Friday, 15 May 2009

Rawalpindi Wali Aunty ki Friend Chud Gayee

i m rehan from rawalpindi.Pakistan. 22 years old with a athletic body. I’m 5 .9 in height. Now about my story she is not my real Aunty ki friend she is working in my house since my childhood she is not a very aged woman she is 34. Because in their family they marry their children in early ages .my Aunty ki friend is very tight with a good figure of
36"27"36".her hips are moving here and there and I love her virgin gland. her hips are just like two beautiful watermelons full of sweet juice. but I love most is just her "bhare bhare mummay" jin me doodh hota hai or mera dil karta tha ke main us ka doodh piyoon.yeh July ki baat hai jub main inter (part 1) kay paper day kar faarag hua tha aur main hur waqt "nasreen" kay baaray main soochta rehta tha .main uski gand maarna chhachta tha uski khuli "phoodi" main apna lun dalna chhahta tha or mujhe aik bahut khoobsoorat chance mila jisse maine avail kiya or uski gand mar dee. Yeh 15th July ki morning ki baat hai time within 10:00-10:30 my mom and grand mom went to market to purchase some clothes for summer season . When they gone I turn on the TV and start watching MTV and thinking of a "blue print film" my friend gave to me to watch and enjoy. So I turned off the TV and turn on my computer to watch the movie. I started the film and suddenly the bell rangs I am in hurry close the player icon in which I was watching movie. When i opened the door it was my darling "nasreen" wearing black tight clothes in which her mummay was looking Tremendous and very "mootay". I loved that scene and my winky started to erect in my pants and I stop them from erecting by holding them tight in my hand. Aunty ki friend asked from me that where are all gone and I told her that they all went to market. Nasreen said ok and went to kitchen to do work .i was very full due to sex so i decided to masturbate watching xxx . I started the player again and begun watching the movie suddenly Aunty ki friend told me to please buy some eggs from market because she want to eat eggs. I said ok and without closing the player icon I just stop it and went towards the market during that period my Aunty ki friend "nasreen" come in the room to collect some dishes and her hand suddenly press the enter button and by pressing the enter button the movie started and my Aunty ki friend is fond of films urdu she thinks that it’s a urdu film and she started to watch but when the name gone she saw that it was a xxx movie .

She first tries to close it but then when she fails to stop she begun watching that movie with a shy and angriness on me. Suddenly I came back and she doesn’t know how to stop it so she shut down the computer but the button she pressed was not for shutting down it was for restarting the computer again but she didn’t care and go in the kitchen .I sat on the computer and surprised to see that computer is restarted so I just on the player and start began to watch. She then called me Kashif come here I said ok coming and when I went towards her she said what are u watching? I was just shocked at his question that what she was asking so I told her watching nothing she told me that u are watching a xxx movie and she saw her too. I was afraid but she told me not to watch again and if I watch again she didn’t spare me next time and told my parents . I was afraid so I turn down the movie and started to listen songs during this period I butcher came and she comes to my room ant stand in my door outside and asking him what is he selling? I was very hot so I was watching her standing her in the door and her juicy hips were at my face front so I walk towards her and suddenly touched her hips with my front portion and wrap her and began to pressing her breasts. She began to stop me and threw me away and became very angry at my this rubbish treatment with her but I told her to not to tell anybody please she agreed and when she goes out of the room she was very tensed but I shut off the door and start waiting her that she come but she didn't come so I went into the kitchen she was washing dishes I again caught her from back but this time a little harder and suddenly began to start his qameez up so I could caught her mummay with more power she this time tries hard but I became successful in pulling up his qameez and began to pressing hard his breasts she slap me but I didn’t care and keep going on my work .

(now in urdu) usne mujhe kaha kashif mujhe chhod do please mere saath aisa nahin karo magar main nahin maana or uski baat mane bagair uski gand pur haath phherne laga dabaane laga or aik dum maine apna lun nikaal kar uski gand pur malna shorrow kur diya ab wo shouting karne lagi lakin maine uska mouth pur haath rakh diya or apni Aunty ki friend ko apni baahon main uthaa liya main surprise tha ke us waqt mere main itni taaqat kahan se aaye pur maine Aunty ki friend ko uttahaya or unhen room main lay gaya or unko bed pur litaa diya wo shouting kur raheen theen to maine unke mouth pur slap kiya or unka zabardasti karne lagaa she said no please chood do but I didn’t stop and started to pulling off her shalwar and tore her shalwar into pieces and began to lick her juicy cunt by putting my mouth on her choot hardly wo dard se shouting kur raheen the laiken maine koi prwaa nahin kee or use choosta raha bahut mazaa aa raha tha "uff wo juice bhari choot jis may see juice nikal raha tha or maine unki choot pur mouth rakh ker choosna shorrow kur diya wo juice was just like "gush of honey". ub unko bhi mazaa aane laga or wo zor se kahne lagin hakashifi agar marni hai to itna paani hai kay mujhe thanda kar sakey to maine kaha haan(yes).to choos phir or gaand mar mere or mere khoose main apna lun daal de or chod uff kitna mazaa aata hai jub to isko choosta hai toone to iske under aag laga di hai ub is aag ko toone bujhana hai apnay is lun pump may se paani dal kar. Aacha maine kaha or dobara chhosene laga bahut mazaa a raha tha phir jub nasreen ne dard or mazay se shouting shorrow ke to maine chood diya or unkay mummay pakar liye jo key mujhe bahut pasand thay i start pulling off her bra and began to lick, bite the nipples of her mummay. I love doing that tub usne mujhe kaha kay ye to tum hamesha se chahte the na tum inko different ways se watch kartay the or main bhi mazaa latee thi ke bacha mummay dekh raha hai main to inko ye soch kar aksar press bhi karti thi ke koi mujhe choday lun daal kar or mere mummay zor se choose or inme doodh le kar aaye or mazaa laker drink kare or mujhe mazaa aaye tub maine kaha nasreen inme doodh nahin aata to wo kehne lagi “zor se chhooso doodh nikle gaa phir peena mera doodh or mere kuss mar kar mazaa lena or phir mera doodh pee kar jaan banaana or phir mere gand maarna aur tumhe mughe thanda karna hai hakashifi zor se choos or sara doodh pe le ja glass laker aa main usme doodh dalti hoon to thanda kar ke peena or mazaa lena or mere khoosi gand or phoodi phar dena zor se tub mazaa aayega” .

