Friday, 15 May 2009

Sweet Heart Ko Choda

This incident happened 3years ago when I was 27yrs old. Jaya is my relative 35years old. To tell about her, she is a married lady, wheatish in color but just below average height. It is known that the short girls are the
most beautiful and sexy.To say about her beauty, any guy who wouldn't mind if a woman is married will long for her. She stays near my home and she was very straight. She was with us for more than 5 years. she used to visit my home regularly in the evenings with her 4 year old girl child. we had lot of conflicts before.

one early morning she came alone to my home. I was in the hall sitting and watching news in tv. She came for some important business and she was standing and talking to my Dad,facing us both. I glanced her and my eyes scanned her in a second. I turned and watched the TV but my mind was viewing her scanned image.She was different and attractive in sky blue saree with her curly wet long hair untied(just bathed) which tempted me to see her. I turned towards her and I watched her lips and attractive eyes,she noticed the change in me because I was not talking to her for months.

As she knows that I am a straight guy she doesn't want to miss the opportunity. So even after her business is over she was talking to my mom glancing at me. Now she was started playing the game which I used to play with strange ladies. I felt dominated and moved a step ahead. I moved my focus from her face to her hip (she was in saree). She understood that I was attracted to her. Then she moved out of hall talking with my mom because it was a busy morning.

When my dad left the room, I was tempted to follow and when I stood from sopha and moved near veranda, she was standing in the portico talking to my mom. when she saw me she positioned herself sothat I can have a good look at her hip. I still moved till the portico and started enjoying her beauty for the first time with her knowledge. I never had such a feeling before because I got a positive signal from a lady whom I had admired in my dreams. Then after a while she left giving a romantic look at me.

As expected that evening she came at around 6.3OPM, I was in the hall with TV switched on. When she entered she was eagerly expecting me and she was happy to see me in home. Then, She went and sat in the dinning hall and was chatting with my mom who was working in Kitchen. Then I walked to check her out. She was sitting on the dinning chair in a position so that I can see her navel. There was a fridge in the adjacent room. I opened the fridge and started starring at her navel area. she was the alone in the dinning hall. she got aroused and she moved the saree so that I can see her left breast. I could not believe her move and for the first time I was totally out of control. I was aroused so much that If she would have been alone in my home, I might have fucked her in a way, the world may not have seen. Then she went to her home. That night, I did the same thing what many youngsters do to reduce the heat in their heart.

The next evening she came with the same mindset, I was taking my tiffin on dinning table, she sat opposite to me and after some time of chatting with my mom, my mom went into kitchen for preparing food. I was not seeing her till then and later when I saw her face she adjusted her saree and showed her left breast. Earlier, I was just seeing the shape of her breast in blouse but that day She was wearing a transparent dark blue blouse, I could see the white bra and to say about the bra, The triangular part of bra which masks the whole breast was just masking the nipple, I could not believe that she had deliberately worn that for me. Again I lost my confidence and was looking at it for long. Then she left away leaving me in the same status.

Then I made up my mind that I should not go like this which may land up in problems because she is my relative and I am capable of even attracting virgins for sex. Then after 2 days, at 4.00 Pm on saturday when my parents were sleeping, I heard the sound of gate and when I moved to check and I could see her coming in. I opened the door and she enquired about my parents and then she told me that her husband is out of station and will return late after mid night and also told me that her child is sleeping and left my house. It was a deciding moment for me whether to enjoy the beauty or let her go. For long years, I had saved my virginity for my wife and a big question arose whether to dedicate it for a married lady and spoil the relation. Then I didn't go. After that she understood that I am not interested in having intercourse with her and later so many times she used to move her fingers on her lips, calling for a oral sex. But I was stubborn to retain my virtue for the girl fixed by my parents.
I may not know whether I will be a ram after marriage but I want to give my first kiss to my wife. The above story happened in my native place but now I am in delhi for around 2years, where the culture is same as western. Avoiding sex calls in my working place is really difficult and some see me differently because they may not know one thing "I am not just a sex bomb but a SEX atomic bomb" but I don't want to share my well preserved first kiss with experienced girls. Also I know about my weakness that "once I start I can't control or stop". so I am still living alone holding a status "Never been kissed". you can give your views about this real happening to

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