaiya," Priya didi called out softly from the bathroom. Priya didi looked like a naked goddess. She had taken off her dress, but still wore a thin kurti through I could see her nipples, thick and erect and below the kurti she was completely naked, her thick, cunt lips visible from under her kurti. I felt my cock slap hard against my stomach, precum drooling from the head in anticipation of soon being buried between her thighs.

" wife, you are -- my sister, my wife ohhh God, you are beautiful!" I gasped, holding out my arms to her. All I knew for sure was that this was my sister and now my wife and I was the luckiest fucking man in the world.

Priya didi began to walk slowly and seductively towards me -- her lips turned up in an evil, lusty smile, swinging her hips.

Then Priya didi was in my arms, murmuring, "I love you, husband," as she pressed her body against mine -- her skin glowing with desire.

"I love you too, wife," I replied softly before we kissed. Her nipples rubbed across my bare chest and my erect cock pressing against the satin of her swollen cunt.

I kissed her soft, fleshy breasts, my tongue moving towards her nipples as she sighed in reply, "I love you, bhaiya, dont make me wait, put your cock in my pussy! Fuck your sister, make her your wife, your whore" I took each nipple in my mouth, sucking them hard, drawing a happy moan from my newly wedded wife and sister.

"Oh, Ashu Bhaiya, fuck me please -- I love you so much. I need you! I need your cock inside me now. Make love to me, brother. Fuck your wife -- fuck your didi -- please, Ashu, fuck me right now!"

I scooped her up in my arms, my mouth leaving her hard, thick nipples to kiss her once again. . I placed Priya didi down onto the bed, resting her head on the pillows.

She spread her thighs slowly apart, letting me see her beautiful pussy. Her eyes were full of love and lust and she shivered with anticipation as I pressed my cock on her pussy lips.

Priya didi held out her arms to me and I came to her as her brother and husband and lover, my cock opening her wet pussy and my cock thrust inside her cunt. My cock was buried between my sister's thighs once and forever!

Priya didi took more of my cock meat inside her hungry cunt-- urging me to fuck her deeper. She whimpered as her pussy showed its hunger to take my cock within her womb. I was buried inside my sister's cunt, Priya didi's legs came up and encircled my ass, feet digging into my asscheeks.

Priya didi held me tightly to her. It was the perfect moment of love and lust and incest and desire and it seemed to last forever. Then we began to move and it only got better!

I began to fuck her sisterly cunt, our kiss never ending as I began to piston in and out of my sister's tight cunt. Each time I buried myself in her wet pussy, it seemed to grow hotter and wetter and sweeter than before. I was fucking my sister and wife. Her pussy tightened around my thrusting shaft, bathing it in hot pussy juice as her orgasm came over her, her pussy squeezed my cock hard, pulling me more tightly against into her pussy.

Priya didi's body writhed around me in a long powerful orgasm shooting her juices on my rod. She moaned, "L-love you, Ashu! Don't stop. God, please, don't stop, fuck your dirty incestuous sister!"

I continued fucking her soft pussy -- faster with each thrust. Priya didi began to fuck back, throwing her hips upwards as I fucked deep into her womb. I began to pump my hot seed into Priya didi's pussy. Her womb filled with sperm and she was struggling like a beast, but to have me -- to consume me completely. Priya didi cried and moaned and let out a scream of love and pain and passion and pleasure as her orgasm ended finally.

Priya didi cried, "I love you, I love you bhaiya, I love you, Ashu, I love you husband, I LOVE YOU BHAIYA!" I kissed her and whispered to my wife, "I love you, sister." I smiled at her then and said, "And it will only get better from here...our love, our joy, our lives...its just beginning!

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