So I started to lick her mummay more hard and sucking with more power to drink her sweet doodh and soon I became successful. I by after some time put my Lund in her mouth to suck but she refuse I said why she said "yeh to ganda kaam hai tub maine jaldi se xxx on kar dee or use kaam dikhaya to wo kuch der kay baad maan gayee or mere lun ko chhoosne lagi mujhe bahut mazaa aa raha tha itna mazaa ke main ilfaaz main bataa nahin sakta or wo bhi to mazay se choos rahe thi or aahhhhhhhh bahut mazaa raha tha aahaaaaaaa. Then after some time she told me that "kashif ub mujhe choodo main tumhara lun apni phoodi main chhahti hoon aao mere is khoosi main lun dall kar mazaa lo or dhakkay laganay aatay hain jis se aurat ko mazaa aata hai uski khoosi main lun dalnay ke baad agar nahin aate to bataa do main sikha detein hoon tum yeh karo kay mere ooper chud jaao or mere is khoosi ki moori main apna lun dalo aur phir aagay peechay ho tub mujhe dhakkay lagain gain or tumhain bhi mazaa aaye gaa or dhakkay lagane ke dooran mare mummay jo key tumhein bahut pasand hain unhain mazzaa lay kur choosna or unke doodh peena or jaan banana. I than acted upon his advice and started like what she said maine apna lun uskee phoodi main daal diya aahhhhhhhhhh bahut mazaa aaya mera pehla experience tha is liye bahut mazaa aaya .wo under se bahut gakashif(hot like hell) thi or mere lun ko garmi lagni shorrow ho gaye thi but I start like a bullet train in her phoodi and start my lun doing in and out and she atarted monaing ahhh hohjhhhhh kashif fuck me hard ohhhhh jaan apne lun se phad do meri chhot ko mujko apane banalo chodo mujhko jor se chodo please ahhhhhhhh oddddddddhhhhhhhhhhhhhh piyo mear doodh bhi piyo please tum mujh ko pahela kyoon nahi mile mein tumhare bache ko janam dena chahati hoon chodo mujko chodo jor se chodo aur itna chodo ke main walk nahin kar sakoon or mere choot ko apne dande se itna khol do key tum isme ja sakoo ta key tum har waqt isko under se chodtay raho mujhe apani patani banalo mere payre kashif mer patti ban jayo aur mujko apani ek nishani do mer pet mein tumhara bacha palana chahati hoon .mere kashif jaan mujko apne bache ki ma bana do please chodo na and then she moned loudly oh ohhhhhh you bithch a Aunty ki friend fucker fuck me and told ahh oohhh kashif tum mere pati mein gai.

Ohhhhhh plllsssss ahhhhhhh ohhhhhh and i too moned and told i am cumming ahhhhha and loaded my thick and white milk in her chhoot adn sleeped on each other for 10 min .tub maine us se poocha that she really wanted to be my child mother she told yes i again fucked her hard uske choot dobara maari or phir maine uske virgin gand main upna lun daal diya or ose choodna shorrow kar diya aahhhhhhh bahut mazaa aa raha tha use or mujhe pur use bahut dard ho raha tha because wo uski virgin gand thi use kholnay me thoda time lagta hai or main zor se khool kar thook raha tha uski tub kuch daar baad maine apni white money uski gand main daal de or phir uske mummay dabaa kar aik baar phir uski samne se koosi marne laga or phir aakhri dafaa uski phoodi main apna white cum spread kur diya wo bahut happy thi or bar mujhe choom rahi thi or main uske mummay choos raha tha or mazaa le raha tha. phir humne bus kar diya and went towards the bathroom and taken a bath together and kissed each other fuck her again under shower us baar maine usko zameen par litaa kar usme mummay ke beech main apna lun rub kiya or thodi der baad wahan apna white cum uske mouth pur spread kiya usne bare mazaay se usko khaya and take pleasure. After that day we usually have sex within a week 1 or 2 times but if I am not in a mood of sex I only fills my sex feelings by licking and by biting her tits which I love most and sucks his sweat sugar taste milk and sometimes i take her milk in glass and began to drink in front of my parents but they didn’t know that this was not the milk of a cow or buffalo but the milk of a woman my darling "nasreen". After 9 months she gave birth to a baby and everyone was happy but I was most because it was the real result of my hard working with her and she was also very happy and want more from me since that day after she gave birth to a baby i really fucked her more hard because I was eager to see my another result.
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