Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Pakistani Female Ki Kahani

My name is Ali.. I m from islamabad. Pakistan. I’m 21 years old with a 5.9 height.. I am a net surfer and love to chat with a lot of friends both male /female. Most of my ne friends r sexy and love sex chat.i have a good friend of mine.he is from andhra and working in orissa.his name is raheel .we chat daily .during our chat we
talk lot of sex exp /enjoyment and discuss how we done day my friend ggive me one cell no of a married lady of his town whom he enjoyed ,but he is less interested in married ladies. The lady is a sex desparate and a sex bomb.she need sex as her hubby was always out of home as he is working out side.but the lady need sex frequently.but due to the social status she can’t talk abt that .so one evening i send one formal sms wishing good evening .i got response.then me send a friends request and she accepted it gladly. Then one evening i rang her cell.she picked up and we star talking formally and during coarse of talking we talk abt all topics.during chat she asked me where i got her no,and the moment she know the person i referred her talk changed and she kissed me in phone.(as i told her i know all).from dat day we talked every day at least a hr or two we do all sexy talk even she moaned and told me she is fucking herself by finger during talking me. After one month she proposed o meet we r 200 kms away from each other and i am a service holder and got less holidays we fix one week end to meet each other .accordingly i run to her city and stayed in a hotel.i rang her cell and she was so happy to meet me .(as still hen we don’t see each other)thoughwe have done a lot of sex in we unknown by face she suggested me o call our friend ravi o hotel,but i was not in a mood to let ravi now that i am in his town. I thought a lot and finaly ring him and call to my hotel.he reached me immidiatelywe both waited for her.after ½ an hour passed she called my friend and told him she is waiting in the lobby of the hotel and requested him to take her .hen my friend come down and guided her to my room,and he introduced her to me and in 1st sight we can’t even flick our eyes for abt 5 minutes seeing each other with a little smile and finaly she greeed me with a lovely hug. Then we three chat for an hr or so and finaly my friend left us wishing a lovely day(but she don’t want to leave her alonewith me).but finaly my friend gone.i called the room boy and booked lunch.up tunch we talked a lot sleeping in the bed but not touching each other.i find her eyes so sexy with lovely boobs of 36.we took lunch.

Then we locked the door and gone to bed againand start chat again.i can wait more and just give a kiss to he fore head.ahhhhhhhhhhh it turned her on ,she gug me so tight and keep her lip on my lip.that time my lund started to be a strong rod.we sucked our lips for around 25 minute.then me kissed her eyes cheeks nose chin and neck. Hen she trying to open my shirt and finaly played with my hairy chest.aand me put my hand on her lovely boob ahhhhhhhhhhhh its soooooooo lovely .i played with boh boobs for some time and finaly opened her blouse.and she trying to open my trouser and finaly me with my chaddi and she with bra and petticoat.i then opened her bra.ahhhhhhhh i find her lovely nipples i ginered it slowly and she moaned and put her hands on my dick over chaddi and pressing it. Then me pu my lips on le nipple and start sucking.and opened he petticoat.and she made me complete nude.holding my hot dick in her hand. And me played with her pussy over pantyand found wet.then she start kissing my body from top going slowly down words.i am sleeping on bed top facing with he boobs in my hand. Finsly she kissed my lower belly and then to my dickkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Ahhhhhhhhhh i was so aroused wih her kiss then she put her ongue around my hot dick and then her sweet hot lips .she started sucking my .ahhhhhhh what a feeling . Hen me opened her panty touché her clit and start fingering her wet pussy.hen me pushed my finger inside her lovely hole and she moaned my finger was so wet and hot.. Then me touch her clit with my tongue and start licking her sweet wet pussy ,she moanedddddddd we now in 69 pose and sucking each other for 15 minutes and finaly we cum ……and took all cum in our mouth….then i turned her pu her legs on my shoulder ,my hands on her boobs and start inserting my dick slowly inside her wet pussy..

I got in slowly slowly and finaly got full inside.she put her eyes closed and moannnnnnnnnnn.hen i started movement slow and finaly with lovely speedddddddd while she moaned a lot saying ahhhhhhh love fuck me more fuc deepppp my love and i fucked her with agr8 speed and finaly we both cum at a time and gugged each other. We took rest in the same pose for some time and then we separate. She looked on me and smiled with satisfaction and hug me.then again she star playing with my balls and dick…and me with her boobbs and finaly my dick ready for another shot she give a good blow job and we done in doggy.then again we r ready for third one and now she rode uon me anf so to say she fucked me and we enjoyed. Finaly we hugged ech other kissed with a promise to meet again……..she left me as she cant stay at night and it was already 7 in evening.then we talked a lot in phone and fix another date…..Now she has gone to karachi..
agar koi larki/aunty/married/widow/unmarried/ pakistan mein especially lahore/rawalpindi ya islamabad mein mere sath mukamal raazdari k sath sex karna chati hain ya friendship karna chahti hain to muje mail kareen at relation ki raazdari ki 100 percent guarenty hai... come on females... i will wait for ur response.

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