Thursday, 11 March 2010

Accidently One Night With Sister's Friend

My name is Dev,28 years old tall and average smart boy a story narrating by me happened about 4 years ago let me tell you first about my family basically we belong to Punjab a simple and small Hindu family lived in Barodra Gujrat included four members my father, four year elder sister's friend Poonam and my mother my father is businessman my mother is wise-principal in a public school and my sister's friend is a

Government employee in medical field now she is a nurse and married, four years ago she was studying in medical college in Surat. We did respect for each other and our relations were very healthy I never saw toward her with wrong meanings’ I was studying in college at that time our relations were normally running off course she was a beautiful ,fairy face girl with 5:6 of height and 55 weight sometimes her friends use to say her that she looks like mehma choudry in her beginning days as ''pardes''

She always used to wear slawar kameez she had a sexy figure as I supposed that she can attracted someone in first sight she had a very good habit to go to the gym regularly and still she goes she used to live in hostel in Surat on those days and usually came to the Baroda one time in month to meet us and receive her regular pocket money and other expensive the incident happened that when she was very busy in her exams and on that month and she was not able to came to

Barodra from Surat because of her busy schedule. I got order from dad that I have to go there and give her regular expensive as she could not receive this time by her own. I agreed and made a request to my parents that I would like to spend two days there as I have to meet my old friend Sudheer in Surat so many times he called me to get there to meet him Sudheer and me met in marriage party and we got close as

Our common passion about chess we became friends and there was one year passed we have never met my parents did not meet any time Sudheer because he never came to my house so they suggest me to be beware there. So I prepared my packing for two days and made a call to Sudheer that I was coming over there and have two free days. I made a call to Poonam that I will come towards her after one day because I have to meet my friend she said it’s okay when Sudheer received my call he just jumped with joy he told me that it was amazing time

I choose to came over their he said that I would not to get there in Sudheer's house he has arranged a fun time at his other friend's house which was free for that night as elders had went away out of the town he invited me to join them and send me address by sms. I supposed to be a guest in little party that night. I reached there at 6'o clock at evening Sudheer received me at outside of the house with his friend Deepak he was very happy to saw me there he introduced me with

Deepak who was a tall boy looks like body builder it was Deepak's house after a little chit chat Deepak told with smile that tonight they have a lot of fun after 30 minutes a girl will join us. I shocked so that was a fun it was a lucky chance for me. I got very little opportunities like this who was she I asked don't worry she is not my girlfriend she is a paid college girl. I used to drive her when I get a chance '' Deepak says what a patakha yaar'he added,' what a solid figure she have,

You cannot imagine her performance in bed she acts like a western slut you will see how she would manage three of us, he uttered. I was so much excited it was a time which I have expected so many times. I entered in bathroom to fresh up and Deepak was placing the whiskey on the table with roasted chicken. I spend 30 minutes in bathroom .while I was having bath I just listened as if door bell was ringing I got excited as she has reached .I finished my bath and made myself prepare and got out side.

I felt strange that their no girl Deepak and Sudheer were sitting on sofa and having drink. I asked Sudheer that I just heard a door bell ya,she is here now just in bathroom to getting ready for job' there was a another bathroom three of us were started drinking. I was not regular drinker so I just have one peg and was giving them a company it was just going on that power had gone''oh...what a fuck...''

Sudheer uttered ''it is okay,Sudheer said,'just a matter of 30 minutes.Sudheer light up his mobile and place it on T.V. very little light appeared in room.we could hardly saw like shadows each others exactly right on this moment a girl opened the door of bathroom and appeared in drawing room. I could not get her view properly 'hey Rita honey, have been waiting for you a long time, Sudheer uttered and hold her arm and pulled her in his lap he just wrapped his arms around her body and kissing her lips. I got excited to saw this

I was to be desirous to fuck her right that moment just on the sofa ,but I have to had wait little bit more after having a peg of whiskey I became little bit frank and courageous Deepak was just finishing his last peg hey Sudheer,'' I showed that I would like to check her. I turn my arm toward her. Sudheer leaved her and said me,' 'you will never touch a solid figure like this check her''she moved to me and sat on my both of thighs like a seat she spread her both of legs my both of sides and gave me a long French kiss oh....

