Friday, 23 October 2009

Virginity Breaks

Hi everybody, I was a frequent reader of this website and now I would like to narrate an incident in my life.
But first let me tell you about myself. Well my name is Apurva Deshpande, I am 5’5, 34-28-36 not too fair,
but attractive , I can see that boys drooling and do want to fuck me. As both my parents are doctors based in Nasik I was grown up into a very conservative and shy girl until the day which has changed my life forever. Now I am 20, studying in TYBCOM in bytco Nasik. Now when I finally have decided to run off I have thought why not post my experiences here. Out of the many encounter hers the first one that started it all off.

I was 17, and was head over heels for this crush of mine right from school days, his name was faheem . we both used to eye each other and exchanged smiles but nobody made any move. This went on for till I was 18, that’s when we really started talking , when one rainy afternoon when I was returning home , and there wasn’t any auto that could drop me to my home. I saw him standing at Upnagar bus stop, while I waited desperately for either an auto or that the rain would stop. After some time I thought it was pointless waiting and took off in the rain itself. I had only walked for a couple of minutes then a car stopped in front of me and a hand waved out. My god it was my dream boy.

I went close the window. He shyly said, hi, would you like a ride home. I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity. He opened the door and I sat beside him. He drove very slowly and and on he way, I said thanks faheem, my name is apurva. Faheem said, yes I know , I know a lot about you, and by the way it is my pleasure to drive with you.

I said how do you know my name , to which he just smiled. I guess he too did his homework like me. Pretty soon we reached my house. I saw a lock on the main door and told him to wait. And I called my parents to see where they are. They told me that they had kept the key at my aunts house nearby and had to leave urgently as one of our relative was serious in icu and would return late at night. I asked faheem if he would drive near to my aunts place to bring the key. He quickly agreed and we drove collected the key, even after much of my aunts insist that I stay until it stops to rain, I left anyways as I had some plans. We quickly reached my place and I invited faheem in for a coffee ,

We entered my house and were quite wet, I was drenched and dripping , my t-shirt fabric was thin and I did not wear a bra that day,hmm luckily I guess , I saw him starring at my chest, I looked and blushed , my tits were completely visible through white color t shirt, I quickly covered up myself. With my bag. I told him to have a seat while I change.

This great chance just might be it, and I wasn’t going to miss it for anything. I gave him a naughty smile and left for my room, just beside the hall, I left the door half open, and then removed all my clothes and and slowly went from behind the door to to corner of the room where he is sure to get some glimpses of me, and indeed he was having a hard time to avoid peeping, in the meanwhile I changed into my best outfit, a skin tight low back red t shirt and a black mini skirt, and left my hair open. And I decided not wear anything underneath. Then I went towards him and handed him the same towel that I cleaned myself from. He too dried his hair an adjusted his clothing’s, while I made some coffee for 3 people. Why I’ll let you know right now. Well I though was a virgin then but I still had watched some b movies that pooja and neha and myself watched together and did some lesbian stuffs, although we aren’t them but we still enjoyed it, if you want I can tell that too just let me know.

Anyways I brought two cups of coffee and kept mine on the table, and started to hand him the other cup, and just as he was about to grab it. I sneezed , it was no accident,
And spilled the cup of coffee on his jeans. I said “ oops, sorry , sorry, I am extremely sorry, let me help you,” saying this , I started removing the coffee from the jeans using a towel, and said that it might be burning and started to give wind by my mouth as well as rubbing my hands all over his thighs and his tool, I many a time even touched it also, giving him a hell of a turn-on. He didn’t stop me, and I went on and on, until he stopped me. Saying its ok. Oh shucks, I thought. He said that he needed to use the bathroom to get himself cleaned up. I guided him to my personal bathroom, told him to clean up while I bring him something else. I always have a habit of keeping my undergarments in my bathroom, and sure enough he noticed. Another turn on for him I brought my fathers night pants, I hand out those to him and took his jeans for washing, and put it in the washing machine. he came out, I again apologized and and told him that he would get his jeans cleaned in the next hour. He again sat on the sofa, I brought him another cup of coffee. While taking my own, I sat opposite to him. He quietly drank the coffee, in the meanwhile I sat with my legs folded one over the other, and he was watching me closely.

