Sunday, 20 September 2009

Woman Beauty

Hi friends, I am rehan from islamabad back again with my new experience. I m 21 years old with a 5.9 height and a athletic body. This I faced a very big problem while fucking. She is an unsatisfied woman who met me
through internet & to my surprise she is my teacher now. I’ve joined tuition & she is my tuition teacher. But, I don’t know that it would happen.. I received a mail & in that she has sent me that she has been waiting for years to have a rash fuck. She wanted her pussy to tear like anything.

She has sent message that her husband is a useless man & does not know anything about sex. She was married to him when she was 19 & now she is 32. She said that he never fucked her. He just kissed her & that too on her cheeks.. She said that she is not able to control her feelings & requested me to fuck her. I sent her a reply to send me her address & she did that. I went to the house & when I found the house number I was surprised. It was the house where I go to tuition every day.

I went there & rang the bell. She opened the door & asked me “yes (my name) what’s the matter?” I said her that I wanted to talk her personally. She said me to get in & asked me what the matter was. I said what happened. She was surprised on hearing this. She was very happy & said are u yago. I said, ‘yes’. But ur name is (my name). I said, “There are some problems if I express my name out.

While I was in tuition I never noticed her beauty. But now she looked me very beautiful. She had long hair, brown eyes, pink lips & sexy hip with a big navel. I said her to get ready in few minutes & went out for shopping. She got ready & I took her on my bike to a lodge, took a room & got in. I can guess her figure easily that she is 40-32-36. I loved her hip & as soon as we got in I locked the door & hold her hip with my hands & pressed them smoothly. She moaned with great pleasure “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what a touch is that yago. I love u.

I said her to wear the transparent gown, which I bought while shopping. She went to & wore it. Wow! She was really beautiful. I could see her pink bra, sexy navel & panty. I asked her about her husband. She said that she had phoned him & said that she is going to Mangalore on a collage tour & will be back after a weak. I then started kissing her pink lips, which were very smooth & sexy. She was enjoying well & gave a good response pushing her tongue in my mouth & I too did the same with her. We kissed each other for about 20 minutes. When I was about to take off her dress she requested me not fuck her here in hyd. She said, “Let’s go to Mangalore. We will have a good honeymoon there & I agreed for that. As we don’t wanted to waste the time we went in the flight. We reached Mangalore at night 11’o clock. We lodged a room, which was very good & said the manager not to disturb us as we are newly married couple.

We got in & I locked the door. She wore the transparent dress & we started kissing each other passionately. After 10 minutes I made her completely nude & she too did the same with me. She had a smooth skin with no hair & even her pussy was cleanly shaved. I started sucking her big boobs like anything. She made me suck her under her arms & boobs & was moaning “aaaaahhhhh & so on with pleasure. She took my tool in her hand & said that it the first tool she had seen. She started sucking it entering it completely in her mouth. She sucked really hard & it was paining me a lot. But, I did not stop her because she was waiting for this day since she was married i.e., from 14 years. She sucked really hard at after 8 minutes I pumped a very heavy load of cum in her mouth & she drank that with great happiness.

I made her stand & started licking her whole body with my tongue & she was really happy with this & was moaning with great pleasure. Then I made her sit on a big stool parting her legs, I was on my knees with my face exactly straight to her pink pussy & started sucking her sexy pussy entering my tongue completely in her pussy. Now she was moaning with great pleasure “aaaaaaahhhhhhhh, , I love it yago, I love it. Suck it hard u great fucker & drink my cum.” After few minutes she pumped out her cum which came really fast & I drank that without wasting a single drop. She put her thighs on my shoulders & was pushing her pussy on to my mouth.

I then made her stand, told her to rise her arms & part her legs slightly & entered my rock hard tool in her pussy. When she stood her pussy was exactly straighter to my tool & it was a bit easy to enter my tool. But, as it was first time she was being fucked her pussy was very tight & that pained us very much. Being in that position I pushed ourselves on the bed & started fucking her hard & hard. She was now shouting loudly because of great pleasure & pain, “aaaaaahhhh, tear my pussy u great fucker, tear it like anything. I want to die with such great lovely pain. Yago what a pleasure is this aahhhhh, oooohhhh, uuuuuum, I love u rehan www, where did u learn this? I wish u were my husband.

I fucked her all the night without taking any rest. I fucked her continuously for more than 10 complete hours. Still she was not satisfied & she made me fuck her all the day. It was paining a lot to both of us. We slept very less, ate very less, never went out to look the places. We just fucked each other all the weak. She made me suck her pussy entering my tongue completely in her pussy again & again. I fucked her lot that after returning Hyderabad I was on the bed with great pain of tool for about 3 complete days. After that I fucked her again & again every day. I pumped my cum in her pussy more that 100 times in her pussy & I enjoyed a lot fucking her though it pained me very much. I wish I would get such wife. She even liked the way I licked & sucked her sexy navel & she said that my licking made her get more & more tempted. Agar koi larki/aunty islamabad/rawalpindi ya paksitan mein kaheen bi mere sath kisi tarah ka bi relation
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