Friday, October 23, 2009

My g2g Experience

HI This is sarita here it happened when I was not married 7 we had our cousins coming for vacations at our place in PUNE they were from Delhi she was beautiful 7 horny she like to wear all dirty underneath she was 24 AT THAT TIME & I WAS 20 SHE WAS ELDER TO ME WE SAT HOURS LONG PLAYING CHESSS IN MY ROOM ON THE NET WATCHING TV, FILMS THERE.

On Monday my parents were out for a medical check up of my mom so they left early & asked to take care as they will be late to come my father gave me some money and asked to have our lunch in hotel as they left I closed the door my cousin was still sleeping priya in my bedroom as we slept together chatting late night her nighty was up till the knees & her boobs were bigger that time

I had a breast of 32 that were good enough at my age but she had a bigger ones she was 36 I was staring at her the way she was sleeping but soon I had to check mails so I put my computer on which was in my bedroom I checked the history but it was full of porn sites with nude men’s & women’s with girl making love to a girl it was new to me I was surfing through at that time I didn’t realized she was nude standing at my back I got scared to see her but soon she calmed me on & said not to worry she couldn’t sleep last night so she got up & was surfing some sites I was relaxed she came out nude in the hall.

She was aware that my parents were left I made tea for her we were on the dining table when she raised the topic of sex I was new to it but she started touching me on my shoulders on my back she finished the tea & we got up I asked priya I am going for a bath she said sarita can I join u I’ll help u soap on your back

I was scared at what she was upto it was fishy but I couldn’t say no to here we went to the bedroom 7 soon she helped removing my nighty I was nude for the first time in front of some one I was shivering but she hold me & kissed on my chicks. Relaxed sarita u'll enjoy the bath as even I haven’t taken a bath with anyone before soon we were in the shower she was beautiful her hips were tight she was shaved her pink lips were so good I liked it. I asked how do u clean this up she saw me & said I can help u cleaning if u don’t mind sarita i said priya what if i get a cut don’t worry darling I’ll take care that u r shaved well she took a razor with a new blade made me wet stretched my legs apart & asked me to lie down she was too dood she first trimmed my hairs was long enough then she applied some soap & cleaned me.
Well I was feeling better than not to have pubic hairs on it was giving me cool feelings then she took a warm water & cleaned the hairs left on the belly her index finger were near my pussy lip. She touched it I liked the feeling of another girl touching it. I didn’t stop her slowly she inserted in. I was feeling better then she Holden me & kissed me she asked me sarita ur pussy lips are very beautiful can I have a close look. priya u can yar.

What is that to feel shy in it? I was lying on the bed she was close to my cunt I could feel the warm breath of her in my pussy she touched me without asking and she parted my lips & gave me a tongue. It was for the first time I didn’t understand what was going but I loved it at what she was doing to me. ohh !! priya what are u doing sarita? How ru felling.
You taste so good. I was wet. She inserted two fingers in me & she was fingering my pussy I enjoyed. She excused & went to kitchen to get raw banana she came with it sarita now u'll enjoy this banana. u'll love it she caressed my cunt & inserted that banana in me.

Ohh I cried stop priya it’s paining. I haven’t did this before she replied what would u do after getting married? Men have bigger banana than this. She didn’t stop she inserted.

Ohhh god it was too much for me she fucked me that banana I loved I was wet but was my first time to take such a big thing in my pusssy. My cum was oozing I spurted my cum for the first time after some time she removed & sat next to me touching my boobs pressing it squeezing it like mangoes she sucked my tits till it were big & pointed I cried priya but she kissed me again & said darling sarita now its urs turn to give me a head.

I was scared at first but she told me to do the same I was done, my mouth went near her cunt which were already ready for me she pulled me on her crotch & my tongue was buried in her love hole it was my first time to taste a another women sweat was salty. I liked the taste. She was comming & commind. I liked it not wasting a single drop I went harder & rough, more she cumed & more I gave her a head. My hands were on her boobs she had a big but firm boobs she moaned my name sarita then we got up & went to the bathroom she kissed me passionately rubbing me every were. I loved it. Did the same but that night we slept nude & were in 69 the whole night my tongue was buried in her & hers in mine we fingered each other she played with my anal. Ohh god I cummed so many times then she started talking bout men’s, her boyfriend & his prick I really enjoyed with priya & had lots of fun
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