It was a heaven she wear a tight T-shirt and jeans. I was kneading her with my hands she put her tongue in deep my mouth I had never be have a experience like this before so many times I have kissed girls and two or three time I have got sex experience but this girl was amazing for two or three minutes we having kissing each other. I was moving my both of hands all over her body, her back, her ripe, her back she was kissing me as she would eat me she seemed to starve for

Sex her fully grow boobs rubbing with my chest she had a fully ripe body. I just came to stop her kissing and removed her T-shirt oh....she did not wear bra her solid mangoes were free now. I fuck this power cut,'' I speak loudly because I could not see her ripe juicy body just at that moment power got back it was a most shocked moment for me my elder sister's friend Poonam sitting on my thighs without of any upper wear .Sudheer and Deepak said ''hurrahhhh.....'' for light but

I was not able listen anything. I got freeze and something happened with Poonam now the fun is beginning and this is my turn dev said Deepak and he hold the Poonam he sat in same way on sofa and made a same position as me and Poonam were 'I am just coming, ‘I said and went toward the bathroom both of them did not noticed what the hell had done. I entered in the bathroom and shut the door from inside my legs were trembling it was unbelievable to saw my sister's friend Poonam as a call girl and

I was kneading her body like a whore .it shocked me. I did not have any of words both of my friends did not know not that she was my sister's friend she was just a girl for them who was here to serve herself for one night. I just hear a voice of Sudheer what is wrong Rita just show your level best why are u behaving strangely this is not your first time with me. I know that she was got shocked .

I just made a decision in minute otherwise it would be late if both of they would know about our relation then it would become a matter of a big shame for me rest of my life. I had to act normally there was no other option .I just came out Poonam's juicy body was totally nude .she had a really super figure same like mehma choudary she leaned on sofa on her knees like a bitch both were just with underwear’s and they have removed her jean and underwear too

Deepak was just slapping and moving hands on her ripe nates and sat behind her. Sudheer was about to playing a xxx movie on CD player she is a real bomb...Sudheer...''í said. Poonam did not look towards me she tried to hide her face behind her hairs. Sudheer was enjoying her super sexy legs, thighs and nates like a fruit. I removed all of clothes and just left my underwear on my body.i made a super peg of neat whiskey and drank it.

I had decided that right now there is just one relation between Poonam and me she was a young girl and I was a young boy and we had a whole night. 'what would you like to do first, after all u are our guest ''asked Sudheer to me ''I would first like to suck my cock , Rita''i said. Poonam looked towards me. I just moved towards her. I sat front of her on sofa and removed my underwear too.hey

Rita...check it.' I said and bent her face on my cock she had decided something too she got my cock in her mouth and became a real cal girl Sudheer started fingering in her pussy my cock fully erected in Poonam's warm mouth so let me fuck her first I said okay....they both moved towards to whiskey. I hold her and lay down on the bed while this I whispered in her left ear, ‘I want to see your level best.''

I put her sexy legs upon my shoulders and put my cock inside her wet pussy in first stroke I pushed it with force in her warm pussy and it made her loud scream then I begun a very rough fucking she was screaming with every stroke her boobs were making Rydham with every stroke now she became in her form she begun to make same stroke in reply.''fuck!..oh goodness!....fuck ,fuck....''she continued to uttering. I held her both of legs up there and

Made her feet joint what a figure she have my rough fucking schedule was running for 15 minutes she forgot everything while this time and gave me a taste of real fuck she was giving me reply for my every stroke my cock was approaching deep in her pussy when my session was over then Deepak begun a real rough fuck again. I was watching them and waiting my turn on sofa Deepak’s 9 feet of cock was getting deep inside her Sudheer had a anal fuck in my second session

I begun her fuck on sofa having face to face view while fucking I just passed a smile to her she replied me by smiling then she started jumping on my cock with screaming. 'oh fuck me dev make me satisfy...fuck!...''....what a fuck it was..whole night it was going 3'o clock she leaved home.....but we both are remember that it was an accident....still now it was a secret and just both we know that it was happened between us...but we did this mistake so many times after this...every night became colorful when she made a visit to

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