I took the liberty of again going near him and sat beside him. Again I thanked him for the lift and apologized to him for spilling the coffee on him, and saying this again kept my hand on his lap and started rubbing asked whether its paining, again he got a full erection , instantly, and this was visible through the pants. I accidentally touched it many a times, this giving me a arousal as well, my tits were getting harder , and visible though my t shirt, he too was looking at my face and my breasts. Suddenly, I stopped and just started starring at his male organ, he saw me looking and looked at me and said , would you like to touch it. While watching movies I had always thought how would such a thing feel like and what would it taste like. I said nothing to him and just smiled. He dropped his pants down and his under wear as well. I said faheem its huge, but of course it wasn’t that big , it was circumcised, kind of dark brown color, 5.5 inches I guess, I saw bigger things when I saw others. He said go on ahead touch it, feel it for yourself. I quickly grabbed It and started stroking it. He was immensely enjoying it. He pulled me closer to him, and started kissing me vigorously, I was very very happy, I beginning to get wet already, I held him with both my hands tightly . he again guided my one hand to his cock, and still kissing me all over. I started massaging his cock. He left the kiss and removed my t shirt.

Out sprang my breasts. He removed his t shirt also. And he started kissing me again, and massaging my boobs, while I massaged his cock , and we kept on like this for 5 mins. Soon enough he lifted me in his arms, now that’s what I would call a real lift, and carried me to my bed room. he put me on the bed , and removed my skirt as well only to find out that I had no panties on. He jumped on me and started kissing me all over the body. First he kissed me on my lips and then on my neck, for a while, I had gotten fully hot, by now, I started rubbing my nails on his back, his cock was touching me on my love hole , my hole was aching for it, he kept on kissing me, then he moved on to my breasts, he kissed and sucked on my right breast while kneaded the other, the did the same for the other as well. He moved down further, kissed my stomach, my belly button, and then finally went to my clitoris, started sucking there, I was in heaven, while he did this he got into 6 9 position, and asked me to suck his cock, and started sucking my vagina and massaging the clitoris with his fingers, it was unbearable for I came once, twice , and trice already, he ate all the juice that flowed, his cock and balls kept hanging above my face, I took his cock by the hand and started massaging it and licking it. I tasted his precut, it was bit salty but tasted quite good, and slowly started inserting it my mouth and sucking it like a lollypop lightly applying a bit pressure, a bit tongue , and little teeth not biting but just lightly, he too was enjoying it, and in that excitement, stopped sucking me, I too stopped, seeing this he again started sucking me, I also did the same thing but this time , a little fast again, again, he got excited and stopped. I stopped too. He sighed , and then got into missionary position. He again got over me and kissed me passionately , he took his cock and rubbed it against my love hole, and slowly started inserting it. My virgin hole was experiencing pain never experienced before, tears were rolling down my checks, but at the same time I was loving it. He continued to kiss me , that eased the pain a bit.
He inserted it slowly, and finally it fully in. he pushed in a few thrusts and removed it, there was pain but I still wanted it in me, there was blood on his cock, as well as on my hole , it was dripping from it and on the bed sheet. He wiped my hole, and his cock with a towel, and again started to enter me. This time he was thrusting his cock into my hole full speed , slowed it a couple of time and again thrusting it heavily, I was biting my lips , screaming with pain, he kissed me , to avoid the excessive noise. Pretty soon he was about to cum, so he removed his cock and sprayed all over me.
And just kept lying on me we stayed still like that for a while in each others arms.
Then we moved to the bath room, I was all out of energy, he carried me in his arms to the bath tub. We cleaned ourselves the, took a bath together, I gave him a good 20 min blowjob. He kept playing with my hair. He then made me stand and fucked me in standing position, I was pressed against the wall, he again kissed me and fucked me hard, pushing his cock even deeper than before. And I was biting him on his ears, held him tightly. Till he came again, and this time too he removed his cock and sprayed over me…
This was my very first time , a time I’d never forget.
There are much other encounters as well, a gangbang, one with my father, and another of faheem’s brother. if you like do let me know I'll post them too..
you tell me... we can even share our tips.

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