Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Rehan Aor Ayesha Ki Love Story

i m rehan from islamabad with a athletic body and 5.9 height. i m 21 years old..if any girl/lady from anywhere in paksitan wanna have secrect affair with me on phone or in real than mail me at my home one girl used to live .her name Ayesha {name changed} .she was
so sexy if any one see her will 1st think to have a sex with her. Her age was 20 .she was fully like Katrina .she always used to see and laugh me. I have many thoughts on her to fuck day i got a chance to fuck her when no one is ther in my home. My parents went to marriage and they will come after 2 days. She used to come in our house and used to chit chat with my sister. like that only she came and asked for my sister i said that she went to marriage .she said oo i c. i said then want chat if u don’t mind .she smiled and said ok . I said her to take a seat. She sat on sofa. I sat in front of her. She was looking so sexy with good figure like Katrina kaif .she was very sexy in looking.i saw her twice and twice. She asked me are you alone in home .i said yes. Then i slowly asked her
.do u has any bf. She smiled and said no. then i asked r u interested in having a bf.she smiled and kept her head down by shying. Then i got a signal that she is interested in me. Den i got up and in front of her and sat beside her .she said nothing’s was seeing in her eyes .she was seeing down ..I slowly kept my hand on her shoulder .she said nothing and closed her eyes. Then i thought i got a first chance in my life to have a sex .i slowly rubbed my hand. she closed her eyes .then i cant over get that position .i took my other hand and put it on the boobs .she said nothing .her boobs where so cute ..Of size 32... I didn’t move my hand from the boobs and pressing it. Now she to get the mood and she hugged me. When she hugged me i felt very hot .that was my 1st hug with a girl. I felt that i was in heaven when she hugged me tightly. Then i kissed her cheeks .which were very soft and cute. and i came to lips .and i kissed her in French style .we fell in kissing for 10 minutes after that i slowly removed her khamiz .and i to removed my shirt ..I kissed her boobs and sucked it. While i am kissing and sucking it .she was mouning aah aahhhh...ooahhhhh.ohhh
Then i slowly moved my hand near her pussy.and i rubbed it she was again mouning .waw its feeling good sallu again u do it she is saying and i did. She kissed me all my chest and neck. Then i said her to open the salwar .she was saying no i can’t. I said her and pleased her. She was
Saying no i will not open the salwar.i said y .she said 1ft u remove u r s paint .then i will remove my salwar .then i fast removed my paint .then she to removed her salwar..She was on panty and bra and i am on underwear. then i hugged her and kissed for 10 mins she to liked then i unhooked her bra .the boobs were shining and looking good figure ... i was amazed to see her nude i cant control my cock it became harder ...i removed her panty. Her pussy was shave with some little hairs on it was looking like heaven...i slowly touched it. she shouted a loud....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....then by listening that i got again eager to fuck her . Then we both slept on the bed for 15 minutes by hugging and kissing.....after that .i came in between her legs .and slowly rubbed her pussy she was mouning sweetly with her sweet voice. Then i put one of my finger in her pussy .she was mouning. Ahh sallu how nice you are doing .i am you are s do what u wants to do. By listening this i put another finger also she said that is paining .i said it will be. Then after that she said salllu do it fast. i did it den after sometime her cum came with a huge quantity .while her cum is coming she catch me tightly and hugged me so tightly ....and then she said wow what an heaven sallu u r.i felt so nice sallu she said. then she took my cock in her hand and she said that too wow what a big and hard cock i love it she said and started playing with it .then she slowly putted the cock in her mouth .and started sucking the cock i was feeling very nice and i catches her hairs and forcing he to go more cock in her mouth
after some time my cum came and it fell on her mouth she drunk it all....... and then after that we both laid on bed for 10 for rest after that again my cock became harder .then i said her to lay on bed she did it. i came in between her legs and i started licking her pussy.after sometime she said that she want to be get a fuck harder...she was a virgin and i was also having 1st time sex in my life .... I took my cock and slowly rubbed on her pussy lips .she began to moun .ohh what a good cock...then i slowly inserted my cock tip in her pussy .her feelings no changed into cries. She said no sallu i don’t want fuck i want only oral sex. Then i said her sex is better than that. She said ok. And said to insert it slowly. I slowly pushed it inside half of cock was inside her .she began to cry please salman leave me i didn’t listen her and again i pushed my cock inside her hardly whole my cock was inside her, she crying with tears. And some blood was coming from her pussy and i slowly took my cock outside.
My cock is full with blood. She was crying so i leaved her and kissed her and started her hugging her, then after again 10 minutes i said now we will have a hard fuck u had loosed your virginity .no pain will be for u. She laughed and kissed me. And i slowly started to insert my penis in her pussy no she was also enjoying and saying sallu fast. Ahhhh ohh fast. Then we reached to cum at the same time .i removed the cock from her pussy and placed on the booobs .all the cum fell on the boobs. Then she said to me
when u want to have a sex with me u can have a sex ....i thought i was the lucky man....but soon after sex .she went to her house by saying it was to late over by coming her so she went...soon after the next day also i fucked her after that my parents came .i didn’t got a chance to have a sex eighth her .after a month she got a married and now she is in Saudi Arabia........

Well gals and ladies how did u like it. I hope i covered all of the events that took place that day. Well the reason i rate this as one of the best times ive had sex is cuz the girl i was having with had an amazin time. Sex becomes much better if both sides enjoy it. Well this was one of my many experinces. Do tell me everyone how did u like it?plz do let me know about that. And any girls,ladies from rawalpindi/islamabad and nearby places wish to spend their time with me or wanna have phone sex or real sex can contact me at
secrecy is with full confidence. dont hesitate females... everything will be totally secret and safe,,, i will wait for ur mails

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