Friday, 23 October 2009

Innocent Girl

I am new to this site and after reading all the stories posted here, I thought to post my story too. This is a real life incident that happened before 3 years. Let me describe about myself first, i am Ramesh, good looking and average built man and I had been doing my UG degree when this wonderful incident happened. It all started
when my sister’s friend named Deepa (name changed) who was doing MBA came to my home for doing her project. Since she (she refers Deepa) hadn’t got any computer in her home she came to my home to use my computer for preparing documentation and other works.

Describing her man she is an angel who is gorgeous, damn sexy. I am not that good in explaining assets but she had 34c and a wonderful hip and lovely ass which sway across making me totally uncomfortable when ever I saw her. Now lets move on to the story. One day as usual she came to do her documentation works and came to my room to use my computer. I had been allotted a big room all alone in d first floor with a computer and internet and all that I need, everyone else will be on the ground floor. I was busy downloading some music when she came in and I hadn’t noticed her coming in, I was dumbstruck when I turned by her side when she touched my head, she was wearing a chudithar which is semi-transparent. I somehow controlled myself and woke up and gave her the system for her to do her work.

From that day onwards I often used to think about her and masturbate several times a day, this was happening for a long time and on my attempts to get her on bed I started to talk with her. At first she didn’t spoke that good but later she started to speak so frankly and she even used to stay on my home after she became close to me for doing her project works. At those times when she stays she used to be in my room and she will lie in my bed itself without any hesitations. I started to suffer by not being able to control myself from touching her and I used to touch her breasts and thighs when she sleeps but used to withdraw them because of fear, this continued for quite a long time.

Then came the day when she as usual came to my room but I was unaware of her presence and I was surfing thru some porn websites, at a stage I realized she was in my room but I thought its my golden opportunity and went on surfing thru it, her eyes were struck in d monitor and she was watching them without even blinking a second, then I closed the browser as if I had noticed her and pretended as if nothing happened, she at once started to come near me and touched me in head but this touch was really special, I was able to feel it. I gave way for her to work on system. This day changed everything, she instead of doing her work went on constantly speaking about my girl friends and even asked me about my sex life, that’s interesting...isn’t it??

I sensed the opportunity and frankly said with a cunning smile that I cant look after another girl after I saw her too close, her face blushed and she sat silent and started to look in to monitor. I made my feast ready, that night after our lunch as usual she came and lied in my bed but this time it was little bit close than usual, I wanted her to make the first move, so I started to tempt her as if I am not interested in her and I was pretending to be sleeping. I never use to wear shirt and I only used to wear a trouser at night, she was totally uncomfortable. For the first time in my life I felt a lady touching my bare chest and that’s Deepa. I felt a shocking wave all across my body.
I happily made way for her to feel me at her will and at one stage she put her hands inside my shorts and caught my dick and started to stroke it hard i was unable to control anymore. I suddenly opened my eyes and turned to her side to see her. I can see her eyes was full of lust, I gave a French kiss which lasted for about ten minutes in which she made my lips sore, but that never bothered. I slowly said her in her ears that “I was longing for this from a long time ever since I saw her”. She smiled at me naughtily and hugged me so tight that even air couldn’t pass through. That’s it I at once threw away all her dress and made her entirely nude and started to suck her pussy so bad that it was already dripping its fresh juices, in a 69 position I was sucking her pussy and she was eating my cock. It was heaven... it continued for more than half an hour with loud moaning from her side.

Then after a while she was unable to bear the itching of her sex drive she begged me to fuck her, I at once accepted her invitation and drove my six inch cock to her sweet pussy, God ! She is damn beautiful and she is a virgin, I understood it when I tried to insert it in to her pussy it was very tight and I used my saliva and her fresh juices as lubricant and made my way in that love whole. When I entered in and broke her hymen wall she literally shouted, thank God that I was kissing her while I did that... After entering in her pussy it was blood that came out of her pussy and she was in terrible pain but after I started stroking constantly with slow speed she became comfortable and even she started accompanying me by moving her hips front and back, it was heaven...

V had tried several positions that night and got exhausted but she somehow woke up as usual and went saying that she will cal me but I was totally exhausted, from that day onwards v used to have sex at all possible time even if its for 30 minutes. I am enjoying my sex life very much. I used to have sex with who asks for it and who is missing that worldly pleasure; any young girls or married unsatisfied female’s u can mail me at and post me your feedbacks...
Based on the feedbacks a lot of true stories are yet to be revealed...

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